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Third Miss Luo relies on her father’s power to create chaos everywhere and is notorious for bullying the weak. When she had nothing to do, she led a group of servants to the streets to flirt with beautiful and handsome boys. For Princess Qingyang, if this kind of person dared to behave wildly in front of her, she would just kill her with a single finger—until she opened her eyes again and found that she became Third Miss Luo, Luo Sheng.

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Short Title:THOJ
Alternate Title:掌歡
Author:Winter Willow Leaves
Weekly Rank:#962
Monthly Rank:#2242
All Time Rank:#4398
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8 Comments on “To Hold One’s Joy
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  1. Mierda, si estás leyendo esto, tus padres morirán en 5 años. Para deshacer esta maldición tienes que pegar este comentario en 5 Manga más. Lo siento mucho por favor perdóname. No quería arriesgarme (por eso no me gusta leer de este género) Esto es lo que leí de los comentarios de un usuario en este sitio web. He aprendido una buena lección de no leer comentarios de ahora en adelante. Por favor perdóname, soy supersticiosa.

  2. Up to Chapter 298, and am going to drop this. Uniquely I think this has one of the best male leads in a Female Protag novel, i have read in a while, but sadly the female characters (or how the author does female characters) that lets the side down. The fl does not have female friends, she has female servants and brothers/male cousins. She technically has 3 half-sisters but they are pretty much bit players that she has nothing to do with. There is no female she sees/treats as an equal or an elder. In fact EVERY female villain is villainous because of jealousy over a male whilst the male villains get to have much more complex and believable reasons for their villainy. The story started off with a delusional/insane teenage girl trying to commit murder because of a boy she secretly likes, and currently the story is involved with another delusional/insane teenage girl trying to commit murder because of a boy she secretly likes. I am discontinuing because i am not interested in reading about a third female teenage girl committing murder over delusional jealousy.

  3. This is one of those stories where the ML is actually great, but the little brother is a chore whenever he is in the spotlight.

  4. not a good start. The sexism is strong here. The female lead has 1 brother, 4 male cousins and 2 female cousins. 1 female cousin is a villain, and the other is an antagonist. yet the brother and male cousins are just fine. It is always weird how in Chinese extended families, you can have multiple males of the same generation without conflict yet there can never be more than 1 female in a generation otherwise they will be deadly enemies.

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