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To Four Thousand Years Later

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He lived from BC to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution, and from Cyberpunk to the Interstellar Age. He has been a king and a prophet, a knight and a nobleman, a versatile artist, a genius inventor…
This is a four-thousand-year human epic——
“To us four thousand years from now:
“Is the world at peace? Is famine extinct? Can people touch the stars? How long is the human lifespan? How far is the boundary of the earth? Human…do you remember us?”
——Excavated from Earth Age Tenth Century BC, Solomon Prayer Book.

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Short Title:TFTYL
Alternate Title:致四千年后
Author:Praying meow
Weekly Rank:#5517
Monthly Rank:#5341
All Time Rank:#7055
Tags:Age Progression, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Dragons, Evil Gods, Ghosts, God Protagonist, God-human Relationship, Goddesses, Godly Powers, Harem, Kingdom Building, Lolicon, Magic, Male Protagonist, Monster Girls, Romantic Subplot, Student-Teacher Relationship, System, Time Travel,
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23 Comments on “To Four Thousand Years Later
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  1. some people rate it low because author change their religion to something else. well anyway I kinda like volume 1. I read this novel purely for Kingdom Building tag. and then V2 when he turned into Jesus, 40 chapters and all of it are bs conspiracy about brainwashing people, turning them against his enemy no kingdom building so far.

  2. Anyone know the name of the story in which MC had a cheat sea of blue stars in his consciousness...it helped mc a master skill instantly...mc started as a mortal martial artist then cultivated to innate...in the story immortals were usually hidden from mortals so MC had difficulty finding the...then a Nobel/royal family had few qi practitioner from there mc started his cultivation journey...mc specialised in body training of some Buddhist art I think when he was mortal and hidden weapons...thats all I can recall

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