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To Defeat Scum, You Must Start Early, My Lady

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Novel Summary

Past life.

She Song Zhizhi has eyes and no pearls, and she is dignified and upright as the daughter of the Minister of the State Song, but she was cheated by her stepmother, step-sister, scumbag, and wicked girl for money, sex, power, and profit.

Once reborn, she returned to 6 years ago.

At that time, the family was still there, the relatives were still there, and the stunning fiance was still there…

It is rumored that the fiancé is all over the country, but because of a bizarre car accident, he “doesn’t look good.”


Can the rumors be truly believed?

She now seriously suspects that her mind was flooded in her previous life, so she will put a peerless boy and not regret the marriage again!

Holding her fiance’s thigh in this life, she will not let go, “Pet me, I’m super good!”

As for those who have harmed her, she will not give up unless he is ruined or killed!

[Small snippet]

“Young Master Ji, don’t you plan to have a fat kid with your concubine in the bridal night?” A woman undressed and teased.

A certain man was unmoved and indifferent, “Miss Song forgot the rumors?”

“Doesn’t it work?” A woman’s ruddy face was even more charming.

A certain man nodded.

A certain woman smiled, “Try to find out!”


It’s just a beast in clothes!

This article is also called “Rebirth of the Powerful Woman: The Commander-in-Chief Spoils the Bone”.

Still reborn as a strong woman… a strong male and a strong female, strong and powerful teamed up to fight the world invincible!

The small house is good, as long as you dare to jump, you will never be disappointed.

Recommend the end of the rebirth series-“The rebirth of the rich is difficult for the long-term daughter-in-law”, “The rebirth of the rich and the wife is expensive”, “The rebirth of the petty pet is reborn and the wife is bullying”. It has been published, Dangdang and Taobao are available for purchase. The titles are “Long Family Daughter-in-law”, “My Favorite Is Always You”, and “This Love Is Ever After Years”. Thank you for your collection.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:YMSE
Alternate Title:权少,宠我我超乖!
Author:Otaku En
Weekly Rank:#1830
Monthly Rank:#4636
All Time Rank:#3277
Tags:Arranged Marriage, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Depictions of Cruelty, Handsome Male Lead, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Unconditional Love,
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  1. totally out of context but can someone recommend me a nice novel(prefer urban don't care whether harem or not) coz every decent shit has been devoured by me

  2. become a scumbag, great genetic era, i have skill points as long as i exercise, the curse is just awesome, global demon transformation..... some are urban, some apocalyptic urban

  3. Let's lose a billion today first, coming of the villain boss and my master disconnected yet again. This are my favorite novels☺️😊.

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