It's a relief when it's over, at least personally, this lengthened, thickened and detailed remastered version is not disappointing.

Why write a remake? Fried cold rice? It is not the only way to say this. To put it plainly is the most special and deep feeling for WOW, for the world of Azeroth.

The first time I wrote a book that year, the writing was immature and immature, leaving a lot of regrets. After writing the second "Broken Evil", I rewritten the old book to give my favorite Azeroth world a Qualified explanations spontaneously sprung up, and frenzy breeds.

After playing WOW for more than ten years, the result is an immature old book? I can't stand the result, so I can rewrite it!

I believe that many old readers share the same feelings and thinking as me.

Why do you want to see the WOW fan?

Why did I read my old book, then turned my head and looked at this remastered version with longer, thicker and more detailed details?

I am very clear that I am not reading my book, nor how great my writing is, nor is it my strong appeal.

The picture shows a kind of nostalgia, a year when the youth of the past was in a hurry, a sense of familiarity and spiritual belonging hidden in the heart for a long time.

Look, this is the world of Azeroth, this is where my spirit is pinned.

Maybe I am leaving now because the plot of the current WOW version is getting more and more shit, maybe I am helpless to leave because my age is increasing, and the burden on my shoulders becomes heavier, or maybe I just feel that I am old and can't move.

So I came to see your old Hu ’s book, so I ’m here to support it. I ’m not your old Hu ’s field, I ’m holding WOW ’s field, my youth of that year, the once beautiful Azerbaijan. Russ World.

So I know this very well, so I insisted on starting with WOW and ending with WOW. I would never cross the border and force the number of words. I would pretend to write what the cosmic era explores the new world. Disgusting and a set of what kind of **** strength class division, become the kind of ordinary fantasy wearing WOW skin.

After finishing WOW, talk about the way forward. . .

Writing a book is a pit, I ca n’t crawl it out, and the new book is currently being saved. It belongs to the magical fantasy + song of ice and fire + darker reality + hard DND + giant world. This mixed type, I wo n’t be thick. I said frankly that my book is so beautiful. Old readers must come here. I'll post new books. When it's time to publish a new book, come and take a closer look. If you want to read something, leave it if you like it. Let's continue to read another one. Mr. Hu ’s rogue road, if you ’re not interested, let ’s just stop by Jianghu Road, it ’s very simple and realistic, is n’t it?

Look good, go away if you don't look good, you can give pointers, you can't give pointers, old traditions, Ollie!

So far, thank you all the old and new genuine readers for your support along the way. It is because you let us know that what you write is not a waste product, it is valuable, and some people like to watch it. This is especially important and bears in mind.

Okay, all in all, say goodbye for the third time. In the days before the new book was released, we will continue to talk and laugh as usual in the book friends group (general transfer station: 480243964, enter the group to send genuine screenshots, old rules, piracy The dog pounced while dying.) ~

The Titan Tour of Azeroth is officially finished.

Lao Hu released in Italy.

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