Maybe a person's life is so dreamlike, every memory is so precious, every day that was once ordinary and boring can become the focus of the future.

Azeroth, Kalimdor, Black Sea coast.

The clouds here are still incredibly heavy, and it is difficult for sunlight to penetrate through the clouds, plus the continuous rainy weather, so even with a long coastline, the Black Coast area will never become a seaside suitable for vacation and enjoyment. area.

But there are always exceptions, right?

"Recently, the business of your hotel is not so good. Originally, we didn't have many tourists and adventurers on the Black Sea coast. Now that we have entered the colonial era, no one will come here in the future."

"Your Majesty the Emperor God is right, but for me it ’s okay. I ’m not here in the vulgar and noisy hotel pubs in the human world. The noise all day is really a headache. Maybe I have always been an inefficient hotelier, haha. "

The elf uncle dressed as a bartender stood behind the counter, slowly wiping the extremely bright and clean glasses that had been wiped by himself.

Boss Hu smiled and waved his hand, carrying a few fishing rods and went out.

"Give it back to you before dark, thanks."

"I wish you a happy fishing, Your Majesty." The elf bowed and answered with a smile.

A group of people walked on the beach of the Black Sea, enjoying sunbathing that did not exist.

A huge beach crab rushed up from the shallow sea, quite a dauntless spirit of rampage.

Then the poor big crab was instantly burned to gray by a fiery flame.

"Oh, you guys don't waste it! This crab is delicious, you just burn it to me!"

Boss Hu immediately looked at the impatient Sargeras, yelling in pain.

"Huh, how could he understand this, I don't think Sargeras knows anything other than unnecessary killing and destruction."

Agrama interjected sarcastically, and by the way took a pony from the space ring, sat on the beach by the butt, and threw out the fishing rod.

"Oh ... I don't understand anything, then you stupid adjutant ... you let go!"

Before President Sa finished, a white jade hand reached Titan's noble ear and began to destroy it.

"Be polite to your compatriots, not to mention your mistakes first." Elena let go of her hand, took the fishing rod, and skillfully hung up the bait.

"Also, you are Agrama, as a god, do n’t be so intestine. The things that happened in the past are gone, and Sarodal also said that there is hope to recover the souls of your old compatriots, so shut up. , Do n’t be a mother-in-law like a grudge. "

President Zap suddenly nodded, looking provocatively at his former adjutant.

"Huh ... you have found a good god, but you really don't understand how such a woman would look at you."

For Elena, Agrama is inexplicably also a natural weakness, it seems that this woman was born to anger Titan.

"Bad guys! Bad guys! You are bad guys! I dare not dare to beat me again after seeing you, Sarodal beats you again, hey, burp ..."

Azeroth continued to fan the flames and frowned at Sargeras.

"As the first **** of Sarrod, he is also a Titan, please maintain your basic dignity."

Elena immediately pointed her finger at Elune again.

"Woo ..." Azeroth was completely defeated.

Mr. Sa turned over at the moment.

come! Come again! My Elena dies to you!

Boss Hu, who was sitting next to him, was too lazy to pay attention to the situation here and dedicated himself to fishing with his wives.

"That group of people is really naive. It's not good to learn from me and become mature."

Eli Sander gave Boss Hu a look at it without saying anything, and continued to bow his head to write something. Even if the emperor's prime minister came on vacation, he still had to hold a bunch of government documents.

"That's Sargeras....... .. It doesn't feel very good, is he really that dark Titan?"

Sylvanas looked at Mr. Sa, who was protected by Elena like a chick, and whispered to her elder sister and sister.

The light and dark twins Turani are the most virtuous. They sit beside the boss Hu, one is peeling grapes, the other. . . Well, another quietly stretched out the **** void squid whisker, trying to strangle the Titan in front of him.

The battle of Argus is over and the new Pantheon is officially established. At present, there are four members: Sarodal, Sargeras, Azeroth and Agrama.

Sarodar assured Agrama that he would slowly look for the spirits of the Titans in the Old Pantheon in the future. If they are willing to take possession of the new Pantheon, it is not impossible to help them resurrect again.

Observer Olgalon finally returned, along with dozens of secondary Titans who were willing to loyal to the new Pantheon.

As for the small number of wandering sub-Titans who do not want to be attached. . . It is directly characterized as a traitor. After seeing it, there is no need for trial, and anyone has the right to kill on the spot.

In short, coupled with the Iron Lady ’s plan on the right track, there will be more and more secondary Titans loyal to the new Pantheon. They will be dispersed into the army or the newly conquered colonial planet. The upper-middle part of the Royal Pyramid.

The Burning Legion will be a relatively independent imperial legion that will continue to be led by Sargeras and assisted by Kil'jaeden.

But they can no longer destroy the planet unscrupulously. Except for those planets that have been signed by the empire, the other planets strictly prohibit wasteful destruction.

The forces of the world of Azeroth have launched their own cosmic colonization and conquest plans. The fleet of the Lordaeron War Court first set off, and the nobles cried out fanatically to build a large empire for Queen Kalia The slogan of the territories is to let the Empire of Lordaeron shine across every planet they reach.

Okay, the Titans blessed this group of feudal empire nobles, hoping that their storied traditions would be accepted by the colonies.

The Alliance is the second departure. Unlike Lordaeron ’s comprehensive colonial plan, the Kingdom of Storms is planning industrial colonization and resource transfusion.

They are focused on finding a high-resource planet suitable for the establishment of huge industrial areas, and do not care about aspects such as the natural environment.

As for the colonies and conquering those indigenous races, take a step by step, at least the domestic nobles are not very interested in this.

The tribe's last departure, their purpose is mixed, both want to find a resource planet, but also a colonial planet with good environment, but the tribe did not plan to go too far, they tend to find what they want near the planet Azeroth s things.

In addition, they are also studying the Dark Portal and opening the parallel Draenor world. If they can devour one parallel world tribe after another, it would be really beautiful.

It must be said that this idea coincides with the bronze dragon Kenoz, whose graves are already several feet tall.

Of course, how could there be fewer goblins in the universe?

They finally got their wish and became an intergalactic consortium like False Spirit.

Hesso Fischer, Rusty Water Fiscal, Hot Sands Consortium and Venture Capital Company have sent their own commercial trading ships to follow the colonial fleets of various forces. Wherever they hit, goblins will do their business.

Oh, please selectively ignore the arcane nuclear bombs placed on each goblin trade ship. That stuff is used for "self-defense".

Although this way of self-defense is likely to blow up with them.

The Night Empire is not in a hurry. The elves ’first colonial fleet centered on the Death Star. Now that they have set out, they will look for planets with excellent natural environments or rich crystal deposits.

As an attached younger brother, several warships and transport ships of Delaney and the High Elves also acted together. After all, they were unable to build a huge fleet.

Everything has been formalized and the road to conquest has been fully opened.

The world of Azeroth is spreading her tentacles towards the universe.

Maybe Azeroth ’s creatures will encounter a variety of strange races in the universe, maybe Azeroth World will be regarded as an extremely evil world keen to conquer and colonize.

But what about this?

As long as the spirits of Azeroth still support this move, as long as there is still an eternally leading party in the universe or a smart creature willing to accept the "baptism of civilization" ~ ~ Then Aize Russ' fleet has always been invincible.

"Can't relax, you must continue to strengthen your dominance of the void, until you can fully control it, and our decisive battle with the void prince is not too far away."

With that, Sargeras kicked another beach crab back into the sea.

Boss Hu nodded.

"Ah ... this will be a long and short process. The empire is advancing, and I am advancing. One day ... we will bring the endless fleet to the trouble of the Void Lord.

"And then ... the will of the void will betray them."

"But now ... let us wait for the beginning of a new story."

Raising his head, boss Hu looked at the vast endless sea ahead, and the gentle sea breeze passed by.

Yes, everything continues, and the story is not over yet.

Ten thousand years ago, I came to this place where the stars shine.

Here, I have harvested my lover, received the recognition and support of the world, and I love this world deeply.

Along the way, fighting all the way, all the goals and expectations I used to look back on now, I found out that they are no longer important.

Now, he is fighting for Azeroth.

Then keep going, with friends and loved ones around you.

Hu Feng, Sarodal raised his head and looked at the dark and rainy sky. The thick clouds seemed to be spreading, and the sun was shining on the land.

Hello, Azeroth.

Make up now, what I have n’t said when I first arrived, but what I should say most.

"Hello, Azeroth, may you be well."

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