The main battlefield of the planet Agus.

The dark night empire crystal warship at the forefront is extremely fast, like the same streamer and sharp arrows, interspersed into the evil fleet.

The three small diamond-shaped crystals rotating around the battleship, the speed of rotation at this moment is even faster, the three crystal energy is connected to the large diamond-shaped crystal at the bow of the battleship, and then emits a very lethal energy ray.

This energy ray can not only attack the selected main target, but also spread to the surroundings, while attacking the surrounding enemies.

With the gradual increase of the crystal emission power, the power of the energy ray is also increasing, so once it is targeted, it must withstand the attack of the energy ray with higher and higher intensity.

The steel-made assault ships do not want to crash into life. After being seriously injured and unable to continue the battle, these assault ships will be full horsepower and will directly hit the nearest evil warship.

The alliance's fleet is located in the middle of the front. They assume the responsibility of firepower turrets. Every firing of the large-caliber main gun must penetrate a fel warship. After the main gun enters the cooling stage, the alliance's battleship will traverse the body. Unclear secondary guns roared and fired overwhelming missiles.

The tribe's assault ship is fighting with the fleet of the night empire at the forefront. The thunder and flame of the elements shining on the spears of these ancestors always attack the surrounding enemies. The giant sharp angle of the bow is comparable to armor-piercing projectiles. .

The Kukkaron shamans built a huge range of soul link totems on the battleship altar. The elemental power connected each warship of the tribe, blessing each other and sharing the damage they suffered.

The silver-white mobile castles of the War Palace are the most conspicuous. The hymns of the war priests who accompanied the army in chorus accompanied by the sound of artillery fire in the castle windows, there was a solemn and solemn atmosphere, and this battle also laid their future. Style tone.

Massive small fighters roared through the main battlefield like ants. They acted agilely, saw the needles, and used the energy machine guns on the nose to make up the last damage to the frightened warship.

A gleaming golden light fell like a meteor toward Argus in the battlefield where there was a lot of fire.

That's Agramar the Avengers. He will go to the core of the planet Argus to observe the current state of Argus the alien. Evil energy, in order to achieve harmonious coexistence of evil energy and pure divine power.

Not far from the battlefield of the fleet is the two Titans alone.

Sargeras diffused all the wicked energy that seemed to burn the starry sky, resisting the invasion of the dark sky.

Sarodar was attacking violently, and the morning light of the dawn that flew through the sky flashed violently, surrounding his master's body.

"Azeroth's Revenge" slashed over, Sargeras blocked the blow with his broken sword, which contained the will of the world and the power of the Titans to retreat Sa's total shock several steps.

"Why, the lord of the hallowed evil energy, the most powerful Titan warrior, can only defend? Are you afraid of my void, my divine power, and Azeroth's revenge will?"

The void madly wipes out everything around it, and any existence that comes into contact with this dark **** will instantly return to nothingness.

Sargeras felt that he was fighting with the same existence as the Titan and the Void Majesty.

Originally, Sarodal's high dominance of the void was enough for himself. Together with the ubiquitous dawn power hidden in the void and waiting to attack, this made Sa always struggle very hard.

"Moreover, it's a friendly game, otherwise if I even use evil energy together, your situation may be even more difficult."

Sa Zong Leng snorted and rushed up with a broken sword. The overwhelming evil flame moved with the master, burning the dark sky in front.

"Will the new Pantheon become the kind of old-fashioned antiquities that I used to fight against?"

A sword containing the power of fel slashed towards Sarodal, who lifted Azeroth's revenge and blocked it.

"Do you think I am such a veteran Titan? If I were you, I would betray you before you, and the betrayal was more thorough. I can't stand the absolute order and false justice for a minute!"

"So what are you fighting for?"

Sargeras changed his mind, dark green evil energy condensed into countless snake-like lightning, burning everything around.

Some nearby planets were affected by these two terrible energies, either directly destroyed or a huge explosion occurred, and turned into a messy gravel asteroid belt.

"Fight for what? For the new order, my order, and all the creatures who support me."

"Even if I would be considered an evil **** even darker than you, considered a terrible tyrant, but as long as Azeroth supports me and the new Pantheon supports me, then this universe must fall under my new order. "

"If the Void Lord must exist, then there can only be me! No one wants to destroy this universe!"

The pure Titan power of Azeroth was continuously transferred through the extraordinary twin connection, and the damage caused by Sargeras to Sarrod was restored very quickly as before.

"Open your eyes and accept all this, Sargeras, you still have hope, there is hope in the new Pantheon!"

The planet Agus below suddenly heard an extremely intense wave of divine power. The corrupted magic power and pure divine power are being guided to change their incompatible modes of infighting.

Sargeras looked at the planet Argus that was changing.

The same planet and two Titans, but their influence on Argus failed, and Sarodal turned Azeroth into his absolutely determined ally.

Looking again at the fallen fleet, Azeroth's fleet is slinging the legionary fleet with an absolute advantage.

The Legion can destroy one, destroy ten or even a hundred Azeroth battleships.

But just like their combat mentality: I will make up ten times the amount as soon as you destroy it.

Moreover, the situation of the Legion Fleet was even worse after the rough-cut and tattered suicide fleet of the Green Skins entered the battlefield.

There are tens of thousands of battleships of the Green Skin, and most of the battleships even sparked while sailing, on the verge of disintegration.

Then they drove the suicide ship full of explosives and explosive crystals, and hit the fel warship to explode.

Yourself. . . Failed.

Although there is no land battle, this is not the point.

The future war with the Nether King is also in the universe, not the planet land.

Although he did n’t want to admit this battle with Sarodal, the fact is that he and the Void Majesty jointly created a natural enemy that was enough to defeat the two of them. This natural enemy has grown up, and to a large extent, he has let him grow up, so who can blame?

Maybe. . . Deep down, this is what I want to see?

From the beginning of the destruction of the Pantheon with your own hands, did you really have no thoughts and guilt for your fellow brothers and sisters in your heart?

It should be there.

Is the corrupting influence of evil energy temporarily suppressing all this?

Or is it his highest sense of mission to eliminate the Void King, forcing him to continue to move forward at all times, even if he is only such a lonely forward on this road?

But this is no longer important, is it? I am not a lonely walker anymore.

To a certain extent, the failure at this moment has brought itself a feeling called liberation, a feeling that we are not alone.

Sargeras stopped the attack and uttered a long and profound sigh, spreading in the spirit of each soldier on both sides of the scene, spreading throughout the planet of Argus.

Kil'jaeden felt something, silenced for a while, and issued an order to stop all fire.

Obviously, the same is true of the Azeroth fleet.

The war started so suddenly and ended so suddenly.

Perhaps at the beginning of the expedition and the expedition, both parties already had this cognition and tacit understanding.

"You convinced me, Sarodal."

"The war between us is over."

"I, Sargeras, would like to be the sword of the new Pantheon and the firm soldier to destroy the Void Majesty."

"Salute to you, Father of the Gods in the New Pantheon."

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