Azeroth planet orbit.

The coordinates of the planet Argus in the keystone of Sagrete have been communicated to the console of each battleship. If the real-time strategy game is used to say: The Azeroth camp has already squashed the first echelon soldiers, After the team was assembled, the shipyard at the base behind was still manufacturing the second and third echelons of warships.

"The time has come, and our final battle with the Burning Legion is coming!"

In the middle of the sea of ​​battleships is a disc-shaped mother ship. Titan Sarodar got up from the throne, and his shape and sound were transmitted simultaneously through the video crystal on the large public screen of each battleship.

"Borrowing the words of the orcs as a motto, do not win or die!"

"Our fleet is endless. Our soldiers are fighting with a mortal heart. The Burning Legion can destroy one, ten, or hundred warships. We will still fill up with thousands and 10,000 warships until they are filled. Knocked hard to the ground, trembling and surrendering to us! "

"Victory! Victory! For Azeroth!"

The soldiers of all races in the battleship burst into fanatical cheers.

"The people on the mother star are watching us, Azeroth is watching us, our fleet will release the vengeful anger towards the enemy, and anyone who resists our conquest will be completely extinct under our naval gun!"

"Azeroth Fleet, ready to jump!"

"All forces attack!"

Countless battleships ignited at the same time, approaching the newly built psionic relay not far from the twin planets.

This device, like a giant ring, has the sole purpose of large-scale precision transitions.

After the war began, new ships that were constantly leaving the factory would also jump to the main battlefield of Argus through the psionic repeater and become one reinforcement after another.

The universe, planet Agus.

The Burning Legion ’s outer planetary defense line is also strengthened day and night, and a large number of dark green fel warships form the steel defense line that defends the planet of Argus.

The demons crave war, killing and chaos.

Although warships can't see blood in battles against warships, and can't enjoy the thrill of cold weapons, as long as it's a war, the demons will naturally not refuse.

"God Lord, all the existing warships are already in orbit on the planet of Argus. The newly constructed warships can only send a reserve army because of the lack of demon technicians ..."

In the darkened hall, Kil'jaeden looked at Sargeras, who was sitting silently on the throne, and respectfully reported on the current line of defense.

But Sargeras didn't seem to care much about this, and Kil'jaeden was not stupid, and vaguely understood some of Mr. Sa's current thoughts.

"It doesn't matter, this is a war in which the Burning Legion proves its worth, and ants with no value will die in this war."

Kil'jaeden nodded.

If it fails, it must be said that the two have become one, and with the contained Burning Legion, you can no longer destroy the planet indiscriminately.

Everyone must obey the new order of the new Pantheon.

Conquer the order.

At this time, very strong waves came, Sargeras looked up, his eyes seemed to penetrate the dark hall, directly into the starry sky outside the planet.

The fraudster also felt the anomaly. He bowed to Sargeras, turned away, and went to command the falcon fleet.

Asteroids outside the planet.

The starry sky twisted violently, expanding rapidly, and then. . . The overwhelming number of battleships suddenly appeared, quietly hovering in the position after the successful transition.

This process lasted for several minutes. Azeroth's fleet was so large that it directly surrounded the entire planet of Argus without any dead ends at 360 degrees.

The styles of some fleet warships are very different from the main battleships of night elves.

There was a change on the surface of the warship's castle battleship. Numerous muzzles quickly protruded from the castle window. A Royal Energy Banner of Lordaeron suddenly appeared on the tower at the top of the castle.

The Horde's rough assault ship is like a spear with a handle. On the altar at the top of each battleship, the shamans are quickly blessing their battleships with various buff spells. The energy of the elements flows on the surface of each battleship on.

The Alliance's fleet is the most direct, directing large-caliber main guns and countless secondary guns to all targets in front, ready to fire at any time.

A round mothership slowly came to the front of the fleet, close to the Fel Corps of the Burning Legion.

"President Sa, your good brother Sarodal came to visit with a big gift, are you willing to come out and greet you?"

Boss Hu got up from the throne, enveloping the power and spreading the sound throughout the demon fleet and the planet Agus.

"Wait to fight, you go to the back, don't do anything, just milk yourself, the extraordinary twin link is opened to the maximum, obedient, don't send, and win ..."

Elune immediately became displeased, his face resisting.

"No! I will fight with you too, Sargeras the little ..."

"This time, obedient ... I understand Sargeras's character. I have to beat him head-to-head, one-on-one, if you don't go well, let's overthrow him privately."

Ok. . . Having said that, one-on-one heads-up, boss Hu secretly brought a graduate-level big nanny, this is cheating.

Barely persuading the reluctant Elune, boss Hu turned his head and looked down at the planet Agus, which was completely polluted by evil energy.

The Avengers, Aggramar, were equally heavily armed and stood beside them with a serious face. As long as the expedition began, boss Hu had convinced him.

"You rushed into the planet to find the star soul of Argus the Undead. If the crystal I gave you is invalid, then kill him directly without leaving trouble."

A sky of fiery flames roared, and Sargeras' huge Titan body stepped out of the flames.

"It's faster than I expected, Sarrod."

Mr. Sa is still a consistent indifferent voice, and then looks at Agrama next to Sarodal.

"Ah ... My former lieutenant, do you want to participate in this battle too ~ ~ IMHO ... you were not able to beat me in those days, now you are still an ending, that's why you I will always be my lieutenant. "

Agrama's look at Sargeras was filled with unabashed hatred, but he quickly shook his head.

"No, Sarodal will defeat you, and I have more important things to do, such as cutting off all your hopes."

Sargeras laughed ironically.

"Well, then I will take a good look at how you, the last survivor of the Pantheon's antiques, cut off all my hopes."

"How is Elena?"

Boss Hu suddenly interjected and asked.

Sargeras was stunned for a while, and it took a while to catch up with Saroda's jumping thinking.

"Is there any problem with her? Did you remind me in this way? It's really disgusting." I felt the atmosphere softened a little, and the tyranny in my heart subsided a lot. Sargeras shook his head.

Boss Hu shook his head and smiled when he heard the words, "Something, I just suddenly thought that if you die here today, Elena will definitely not spare me."

"Maybe you died here."

"Maybe, but you should ask Azeroth in advance how it feels if it will spare you."

Sargeras was silent for a moment, and the super-artifact broken sword "dark boiling" appeared in his hand.

"So ... come on, Sarodal, let me see if you really have the ability to build this new pantheon."

The surrounding stars began to tremble, and the endless voids of black ink began to emerge, completely dyeing the disk mother ship where Sarodar was located to black.

Dawning divine power flows like golden silk thread in the dark black void.

"Void ... listen to my domination!"

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