When that day really comes. . .

The scene in the time shard that boss Hu once spied on in the long river of time is now.

The expeditionary army of the Night Empire is ready, and the expeditionary army of Azeroth is ready.

The planet of Saroddar Kingdom has been occupied by shipbuilding docks. All the densely packed ships on the surface of the planet are shipyards. Massive arcane puppets are like ants.

In this magical world, although the technology tree is severely crooked, in some respects, the normal technology tree can never be compared.

Never tired, never resting arcane puppets replaced construction workers and traditional machinery, and they created the most incredible speed of shipbuilding in huge quantities.

A main battle battleship, under the construction of a large number of arcane puppets, only needs one to two days to complete.

All the intelligent flesh-and-blood creature needs to do is set its execution program in advance, and then transmit it to all the puppet crystal cores.

This horrible speed is faster than dumplings, and the resources consumed every day directly reach astronomical figures.

The two colonial worlds of Azeroth World are frantically transfusions, and the resource mining ships of the Night Empire are frantically mining any valuable planet in the galaxy.

What the soldiers have to do every day is to be familiar with warships and the warfare of the new era.

The melting furnace of life in the Sleeping Tower was also started day and night, manufacturing batches of steel fleet soldiers and commanders

The most outstanding fleet soldiers and commanders, their memories will be extracted and copied, directly stuffed into the mind of these freshly baked steel creations, and build this fleet of fleets in batches.

Although the rapid replication of the iron and steel creations is not flexible, it can be said that it is very rigid, and it will only implement the knowledge in their minds in textbook style, without any development potential, but this is enough.

They are consumables and are the pawns of the core fleet.

The members of the core fleet are all native Azeroth creatures, and their warships are superior to steel-made warships in terms of firepower and protection.

There are many demons in the Burning Legion? Many battleships?

Then let ’s take a look at Bibi. Let ’s see if our arcane puppets are making dumplings fast, or your demon technicians are building ships quickly.

See if our Life Furnace mass-produces a large number of soldiers in the fleet, or the number of warship soldiers your demons need to be trained on.

The fleets ordered by the Alliance tribes and the War Kings have also entered the final stage. Since the last trip of the three parties visited the first factory warship, the three parties were extremely satisfied and soon ordered a whole fleet from the Dark Empire. Fleet to meet the needs of war.

Because the expedition to the planet of Argus is relatively special, the Dark Night Empire is generous and generous. As long as the three parties provide resources, they will only charge a basic contract fee, and will not make money properly (bar).

This is a rare opportunity. . . The night elves, who had always been extremely stingy, were so generous this time. Of course, the three parties seized the opportunity, desperately transporting their colonies and the resources they had previously stored.

Anyway, there are enough shipyards, and arcane puppets are not a valuable thing. Once they are used up, they will be replaced with new ones. The daily production of arcane puppets on the puppet production line in Suramar City is almost endless.

Everything is proceeding steadily, and the output of War Machines surpasses the rigid needs of condoms.

Observing the two twin planets of Azeroth and Sarodal from the universe, the whole picture of the planet can no longer be seen.

Overwhelming battleships float above the planet, every moment a new factory warship leaves the dock, leaves the planet Saroddar, and joins the fleet they have prepared in advance.

The news media around Azeroth are broadcasting this spectacular scene live. There is endless cheers from people, and the enthusiasm for joining the army is sweeping all major forces.

Expedition to Argus to defeat the Burning Legion.

Azeroth is no longer a world of adversity, it will only passively fight the world.

Then there is the Void Majesty, and then the entire universe.

The universe will be available to us, and the planet Azeroth will become heaven.

Supported by a colonial planet, it is at the top of the pyramid.

We will use war to establish this new order of the universe.

The Azeroth Joint Parliament with this goal was formally established. The Night Empire, the War Palace, the Shaohao Dynasty, and the alliances and tribes. These members of the parliament will cooperate closely after entering the universe era, echo each other, and deal with those who dare to resist Colonize the planet.


On the disc-shaped mother ship, the top has been built into a luxurious throne platform. This is where the Titan Salodar is located, and where the new Pantheon will be assembled in the future.

"Are you really going to spy on the present?"

Elune wore a silvery white dress, her eyes shining with stars staring curiously from left to right.

At this moment, Elune has been given a very high position by Sarodal. The whole world will fight in the name of the mother star, and the slogan of fighting for the mother **** will carry out this long and vast road of conquest.

No matter what the creatures on the colonial planet think, at least on the planet Azeroth, this is justice.

A familiar and somewhat strange consciousness swept across, and boss Hu caught it immediately.

It was the self who was still in the incarnation of the divine power. Although it is almost the same as the consciousness of the ontological state after hatching, there are still some subtle differences.

Although he couldn't see himself in the past, boss Hu still determined the specific location through his consciousness.

(Undertake special chapter 27)

In the fragments of time, the boss Hu in the past widened his eyes and looked at all this in shock.

This is a cosmic starry sky. Azeroth and his own planet Sarodare exude beautiful light, and the two planets echo each other.

A huge space fleet!

These space battleships are silver-white, the streamlined art form reflects the cosmic light, and there is an unusually large disc in the middle of the fleet.

This is a shocking mothership!

The creature above made Hu Feng's eyes widen even more.

That is himself, sitting on a huge throne, on top of which is a sculpture of the eye of truth.

The guards around are all the sons of the Holy Crusaders. They wear extremely sci-fi armor and shoot a pair of laser swords from the wrists of both arms.

This is a fleet of elves, how long is it?

The boss Hu from the past looked a bit dumbfounded.

Seeing that the future self seems to be giving a speech, he will try his best to rely on the past.

"The people of the Dark Empire, the soldiers!"

The future self is wearing a dark golden armor, eyes burning with divine flames, holding a big sword that he does not know.

"This day has finally arrived! Our moment of revenge and counterattack has finally arrived!"

"Our fleet! Our fleet! Our warriors! Will crush them! Crush those sad enemies!"

At this time, a group of black cosmic fighters flying out of the mother ship as if they were oceans, like countless ants surrounding their huge queens.

"Defeat the Burning Legion! Kill all the void creatures! Kill any enemy who dares to resist us! The universe is ours!"

"For Azeroth! For the glory of our mother star!"

Endless cheers, endless long live.

An ardent, powerful empire with revenge and counter-flame is about to go out.

"Children! Spiritual Network! Connect!"

At this moment, all the fleet soldiers of the Dark Night Empire have connected their spirits to the huge spiritual network controlled and controlled by the God of Eternal Night ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ Small changes, the artificial Titan plan envisioned that year was temporarily stranded and changed to the Iron Saint Plan.

But this is not important anymore. The empire is no longer worried about this. The current combat power is enough.

Now boss Hu raises his head and looks at the location where the fragment of time appears, the fragment is about to dissipate.

After thinking about it, I decided to make my history as usual.

"Follow your heart to decide."

Hu Feng said looking at the location of the time fragments, he believed that the past himself must be looking at himself.

Elune nearby also felt the abnormality there. Although she could not see the fragments of time, she still stared there with curiosity and a smile.

"At that time, I couldn't communicate with you in the past. I don't know how he would react when I saw the present."

Feeling that the fragments of time had completely dissipated, Elune asked, turning her head curiously.

Boss Hu shrugged, "I remember this very well ... I felt like you had an unspeakable charm at that time, just like the planet Azeroth was with me, and then I decided you It is Azeroth after hatching. "

"Did he go back to his time?"

"Yeah ... I still have a long way to go, and when I go back, it's almost time to go to the wrong timeline of Draenor World, Dawn's Expedition, haha."

"Wonderful time flow ... It's a pity that I can't see you in the past, nor can I get in touch ... With my current strength, shouldn't you have a problem fighting the past?"

Elune's face looked regretful.

"Are you ideal ..."

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