Pain. . .

Is dark. . .

Endless anger surged in the vast spirit.

Although you can feel your own existence, you cannot open your eyes to see, you cannot listen with your ears, or even bend your fingers. It seems that once you are familiar with all instincts, you are separated from yourself.

But his own spirit is spreading, like a power grid suddenly energized, flowing and unfolding in a moment, roaring and swept to every corner.

Here. . . Is the core of the planet.

Here. . . Is the supreme origin.


This name came to my mind so profoundly, that is his new name.

Star Soul, the greatest miraculous existence in this universe, is the juvenile body of the Titan deity.

Well, to be precise, it is not a juvenile body, and even if it is a Titan embryo, it is still developing.

The memory of the earth is still extremely clear, as is the memory of human beings.

Although it is not clear how this happened, I want to remember that my name is Hu Feng, I am from the earth, and I was originally an ordinary ordinary person. No matter what I become, I can never lose my original self.

The ideal is very full, the reality is skinny. Before Hu Feng can firm up his faith, an extremely intense pain swept his spirit.

I can't scream, the flesh seems to be melting and tearing.

Two unfamiliar energies from the outside are destroying the Titan Star Soul with no resistance.

The dark green energy spreads along the body on the right side, and the burning sensation like flame never stops.

It seems that the will of the master of this power has deviated, and the evil energy is corrupting the Titan Star Soul instead of killing him.

The dark green energy was surging in the star soul, and the body of the Titan condensed by divine power also appeared to be corrupted by evil energy. The energy spread like a crack on the right side of the Titan, and spread along the upward path. Converged in the right eye.

An extremely rich god-level evil flame is burning in the eye socket, and a pair of curved demon long horns also grow from the forehead. The surface of the horns is covered with ditch-like patterns. The dark green evil flame is like a stream of water. Flowing in it.

Another dark energy was not far behind. After the evil energy corrupted the right body of the Titan, the void also spread and began to corrode the left body of the Titan.

At the same time, a frantic whisper sounded in the spirit of Titan Star Soul. The whisper seemed to have a power to deflect the will, and it wanted to make this Star Soul fall into a servant of its master.

The corrosion caused by the void is extremely cold, and there is also a burning sensation of pain on the soul.

But like the former, the void also failed, and the will of its owner shifted here. The pain caused by the void did not make the Titan Soul succumb to the whisper, but was aroused by a very strong desire for survival and hidden to Deep potential.

Like the evil energy, the void also corroded the body of the Titan, but at the same time attached to it, assimilating the body, it also began to spread upward, and finally a thick flame of void was condensed in the eye socket of the left eye.

The original dark green devil horns also began to change. It seems that the two sources of water and water are incompatible, and they both want to compete for dominance and force the other party out. This internal conflict makes Sarodar feel a violent pain again.

But the pain came and went quickly, and the golden titan power inspired by the desire to survive began to intervene in this self-destructive battle.

Divine power reconciled the two sources of energy, making it barely kept in a state of peaceful coexistence. At this moment, the devil's horns, the dark void also lingered around like water snakes, echoing the evil energy in the lines of the horns' surface.

One left and one right, one green and one black, and the middle is golden to pure divine power.

The spirit was like riding on a rocket at this time, violently spreading away.

Hu Feng finally "see" something.

That is his own planet, a dark gray, extremely cold and dead planet, suspended alone at the edge of this galaxy, firmly controlled by the gravity of the star in the center of the galaxy.

Poke yourself. . . Turned into an oviparous creature, this planet is its own egg, and it is at the very center of the core of the planet.

And around the planet at this moment, that is the point and the problem.

On the side, the dark green fiery flames were tumbling and burning in the cosmic sky, and the scale was vast, as if they were on the seashore.

Countless weird creatures have formed an army that has been extremely ferocious and brutal. The innate inheritance memory of Titan Star Soul immediately gave the answer. It is a demon, a variety of demons.

The Burning Legion composed of demons is a dark army dedicated to burning the entire universe. Their hearts are full of desires for destruction and destruction, purely for the purpose of killing, and fighting for war.

At the forefront of the legion, stood a giant in the sky.

The giant holds a giant sword with only half of it, and he is surging full of god-level evil flames, and two groups of extremely powerful evil energy are also violently burning in his eyes.

He is the dark Titan Sargeras, the most powerful warrior in the Pantheon, now the traitor, the destroyer of the world, the burner of the universe.

From the body of this dark Titan, you can vaguely see a trace of sacredness and order. Now he is perfect and evil. As a god, even if it is fallen, the endless majestic temperament still rolls.

On the other side of the planet, there is boundless darkness, as if you can't see the ink of your fingers.

In the dark sky, there are countless sharp and extremely cold eyes, a small part of them are watching the dark Titan on the other side, but most of them are staring at the planet in the middle of the two that is being destroyed by energy.

They are the princes of the void, the embodiment of the endless will of the void, countless worlds are attributed to the silence of the void by the engulfment of the void, and the vast universe of the starry sky is attributed to the eternal death under the devour of the void.

They are like the malignant parasites of this universe, devouring everything in the host until nothing is left.

And the dark Titan Sargeras, he once fought with his Pantheon people for countless years, they traveled around the universe, bringing order to the planet, and even bringing life.

At the same time, the Titans of the Pantheon were also fighting against the Void Kings, trying to destroy them, and forever preventing the Void King's plan to return the universe to nothingness.

But Sargeras gradually discovered that the Pantheon's approach was futile and wrong. This war was failing and sliding into the endless abyss, but his own people were unwilling to take more effective countermeasures.

The Void Kings have created a flesh and blood parasite called the God of the Ancients. They are like parasites of the planet. After drilling into the planet, they will infect the entire planet at a rapid rate and turn it into a flesh and blood **** Then, everything will succumb to that crazy whisper, and eventually move towards eternal nothingness.

Void Majesty continuously releases the ancient gods into the universe, constantly eroding one livable planet after another, even a planet bred by the Titan soul.

If the Titan Star Soul is also corrupted, it will be even more a disaster. UU reading books www.uukanshu. com

The Pantheon is already overwhelmed. If the corrupted tribes appear again and use the power of the Titan to deal with themselves, then this war can really be regarded as over.

So Sargeras left the Pantheon. Before leaving, he angered his clan, who called him a fallen betrayal.

Sargeras resolutely left, and released a kind of demons that had been defeated by himself and planned to be imprisoned forever: Nasrezm, also known as the Demon King.

These deceitful demons expressed their willingness to be Sargeras and will assist Sargeras to realize his new plan: burn everything.

Since this universe is the soil on which the Void Majesty lives, it burns all of it, leaving the Void Majesty nowhere to corrupt and nowhere to survive.

Then, the universe will be born again among the ruins and be restored to purity.

On the advice of the dreadlords, Sargeras released all the demons he had defeated one after another, and ordered them to summon an endless army of demons, which was later called the Burning Legion.

Next, Sargeras led the Burning Legion to start the great cause of burning the universe, while blocking the actions of the Void Lord everywhere, especially those corrupted Star Soul Planets.

Although killing the unborn tribe made Sargeras extremely painful, he firmly believed that it was necessary.

Titans must not be reduced to the brainless servants of the Void Lord!

Until now, when he found himself coming one step late, the corruption of the void has penetrated into the star soul planet in front of him, Sargeras decided to kill this unborn tribe, so the evil energy also poured in.

And the Titan Star Soul, who had no fight back, saw the situation around his planet eggs.

Must run!

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