"In comparison with the night, as creatures that can control light and heat, you should prefer sunny days."

Muria took the emperor to the outdoor platform of their palace, overlooking the gorgeous night view of the imperial capital below. In the night, tall buildings stand, and the floating city with spaceships has a special flavor.

"So, Your Majesty, how are you going to show us how powerful you are against God?"

"How about reversing black and white."

"What?" The empress looked at Muria with a look of surprise, but this abruptly came out, claiming that she could be in parallel with God, had flew to the sky, and gradually disappeared into the night.

"Open your eyes as day, and close your eyes as night."

Muria, who has landed in the 10,000-meter sky, feels the night breeze whistling from the sky, and suddenly remembers a **** that exists in myths and legends, and a description of the power of that **** in myths That is a state he has not yet reached, but he believes that one day he can do it sooner or later.

"Although I ca n’t open my eyes and let the world be shrouded in daylight, I can do all I can to reverse black and white. I can do it worse than the **** Zhongshan who only exists in the legend. a lot of."

The bright light burst from Muria's chest, and the sleeping Titan revived in the heart of the alien dragon once again showed the epic power he controlled. Therefore, the flaming golden flame exploded with the reincarnation body as the core. A sun appeared in the night sky.

As soon as the night appeared, the night had been transformed into day, and the endless darkness was scattered from the earth. Even the barren areas that were not illuminated by the light of civilization were brought back under the rule of light.

"The sun!" Looking up at the existence of the real sun in the sky, the emperor issued a slang-like slang, "It is really a power comparable to God."

Light and fire are the innate power of Yuguang people. Therefore, every Yuguang person considers himself to be the descendant of the sun, and the sun is the ultimate pursuit of Yuguang civilization. The impact of the sun is indescribable.

"Identify the area shrouded by the sun immediately. I want to know how big the area this sun is."

The shocked emotion did not exist in the empress's mind for a long time. She quickly recovered her mind and then began to give orders. She wanted to know to what extent the power of existence has reached the Yuguang civilization. The possibility of confrontation.

But soon, the message that made the empress feel extremely disappointed passed to her ears one by one,

"Boundaries cannot be detected."

"There is no light to be found, the area that cannot be shrouded."


"Is the whole empire covered in your light, is this a demonstration? This is to show me that you have the power to destroy the homeland of our civilization in an instant."

The empress frowned, born of sorrow, and died of ease. As the supreme leader of civilization, she must maintain a strong sense of anxiety at all times, and she must not be lucky about anything.

Everything that cannot be determined and cannot be controlled is considered according to the worst result, so that the possibility of continuation of civilization can be enhanced.


"My strength, are you satisfied?"

When the real sun rose from the horizon, Muria, who experienced a gesture of the sun in the sky, descended, and then asked the emperor with a smile.

"This is a force beyond our imagination, and I believe that Your Majesty can protect us from the attack of the gods."

"So I should now be able to exercise without hindrance. In this cooperation, I deserve my rights."

"Yes. But please note that our civilized army has the right to refuse any unreasonable request from you."

"such as?"

"Intentionally let them die, or trample on their dignity, play with their bodies ..."

"Oh, wait for me! Isn't this example appropriate?" Muria coughed, interrupting the Empress's example.

"Your Majesty, we can already be sure that God has the same or even stronger desires as ordinary creatures, and in your current form, you want to do some more excessive things are within our consideration. "

"No, I won't do such things as you say."

"Then you can explain Princess Asti, and your form?"

"I told you, she is the reincarnation of my wife. With her by my side, your civilized army doesn't need to worry about this."

"I see, it seems that your wife treats you ..." The empress appeared thoughtful.

"You don't understand anything." Muria snorted, and his figure faded gradually. "Princess Astia, I'll take it away, and the command of the advance fleet you sent will belong to me. Now, there is something to be contacted at that time. "


"His Royal Highness?" The advance fleet commander looked at the female Yuguang who was brought back by the children in surprise, "how did you get here?"

"Aren't you nonsense? Of course it was brought by my son." When Muria went to the Yuguang civilization, she didn't show up all the way, but was stuffed into an incomplete world to experience the taste of the **** army Arena's eyes rolled.

Although she doesn't know what Muria did exactly, according to her understanding of Muria, it is estimated that it is the easiest and most direct way to overpower people. Otherwise, there is no way to explain why the most noble princess was taken away by him.

Needless to know, through the normal way, it is absolutely impossible to take away a princess who has been married with a real power ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ The pressure and entanglement that need to be faced can directly make people violent.

And the simplest and direct violence is very easy to handle, just kill all obstructors directly, as long as the presumptive force is above all.

"That ..." Commander Zomali showed excitement on his face. He knew that the princess's marriage contract had been terminated, and now the princess was beside him. Doesn't that mean ... hehe.

"Don't have too many unrealistic illusions. Let me introduce you again. This is the reincarnation of my wife, which is the most honorable princess of your civilization, Astia."

Insighting on the idea of ​​the second ancestor who was thinking about it, Muria warned him.

"What, Princess Astia is your partner?" Zomali looked shocked.

"Well, why don't you think I'm bullying you?"

"How can this be?" The fleet commander's face instantly became frustrated, as if mournful.

"Yes, there is one more thing, starting today, I am your immediate supervisor."

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