"Your Majesty, you laughed, we have already witnessed your power, there is no need to continue to test, such behavior will only offend you, and such consequences are not within our tolerance."

"Mortal people, the number of gods you have come into contact with in this civilization should also be plural. As a leader who controls the highest power at this stage of civilization, you should have read all the information about gods. In this case, you should know how to get along with God. , Lying is the most ridiculous way. "

"... It is true. Your Majesty, although you have the power to shake our capital, this power is not enough to counteract the power shown by the gods in our records, so we want to confirm that what you say in your mouth can be related to The power of the gods to counteract. "

After holding an emergency meeting with his subordinate staff, Muria's emperor was found to be silent for a long time, then decided to spread everything with him and tell the truth. And this is one of the plans they negotiated.

"Isn't it honest to be relatively frank? What I hate most is lying."

Muria was sitting opposite the Empress in a very lazy posture. Compared with the Emperor who was a leader and sitting in a tight posture, Muria seemed to have no majesty, a great existence that could fight against the gods.

"In addition, I can tell you straightforwardly now that it is absolutely impossible for you to fight against another god. You have not yet qualified and valued me to do so. What I can do is During your cooperation, I will protect you and help you to stop all attacks from the gods. "

"Your Majesty, you are too calculated. You cooperate with us to provide only combat assistance, and now you tell me that we will not help our army to take the initiative to attack, it will only help us to stop the attacks of other gods.

However, this level of attack, throughout history, is unlikely to happen once in a hundred years, let alone now that we maintain relative peace with the outside world.

In other words, if you do n’t pay anything, you will obtain the dominance of our civilized army and all the intelligence with the force you hold. This is unfair. "

"No, it's fair. If you want to say something unfair, it's also for me, not you." Muria stood up, stretched out, and walked to the window, in a seemingly sealed room, facing him. The facing wall suddenly turned transparent, and he was able to look down on the bustling imperial capital with a condescending attitude.

"A big era that has changed everything has arrived. In this unprecedented transformation for you, countless great shores will fall, and countless races and civilizations will be destroyed.

But there are also countless existences that have risen up to the ranks of eternal life that are enough to be side by side with me, and countless in your eyes, thoughts can destroy negative civilizations, and will pass through this change in a short period of time Beyond you. "

"What are you talking about?" The empress looked blank, she understood, but she couldn't believe it, and didn't even want to admit it. But the gradual acceleration of her heartbeat illustrates her mood.

"Is it hard to understand? The spatio-temporal fissure that suddenly appeared over your territory, and me who appeared here through this fissure, are all signs of this great era."

"A big time enough to change everything!" The Empress recalled the information sent back by the sent-out exploration fleet, a heart-beating feeling came to her heart, and she felt an unspeakable fear, which was a fear of the future.

Even if the former Yuguang civilization was hostile to more than a few gods, it only felt great pressure and never feared it. Because even if those gods have great power far beyond the upper limit of their civilization, but because of geographical constraints, they ca n’t even attack their native civilization.

The existence of gods only affects the speed of civilization's external expansion and cannot threaten the continuation of civilization. But now, there are factors that can threaten the survival of their civilization, and they know nothing.

"Your Majesty? I want to know how many exist like you?"

A **** who is not bound by anything. Such an existence, if only there is one, can make people fear. If there are more, when they become malicious to civilization, how can civilization change deal with it?

"Do you think I'm unique?"


"Tell you, similar to me, even stronger than me, there are more gods than you have recorded, which is certain. Of course, compared to the vast void, the number of such beings is still very large. Less."

"You should not be aware of the existence of common sense like this, you shouldn't even ..." Hearing Muria's words, the empress' face became very ugly.

Although she should be optimistic about things, as a supreme leader, she must consider the worst case, but her civilization has no weapon that can threaten God.

"Don't think about everything, I can tell you the good news."


"Epic, that is, God who is not bound by anything. Most of what I know has a blood relationship with me, so do you understand?"

"Blood relationship?" The female emperor didn't understand a little. At the level of the gods, she could still have blood relationship. This is totally unreasonable. One person and one family should be normal.

"So, you guys who have reached a cooperation with me ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ This is coming. No, it is a chance to continue in the big era that has already begun, and it has greatly increased."

"Well, if it's really what you said, then we're really lucky."

"I never deceive." Muria got up. "Well, by the way, don't you want to see my true power? Actually, power is not only displayed through combat, there are other ways to display it."



"I have played the lord game for more than ten years, and I do n’t know how the two old guys are doing now. They should be mixed well, after all, they are all old guys who have lived for thousands of years. Even if their consciousness is temporarily obscured, they have to It won't be long before we can recover autonomously. "

A dragon plate with supreme majesty stalks on the tower of heaven, and the white clouds that move with the wind can only reach the middle part of the tower of heaven, and the sparse clouds rule the surrounding sky, the dragons of the earth and the ocean. You can see a city that is constantly expanding outwards with the high tower that he is cruising as the center. This is the city he built and this is his territory.

"I have prepared a legion that can only fight for me, how about you?"

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