The tomahawk haunting evil spirits tore the glorious and gorgeous sky of the kingdom of God, and the evil spirits accumulated from the immortal blood contaminated by dozens of epics or gods fell from the sky.


The dark meteor pierced the horizon, leaving a tragic trail in the pure blue sky, and falling to the rolling and majestic mountains and mountains, and the incandescent light burst from the fall of the meteor , And then spread wildly at an unstoppable rate.

As a result, this pure land created by the gods was shrouded in dazzling light. Immediately after that, more than ten days later, a thunderstorm-like roar blew up and rang through the sky.

The sky over which the Titans fell, the diffuse white clouds that brought a peaceful atmosphere to the top of the mountains have been dissipated, a huge circular gap has appeared, and is expanding rapidly.

At the same time, a huge cloud of smoke looming in the shape of a mushroom rose from the ground, including many substances that had melted into a melt. They rose from the ground, dragged black smoke, crossed a parabola, and bombarded the surrounding area. Mountains.

This is a horrible scene like a world extinction. When it happened, the creatures living in this blissful pure land were not prepared at all, so tens of thousands of creatures were directly annihilated in this blow.

But more souls survived this attack, and then suffered the aftermath of this attack. Then, the less powerful souls died out in the subsequent turmoil.

The collision between the magical soldiers thrown by the epic Titan and the land of the kingdom of God caused the earth to be turbulent, the mountains torn, and endless gale winds came up, which caused the lava rain mourning for many souls to fall from the sky.

And when several impact rings with a radius of tens of thousands of meters spread from the mushroom cloud, the magic soldier tore the place where the blue sky appeared, and a pair of arms wrapped around the dragon-snake thunder appeared, and then the tear that seemed very abrupt in the blue sky was torn. Crack expansion.

Then a black hair came loose, his face appeared simple from the crack, and he looked at the kingdom of God that was a little broken because of his attack. He also looked at the existence of a raging rage coming from the center of the earth.

"Who launched the attack on top of the mountains?"

Two powerful horse-shaped divine creatures dragged the chariot of burning flames under the blue sky and rushed under the blue sky, dispersing the peaceful white clouds in the sky, leaving two clear flame ruts.

The **** standing on the chariot, holding a spear and a shield, glared at breaking the barriers of the kingdom of God and forcibly breaking through the existence of entering the top of Wanshan.

"So weak, it seems that you are not the so-called king of the gods." Seeing the disaster he caused in the kingdom of God, Archimonde's mood did not change in any way, he just looked to be hit by him And the **** of inspiration was disappointed in his eyes.

"A **** who has never been seen before, and such a good word, are you an evil **** outside the domain?"

"Cruising little god, tell me, where is your king? I'm going to find him."

Archimonde saw at a glance the essence of this deity who was driving the chariot. He was not a true God. His power was derived from another more powerful deity. He was just a man shaped to use It's just the patron saint of battle parades.

"Evil god, you dare to cause such a huge damage to the top of the mountains, obediently capture it, and then wait for the benevolent king to judge your crime."

The **** of patrolling looked down at the mountains and the ground that were broken by Archimonde's underworld, staring at the huge mushroom cloud that was still slowly spreading, and his eyes appeared like real anger.


Facing the thunderous thunder that fell from the sky, Archimonde tore the barriers of the kingdom of God some more, and then his deliberately suppressed Titan's body forcibly entered the kingdom of God.

Then, the barbaric Lord reached out and turned the land below into a purgatory demon soldier, which immediately issued an exciting trembling, rose from the earth, and fell into the barbaric Lord's hands.

"Is there anything else you want to tell me?" Archimonde asked, staring at the last remaining trace of patience, who was created and used for battle.

"External God, do you still want to be with me ..."

"That's the case, isn't there a decent **** here?"

Archimonde, who was impatient, waved the tomahawk in his hand, slashed down, and the dark golden edge flew out. Everything was divided into two under this edge, even the blue sky.

He was most annoyed by such negotiations. Either he obediently took him to see the king of the gods, or he picked up the weapon in his hand to fight him, said so much nonsense and wasted time.

"This is the top of Wanshan, not a place where a foreign **** in your area can be wanton."

Seeing Archimonde attacking him, the **** of patrolling was furious, he raised the spear in his hand, and the surging divine power surged in his hand. The weaponry in his hand made a bright light. The sky followed this time with a gorgeous streamer, these rays surging and converging on the weapons in his hands.

Then, the sharp spear that can penetrate almost all the materials collided with the axe, and then, the blazing light burst, and the impact ripples containing the powerful force spread from wave to wave. The sky was rendered colorful by this time against the burst of light .

"God outside the zone!" For the attack, the **** of patrol hunting is extremely confident, because his power comes from the great king of the gods, so he can launch a more powerful attack than the manifested momentum.

Until a long time ago, I don't know how many oracles have suffered under his hands, and he himself doesn't remember how many monsters hostile to God have fallen in his hands.

What's more, at this time he was against the foreign enemies in the kingdom of God. Now he can mobilize the power of God's kingdom and bless himself. With such power, he confidently confronted any deities other than the King of God, and even killed some weak deities.

But no matter what kind of existence, the beauty of fantasy will not be realized. For example, now, the **** of hunting fantasizes that he can defeat the name unexpectedly. I do n’t know where he came from and forcibly broke into the kingdom of God.

But the reality is that a strong and powerful arm protruded from the interweaving light of the sea in the sky, and then combined with the chariot and the war in the wail of the divine creatures dragging the chariot. The gods in the car hold together.

"No--" The angry roar rang, then came to an abrupt halt, the pale golden blood with flames, overflowing between Archmond's fingers, and sprinkling a bright golden stream of fire in the air, looking Extremely gorgeous.

And the Titan who shattered a deity's body easily didn't feel anything about it, because the opponent was so weak that he didn't have any sense of accomplishment.

However, this deity is not dead, and each deity has extremely powerful immortality. The golden drifts that fell to the earth did not reach the end. They converged in the air and then condensed into the image of a female deity without armor.

"Do you still want to fight? Or make a better choice and take me to see your **** king."

The **** of reincarnation who reunited his body didn't say a word, turned around and flew towards the Manzhang God Mountain standing in the center of the kingdom of God. There were many gods living in it besides the residence of King of God.

"Is there?" Archimonde let go of his hand, and metal fragments mixed with divine flesh fell from his palm. He stared at the distant mountain and thought seriously.

Although in accordance with the spirit breath he felt now, the most sensible choice was to leave for the time being and contact other kinsmen, but by doing so, he would not be Titan Archimonde.

"I do n’t know if the opponent has to fight before, unless I have overwhelming force that I can't beat, otherwise I will never step back." Titan's eyes had the bright thunder blooming, he was in the kingdom of the gods, and he did not hide it Show all your strength to challenge the gods.

As a result, the blue sky full of peace was covered by endless dark clouds. The violent hurricane group was centered on the master of the wild, and the thunder-like thunder flickered in the hurricane group whose radius had expanded to more than ten thousand meters.


"Do you want me to help you invade the world ruled by the gods?" Muria looked at the Empress in front of him strangely, and even at this time, he was not surprised by the greed possessed by all things.

After having the possibility to fight against the gods, he immediately tried to invade the realm of the gods. Such a thought, I am afraid to search the void ... Well, it should be able to find a lot, the guy who tried to kill the **** with the mortal body has never disappeared.

"No, Your Majesty, to be precise, you just need to help us deal with the attack of the gods, everything else ~ ~ our army can handle it." The Empress explained with a serious expression.

"If that's the case, I refuse." Muria replied with a smile. He hadn't started using each other yet, and as a result, the ruler of this civilization wanted to use him as a knife and what a dream.

What's more, he managed to enter this big world, how could he leave and enter the void to help a strange civilization work.

"Why refuse?"

"I would like to ask, why do you have such stupid ideas? You need to understand that my cooperation with you is time-limited, and even with my help, you have temporarily invaded the realm of the gods.

When I leave, you lose your power against the gods, and then you will lose everything you have gained with the help of my power. What's the point? "

"We have our own arrangements, without having to worry about Your Majesty, I just want to ask, would you like to assist us?"

"Mortal, communicate with me, don't hide it. Do you doubt my strength, right? Although I have shown great power, but this power is not enough to fight against the gods, so you are tempting!"

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