"What is this tremor?" The sudden shock frowned a girl who had never experienced it before. "Is something wrong with Ptolemy?"

"Hila, ask the chief executive, what caused the shock?"

"Yes, Her Royal Highness!" The servant girl who was serving around accepted the order, and then she was going to find the director, but the one who had just turned around, but she saw a child who appeared behind her somehow,


Even if it wasn't something terrible and ugly, it was this unprepared sudden situation that still caused the young waitress to scream and then stepped back quickly.

Then, the young girl showed the quality of a royal waitress. The red light surged on her body, and then gathered towards her hands. A red flame of light appeared on her. In the palm of your hand,

"There are assassins."

The maid who mobilized her whole body strength in the first moment was not eager to attack, but shouted loudly with her clear voice and called for help. Then he threw a ball of flame in his hands towards a child who was obviously not a miruto.

"The vigilance is good." Muria reached out and took hold of the flames. It was as relaxed as if she had taken the little ball thrown by the girl, which surprised the little maid.

"How is it possible?" When something beyond the scope of cognition happened in front of herself, the servant girl panicked, but she still didn't forget her duty,

"Princess, let's go. I'll stop him. It won't be long before guards dare to come and catch this guy."

"Hila, come back!"

"His Royal Highness?" The little maid turned her head, and with some despair, she found that instead of leaving, the princess stood behind her with a smile and looked at the children who were acting secretly before her.

"Why don't you go?"

"He came to me." Although there was no memory, Princess Astia was convinced that the presence in front of her was not malicious and would never hurt her.

"Of course he came to you, he was the assassin." The little maid was anxious.

"Little guy, don't talk nonsense until you figure things out, why should I hurt my wife?"

Muria looked at the two young girls in front of him with a kind smile. The person he cared about most had been found. There was no longer any worry about him, and his mood became much more pleasant and relaxed.

"Wife? What are you talking about? In a few days, Her Royal Highness will have an engagement ceremony with Lord Vijay Kumar."

The little maid retorted loudly, and at the same time secretly screamed unlucky, even when the assassin was encountered, the result was still a mentally assassinated assassin, and God knew what he would do.

"It has been canceled."


"Your Majesty just gave the order." Muria waved his hand, "Well, stop here, loyal little guy, while playing, don't disturb my reunion with my wife."

The irresistible force acted on herself. The little maid found that the situation in front of her was changing rapidly, and when the scene in front of her returned to clarity, she was frightened, and immediately knelt on the ground, "See your Majesty!"

"Where did your maid go?" Just by feeling, although she saw her maid disappear before her own eyes, Astia was sure that her maid was safe.

"A place that won't bother us for a short time." Muria stared at the girl in front of him, feeling strange, "Speaking, do you know me?"

"I don't know." Princess Astia shook her head sincerely.

"Since I don't know you, why don't you have the slightest vigilance against me?" Muria was curious. At such a close distance, he could be sure that his partner, Michelangela, was also asleep, but her reincarnation, this attitude Too strange.

"Because I feel you won't hurt me."

"Do you just trust your feelings like this? Don't worry about your feelings going wrong."

"I feel like I have never missed it. This is my talent." The girl with long crimson hair smiled a little at her brows.

"So, can you guess who I am?"

"My future companion?" The girl crooked her head, stared at Muria's childlike body, and then unconsciously responded with a joke.

"No, not just the future, but the past."

"Then what you just said, was it true that my engagement with Duke Vikumal was cancelled?" There was an irresistible surprise in the girl's tone.

"of course."

"But how is this possible?"

"Nothing is impossible. This is what the emperor said in front of me. If she does not implement it, I will let her know the consequences."

"How did you make her promise?"

"It's simple, coercion by force." Muria walked towards the girl who was unguarded and stretched out her palm.

"Coercion by force?" The young girl froze slightly, and then suddenly noticed that something hot had touched her. She stepped back instinctively, only to find that the child was reaching out and touching her face.

Then she saw the disappointment in the eyes of the child, "Sure enough, you are not her. If it was her, in the face of me, she would not step back at all."

"Who is she, who you say?" The young girl who did not understand the cause and effect of the matter at all, but was still able to accept everything in front of her in a fairly calm mood, noticed the key.

"Your past life, my real wife."


The golden **** blood spread on the broken earth, and the divine radiance permeated in the sky shining by thunder ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ The magnificent broken **** corpses like mountains are scattered around.

The culprit responsible for all this, I do not know how many times the Titan bathed in the blood sits on the seat of the god, holding the slightly tilted head with his palm, looking down at the broken kingdom of God.

"It's boring, is it just that much?"

Disappointment overflowed with words, waiting for a long time, and finally waiting for the three gods to come to rescue his companions, but after a war, the Titan was still disappointed.

"I'm impatient, tell me, how do I get to the top of the mountain where your father lives?"

After two wars, the Titan, who had won with great ease, bowed his head, looking at the head of the **** who was stepping on it as a stepping stone.

From the scar that was cut off, there was still a golden blood flowing out of the god, and this was also one of the sources of the river that spread on the earth. After the **** was cut off, his head did not fall.

"Are you crazy? You want to challenge my father, don't you know his name?"

"Know, so I'm interested in him."

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