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Roach water came back to the street, and the street was full of people.


Some of the old people who were once were still alive, and some were strangers.


After everyone saw Roach water, the expression was complicated.


Many years ago, the old people were vividly in sight, and they were able to prove that the other party was innocent.


The young man who had been looking for death died after Roach Water left.


He failed to complete the task, and naturally he could not live.


In fact, the other party also guessed.


This is what the core disciple named Zhai Wenyao told him. Among the crimes of Lei Zhengxing, there is this one.


The place where Lei Zhengxing was executed was that in this world, it was not far from this street. Everyone went to see it.


The scene is very spectacular, and there is a constant resentment.


Looking at everyone, Roach took a hug and left.


Shen Zhao Zhao Xue, he should go.


In the future, he has only one home, the place called Tianwu Mainland.


The three saints who were killed for no reason in the past, and the one who was looking for death, will be compensated from the San Lei.


As for why this is so smooth, he also knows the reason, only grateful in his heart.


After returning, Luo Qishui once again thanked him in person, and Zi Yan told him not to care, to practice well, and to fight for it.


The incident of Roach Water has passed, but the peripheral affairs have not yet ended. After dealing with a group of people, Zhai Wenyao did not return to the inner city, but sent a notice to the outside world. All the disciples of the San Lei nationality, all Anyone who believes that he or she has been wronged and treated unfairly can appeal to him.


Yan Wenyao is not only for Luo Qishui, but also for everyone, and the periphery of the San Lei people will once again encounter a cleansing.


This time cleaning is unprecedented.


Regarding Lei Zhengxing's deepening, only some small waves have appeared in the San Lei people. Some people think that this is another confrontation between Tianwu and Leizheng.


However, there is no real overstatement between the two sides, and everything is in the dark.


But from a point of view, the two sides are not true with that, that is, so far, there are no shops of the Leizheng family in Tianwu, and even those who have made good contacts with the Leizheng family.


There are no people in the trial field.


It is said that those who enter the sanctuary are also hiding their identity.


At present, the hottest is still the thunder soul world. In the Holy Spirit world, the soul power is the most mysterious. The soul soldiers are also extremely difficult to obtain, even if there is one world after another, with a soul force, but about the soul power. Things are still the most scarce of the Holy Spirit.


After the emergence of the Thunderbolt, in a short time, the two cities were already full.


Supply is in short supply.


Thus, Zi Yan opened the third world to the elf, followed by the fourth world.


During this period, Qiao Lina recruited a part of the offering, and the realm was extremely high.


Although there are not many offerings cultivated by Tianwu mainland itself, there are many strong recruits.


Most of them have been for more than a thousand years.


With the opening of the Thunderbolt community, it is necessary to recruit a batch.


At the same time, major forces have also had contact with Ziyan. For example, other saints have expressed their willingness to send a group of people.


For these people, Aster is still very popular, because the price they give is fair enough.


Even a huge force like the St. Yao family directly expressed the need for a city, and the price was good to discuss, but it was rejected by Zi Yan.


He can open up urban rental shops, but he will never rent a complete city because it is not well managed in the later period.


After rejecting this request, the forces of the major saints are all supernatural powers. The first cities that were first developed are almost occupied by major forces.


At the same time, the number of people who came to Tianwu mainland has also increased. The popularity here has become more prosperous, and there are also many people in groups who come to Tianwu for renting land.


Therefore, the spiritual power of this world is very rich, and for many people, it is a place of feng shui treasure.


This led to the opening of the city of the Tianwu mainland under the purple earth in the thunder soul industry.


In fact, in the past millennium, the cities of Tianwu mainland have been increasing, but this speed is not too fast, because we must also consider the degree of spiritual power.


Fortunately, outside the world of Ziyan is the endless leifield, where there is almost endless energy, which can continuously maintain the progress of the world.


Because of the red fire of Tianwu mainland, even the piece of Ganhai Sanctuary that was obtained by Ziyan was extremely lively.


Everything is moving in the right direction, but the purple is still not broken.


This should be considered the most influential thing.


After all, after the promotion of the nine-star Holy Spirit, Zi Yan has passed the millennium.


Time has passed, and Zixiao is practicing all the time. His progress is not small, but how far away from the Holy Spirit, even he himself is not clear.


Don't say the holy sage, even the threshold of the half-step sage is not touched.


After another hundred years, the thunder and soul world has become more heated, and the number of strong people who come here is completely beyond imagination.


Looking at the whole spiritual world, it is not so good to say which force is the strongest, because each force has its own unique card.


But to say which planet world has the strongest number of people, it is undoubtedly the thunder soul world in Tianwu.


In each city, one person is seen casually, almost all of the Holy Spirit.


Even if you occasionally see a few who are not the Holy Spirit, it is definitely a disciple of some great families who come to practice here, and they must follow the guards at the level of life.


Over the past 100 years, the development of the thunder and soul world has been extremely rapid. The number of cities in the world is as high as forty, and almost every city is full of people.


It is not Zizi who does not want to continue to develop the city, but once it accelerates, it will inevitably affect the soul power in those cities, so Zijing prefers to be slower, but also to ensure the concentration of the city soul.


The only remaining soul temple as the center of the thunder soul world, is the unique practice of the purple ban, like the purple temple above the Tianwu continent, there is also a soul in the sky above the thunder soul world. temple.


Just when the Temple of the Soul appeared in front of the world, I didn't know how much sensation it caused, because it was completely created with precious Gathering Crystal, and it was still a complete piece.


Unfortunately, everyone can only watch, can't get close, and can't go in.


The Purple Temple and the Temple of the Soul are the symbols of the Tianwu world.


Time continues and two hundred years have passed.


The Holy Spirit is still calm, Bi You and others occasionally hear the news, everything is fine, and the team is constantly growing.


Three hundred years, four hundred years, five hundred years.


Peace is still going on, and no major events have happened for a long time.


The Tianwu continent of Ziyan is still recruiting and offering, and for many years it has not known how many strong people have been called.


In Tianwu Mainland, where the land is so expensive, the city where the bereaved is located has long been connected to the world. However, people who travel to and from this place almost forgot the survivors of many years ago and thought it was a race from Tianwu.


Even if you remember, you don't care.


Five hundred years later, it was five hundred years.


The resources of the lost world were finally mined, and the San Lei people stationed there began to return.


This world has been calm for more than two thousand years.


Just two thousand years later, a black thunder descended from the sky and broke the calm of the Holy Spirit.




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