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A few people went to the Leizheng family, and they wanted to bring back Lei Zhengxing. As a result, they were not brought, but they were stinky.


A few people have no choice but to return.


When they had just arrived, they had a big man who came to this place. "Who gives you the right to arrest people?"


In the face of the question of this big man, several people do not know how to answer.


Because I don’t want to catch people, I have already been arrested.


Fortunately, at this time, a voice came from the hall, "I."


A young man came out.


The other party looked at the youth and said indifferently: "Who are you? Who gives you the right?"


The young man smiled a little and said: "I introduce myself, my name is Qi Wenyao, from the inner city."


The face of this big man changed slightly, and said: "The holy Lei people have their own regulations, and the inner city is not allowed to interfere with the outer city! What qualifications do you have to come to me to arrest people?"


"I have it, I don't know if it works?"


Yan Wenyao took out a token and sneered: "From now on, your duties will be temporarily made by me. I have to check out the matter. As for you, go home and reflect for a few days."


"I am looking for an adult, I want to appeal!" The other party is obviously not convinced, said coldly.


"You don't even have to find the Emperor, unless the Leizheng family officially comes forward to protect you. Otherwise, you will consider your second half of life." Yan Wenyao said indifferently: "Dare to slay a Holy Spirit, your courage is Not too small, today I just have a look at how big you are."


Just after the words of Yan Wenyao fell, there was a group of people who came in. These were strangers. When they came in, they immediately rushed to Zhao Wenyao.


They are all from the inner city. Since the outside people can't move, don't listen to the dispatch, then go to the inner city to bring people out.


In the first time, Yan Wenyao lifted the positions of all the participants, then whoever asked, please investigate and then investigate each other.


The San Lei people have their own intelligence system. The scale of the foreign people is very large, and the scale of the inside is not small. Therefore, if you want to know which person made a mistake, just look at the information.


However, there is a premise that you must have the right to investigate.


After coming in the inner city, Yan Wenyao once again let people arrest Lei Zhengxing, this time without any accident.


The Leizheng family is indeed powerful, and it is known as the first force of the San Lei people, but still dare not confront the inner city, because the inner city gathers all the forces of the San Lei people, which is complicated.


After picking up people, there are quite a few people who know each other.


Among these people, there is another friend of Yan Wenyao who makes friends.


Gu Di and Yan Wenyao are relationships for many years, and they are also core disciples. The relationship is excellent.


Sui Wenyao, who sat in the first place of the main hall, took a look at Gu Di and said, "It is you, I let you in, and someone else has been caught."


Gu Di asked: "Is it so serious?"


"It’s a trivial matter to kill three holy spirits and fall into the Holy Spirit of Roach Water?" Yan Wenyao asked.


"It can be compared with the words Lei Zheng. It doesn't seem to be a big deal."


Gu Di said: "Oh, my brother, it’s good to sell me a face. The matter of raising my hand is over."


Yan Wenyao snorted and said: "You didn't ask what was going on before you came, or you were Gudi who was a fool, or someone who was looking for you to help you as a fool."


Gu Di’s expression changed. “How do you say this?”


"The Holy Spirit is currently the realm of eight stars. It is to be enshrined in the Tianwu world. This matter is specifically stated above. Do you think it is something that I can let go when I raise my hand?"


Yan Wenyao said with no anger: "I raised my hand, and the last one will be me! Look at you as my brother, I will meet you, tell you this, if you change someone else, now should Reflect in prison and wait for the conviction."


“Is it so serious?” Gu Di did not believe it.


Yan Wenyao sneered: "The truth tells you, now I am waiting here. See who jumps out, the more you jump out, the better. You really think that I came here to deal with one. Lei Zhengxing is deep? Is he a sideline in his district, is it qualified?"


Yan Wenyao knocked on the table. "If you tell me something about your heart, don't talk about this huge family. Even the top person is not good at it. This time it's a nail, now you can see how much it can come out." In short, jump one hit and jump out of the group and shoot all the dead!"


What a Tianwu world represents, Gu Di is certainly clear.


The one who created countless legends, one created an era.


Nowadays Tianwu Mainland, who does not know who is not known?


In the past, the Leizheng family did not find trouble for the Lord. What was the result?


The biggest loss in the end is the Lei Zheng family.


Gu Di left, no mention of this kind of thing, even did not say hello, went directly to the inner city.


This kind of thing, he really did not dare to blend, because the involvement is too big.


According to the strength of Zi Yan, it is possible to send a core to deal with this kind of thing quickly. It is very simple to be fair.


But he let Yan Wenyao come, just a core disciple.


The arrogant family of Lei Zheng, although there is no core in it, but there are still many core disciples, and naturally they will not care about Wen Yao.


Therefore, there will be a confrontation between the two sides.


But this time, everyone is wrong.


After Gu Di went back, he retired.


Luo Qishui's mood is very depressed has become the eight-star Holy Spirit, it is extremely difficult to find a fairness for himself.


It seems that my own thoughts were still too naive, and the other side did not even give the face of the offer, let alone his eight stars?


At this moment, he suddenly received a message asking him to go again and said that there is some evidence that needs to be re-checked.


Roach Water is not happy, but has a bad feeling, because there are too many scenes in this scene many years ago, all thinking about ways to find loopholes in his confession and set his sin.


Is this the same?


In the past, Luo Qishui found that he had changed someone and became a young man. The first sentence of the other party said that Luo Qishui was taken aback.


Lei Zhengxing has been arrested and needs to check with him for a confession.


Luo Qishui did not know what happened, he could only say the things of the year, and then he found that the other party did not remember at all, just like taking a process.


After Luo Qishui came back and waited for news, half a month later, the things of the year fell, and Luo Qishui resumed innocence, and Lei Zhengxing was executed.


At the same time, there were a large number of participants in the same year, and they were also punished together. The most blame is the fine to remove. The most important thing is a death.


In the outer zone, there was almost a big change.


After more than a thousand years, Luo Qishui finally proved his innocence. In this incident, the loss of the Lei family in the Ming Dynasty was not small.




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