Chapter 3014: Fusion, Fusion, Harmony and Tongda

 The idea of ​​making up lessons was discussed between Fei Qian and Pang Tong.

 The specific actions were mainly performed by Pang Tong.

Every little eagle will instinctively want to flap its wings when its wings are full, and fly like its parents. At this time, it should be given a space to let the little eagle face the wind and rain, instead of always protecting the little eagle. Under the wings, wait until the eaglet loses the urge to fly before worrying again.

Has Feizhen ever experienced a war?

 Apparently not,

 Does he expect a war?

 Looking forward to it very much.

Fei Qian’s understanding of military affairs and profound civil affairs obviously cannot be completely transmitted to Feizhen through simple language or a few policy papers, and can be inherited and promoted.

 Otherwise, there won’t be so many guys who grew up under the red flag but went to practice Capital in the future.

Now, Cao Cao has become Feizhen's teacher, and Pang Tong has become a teaching assistant. Such top-notch teaching resources are the only one in the Han Dynasty...

The big scene that Feizhen longs to see actually contains great pain underneath.

 Soldiers are indeed a "national matter", and there is nothing wrong with that. However, Feizhen's understanding of this sentence is basically still based on the "positive" interpretation. In fact, the negative interpretation is often the most terrifying...

 Eight hundred years after the Zhou Dynasty, why was the world in chaos?

The last Duke of Zhou was not so wicked. There were many Dukes of Zhou who were even more wicked than him!

 It’s because at the end of the Zhou Dynasty, China could no longer support so many people under the current level of productivity!

Class contradictions are extremely prominent. The upper class does not care about the life and death of the lower class. All internal and external contradictions are concentrated together. Countries have been at peace for hundreds of years. The population has grown to almost the limit. War is naturally unavoidable!

 Otherwise, wouldn’t those kings and grandsons of the Spring and Autumn Period know the fragrance of lying down?

As the war progressed, during the Warring States Period, although the population of various countries had declined due to war, wars have inertia, and they cannot be stopped by simply stopping. In the later stages, they will bring the princes of each country with them, and they will have to fight even if they don't fight. beat!

 The country is destroyed!

 The family is destroyed!

After beating all ten rooms, nine of them were empty, and the people who had been stunned by the killing gradually calmed down, crying that there were no chickens in thousands of miles, and no dogs in thousands of miles!

Under such circumstances, they suddenly became extremely harmonious with each other, put aside all hatred, worked together to build, recuperate, and have children, and then reaped the dividends of decades of population growth and land resource redistribution. The population continued to expand until it reached a bottleneck period, and then began to decline, entering the reserve period for the next war.

Classes began to solidify, conflicts began to accumulate, and people's resentment spread everywhere. Small and medium-sized property owners such as peasants in the feudal dynasty went bankrupt one after another, and more and more people entered a state of abject poverty...

And with the development of productivity, the time interval between wars in the feudal dynasty became shorter and shorter.

 In the interval, expanding the land and improving unit properties as much as possible are the only correct directions to slow down this decay process. And in this process, waste like Sima Sandaime cannot appear, otherwise all the efforts will be wasted.

Among all the senior members of the Hussars political group, the one who didn’t know about Fei Qian’s “make-up lessons” plan but could deduce it from clues and thought about it the most deeply...

 It is Sima Yi who is located in the east of Hedong.

Sima Yi found his father Sima Fang.

    You want to use Sima’s soldiers? Sima Fang frowned and said, "Is the situation already so dangerous?" 』

Sima had private soldiers, and there were a lot of them. However, these private soldiers did not belong to Sima Yi, but to the Sima family. If they wanted to use them, they had to get the approval of the head of the family, Sima Fang.

 Sima Fang was a little hesitant.

 Because Sima Yi is equivalent to not receiving a salary but having to bring his own dry food...

"Although there are soldiers east of the river..." Sima Yi said in a deep voice, "but they are not the lord's soldiers..."

  『Be bold! Sima Fang shouted lowly and stared, "As soon as these words were spoken, countless heads fell to the ground!" 』

Sima Yi snorted, "It's doable, but it's unspeakable?" In the east of the river, before Dong Zhongying arrived, there were people like Baibo who were causing trouble, and there were people like the Marquis of Cheng, all of whom were arrogant for a while... However, Xiliang is so big, it's just because of the evil horses and Han, especially they can't compete with each other, and in the east of the river, , there are actually several handsome men, how can they live in peace with each other? 』

On the surface Baibo Yang Feng has nothing to do with the Hongnong Yang family. In fact, many people know that he is actually the outside line of the Yang family. In the name of Yang Feng, the truth is true and the false is false, the false is true and the false is true, and it is convenient to do things.

 With such pearls and jade in front of you, there are naturally many handsome men in Hedong.

 Cheng Yin, Hou Xuan, Li Kan and others were all born in Hedong. During the chaos of the Xingping period, they rose up under the name of the Yellow Turban. Each of them controlled more than a thousand families and dominated the country.

 Later, these people were either suppressed or died in internal strife, and most of them disappeared. However, Yan Guo left a message, but these things cannot be considered in detail, and big problems will arise if you think about them.

This is what Sima Fang meant when he said the head fell to the ground, but Sima Yi lifted it up without any care and said it without any cover-up. This made Sima Fang feel a little uncomfortable, but he soon understood. He took a look outside.

Sima Yi nodded slightly.

Sima Fang clicked his tongue, and then leaned back. He suddenly showed his old and frail appearance, which caused Sima Yi to chuckle twice.

Sima Fang glared at Sima Yi, and then said weakly, "Although there are some family soldiers in the clan, there are many old and weak ones, and there are less than a hundred strong ones. Even if they are all with you, what can I do?" 』

Sima Yi smiled and said, "It's just a matter of throwing bricks and talons... Children can also protect themselves a little." 』

Sima Fang didn't say anything immediately. Instead, he looked at Sima Yi and said after a long time: "Why is this?" 』

The four simple words "Sima Fang" contain many meanings. It may be talking about Sima Yi, or it may be talking about the nobles in Hedong, or it may be talking about Hussar, or some other meaning.

Sima Yi was silent for a long time, then whispered: "Who can defeat me?" Yes. How can it be done? Can kill. Why don't you say kill? I see that Duan Zhi has many disciples. The Lord's policy of slowing down the pursuit of thieves is based on the principle of intimacy and caring for the people. If you are particularly unrepentant, you should die. 』

 Simply put, the Yang family has basically tasted the consequences, while many nobles in Hedong have not received any corresponding punishment.

 There are actually many comprehensive factors that have led to the current situation.

 Things have priorities.

At that time, Fei Qian's power was not strong, so he pretended not to know in the early stage. As long as he did not jump out and confront Fei Qian head-on about many things, Fei Qian could not see or hear; but in the mid-term, because the land of Hedong is a relatively large area, Grain-producing areas are important for the development and restoration of Guanzhong, and are also the latest suppliers. Therefore, when Feiqian developed Guanzhong, it also did not deal with these historical issues.

 In fact, Fei Qian is not completely laissez-faire.

Within Hedong, Fei Qian also took some opportunities to beat up and deal with some happy guys, and penetrated all aspects of Hedong, such as the academy in Hedong, the later imperial examinations, and related official arrangements. , personnel deployment, are actually tightening the noose step by step. If during this process, someone suddenly wakes up and turns to Fei Qian, Fei Qian will no longer care, but if...

 After all, some people have not been beaten up by this world, and they are still a little arrogant.

Just like why there are always more middle-class students among teenagers, but when they get older, there are much fewer middle-class students. Most of them are either lying flat or abandoned their homes, and the atmosphere of middle-class students is gone?

It's very simple. When I was a teenager, I was not educated by the capitalists. When I entered society, I was stripped, stripped, and trampled to the ground by the capitalists. After a good lesson, I found that when I cried, not only would no one pay attention, but I would also be ignored. People ridicule and accuse, and after all the hard work, they may not be able to compensate for the losses, so it naturally becomes realistic.

 The capitalist is a very good teacher and will make the proletarians truly feel the cold pain.

 The gentry in Hedong also need "make-up lessons".

  make up for the lesson you missed.

Sima Yi speculated that Hedong would soon fall into chaos, and the source of the chaos was these Hedong nobles who had missed a lesson. These guys thought that they had not been caught sneaking around before because of their good skills, so they would inevitably try to extend a third hand again in this chaos. Sima Fang looked at Sima Yi and shook his head, "You have changed a bit..."

"Um? ” Sima Yi frowned slightly, lowered his head and thought for a moment, “That’s true. 』

Sima Yi in history has always been in a mode of hiding but never showing, lying down but never standing, and pretending to be stupid but never very smart. However, the current Sima Yi has some edge that stands out...

 In fact, this is normal. It is impossible for people to survive without the entire environment. The natural environment and social environment will change a person's living conditions. In history, when Sima Yi was under Cao Cao, because of Cao Cao's distrust and suppression of clans with different surnames, Sima Yi was unable to gain military power for a long time. If the descendants of the Xiahou family of Cao's family had not failed to live up to their expectations, there is no way that Sima Yi would have been suffocated to death. In the position of civil servant.

At the moment in Chang'an, with the rise of poor people one after another, Fei Qian is not limited to family or surname, allowing more people to see hope, which stimulates Sima Yi to want to compete with these other outstanding people. After all, Sima Yi is still young at the moment. He was not suppressed in the documents at a young age like in history. There is still some unquenched flame in his heart...

 "Go ahead..." Sima Fang waved his hand, "Just do it, don't regret it..."

Sima Yi bowed his head and kowtowed deeply.



  Western Regions.

 Fei Qian was ready to return, and had no intention of continuing the conquest of the South Road or the North Road.

 It is enough to give Shanshan as an example of problem-solving ideas.

If the teacher solves all the problems in class, then when the students get it, all they have to do is copy the answers, or even bother to copy the answers. How can they grow?

Growth and improvement were originally the sharp weapons in the hands of the Chinese nation, but they were inadvertently lost for a period of time during the progress of the Chinese nation.

So now Fei Qian is also giving extra lessons to these officials who came to the Western Regions.

   The difference between the Western Regions of China and the Western Regions can be traced back to the word "ethics and customs". 』

Fei Qian was sitting in the hall, followed by Jia Xu, followed by Lu Yu, Xue Pingping and other officials from the Western Regions.

After military affairs, there must be government by the people.

 The core of people's governance is civil servants.

  Without stable civil servants, civil governance in the Western Regions cannot be implemented smoothly.

  Now let’s talk about “etiquette and customs”. ” Fei Qian said slowly, “It is said that courtesy should not be disrespected to common people, and the same is true in the Western Regions. Customs, customs, are the habits of the people, and they are said to be habits born from the land. 』

 Li is etiquette, custom is custom, there is a difference between the two. Generally speaking, etiquette is prevalent among nobles, while common people only have vulgarity, but the two are closely related.

"The Kingship in the Book of Rites says, "The east is called Yi, and there are people who eat without fire. The south is called Man, and there are people who eat without fire. The west is called Rong, and there are people who eat with hair. That's right. The people in the north are called Di, who live in caves with clothes and feathers, and there are people who eat without grains." Fei Qian looked around and said to these civil servants, who would become the people's magistrates of the Western Regions in the future, "There are also people from the five directions who speak. If there is no understanding, the tastes and desires are different. To achieve one's ambitions and to understand one's desires, the east is called Ji, the south is called Xiang, the west is called Di Dao, and the north is called Yi..."

Fei Qian said this and suddenly paused.

 Because in later generations, these so-called translators were generally only called "translators"...

 This may also illustrate some interesting issues.

Fei Qian paused for a moment, and then continued: "The differences between people are due to the appearance of the land, the atmosphere of the mountains and rivers, and the differences in customs." The beauty of China can be seen in words and deeds, as well as in official uniforms, crowns and robes. Now it can be seen that the people in the Western Regions are quick to change the etiquette, but the people of the Western Regions, or the barbarians from all over the world, think that Chinese clothes are ugly, and are unwilling to change their clothes and customs, and reject them. Why does it exist? 』

In the process of changing customs and habits, the Western Regions, or most of the Chinese-ruled areas, will have a classic polarization at the very beginning. On the one hand, the high-ranking officials and nobles in the ruled areas will immediately tend to dress in Chinese style. But the people at the bottom refuse to change...

  This is a question. Fei Qian nodded and signaled to these officials that it was time to copy the title of the policy paper, so as not to forget what he wanted to write. Then he paused for a moment before continuing, "There are many ancient customs. shallow. For example, during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, and even during the Warring States Period, many people sacrificed their lives for human sacrifice... If you know this, you should know why. There are many people who know this, but who can know where this custom comes from? 』

Is this...

As soon as Fei Qian asked, many civil servants subconsciously shrank their heads, as if Fei Qian couldn't see them.

Jia Xu on the side is also thoughtful.

Jia Xu thought that Fei Qian would focus on convening a meeting of representatives of various countries in the Western Regions and explain some related tasks and precautions. However, he did not expect that Fei Qian did not mention the meeting of representatives of various countries in the Western Regions at all, but talked about " The word "ethics and customs" seems a bit unexpected, but when you think about it, it makes sense.

 It is impossible and cannot continue to conquer the Western Regions forever.

 Construction, development, and education are the daily focus. Conquest is only a means to maintain deterrence, not the entire purpose.

Lu Yu raised his hand tentatively.

Fei Qian nodded.

Lu Yu said: "Is it because there were many cannibals in ancient times?" During the Shang Dynasty, there were people in Boyi who made meat cakes, and there were also ghost princes who gave them to other countries... Mozi also recorded that there was a country in the south that was eating people. younger brother…"

 The history of human social development is the history of the development of cannibalism.

 From **** cannibalism, to cannibalism in black and white, and then to cannibalism of human flesh and blood through state violence institutions. The method of cannibalism is the development of civilization.

 Anarchy is of course undesirable, but what kind of political system is more suitable for the current Western Regions?

    Good. ” Fei Qian nodded, “ Sacrifice of human beings, such as sacrificing three animals, are all caused by cannibalism. The ancient "Mao" sacrifice means that the belly of a person or animal is disemboweled to remove its internal organs, and then half of it is disemboweled and hung. This is bad custom. Then the number of cannibals decreased, and the king of Zhou was the first to do so..."

In ancient times, the Stone Age, when productivity was extremely low, there was no difference between humans and ordinary livestock. In the face of hunger, cannibalism was a small problem, not even a problem. However, with the development of society and the advancement of productivity, people settled down People discovered that farming and grazing could meet people's food needs. In order to expand more farming or grazing, more people were needed, so the direct eating of people slowly stopped.

 The most critical change was the Zhou Dynasty.

During the Shang Dynasty, there were still a large number of human sacrifices and human sacrifices. After the establishment of the Zhou Dynasty, Duke Zhou summarized the mistakes of his predecessors, analyzed the political methods of the Yin and Shang kings, and concluded that the Yin Dynasty died due to "immorality." Conclusion, a series of "etiquette norms" were formulated, which are Zhou rites.

“The king of Zhou established etiquette, but the meaning of “the etiquette should not be given to the common people” does not mean that the common people should not follow the etiquette, but that the superior officials use etiquette as punishment, and the common people use punishment as etiquette. Fei Qian said slowly, "The etiquette and customs in the Western Regions are different from those in the Han Dynasty today. We should also use the strategy of "punishment is not enough for officials, and courtesy is not for common people." Use suffering to make common people understand the disadvantages of customs, and use comfort to make superiors Know the benefits of etiquette! And how to understand the disadvantages of customs based on pain, and how to understand the benefits of etiquette based on comfort, these are the two questions today. 』

Jia Xu on the side moved his brows slightly.

 The first question is about the general direction, and the second question is about specific measures...

This is really a hussar method, so brilliant and powerful!

The change of customs is much more difficult and complicated than the change of political power, but once the change is successful, it is almost difficult to go back. Just like after the Zhou Dynasty replaced the Shang Dynasty, almost no one wanted to go back to that state. In an era when one could be caught and eaten at any time, the etiquette formulated by Duke Zhou has been almost throughout the entire development history of China.

Jia Xu also agreed with Fei Qian's proposal to treat punishment and ritual differently, because it would obviously have better results. The so-called "pain" and "comfort" are not simple literal meanings, just like " If you think it just means "You can't punish a doctor like a doctor, and you can't treat common people with courtesy", then such a petty official will be picked out immediately and sent back. Don't give it to such a person. There is a chance to become rat **** in the porridge.

The process of education of the Southern Xiongnu can actually be summed up by the same word "ethics and customs". It's just like most courses. It's easy to copy the answers, but when you encounter a new problem, whether you can learn and apply it depends on your personal ability.

Jia Xu smiled, even looking forward to what Fei Qian’s third question would be...

 (End of this chapter)

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