Yang Xiu stared at the soles of his feet, watching his shadow curl up into a ball, just like his curled up heart.

I once had a tiger in my heart, sniffed the roses, and felt that I was an elegant person.

  Now they are for cattle and horses, they can be driven as they please, and they can only flatter themselves to avoid suffering.

Now I only want a small life and a whole family fortune, I bow my head and bend my heart a hundred times...

The Yang family was once Yang Xiu's ladder and booster, but now it has become the thorns and shackles on Yang Xiu's body, trapping him to death in Luoyang and tying him up in front of Cao Cao.

 There are no shackles on my body, but there are more shackles in my heart!

    Ah ha ha... I haven’t seen you for many years. How are you? ” Cao Cao still had a cheerful voice and old-fashioned words.

If it were Yang Xiu before, he would have been more arrogant as a scholar. He felt that his worth and family background were not inferior to Cao Cao's, and he used some cleverness to show that he was unusual. But now Yang Xiu honestly came forward and knelt on the ground, kowtowed and answered: "The common people pay homage to the Prime Minister..."

Cao Cao was a little surprised, and immediately stepped forward and pulled Yang Xiu up. He also patted the dust on Yang Xiu's robe for Yang Xiu. He looked very friendly and said, "Hey, you and I have been friends for generations, why do you need to be polite?" Haha, hahaha..."

Yang Xiu smiled.

That's right, fighting with swords and guns, approaching the city with troops, breaking into the city's gates?

This family friend is "iron" enough.

"My family is suffering from severe paralysis, and I am having trouble walking..." Yang Xiu was not proud of Cao Cao's polite attitude, but still said humbly, "I have specially ordered the common people to apologize to the Prime Minister, and I hope that the Prime Minister will remember the same thing in the past." The friendship between the DPRK and the DPRK prevents him from being guilty of neglect..."

 This is not to say that Yang Xiu is evading, it is indeed the case.

Yang Biao was old and had some rheumatism, so he needed to walk with a cane all year round. Cao Cao also knew this, so he did not express any disrespect for Yang Xiu to come on behalf of Yang Biao.

From a certain point of view, when Yang Biao dominated the Han Dynasty, Cao Cao was just a marginal figure, just a county magistrate. A minor official with a few hundred dan, if he saw Yang Biao today, he would be somewhat embarrassed.

 Cao Cao was a little embarrassed, Yang Biao was greatly embarrassed.

 Therefore, Yang Xiu came instead of Yang Biao, which was in line with Cao Cao's wishes. Cao Cao would come to greet him, which could be regarded as giving the Yang family some dignity, but Cao Cao did not expect that Yang Xiu would not have any fireworks after meeting...

How much of the smoke and fire in the world is willing?

However, it is rare to find a high-ranking Sangong family, even if they are just pretending.

Yang Xiu's appearance now is really different from Cao Cao's previous impression.

Cao Cao looked Yang Xiu up and down again and said, "Dezu is now...come on, sit down!" Sit down and talk! 』

    Thank you, Prime Minister. Yang Xiu followed Cao Cao's instructions and sat aside. He was upright and upright, with a solemn face and a dignified look.

“…” Cao Cao looked at Yang Xiu, and after a moment he said with a smile but not a smile, “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes today, Cao Cao would never have believed that Dezu was like this… But what happened recently? 』

Yang Xiu and Yang Dezu, who was so unruly and unruly in the past and felt that the whole world was revolving around him, seemed to have disappeared without a trace, which surprised Cao Cao.

   "Without a thing, there is no wisdom." Yang Xiu twitched the corner of his mouth, revealing a bit of a wry smile, "In the past, I felt that the world's heroes were no more than mediocre, but now I know that I am no more than mediocre." Just like what the poem says, "The jianjia is green and the white dew is like frost. The so-called beauty is on the side of the water. If you follow it back, the road is long and blocked. If you follow it back, you will be in the middle of the water..."

Cao Cao narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "What Dezu said... is he sarcastically speaking about something?" 』

    How dare you, the common people? It was actually a sentiment, and it was definitely not meant to refer to the Prime Minister. Yang Xiu fell to the ground and spoke earnestly.

   『Feelings? "Haha, no need to be polite, please get up," Cao Cao seemed to be smiling but not smiling, "This is what Dezu feels... I am listening attentively, you might as well give me a lesson or two." 』

“I don’t dare to mention the word “teach me”, Yang Xiu cupped his hands and said, “The reeds are like reeds. They drift with the wind, but stop at their roots. Just like the Yang family, when they first looked green, they thought they were jade trees, but they were actually jade trees. Looking for a beautiful woman is also a matter of tossing and turning, and the closer you look, the farther you go, just like looking for the Luoshui River in Luoyang, you will end up on the side of the water, and you can't find it..."

Cao Cao laughed.

 Cao Cao felt that Yang Xiu had really changed.

 I won’t talk about anything else. If it were before, I would probably use other people as an example, but now everything is based on Yang’s example.

Although Yang Xiu still had the flavor of mocking Cao Cao in his current words, it was much more subtle, and the change in his example habits can already explain some problems.

With the previous glory of the Yang family, would Yang Xiu use it casually to make metaphors and give examples, or to make fun of himself?

    Dezu doesn’t have to be too modest! "Cao Cao said with a smile, "Cao Cao has long known that Dezu has talents in warp and latitude, but he has never had the opportunity. Now he wants to recruit Dezu to be the prime minister... I wonder if Dezu is willing to surrender? 』

Yang Xiu was silent for a while, then stood up and left the table and bowed, "Prime Minister, great virtue, Xiu is indescribably grateful, and is willing to be driven by the Prime Minister..."

   『Hahaha...』Cao Cao also left the table and stepped forward to help Yang Xiu up. Cao Cao's smile was very cordial, and he didn't seem to care at all whether Yang Xiu addressed him as prime minister or lord.

"Come on! Sit down! ” Cao Cao laughed and said, “Now that Dezu is helping me, I will be like a tiger with wings!” 』

Yang Xiu said a few words of humility, and then he heard the unsurprising words. Cao Cao asked how to defeat Hangu.

Yang Xiu was silent for a while and said, "It is difficult to defeat Hangu Yi and attack Tongguan." If the Prime Minister thinks that Hangu is easy to defeat and takes it lightly, he will use the hussar strategy. 』

Cao Cao’s eyes flickered, "I dare to ask for details." 』

    The danger of Hangu began in Qin. However, Hanhan Valley today no longer has the prestige it once had. ” Yang Xiu’s voice was very steady, as if he was describing an ordinary thing, “Since the Han Dynasty, Shandong has been afraid of the dangers of Hangu, so there are many dangers in it. The Qin Han Valley was ruined, and the same was true for the Han Valley. Even if the hussars were skilled in craftsmanship, it would be difficult to reverse its decline... What's more, Han Valley hangs alone outside, and its shape is like a bait. If the prime minister wants to take it, it will be easy... 』

At the end of his sentence, Yang Xiu paused, licked his lips slightly, and swallowed the last half of the sentence "How could the Prime Minister not know"?

 Yes, Yang Xiu has changed.

People will change, especially under repeated blows.

The youth and frivolity of the past cannot be compared with wealth, rice, oil and salt, and the vows of eachother will be turned into ashes in the day after day. What's more, Yang Xiu in history actually didn't have much objection to Cao Cao. What's more is just young people's arrogance and desire for expression, as well as their undisguised preference for Cao Cao's next generation.

 This is a big taboo.

Now Yang Xiu has lost a third of his impetuousness and gained a third of his calmness. He buried his hatred for Qiusi and his resentment against Cao Cao deep in his heart.

Yang Xiu is still the same Yang Xiu, but he is no longer the same Yang Xiu.

Cao Cao pondered for a moment, and did not say what Yang Xiu thought of Hangu, but continued to ask: "If you want to take Tongguan, does Dezu have any good strategies?" 』

Yang Xiu smiled and said, "The prime minister wants to capture Tongguan, so Xiu has a plan..."



Of course, Cao Cao's purpose in occupying Luoyang was not to deliberately attack the Yang family, or because he had some unresolved hatred with the Yang family that was not clean even after Huabei. It was because Cao Cao needed a good base for advancement, and Linhan Han In the land of Gutongguan, what place is more suitable than Luoyang?

Is Cao Cao willing to fight in the front and let Yang shout cheers from the top of the city behind?

 Therefore, at the necessary stage, it became inevitable for Cao Cao to attack Luoyang like thunder.

The danger Luoyang faced has always existed. It's just that Yang Biao, Yang Xiu and others have always tried to bury their heads in the sand to comfort themselves and hypnotize themselves.

 Now I wake up from the dream.

 Then I realized it’s better to dream…

 After all, there is everything in dreams, but in reality there is only cold iron and hot blood.

Although Cao Cao's army tried their best to conceal the news that Cao Cao had captured Luoyang, it could not be concealed for long. It was detected almost at the same time, and was hurriedly reported to Chang'an.

 In Chang'an, in the Yamen of Huqi Mansion.

The uneasy and kind-hearted black fat bird chuckled, "Cao Mengde is too careful too!" I’ve really been getting more and more mixed up over the years! I don’t have the spirit to chase Zhongying under the moonlight..."

Of course, Cao Cao also knew that his military action of invading Luoyang could not be concealed in the end, but it was obvious that Cao Cao wanted to conceal it as long as he could and maintain a certain degree of concealment as much as possible...

Feizhen also laughed loudly, "That's chasing Han Xin under the moon!" It's Prime Minister Xiao, not Prime Minister Cao! 』

"What a pity..." Pang Tong shook his head and said with some emotion, "Prime Minister Cao is old!" It no longer has the energy it once had! Pang Tong is indeed right. Cao Cao is old and is not as sharp as when he was challenging Dong or before he was challenging Dong.

 But where does the energy of young people come from?

Of course, you can only be energetic if you are not afraid of failure, but why are young people not afraid of failure?

  It's very simple, because the young man has never failed, or in other words, he has never had a real bad fall, he has not broken his arms or legs, or suffered hemiplegia. Therefore, he does not recognize any relatives when racing, laughing and joking, without any fear.

Feizhen is somewhat fearless in the face of war. He is very excited and even has some expectations.

"finally come! ” Fei Zhen waved her hands, trying hard to imitate words and deeds similar to Fei Qian’s, “This time there will definitely be no way for Cao’s thieves to come back!” 』

"well! ” The fat black bird looked at Fei Zhen, chuckled, and then narrowed his eyes.

Feizhen held her chest high and tried her best to show her heroic spirit, but in Pang Tong's eyes, it was just a forced show, not a true hero at all. Because Pang Tong knew that Fei Zhen still didn't understand what he was fighting against.

 Is it Cao Cao?

 Are you from Shandong?

  Yes and no.

Under Pang Tong's gaze, Fei Zhen was a little confused, and she instinctively sensed that something was wrong, "What's wrong?" Uncle Shi Yuan? 』

   "Haha... nothing, nothing, nothing..." Pang Tong said perfunctorily while sighing in his heart.

 As Fei Qian said, some people should "make up a lesson."

 Among these "some people", Fei Zhen is included.

 Going smoothly will not produce good successors.

 When Feizhen was born, Feiqian had basically passed the most difficult period in the early stage.

Feizhen has neither spent the time like Liu Bei who drank Songhe Laojiu until it went bankrupt, nor has she seen the sword flash that made Qinchi Laoqu fall like Cao Cao. Overall, Feizhen's greatest pain during her growth period was studying.

Even though Fei Qian took Fei Zhen away from Yinshan, what remained in Fei Zhen's memory was more about traveling around the mountains and rivers, and practicing horse riding...

As for the other **** things, Fei Zhen actually didn’t retain much of them in her mind.

 There is no shortage of theoretical knowledge.

  When it comes to the principles of loving the people, valuing the military, and governing the country, Fei Zhen is not bad, but most of them are just verbal theories. How much real meaning is there in the heart?

Of course it is not completely impossible, but the road from theory to practice is long and arduous.

Fei Qian has also been teaching carefully in these years, but it is also deceptive to say that Fei Zhen can be like Fei Qian or Pang Tong and have a very clear understanding of the current situation.

Just like the children of later generations, primary school, junior high school and high school, standing under the flag, they scream love, love, love every year. In the article, various examples of love are repeatedly listed. Although they are all just formalities, there is some truth to them. But if this is all true, the talented and beautiful ladies in the preparatory class for studying abroad just laughed and said nothing...

Hence Feizhen's current situation is a bit embarrassing.

Pang Tong touched his chin.

 The problems Fei Qian mentioned before have indeed happened now.

Fei Qian and Cao Cao have chosen different directions, so Fei Qian cannot use Cao Cao's method.

Cao Cao and later generations of dynasties were accustomed to the kind of heir model of having more children and raising more ghosts. It is possible that they would indeed cultivate a ruthless guy, but most of the time, becoming an emperor would mean being unscrupulous. Synonymous, even brought many people into the ditch, thinking that the emperor should be ruthless and kill people...

 But in fact, is such an emperor really a good person?

Is it possible for an iron-blooded emperor who is not merciless to his relatives, parents and brothers to sympathize with ordinary people at the lowest level, who have no blood relationship with them and have no communication with them?

 Obviously impossible.

So from what perspective would such an emperor consider the problem?

 Only itself.

Therefore, in most cases, the successor raised by Gu will become an emperor who is extremely selfish, extremely egoistic, extremely jealous and other negative emotions. Any decision he makes must be just to maintain his own rule. , maybe in some cases it will happen to meet the needs of the society at that time, get some progress and development, and achieve certain achievements, but in fact, more often than not, it is no matter who cares about the flood, as long as you are happy!

If the dynasty has a big business, a few more emperors like this may not be able to cause all the harm in one or two generations. However, Fei Qian's current foundation looks very big, but in fact there are more points to pay attention to and maintain than in Shandong, among which the most important The key is not the support of the powerful clansmen from the noble clan, but Fei Qian's strong penetration and control of the word "military and civilian" in these years.

Especially in Guanzhong, under Fei Qian’s continuous management, what if you could say a few bad words about the Hussars in front of ordinary soldiers and civilians?

 Try and die!

 Respect is mutual. Ordinary people and soldiers feel Fei Qian's respect for them, so they naturally respect Fei Qian.

 What if we change to a ruler who only knows how to be selfish?

 What will be the result?

 Among the entire Feiqian group, do you respect Feizhen?

Of course I respect him, but it’s more because I respect Fei Qian that I respect Feizhen, rather than because of how powerful Feizhen is.

Feizhen didn't seem to be aware of this at the moment, or in other words, she was somewhat aware of it, but she didn't think it was very important. Because in Fei Zhen's understanding, this time is still like a trip to the Yinshan Mountains, "touring around mountains and rivers", at most there will be some blood blisters on the butt...

Although he is much better than ordinary naughty children, he is not naughty or troublesome, he is also somewhat intelligent, and his ability to understand and think about some things is not bad. Overall, his personal abilities, if we look at him as an ordinary person , is more than enough, and can even be called relatively excellent.

 However, considering Fei Zhen in the overall situation, it is still not enough to inherit such a large foundation from Fei Qian.

 Are you tough enough?

 Do you have a keen sense of direction?

 Do you have the patience of a hunter?

 If you are not tenacious enough, you may change your mind at any time in the face of setbacks. And if you want to make a career, how can you avoid all the setbacks on the road?

 Without direction, it is impossible to take the right path. Once you choose the wrong one, you will not only fall into the abyss, but also those who follow you.

 If you don’t have patience, you will want to rush for success, clamoring that you have to defeat this little opponent today and watch the big scene tomorrow...

 In these aspects, Fei Zhen cannot be said to be adequate.

 In other words, it’s not good enough.

"Young Master, I have a question..." Pang Tong laughed happily, as if he would win tomorrow, and asked Feizhen casually, "If we fight Cao Mengde and capture him now, how will the young master treat him?" 』

Feizhen’s eyes were bright and she was completely unaware of the fat black bird digging a hole beside her. “Haha, if I capture the thief Cao, I will ask him directly, “Do you want to surrender?”

“Ah haha,” Pang Tong smiled, “What if Cao Mengde says he doesn’t want to surrender? 』

  『Push it out! Kill it! Feizhen pretended to wave her hands, and after laughing a few times, she suddenly realized, "Ah, actually, this matter should wait until Father comes to decide..."

"Haha..." Pang Tong laughed, noncommittal.

 In fact, Fei Zhen's two answers each had their shortcomings, but Pang Tong did not want to correct them at the moment.

 Because Pang Tong knew that correcting it would be of no use, and Feizhen couldn't remember it.

It's not that Feizhen can't remember the answer to the question "Capture Cao Cao", but on the contrary, as long as Pang Tong or someone else gives Feizhen a "standard" answer, Feizhen will remember it, and most likely she will follow it. Do it with the "standard" answer.

 But it is precisely because of this that it appears insufficient. Fei Zhen only wrote down the answer itself without truly understanding the answer.

"My lord has something that I didn't quite understand before..." Pang Tong said as if chatting, as if it was insignificant, but actually he was going to use it as the final basis for judgment, "I wonder if you have heard of it, young master." …"War is the continuation of politics"...』

    War is a major event for the country! Feizhen nodded and said, "I have memorized this book!" 』

 Is "important national affairs" equivalent to "political continuation"?

It seems that it is, and it seems that it is not.

 A slight difference often ends up being a thousand miles away.

Pang Tong raised his eyebrows, still smiling, and made a decision in his heart, "Since the young master knows, that's great..."

Fei Zhen laughed, not knowing that Pang Tong had already prepared a project to make up for him.

This is a lesson that needs to be made up, so let’s start from this point!