Chapter 3012: There is a plan and an opportunity

 Eight years of Taixing.



The cold wind was howling, and snow had fallen in some places. Hanoi, which is close to the Taihang Mountains, seemed to be shielded and protected by the Taihang Mountains. There was only a little ice rain but no heavy snow.

This year, although the autumn harvest is not bad, it does not mean that it is easy for farmers in Shandong, including Hanoi.

 Because the war broke out…

 The requisition order was issued again, which not only took away the people's only rations, but also required them to obey the labor deployment, which made them suffer again, get tired again, and persist again.

These people began to suffer in the severe cold again, without any subsidies, and it was even less possible to issue coupons and money. Only the government issued a document, and most commercial and agricultural activities in various places stopped, as if they had entered hibernation.

 Compared with the dejected and lifeless labor, the array of Cao's soldiers was somewhat impressive.

 A Han flag with black characters on a red background was flying fiercely in the wind, and neat military formations were lined up, filled with murderous intent.

Zhao Yan stood in front of the army and shouted loudly: "The Han army is mighty!" 』

   『Born to be a great hero of the Han Dynasty! Death is also a big man and a ghost! 』

   『Today, I have received an edict from the Emperor to fight against rebellion! 』

    Why do men join the army? 』

  『Save the family and the country from danger! Be granted the title of Marquis immediately! 』

 Zhao Yan’s voice was loud and encouraging, and he waved his hands every time he shouted a word, adding to the lively atmosphere.

Behind Zhao Yan, Yanzhou Chief Registrar Fan Qin flushed with excitement, as if a heroic spirit surged up from his abdomen...

                                      ifies in this river land to sort out the affairs of the general and the king.

    Every alliance with me is both civil and military.

    Yu Yu Huan Huan, with rules and regulations.

   『Business is to be harmonious and light, sharing dust and dirt.

     Everyone does his own thing. Serving the country as a auxiliary..."


Fan Qin’s face turned even redder.

After Zhao Yan finished inciting, he ordered his soldiers to set off one by one. When he turned back and saw Fan Qin like this, he couldn't help but be surprised, and then said with a smile: "Hue Bo, are you... stuck again?" 』

"Uh..." Fan Qinba smacked his lips, then ignored Zhao Yan and copied the poem he just recited on the wooden tablet. Then he took a long breath and the blush on his face gradually faded. subside.

  Sorry, I was rude just now. ” Fan Qin saluted Zhao Yan, “Seeing Brother Zhao leading the army this time, I felt agitated... I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m rude, I’m rude...”

Zhao Yan waved his hands, obviously not taking this matter to heart. He took the wooden slip written by Fan Qin, looked at it up and down, and said with a smile: "Yes, yes, by the time I come back, Huber's poem will be in full order. I'll come back and read it for my benefit..."

"Haha, don't dare, don't dare... encourage each other, encourage each other..." Fan Qin also laughed, then carefully put the wooden slip away, looked around, and said softly, "Brother Zhao, this time I joined the army... I heard that General Xiahou... Not easy to deal with...』

If it were anyone else, Fan Qin would definitely not say such words, but the relationship between Zhao Yan and him was different. Although they have different surnames, they are as close as brothers. When the Yellow Turbans were in chaos, both Fan Qin and Zhao Yan fled to Jingzhou. They were fellow townsmen and had similar spirits. They even used money and other things together, and they were even more harmonious than brothers from the same family.

 By the way, there is another Du Xi who is also with them.

Later, Cao Cao welcomed Liu Xie, which was undoubtedly a boost to the three men of Zhao Dufan who had big ambitions, so they joined Cao Cao.

As for Du Xi, his family background is not bad and he has some talents. However, perhaps because of his talents, he speaks in a less polite manner. Naturally, there is no way to compare with the youth version of Xun Yu who speaks well and is good-looking. Compared with Chen Qun, he is only in Jizhou now. As a small county magistrate, he was suppressed by Chen Qun and became angry.

Fan Qin is basically a traditional Shandong literati. He prefers poetry and poetry, so he holds some positions that require literary and ink writing, such as bookkeeper. This time he was also responsible for escorting a batch of money and food to Zhao Yan.

Relatively speaking, Zhao Yan is more adaptable. He has literary talents, but he is not like Fan Qin who shows off his literary talents regardless of the occasion. He can give advice when encountering problems, but he also does not give embarrassing advice. This is This makes Zhao Yan very suitable to act as a buffer between generals with violent personalities. Therefore, he gained Cao Cao's attention very early and was promoted from assistant, officer, counselor, etc., and now he has joined the army in Hanoi.

This time Hanoi sent troops to Taihang. On the top road, Lejin led the troops to make a surprise attack on the entrance of Huguan Valley. He first captured the military camp at Huguan. However, there was no good way to deal with the main body of Huguan. Xia Houyuan, who was on the bottom road, also led the army and pointed at Gaoping and Changping. area. Zhao Yan joined the army and led the infantry in advance.

There are 3,000 regular infantry soldiers, 1,500 auxiliary soldiers, 3,500 peasants accompanying the army, and 200 patrolling sentries and cavalry. There were also vehicles, horses, etc. that all needed to be dispatched one by one, so Zhao Yan could only take the time to say goodbye to Fan Qin, then turned around to make arrangements. Although the soldiers in Hanoi are well trained on weekdays and have been preparing for this battle, the road this time is not easy, and there are no counties along the way to support the consumption. It is also a winter march, and the number of auxiliary troops is Not much, so they planned to only allow the army to travel thirty to fifty miles a day.

Although the Hanoi to Taihang Mountain Trail has been open to trade over the years, the road is not too difficult, but in any case, traveling in the mountains will be slower than usual. In this way, starting from Hanoi and wanting to reach Gaoping and Changping, It takes about ten days.

Xia Houyuan took some guards with him, his eyes swept over Zhao Yan and Fan Qin, and then turned his eyes to the soldiers who were setting off.

 At present, the morale of Cao's soldiers is very good.

Xia Houyuan still trusted Zhao Yan, so this time he simply asked Zhao Yan to act as his deputy, leaving all the infantry, marching, baggage and chores to Zhao Yan to take charge of the command.

Xia Houyuan was ready to concentrate on leading the cavalry.

A confidant on the side said, "General, can this... Zhao join the army?" Do you want to go find General Wenyeol again..."

   『Asshole! Xia Houyuan cursed dissatisfiedly, "General Wen Lie also has a heavy responsibility!" Now that the lord has handed over the responsibility to us, shall we look for someone else? Um? ! So why does the Lord give us authority? Why not just give it to others? ! 』

 The confidants kept claiming so.

Xia Houyuan glanced sideways at his confidants and said, "I know you have good intentions, but since you are a general, you must have confidence in yourself first!" Otherwise, how could the soldiers have confidence? Let me make it clear once again that when the cavalry is marching, keep a distance of more than one day from them, and you must send out cruising sentries every day when setting up camp! 』

His confidants responded loudly and immediately went down to deliver the order.



When the first ray of sunlight at dawn had just illuminated the white snow on the top of Taihang Mountain, the civilians in Cao Jun's camp had already started to move like ants, and soon other Cao Jun soldiers also formed a team.

 The smoke rises, which means that the attack will start soon.

 In this era, every mouthful of food is not eaten in vain, but has to be paid in blood.

  It is either your own blood or the blood of others.

The catapults inside and outside Huguan also began to project each other one after another.

At the beginning, neither side had much practical experience in using catapults, so for Le Jin's side, a lot of them were smashed, so subsequent supplements could not catch up, while for Jia Qu's side, because the stone bombs consumed too much, production and transportation were also difficult. Can’t catch up…

So it has become more like a shock, or a deterrent, or an act of blocking each other. There is a threat, but the threat is not too great.

When the stone bullets are thrown down, the experienced soldiers on both sides who have been destroyed will give a warning, and the crowd will disperse immediately. Of course, there are also a few unlucky ones who run in the wrong direction, or who run to catch them with their strength instead of running to avoid being hit.

In the area beyond the threat of stone throwing at Huguan City, groups of heavily armed soldiers walked to the designated location under the leadership of the military academy, and then sat down on the spot following brief and urgent orders. The civilian husband immediately came over with a wooden barrel and a large basket, and put bread and steamed buns for the soldiers. Each person had a large cake or two small steamed buns, and a pickle outside.

 Eat some when you are about to go into battle, not to be full, but so that your legs and hands will not become weak due to hunger during the fight.

Le Jin had a small wound on his face, which was covered with some plaster. Although it looks ferocious, in fact such wounds can only be regarded as minor injuries, or minor injuries, and really serious injuries are basically lying down...

Perhaps in later feudal dynasties, the judgment of injuries came from the battle formation. As long as he can still move, it's not considered a serious injury. So even though Le Jin had a wound on his face, he still stood with several military princes, looking at Huguan in the distance.

Le Jin knew that Huguan was difficult to fight, but after the actual fight started, he realized how cruel and troublesome the word "bad" was.

 First of all, the follow-up supplies have been intermittent and unable to keep up.

Le Jin also understands the specific difficulties. The Yangchang Slope is indeed difficult to walk, but no matter what, people can't eat and drink less.

"Send another team to check back and see where the supply convoy has arrived..." Le Jin looked up at the sky and saw that although the sun was rising, the clouds were still thick. "We also need to prepare warm clothes. Otherwise... Ma Junhou, you are responsible for this matter. Be sure to make sure the logistics and supplies can keep up! 』

 An older military commander responded. Le Jin was about to give other instructions when he suddenly heard someone screaming in the distance. He turned his head and saw that a few unlucky guys had just been hit by stones thrown from the top of Huguankou City. Naturally, they were killed on the spot. Those who were torn apart were very brave and kept silent, but those who survived were unlucky...

Half of one shoulder was gone, and the **** one let out a shrill scream, but soon weakened. The other one had a broken leg, and several other soldiers were holding it down to prevent him from rolling over in pain, causing greater damage. The military doctor walked over with an axe, making the wounded soldier with a broken leg howl in despair like a domestic dolphin waiting to be slaughtered.

Le Jin calmly withdrew his gaze and continued to explain today's attack arrangements to several military princes. The expressions of the several military princes did not change at all.

 Le Jin's guards brought some grain cakes and distributed them to Le Jin and the military princes.

 Different from ordinary soldiers, Le Jin and others had an extra stick of bacon and a cup of hot physalis water.

The air was filled with the smell of blood, mixed with the decaying smell released before and after death. Almost all of it was attached to these foods, but Le Jin, Junhou and others seemed not to notice it, or just didn't notice it. As if his sense of smell and taste were all gone, he bit into the bread and then ate it.

After eating the last piece of cake and drinking the last sip of physalis water, Le Jin gave a few final instructions, nodded to the military prince, and then waved.

 The military prince silently returned the greeting and retreated.

The civilian workers in the rear started running amidst the urging. Even if they sometimes fell down due to lack of physical strength, they would not care about how badly they were injured. They would quickly collect the fallen items and send them to the next place.

 In war, people are just a thing, an object, divided into useful and useless. If you can still move items, then you can still be useful. If you can't even move items, then you can only act as cannon fodder and die in the city.

 The mountains in the distance are as black as a beauty’s eyebrows.

If there is a real trouble caused by beauty, then the Huguan must be the number one trouble for the Shangdang.

"whole team! 』

    Take up arms! 』

 Hunting orders began to sound in the queue.

   Today we will focus on the right side! Two songs are divided into four teams! 』

   Team 1, get ready! superior! 』

With a wave from the military marquis, the leader led his soldiers and followed the ladder cart pushed by the civilians...

 No one hesitated, no one was sad, and no one said I don’t understand, I don’t know, there is no way to try to postpone the face of death, because behind the military formation stood Le Jin’s direct battalion.

Le Jin's direct battalion has used their achievements to prove that Huguan is not invincible, at least the Hukou military camp is proof, and now it is naturally the turn of these subsequent supplementary Cao troops to show their own value.

   As long as the new recruits survive, they will of course become veterans.

 In this process, less than half of a queue of fifty people may survive in the end.

Those who survived were the Han people.

 Those who died were still Han Chinese.



"Oh no! Cao Jun is here! Cao Jun is coming! 』

   Cao Jun has entered the city! 』

   『The city is broken! 』


Episodes of noisy sounds, like the sky and the earth falling apart, hit Yang Xiu on the head and body, causing him pain all over his body and extreme pain.

Yang Xiu realized that the defense line he had worked so hard to build collapsed almost instantly. The proud Luoyang City Defense was like a doll wearing **** lingerie, with several holes being poked at any time. He could not even react. I once thought I was in a long nightmare. But he immediately saw the city of Luoyang, with flames soaring into the sky, silhouettes of people, and fierce sounds of killing. The clashing sounds of swords and guns were far and near, and the screams of wolves crying and ghosts howling came one after another.


This is all true?

How can this be? !

 Cao Jun came in? !

 How did Cao Jun invade? !

Although Yang Xiu had known the news about Cao Jun's activities before, he had always been lucky or felt that the city wall he had repaired for many years could still withstand some degree of resistance. Therefore, even if he had discussions with Yang Biao, But he still delayed making the final decision, trying to get the maximum benefit with his words.

But I never expected that Cao Jun would stop talking!

 He started to fight directly, and when he did so, it was like a thunder!

 What about city defense?

Yang Xiu realized at this moment, either there were spies mixed in in the city, or the city guard captain had been bribed!

 It may even be a combination of both!

 Have you agreed to devote your whole life to the great cause of the Yang family?

  The oath sworn in the Sizhi Hall is now regarded as a fart? !

Yang Xiu was frightened and anxious, looking around for a weapon or something else that could give him some peace of mind, but there was only a long sword for decoration beside him. It is said to be decoration, because the most important thing about such a long sword is the decoration on the shell and the pattern on the sword. There is no edge at all, only a small part of the tip of the sword is edged.

Yang Xiu didn't care so much. He drew out his long sword and shouted: "Guard, where are the guards?" ! 』

 There is no response from surrounding guards.

Yang Xiu came out of the back house. When he opened the door, he saw the slaves running in chaos in the backyard, shouting in panic, mixed with the shouts in Luoyang City at this time...

   『Calm down! Calm down! 』

Yang Xiu yelled, but few people heard him.

There were panicked figures running around like headless flies. There were people shouting, howling and crying everywhere.

    Mom! Cao Jun came in! 』

   『The city is broken! Everyone, run for your lives! 』

 ‘Child! Where is the child? ! 』

   『Xiuer! Who saw Xiu'er? ! 』

"ah! Ahhhh...』

Yang Xiu took a few steps forward and stabbed to death a slave who rushed in front of him.

The slave screamed before his death, which made the panicked servants in the backyard more or less regain some sense from the extreme panic...

   『I’m not dead yet! Yang Xiu shouted, waving his blood-stained sword, "Calm down!" Where is the steward? ! 』

The steward stumbled and fell to his knees, trembling all over.

     Do your job well! Yang Xiu wiped the blood-stained instrument sword clean on the steward's body, "Where is my father?" 』

 “Okay, I think I went to the front yard...” the steward replied.

It wasn’t until I rushed to the front yard of Luoyang Mansion that I saw Yang Biao here, and most of the Yang family’s guards were also here. Of course, the rest of the Yang clan are also here.

   …” Yang Xiu breathed a sigh of relief, took a breath, and walked up.

   『Raise pigs! "When a member of the Yang clan saw Yang Xiu coming, he jumped out, spitting and pointing his halberd, "You said before that Luoyang City is as solid as a rock! Where is the rock now? ! ah? ! you you you you…"

Yang Xiu silently raised his sword, consciously or unconsciously, and walked forward.

Although most long swords are not edged, the tip is still sharp.

The Yang clan members swallowed silently and moved out of the way.

   『Father...』Yang Xiu came to Yang Biao and put away his sword.

Yang Biao looked at Yang Xiu with very complicated eyes, "Xiu'er...what do you want now?" 』

Yang Xiu took a long breath and said, "For now, the only thing we can do is to be loyal to His Majesty Danjie..."

 (End of this chapter)