Chapter 2892 Both sides, almost okay

  The sun just showed its face in the morning, and the Jiangdong soldiers pushed the newly built siege equipment to the bottom of the city wall and the edge of the trench.

  Below the city walls, basically everything was burnt to blackness.

  The two batches of siege vehicles before Jiangdong were all burned down. But now a new batch of siege equipment has arrived, and in the trenches, most of the positions have been filled with sand and debris, and the Jiangdong soldiers behind can even easily erect the siege equipment in the trenches Edge, and then pushed under the city wall.

While waiting to attack not far from the wall, two shielded chariots with wooden roofs were slowly pushed to the city gate, and then a spear pole with a rope hook protruded from the shielded chariot. Yuan stretched out to drag those corpses that were in the way, and moved them away so as not to congest the attack route.

  Gan Ning on the city wall frowned and looked at him, very upset, and even wanted to throw two cans of kerosene down, but Zhuge Liang ordered, starting from today, there will be "no" kerosene...

"come! Gan Ning became more and more annoyed, "Find a stone and smash it for me!" 』

Although the target of the shield car is not small, and it will not be as flexible as a human being, and can avoid stones, but throwing it from the top of the city, it can't keep its head. In the end, it threw several pieces and knocked down a car. The other car saw the situation and ran away.

  Huang Gai silently watched, observed, and pondered.

"The first thing to do when attacking a city is to cut off one's will..." Huang Gai said slowly, as if he was telling himself to make his own judgment. ...Come on! Get ready to call the catapults and ballistas on the floor! 』

  The siege in the game, the rattle of the catapult, the thump of the catapult, is really not enough. Soldiers swarm up, holding knives and guns, and they can take down the city, but in fact the siege is a very long process.

   So Mahou sped up the process, otherwise...

  Probably there is another group of guys shouting this water and that water.

  Huang Gai finally used the catapult ballista on the ship. After these two days of continuous consumption with crude tools, he concluded that the equipment in the city had also been damaged accordingly. If he consumed and forced it again, there would be no equipment in Zigui City to use.

Catapult Ballista, these stupid, black and thick guys, are actually not peerless technology. Although in terms of accuracy, durability, and relative assembly convenience, Jiangdong's equipment may not be able to catch up with the level of hussars, but it is not Said it couldn't be used. Huang Gai didn't use these before. On the one hand, the height difference of the terrain, and on the other hand, the accuracy was too poor, so he didn't dare to confront the position on the mountain.

   And now...

  Another point, after Chen Wu has turned his back on Huang Gai, he is no longer in the same boat with Huang Gai... well, in the same boat.

  『Zigui! It must be shot down! 』

  Chen Wu said in a deep voice, "This is Jiangdong's evil!" We have the convenience of water transportation, but we are also restricted by it! If you don't conquer Zigui, you will be threatened all the time, and you can't escape even if you walk around! Only by defeating Zigui can we continue to advance. Whoever wins Zigui first will make a great contribution to Jiangdong! 』

  Compared to Huang Gai's relatively obscure, Chen Wu is very straightforward in front of his subordinates. After all, if you go around in circles, it will be more troublesome for rangers like them if they don't understand.

   Someone stood beside the boat, pointing at the battlefield and shouting, "Look! Governor Huang used catapults and ballistas! 』

  Hearing the sound, Chen Wu got up and walked over, looked at it for a while, and said with a sneer, "It's only used now, really...he should be cautious?" Or was he already scared out of his wits? Ah ha ha ha ha ha…"

  People around Chen Wu also laughed.

  『Is there any new news from Jiangdong? 』Chen Wu waved his hand, ignored the noise of the battlefield, but went back to the cabin, and discussed with his confidantes.

Chen Wu's confidant nodded and said, "A military emergency report came this morning, saying that General Zhu has contacted the Ba people and is encouraging the Ba people to march into Sichuan and Shu, and will do it soon... Also, it is said that Cao Jun has gone north, They said they wanted to beat Wuhuan..."

  『Wuhuan? 』Chen Wu was taken aback.

"Yes, it is said that Prime Minister Cao personally dispatched to march northward to Wuhuan, beheading more than a thousand rebels in Wuhuan, and capturing cattle and sheep is useless... These are all rumors in Jiangbei, what is the specific situation...General, is Cao's army marching northward now? Are we left to fight the hussars? Can you still win? ’ Chen Wu’s confidant asked a little nervously.

   Chen Wu frowned.

  Everyone looked at Chen Wu.

   Hussars pay attention to military merits, and meritorious service on the battlefield is the most important thing. Isn't it not the case in other places? Of course, this is also a time of war, a tradition of feudal dynasties, but once it enters a peaceful period, it is a vulgar warrior, just like when you are in a hurry to urinate, you are happy when you see the toilet, and you pinch your nose after you urinate, which is disgusting.

  『If that’s the case...』 Chen Wu frowned and said, 『It’s really difficult, after all, it’s hard to support alone...No, we can’t just wait here! Zigui must be captured as soon as possible! And it better be taken down by us! 』

"Well? General... this, didn't you say before..." Chen Wu's confidants couldn't understand.

Chen Wu said: "At this time and at that time, it is not that we are showing weakness now, but that if Cao Jun really just went north and did not cooperate with us, then the march into Sichuan and Sichuan may be suspended at any time... If it is true at that time, We didn't accomplish anything, we just made a trip like this... You say, huh? 』

  The confidants around Chen Wu immediately understood.

  『General, it seems that the Sichuan and Shu soldiers are quite well prepared. They have been attacking for several days and have not been able to get in...If there is a strong attack, I am afraid that the casualties will be very large...' Chen Wu's confidant said.

   Chen Wu nodded, pondered, then slapped his hands, "Yes! Let's dig a tunnel! 』

  『Authentic? ’ asked the confidant.

  『That’s right, use the shield car to cover and dig in from the trench of the city wall! First dig a trench to prevent infantry, then erect a parapet, and then dig in behind the parapet! 』Chen Wu laughed, as if he had thought of some brilliant idea.

"ah? From the trench? ’ Chen Wu’s confidant was stunned, and then he looked at the rest of them in dismay, ‘General, in this way, aren’t you digging in front of the walls? Didn’t everyone standing on the walls see it? The Chuanshu soldiers can easily determine the location, and when the time comes, they will pour smoke or water, or even dig tunnels in reverse...』

  Chen Wu laughed, "I just want them to see it!" 』

  Chen Wu glanced at everyone again before he leisurely solved the mystery, "Is it really necessary to dig the tunnel until the Year of the Horse Moon Monkey?" ! No one should shout... Can't wait? So we're going to make it look good! People in Zigui city dare not let us dig tunnels so close! We can't get in for a while, so we have to lure them out! This is how we stand a chance! Moreover, this credit... Old Man Huang has no way to steal it from us! 』


  The gunpowder smoke on the battlefield slowly dispersed in the wind.

  Under the city of Zigui, there are layers of corpses, and the smell of blood fills the world.

  Huang Gai and Chen Wu didn't care much about such a big injury.

  Because the core of Jiangdong's soldiers are the general's private soldiers, just like the troops directly under Huang Gai's hands, and the Lujiang Shangjia in the hands of Chen Wu, and the rest of the miscellaneous soldiers don't really care about the number of casualties. Because many of the dead and wounded Jiangdong soldiers were Shanyue.

Zigui city itself is also dilapidated, the city walls are covered with black spots smoked by flames, the large and small potholes smashed by stone bullets, damaged battlements, and crooked and collapsed gate towers are undoubtedly showing Just a little bit, work harder, work harder, and you'll be able to win...

  Huang Gai stood on the high platform, looking up.

  Chen Wu brought people closer to the city, with a very clear purpose, which was to be the first to ascend.

Huang Gai looked at Chen Wu's part of the army with a solemn expression, and he didn't know how many thoughts were flashing in his eyes, and Chen Wu seemed to be aware of Huang Gai's projected eyes, and he looked back, It seems that the eyes of Huang Gai and Huang Gai intersected in the air.

  Through the exchange of a large number of catapults and ballistas, only a few catapults of Jiangdong soldiers survived, and they were smashing the city wall of Zigui one by one.

  The defenders of Zigui should basically withdraw. Because the pawns he sent out to go around the back should be about to arrive by now.

  Huang Gai judged, so he didn't compete with Chen Wu to climb first, but prepared to intercept and kill Zigui's withdrawn soldiers.

Although the city wall of Zigui has been repaired to some extent, it is not a majestic city after all. It has been supported for such a long time, and it can be said that the Sichuan and Shu army are well prepared. For the Sichuan and Shu army, there is no need for them to occupy a city like Zigui. What kind of special advantages are there in the city...

   After all, there is still a long way to enter Sichuan, and the Sichuan and Shu army only needs to drag it slowly, and then form a lore on Yufu's side. So is it necessary for the Sichuan and Shu army to fight until they run out of ammunition and food in Zigui?

   Obviously not necessary.

   When Chen Wu came to ask for orders, Huang Gai didn't make things too difficult. Although Huang Gai really didn't like Chen Wu, considering the overall situation in Jiangdong, he didn't need to intentionally get in the way, it was almost enough.

   After all, this battle will take a long time, and the road will be very long.

  After being burned once, Huang Gai also restrained his previous arrogance and began to show the sophistication of Jiangdong veteran.

  Amidst the sound of war drums, a new round of attacks began again.

   Soon, Jiangdong soldiers began to dig soil under the shield car, and the excavated soil was piled up on both sides of the shield car. By the way, while strengthening the shield car, it also connected the shield car into an earth wall.

  The Sichuan and Shu soldiers on the city wall kept poking their heads and observing the actions of the Jiangdong Army.

The catapults and ballistas on both sides had their own damage. In general, Jiangdong suffered more damage, but it was because Huang Gai had built a lot of simpler siege equipment before. It seems that the Jiangdong Army has the upper hand.

  Now the catapults of the Jiangdong Army have gradually advanced to the city, and began to bombard the city wall of Zigui.

   The more accurate crossbow carts on both sides have basically been exchanged.

  The stone bullets whizzed across the air, and then hit the city wall, or crossed the city wall and fell into the city.

  Jiangdong soldiers seemed to be digging very fast, the dust in the shield workshop was flying, and the soil piled up quickly, and Jiangdong's catapults continued to bombard the city wall, and the Zigui defenders seemed to have to retreat further and further away because of this.

Chen Wu led a group of people to stand by in the distance of the shield chariot, when he suddenly heard some noise, turned his head and saw some figures moving on the city wall on the west side of Zigui, apparently trying to contain Jiangdong Army from the flank, However, Huang Gai's sentinels spotted him early on, and before he even got out of the city gate, a rain of arrows rained down on his head, and he got stuck near the city gate.

  『Their morale is low...』 Chen Wu looked at it, snorted, and then said, 『It’s no wonder, after all, this catapult hits...If you are really brave, maybe you can really involve some soldiers here...No! This is smack! Let your subordinates prepare, the inside may rush out! 』

As Chen Wu expected, when there was such a big battle at the west city gate, there was a sudden riot in Chen Wu's direction, and many defenders rushed out from the city wall. The Jiangdong soldiers near the city gate shot and killed a man by surprise, and the city gate burst open immediately, and Gan Ning rushed out with his men.

  Huang Gai's archers were all covering the west city gate, but they couldn't turn around for a while, and were rushed out by Gan Ning and others, who dispersed the Jiangdong soldiers behind the shield car in the trench.

  Chen Wu immediately ordered to take Lujiang Shangjia forward to meet him.

  Among the Jiangdong soldiers, there are not many who are good at fighting on land, and Lujiang Shangjia may be one of them.

   Of course, there are very few who are good at cavalry combat in Jiangdong. The main reason is that there are few horses in Jiangdong, and it is not enough to provide them to dignitaries and senior generals. How can there be a surplus of cavalry? Therefore, many Jiangdong people have never ridden a horse in their lives, at most they have ridden a donkey.

Perhaps because of the instinctive attraction among rangers, Gan Ning set his sights on Chen Wu, and Chen Wu also confronted Gan Ning. What's more interesting is that the soldiers of both sides fought on the periphery, leaving an open space in the center for both sides. duel of generals.

   This may be a rather peculiar situation that only occurs among ranger generals.

  A land stained with blood.

   Charred remains.

  Amidst the constant shouts, roars, exclamations and screams from the surrounding area, the weapons intersected and sparks flew everywhere.

  Life and death are at the next moment!

  Perhaps this kind of separation of flesh and blood in the next moment, stepping on life with one foot, and stepping on death with the other, is what rangers like most and the strongest stimulation.

  Do not miss life, do not fear death.

   Put all your energy and strength into the fight in front of you.

  『Dang! 』

   There was a loud bang.

Gan Ning and Chen Wu finally collided in the midst of continuous changing and probing, the sabers crossed each other, sparks flew everywhere, it seemed that even the sabers in their respective hands let out an overwhelmed hissing sound, piercing the eardrums of the surrounding soldiers. uncomfortable.

  『A certain is Gan Ning Gan Xingba! 』

  Grinning, Gan Ning bumped into Chen Wu, and the two of them opened a certain distance again.

  Chen Wu also smiled, "Chen Wu, Chen Zilie! 』

  『You are not bad! 』Gan Ning shook the thick-backed saber, and the golden ring on the back of the saber clanked.

  Chen Wu also snorted, "You're not bad either! 』

   During the conversation, it was as if they had made an appointment, and the two rushed towards each other almost at the same time!

Although the sword lights of the two people flickered, and they also made many actions to confuse each other, in the end, the swords of the two people collided again, making a louder sound than the last time, even with both sides. It was because of their unstable stature, each of them retreated again.

  Chen Wu glanced at his saber slightly, and his eyes twitched. On the sword, a hole was broken. He raised his eyes to look at Gan Ning, and saw that Gan Ning seemed to be checking the saber too, but it seemed that the damage was not serious...


  Looking at Gan Ning's smile, Chen Wu felt that he was smiling.

  Yes, Gan Ning did it on purpose.

  Gan Ning likes to use his big **** to touch other people's dick.

   After all, Gan Ning’s guy is thickened, bolded and lengthened...

  Chen Wu squinted his eyes, breathed evenly, and stretched out the saber in his hand slightly, accumulating momentum to strike soon.

If you don't want to continue to win with strength, then you must naturally use skill to defeat Gan Ning, so the most important thing is to make good use of the opponent's heavier weapons, lower attack frequency, control the attack distance, and not pursue one-hit kills , but changed to a thousand cuts.

  Gan Ning also saw that Chen Wu had changed his fighting strategy, clicked his tongue, and stood in front of him holding the knife in both hands.

  Just as the momentum of the two sides was rising and they were ready to go, they suddenly heard the sound of ringing gold above the city of Zigui!

  Gan Ning snorted, took a step back, and said, "I will spare your life today!" After finishing speaking, he didn't wait for Chen Wu to reply, but called the soldiers to retreat.

Chen Wu glanced at the figure shaking on the dilapidated city wall of Zigui, intending to chase him down, but obviously he still faced the danger of being shot by the archers on the top of Zigui city. , did not pursue, laughed loudly and said, "It's just a lost dog, and you are defeated!" How dare you boast! Don't run if you have the guts! Fight Sanlily with your Grandpa Chen! 』

  Gan Ning didn't reply, and went straight into the city, quite angry or resentful, to find Zhuge Liang.

  『Engaged, why Mingjin? ! Wait for a while, and a certain will behead the enemy general! 』

  『It’s almost ready,』Zhuge Liang smiled, waved his hands and said, "Starting today, we will gradually reduce the number of defensive troops... Xingba, we are going to withdraw..."

  『Aha? Gan Ning widened his eyes, "Withdraw...withdraw? ! Why? ! 』

  I am Gan·Aotian·Xingba·Ning, there has never been a withdrawal in the dictionary...

   Well, there are still.

   It's just that after losing the last time, Gan Ning was full of desire to win back. Originally, I heard Zhuge Liang said that the good show was behind, so I endured not fighting with Faping, but finally fought once, and was recalled by Mingjin, I felt a little bit of resentment in my heart, and suddenly my eyes widened, "Why do you want to withdraw?" ? ! Zhuge is engaged! 』

  Zhuge Liang smiled and said, "If you don't withdraw, are you going to spend it with Jiangdong soldiers here?" Doesn't that just fall into Jiang Dong's calculation? 』

  『What calculation? 』Gan Ning was a little confused.

  Zhuge Liang raised his head slightly and looked at the forest to the north of Zigui, "General Gan, don't you think that the people of Jiangdong are really that stupid and only know how to fight us in front of the city?" 』

"ah? Gan Ning was taken aback for a moment.

  (end of this chapter)