Chapter 2891 general orders, the army is not subject to outside

  Huang Gai gave the order, but Chen Wu did not obey the order immediately.

   This in itself is a very dangerous signal.

   It was also Chen Wu's silent challenge to Huang Gai's authority.

   Just when Huang Gai's brows were gradually erected, Chen Wu suddenly smiled, then bowed his hands to accept the order, and then whistled, leading his group of Lujiang Shangjia, got off the boat and headed for the battlefield.

  Huang Gai took a deep breath, his gaze complicated.

  Zigui City, the flames are raging.

   To deal with these siege equipment, only kerosene can be used.

   These ladders and cars are all built with newly felled wood, and there are even some branches and leaves. This kind of wood will not be ignited with a few rockets at all, and even if the rocket burns itself, it will be black at most.

  So only with kerosene can these things be turned into torches.

   It’s just that the amount of kerosene in Zigui City is really not much. I used a large part of it before, but now...

  Looking at the flames and black smoke rising below the city, Zhuge Liang's eyes were cold.

  Zhuge Liang did look down on Jiangdong people a little bit, no matter in the present or in history.

  To be precise, Zhuge Liang is the upper-class ruler of Jiangdong who looks down on Sun Quan and the gang under Sun Quan. This is not to say that Zhuge Liang is arrogant, or that he is so arrogant that he doesn't know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is, but Zhuge Liang feels that like Sun Quan and the Jiangdong gentry, the rule of Jiangdong is undoubtedly a very failure.

  In history, Zhuge Liang did not vote for Jiangdong. There may be two reasons. One is that Zhuge Jin went to Jiangdong earlier and learned about some internal conditions, and the other is that Pang Tong was rejected in Jiangdong.

  No harm without contrast.

   This sentence is true no matter whether it is placed in the big man or in later generations.

  Yangzhou, although it is not a good place among the big Han, it depends on where it is compared with.

What? Chuanshu? Sichuan and Shu are good places. Qin has been recognized as a land of fish and rice since before. Take Liu Zhang's father as an example. Didn't he see that there was a shortage in Yizhou, or did Pidiandian hurried to Sichuan and Sichuan?

   Among the prefectures of the Han Dynasty, it can be said that only Bingliang is the worst. Years of war have caused the population of these two states to decline, the economy to collapse, and the order to be chaotic. Not to mention people, even dogs will shake their heads when they hear about these two states. Compared with Yangzhou, it is much cooler. Although in the traditional concept of the Han Dynasty, it is also a border area and borders South Vietnam, but at least Yangzhou has no long-term wars, and its population and economy are relatively stable.

  The Sun family has been in charge of the Jiangdong Yangzhou area for a long time, right?

   Then what did you do?

   Is there anything worth mentioning?

It's like Zhuge Liang is a student who is about to graduate and is about to apply for a job. With Zhuge's IQ, of course he knows how to find some senior brothers and sisters to inquire about the internal situation of enterprises, institutions, and companies. Then Zhuge Jin, who couldn't leave, showed a picture at the window There was a sign for running fast, and Pang Tong on the side said that fortunately, I ran fast...

  So, who else would such a company want to recruit?

  Except for those who have been deeply involved in it and have become so contaminated that they cannot extricate themselves, then from father to son, from son to grandson, the succession from generation to generation is not as good as from generation to generation, until the day of collapse?

  The kerosene ignited the rush car and the columbine car, as well as the abandoned ladder under the city. The raging fire soared into the sky and burned the vicinity of Zigui City Gate until the air was shaking, billowing thick smoke covered the inside and outside of the city with its teeth and claws.

  Some corpses were also ignited by the flames, exuding a unique burnt smell.

  Zhuge Liang squinted his eyes, trying to see Jiangdong's movements clearly through the billowing black smoke.

  The Jiangdong soldiers under the city had obviously lost their morale and had little strength left, and they were retreating listlessly. And there seemed to be some soldiers and figures shaking on the Jiangdong boat in the distance...

  『Not enough, not enough. Zhuge Liang said slowly.

  The stimulation of this point is not enough to make Jiang Dong crazy, or lose his mind.

   This is the more troublesome place.

  For Jiangdong soldiers, their supplies and repair areas are all set up on boats, such as attacking cities like Zigui that are closer to the river, there is no need to set up camps on land. This not only saves Jiangdong soldiers a lot of energy, but also brings them a lot of psychological advantages.

  Even if they can’t be defeated, they can withdraw at any time, and they don’t need to consider the danger of the **** chrysanthemum at all. This will naturally allow Jiangdong’s soldiers to focus more on attacking, which invisibly enhances their combat effectiveness.

In addition, Zhuge burned Jiangdong once before, so Jiangdong soldiers spared no effort in the detection of the upper reaches. Whether it is to build a catapult position on the top of the mountain again, or to play on the water, with sufficient warning and precautions, Neither work well.

  The flame and black smoke are slightly smaller.

  Zhuge Liang turned his head and said to the guard beside him, "Send the order, attack." 』

  The guard nodded in response, then turned around to deliver the order.

  Gan Ning walked down while staring at the guards, then turned his head to stare at Zhuge Liang, then turned his head to stare at the guards, then scratched his head with distorted expression on his face, and finally couldn't hold back, "Do it!" Let me go too! 』

  『Oh, are you worried about Hengzhi? "Zhuge Liang said with a smile, "He has a sense of proportion...he knows how to hide when he encounters danger..."

  Gan Ning scratched his head vigorously.

  Are you talking about me? This must be talking about me! But I can't refute it, hey hey hey!

  『Be safe and don’t be impatient. ’ Zhuge Liang said, ‘It’s just a drink in front of me, and there will be a drink in the back. Does Xingba want to have a drink and give up drinking? 』

"ah? Gan Ning was stunned for a moment, then overjoyed, "You really mean what you say? ! 』

  『Then it depends on whether Xingba is willing to listen to a certain order. ’ Zhuge Liang said with a smile.

  Gan Ning immediately revived with full blood, "There are orders in my work, and I will obey them!" 』

   Leaving aside Gan Ning's joy in Zigui City, he said that under the cover of fireworks, Ping quietly opened the city gate, and immediately rushed out with people, clamoring forward to kill.

"kill! kill! kill! 』

Faping and others yelled in unison, accompanied by the drums and shouts in Zigui City, for a while the momentum was not like hundreds of people, but more like thousands of people rushed out together, the killing sound frightened Jiangdong soldiers, who were originally behind The garrison array was a little shaken.

  Jiangdong soldiers are now divided into three parts, one part was naturally burned and retreated during the attack, and when they heard the shouts of killing behind them, they ran away regardless. The other part is to sweep the formations on both sides of the battlefield. Now they are preparing to close up the troops blocking Faping. The rest are near the shore, on the boats, and the Jiangdong soldiers in the surrounding area.

  Oh, there is also the Lujiang Shangjia led by Chen Wu who sneaked around to the side, preparing to copy Faping's back road.

  『Hurry up! stop them! 』Jiangdong Military Academy reacted and shouted loudly.

The Jiangdong soldiers who were looting the formation did not react immediately, because their previous looting formation was more like a form before, and before the Sichuan and Shu soldiers could not come out of the city, they also formed a mindset. The Shu army rushed out suddenly, which made them somewhat uncomfortable.

  Amidst the howls of the officers, Jiangdong's soldiers also shouted loudly, erecting shields in the front row and firing flat spears in the back, to meet Faping and the others. It's just because the military schools of these sweeping arrays have different passwords and uneven command, so that part of the entire array is moving forward, while the other part remains in place, turning into a jagged shape.

  The two sides collided quickly, and **** waves gushed out.

Holding a spear, Faping stared at a Jiangdong Swordsman rushing towards him. When the two sides approached, the Jiangdong Swordsman accidentally stepped on a stump that he didn't know was that person. The person tilted slightly, and Faping caught the opening immediately, and rushed forward, stabbing fiercely with long spears in both hands!

Faping stabbed the Jiangdong Swordsman on the chest. The spear made of fine steel broke through the leather armor, rubbing against the iron plate inlaid on the leather armor to make a harsh scratching sound. touched the chest of that Jiangdong armored soldier.

  The Jiangdong knife and shield hand stared at Faping, spitting out a big mouthful of blood, and the muscles on his face were already twisted, as if he wanted to throw the sword in his hand at Faping, but his arm was raised halfway, and then hung down.

  Fa Ping drew out his spear, and the Jiangdong sword and shield player immediately fell to the ground. But before he could catch his breath, he heard a scream from the side. A spearman next to him was stabbed in the abdomen by Jiangdong soldiers in the process of fighting with Jiangdong soldiers, and fell to his knees.

  Fa Ping immediately took a step sideways, thrust out the spear quickly, and killed the Jiangdong soldier who was too late to pull out the spear. And just after Faping killed the Jiangdong soldier, two sword and shield fighters rushed out. They held round shields to protect their bodies, bowed forward and rushed forward, trying to rush into Faping's inner circle.

  Fa Ping quickly held the gun, raised his right hand, lowered his left hand, and pressed the tip of the spear against a shield. Then, with the strength of the shield soldier, he took a small step back. After landing, he immediately pushed back with force.

   This is the standard defensive sword and shield action for spearmen.

Jiangdong Sword and Shield's plan to **** in failed. Not only that, the shield in his hand was pushed by Faping, and he lost his original balance. The soldiers around Faping had shot him through the neck, and the blood was like a fountain, flying all over the sky.

Another Jiangdong swordsman stared at Faping. He didn't look at the life and death of the soldiers around him. He just bowed his body, and with a ferocious face, he used the upper edge of the shield with his left hand to prop up Faping's gun, and pushed along to grab it. The dead end of Faping's spear. This is an experienced veteran, he knows that as long as he enters this distance, the sword in his hand can put the law to death!

  But the Jiangdong sword and shield player relaxed his vigilance towards other people because his attention was all on Faping. When he was about to attack Faping, he was stabbed obliquely on his calf exposed under the round shield by a long spear from the back row of Sichuan and Shu soldiers.

Jiangdong's knife and shield hand suddenly staggered, his body collapsed, and with a scream, he instinctively raised his knife and slashed at the Sichuan soldier who stabbed him, but he forgot about Faping who was facing him, showing his deadly face. neutral.

  Fa Ping easily shot him in the face and took him away.

   Training, Equipment, Courage, Opportunity.

   decides life or death.

  Under the criss-crossing, soldiers on both sides suffered casualties, but on the whole, Jiangdong soldiers had a larger proportion of casualties.

  Because Jiangdong soldiers not only wore leather armor, but most of them held round shields. Although this kind of round shield is lighter and easier to carry than the **** tower shield, it also has the inherent disadvantage of a smaller protective area. These problems were magnified when the more elite Sichuan and Shu soldiers were equal.

In particular, Faping brought all the elite soldiers in Sichuan who cooperated tacitly with each other. Whether it was training speed or combat courage, they were far superior to those defending the city of Zigui. People have been standing for two or three hours, and both physical strength and endurance have dropped a lot. Compared with each other, Jiang Dongbing suffered a big loss.

  Even if he was lucky enough to kill and injure the Sichuan and Shu soldiers, he was soon killed by the Sichuan and Shu soldiers' counterattack. This rapid loss in the Jiangdong army formation made the entire front unable to maintain, and began to retreat steadily. Small gaps were not made in many places, revealing the lightly armed Jiangdong spearman behind the sword and shield.

  These lightly armored and thinly armored Jiangdong spearmen undoubtedly suffered crushing injuries when facing Faping's heavy armored spearmen, and they were beaten helplessly.

  The array of Jiangdong soldiers was quickly defeated.

  Fa Ping flicked the remaining blood on the spear, glanced away, and did not order to pursue, but began to retreat.

   Huang Gai, who was standing on the boat in the middle of the river, was taken aback for a moment.

   Gained an advantage, but instead of continuing to attack, retreated?

  『Come here. Send an order to Captain Chen. Huang Gai thought of something, frowned, "Don't reveal it, hold off the attack." 』

  『Only! The messenger subconsciously responded loudly. He originally thought that he was going to attack immediately, but after agreeing, he realized that Huang Gai's order was a bit weird, "Huh? The governor is saying... to suspend the attack? 』

  Huang Gai nodded, and repeated the command again, "Stop attacking. 』

   The messenger came in without knowing it, but he also made clear the order, so he went down to pass the order.

  Huang Gai looked at Faping and others who were retreating into the city in the distance, and sighed slightly, "The commander in chief of this city is not easy to deal with..."

   Don't be greedy for merit, don't make rash progress, and secure a batch.

   As a teammate, this kind of person is of course very happy, but as an opponent...

   is very troublesome.

  Before he had some doubts, thinking that the generals in the Sichuan and Shu army had changed, and Gan Ning was no longer the main force, and now he confirmed this even more. Because Gan Ning wouldn't be so cautious, he didn't leave any chance for Huang Gai.

  Because if it was Gan Ning, it might be F2A right now, so he rushed forward. Then Huang Gai can be very happy while letting people **** Gan Ning, and then let Chen Wu go around and attack the city gate. Under double-teaming, he will definitely be able to defeat him again. But now, these people who left the city didn't go far at all, and after defeating the Jiangdong formation, they didn't greed for merit at all, and started to retreat directly, which made Huang Gai unable to grasp the flaw at all.

   Seeing such a situation, Huang Gai gave up even the idea of ​​asking Chen Wu to attack.

  Since there is no way to grasp the loopholes, why bother to expose the truth on my own side?

   But the problem is, I don't know if Huang Gai's order was delayed, or he didn't make it clear, or some other reason, I saw Chen Wu on the flank rushing out with his soldiers, and rushed towards Faping and others!

  The yellow cover on the building suddenly changed color, and then couldn't suppress the anger, and slapped the handrail hard, making the wooden handrail creak, as if it would break in the next moment.

  Even if Huang Gai didn't deal with Chen Wu, he still wanted Chen Wu's card to play a key role at the critical moment, instead of showing it for nothing like now!

Before the battle, Zhuge repeatedly emphasized that Faping should be careful, so when Chen Wu rushed forward with someone, Faping immediately noticed it and shouted for warning, the Sichuan and Shu soldiers immediately changed from walking to running, speeding up their retreat footsteps without hesitation.

If Chen Wu was a cavalry soldier, it is impossible to say that six legs can really catch up with Faping and block him at the city gate, but it is a pity that Chen Wu and his men also have two legs. He is physically stronger than Fa Pingren, but the problem is that this distance cannot form an absolute advantage, and he can't get ahead of Fa Pingren.

"Archer! Zhuge Liang waved his hand, "Ready to respond!" Overwhelm the enemy! 』

  The arrows above the city roared down, intercepting Chen Wu and other soldiers who were biting behind Faping.

   Chen Wu was furious, and shouted at the top of the city, "You have no guts!" Come down and fight Sanlily with Grandpa Chen! 』

  The only thing that can answer him is the arrows splashed from the top of the city.

  Chen Wu screamed, but he had no choice but to retreat in dismay.

  When Chen Wu returned to the rear in anger, he was reprimanded by Huang Gai head-on.

  『Captain Huang! You are making too much of a fuss! "Chen Wu said indifferently, "What resistance?" Didn't you order me to go? Why is it that I am resisting orders now? There is no need to use such crude means to frame someone! 』

  The surrounding Jiangdong soldiers wanted to cover their ears immediately! did not hear it! I didn't hear anything!

Huang Gai was so angry that he didn't care about Chen Wu's attitude towards him personally, but what Huang Gai cared about was that Chen Wu would gain nothing by doing this, and it would also expose the existence of the Lujiang Shangjia team, which might cause This made the Sichuan and Shu army more prepared, leading to additional changes in the battle situation that should not have occurred.

   But the problem is that Chen Wu doesn't listen at all.

  Because Chen Wu was originally a general of the ranger system. If it is said to charge into battle and take the head of the enemy general, it is the supreme glory that ranger generals pursue. As for the formation of troops and tactics, Chen Wu is not interested.

What's more, at the moment Chen Wu felt that Huang Gai was monopolizing the power, and he was unhappy in his heart. In addition, Huang Gai was defeated once before, so he became more and more impolite in a few words, showing the sharp mouth of a street ranger with cynicism exhaustive.

  Huang Gai can't play tricks, how can he speak better than Chen Wu? And Huang Gai's first order was indeed to let Chen Wu attack. As for the second order, Chen Wu said that he had already attacked, so he didn't receive a new order at all, so he followed Huang Gai's previous order. Attacked. This reason is also completely reasonable.

  Huang Gai had no choice but to give up in the end.

  But this incident brought the conflict between Huang Gai and Chen Wu to the surface directly from the hidden underwater...

  (end of this chapter)

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