Chapter 2890 Hole card, mutual temptation


   Zigui County is not too big.

  Its city walls were originally mainly made of earth and stone, but now they look like they are poured with flesh and blood.

  The top and bottom of the city wall, under the shining of the setting sun, was red.

  Following a series of orders from the Jiangdong Army under the city wall, the black rain of arrows rushed into the air amidst the terrifying sound of bowstrings, covering the city of Zigui in a large shadow.

  The arrow flew down with a whistling sound, biting viciously on stones, stakes, the floor, and those soldiers who couldn't dodge or were accidentally exposed.

  Sometimes the human brain will do some things that cannot be understood by normal people under tension. It's like before the rain of arrows, some middle-level military schools have issued orders to avoid shelter, but there are still soldiers who don't know what to think, and then move from places where they would not be shot to more dangerous areas. Or you obviously hid your body, but halfway through, you feel unsafe and want to move your position...

   Zhuge Liang's complexion is still stable.

  Although Huang Gai's strength is somewhat unexpected, it seems to be expected.

  In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Huang Gai is obviously regarded as a green leaf, like a general who only sells his ass... er, sells tricks, and then uses Zhou Yu to set off Zhou Yu's agility, and then uses Zhou Yu to set off Zhuge Liang's myth. But in fact, the burning of Chibi, to be precise, was neither Zhou Yu's first idea, nor had any direct connection with Zhuge Liang, but Huang Gai's first suggestion, Zhou Yu's approval, and then Huang Gai's implementation, and he almost died up.

  As for the battle of Chibi in history, Zhuge Liang didn’t do any miracles, such as the wonderful straw boat borrowing arrows, borrowing east wind, etc. in Romance of the Three Kingdoms...

  The truth is Zhuge Liang's contribution in the Battle of Chibi. Strictly speaking, there is only one point, that is, he contributed to the alliance between Sun Quan and Liu Bei.

  Thus, Zhou Yu’s skills are often set as Vulcan or something in the later Three Kingdoms games. In fact, there are half of Huang Gai’s classmate in this military medal.

  The position Zhuge set up before was stable and ingenious, which not only restrained the progress of Jiangdong soldiers on the water, but also made Jiangdong soldiers on land helpless. After Huang Gai failed to attack, he immediately found a way to break the game. Although Zhuge Liang's ballista and catapult can break through Huang Gai's towers and boats, and his mountain soldiers can stop Jiangdong soldiers, Zhuge can't resist the raging fire and smoke...

   Later, Zhuge Liang also retaliated against Huang Gai, but this does not mean that Huang Gai's strategy was wrong, but that Huang Gai did not expect that Zhuge would have such a move. The efficiency of setting fire in the river, although it has kerosene to support the combustion, is also restricted by kerosene. Those who are not contaminated with kerosene will naturally not suffer any harm. After losing some ships and personnel, the Jiangdong Army got After receiving the second wave of replenishment, they quickly assembled again, removed the obstacles on the water, and went straight to Zigui.

  Zigui County is an important node in the entire long waterway.

  Since Yidao, the waterway has entered the mountainous and forested area, and Zigui County is a rare flat area among the mountains and rivers that can provide the army with rest, and now it has become the main point of contention.

   Arrows one after another covered the city wall like a torrential rain, and the poorly protected soldiers fell in disorder.

  Zhuge Liang frowned slightly.

  Although it was intentional to show weakness, he did not expect that the quality of the original guards in Zigui was so poor...

  Of course, if it was during training, these Zigui defenders might not perform so badly.

   After all, there is a big difference between actual combat and training.

  During training, the soldiers know that this is training and they will not really die, so they naturally behave more firmly and courageously. In actual combat, the original slight wavering and fear are invisible magnified.

   But there is no good way to do this, because actual combat is actual combat. After an actual combat, if these Zigui defenders can survive, their mentality and will will be greatly improved.

  But now...

A large part of these defenders in Zigui were originally Jingzhou soldiers who surrendered when Wei Yan attacked Jiangling, and later recruited some soldiers from the local left and right. That is to say, ordinary bandits, even Di people and other minorities who are not even considered bandits, are naturally enough, but now when facing Jiangdong soldiers who also wear sharp armor, even There is a slight advantage in equipment, but it cannot fully make up for its shortcomings.

   Fortunately, after the Jiangdong soldiers landed, they were not as strong as they were on the ships and warships.

  Under the city of Zigui, Jiangdong soldiers swarmed in, shouting and killing as if they wanted to pierce the sky here.

   Learn from actual combat and grow in actual combat.

   This seems to be true for both sides...

  Jiangdong soldiers adapted faster, but Zigui's defenders still had some problems.

  Pawns who behave in a panic and are not adapted to actual combat will die quickly, and the rest will naturally become veterans who have been tempered, and finally have the opportunity to become elites.

  The wounded and dead soldiers will soon be carried away by special personnel and sent to the city.

  The archers on the top of the city also fought back against the archers in Jiangdong amidst the sound of orders.

Compared with the solid stone battlements on the top of the city, the wooden shields and rattan shields of the Jiangdong soldiers are somewhat thinner. The Jiangdong archers who had no time to dodge were shot and fell down in rows. The combination of inside and outside shows the fragility of life and the impermanence of fate.

Then the archers on the top of the city began to adjust their angles, and shot and killed the Jiangdong soldiers charging up from behind the battlements. He fell to the ground, or rolled and howled on the ground, and was dragged down by Jiangdong's medical soldiers...

   Jiangdong soldiers also have medical soldiers.

  Anyway, the fattest tail in the whole man is dangling in front of him, and few of them can hold back.

  Crowds of people came to the city head, rows of ladders with slanted branches and tender green leaves were erected one after another, Jiangdong soldiers climbed up like ants. The archers on the top of the city did not retreat immediately, but bent down to look for opportunities to shoot the Jiangdong soldiers who were climbing. From time to time, Jiangdong soldiers were shot and fell down from the ladder screaming, blood staining the city wall and the ground below the city. Bright red purple red black red.

  Zhuge Liang looked up and saw that behind the Jiangdong army formation, the newly built ladders, rushing carts, and columbine carts were slowly pushing down towards Zigui City.

Being able to build these siege equipment in such a short period of time is not bad. It can be called a well-deployed and quick action. The defensive layout of the land of Zigui. Before the Jiangdong soldiers came, Zhuge ordered to cut down all the trees and forests several miles outside the city of Zigui County, and even collected slightly larger stones into the city.

   This caused a lot of difficulties for the Jiangdong soldiers, otherwise Huang Gai would not have sent people to send boats to go to the forest on the other side to cut wood.

  Jiangdong Army did spend money.

Before these big guys were built, the Jiangdong Army did not stop attacking, and would launch a wave of attacks every hour or two, leaving dozens or dozens of corpses every time, and pulling back the wounded There will be more.

   It was not until now that these big guys were brought out, which also meant that the real fierce fighting might not start until now.

  Zhuge Liang took a careful visual inspection of the height of the chariot, and it seemed to be about the same as the city wall of Zigui. Although the city wall of Zigui is not as tall as Xiongguan, it is not low, and Jiangdong's craftsmen are not bad, and the height difference can be achieved at one time only by visual inspection, which shows that there are indeed two. brush.

  However, a small amount of scooting and rushing cars does not have much effect.

  Zhuge Liang’s face remained calm, “Come here, prepare the fire oil.” 』

   Kerosene is of course used to deal with rushing cars and rolling cars.

  The kerosene can’t be used more, because the first time Huang Gai pushes up the number of rushing vehicles and columbine vehicles.

  And Zhuge Liang felt that Huang Gai seemed to be plotting something...

   Or there might be something hidden under the battlefield, which he hasn't discovered yet.

  『Fa Hengzhi, prepare a 100-man team, fight out when Jiangdong retreats, and drive away his soldiers,’ Zhuge Liang ordered, ‘But be careful of Jiangdong’s ambush, if there is an accident, return immediately. 』

  Faping took the order and left.

  Gan Ning, who was next to Zhuge Liang, looked a bit ugly, blinked his eyes, pursed his lips, and finally couldn't hold it back, and said loudly: "I'm doing it, so-and-so is here!" Why not let someone go out of the city and kill the general to capture the flag! 』

  Gan Ning was held accountable for his defeat before, but now he is eager to save face. Seeing that there is a chance to fight, why not worry? Otherwise, how can he hold his head up when all the meritorious deeds are taken by others?

  Zhuge Liang glanced at Gan Ning, "No rush. 』

Gan Ning wanted to jump, but he only made sure that he got the chance to return to the battlefield with Zhuge Liang for the second time. He really didn't dare to play tricks at this time, he could only hug his chest with his hands in a huff and cooed to himself in a low voice. Chirp.

   And Huang Gai, who was on a building and boat on the bank of the river, looked at the city wall of Zigui from a distance, and couldn't help sighing softly, "Soldiers in Sichuan and Shu are by no means ordinary. 』

  He still has some lingering fears.

   But he had to come.

  Jiangdong's internal predicament is more troublesome than it looks on the outside.

  Maybe other people think Jiangdong is pretty good, but in fact, what kind of ghost Jiangdong has become now, Huang Gai, as a member of the upper-level rulers of Jiangdong, naturally has some accounts in his mind.

   Is Jiangdong missing a general?

No shortage.

  Is Jiangdong short of advisors?

   There is also no shortage.

  But Jiangdong was trapped in Jiangdong, unable to move forward, and did not dare to retreat.

  The reason Huang Gai wanted to understand a little bit, but he couldn't understand everything.

In fact, the Jiangdong army’s training objects on land are basically similar to those of the Sichuan and Shu army. Most of them are Shanyue. adapt.

  『I said Dudu Huang, the Sichuan and Shu army, but relying on the city wall to defend, they are huddled inside all day long, and they dare not confront us in an upright manner. What is there to praise? When Chen Wu heard Huang Gai's words, he laughed and said loudly, "Hussars and horses dominate the North, it's true, but Sichuan and Shu are separated from Sanfu North by high mountains and deep waters. How can it be compared with the Huqi Guanzhong powerhouse? I also heard that the defender of Zigui is only a young man with a weak crown. Could it be that there is no one in Sichuan? It's ridiculous that there are no generals in Sichuan! After the city is broken, if you can capture this son, you should order him to wear a belt around his neck and crawl on his feet to entertain the soldiers! 』

  Chen Wu's vulgar words are obviously more in line with the tastes of ordinary soldiers. When he said this, all the surrounding Jiangdong soldiers burst into laughter, as if Zigui City would be conquered in the next moment.

  Huang Gai's face darkened, "Chen Zilie, you must know that arrogant soldiers are easy to lose!" 』

"Yes Yes! Governor Huang said yes! Arrogant soldiers, haha, easy to lose! 』Chen Wu cast a sideways glance at Huang Gai, and laughed again.

   Huang Gai gritted his teeth.

  Chen Wu smiled crookedly.

No matter how dull the surrounding soldiers are, they seem to be able to sense something is wrong. They just exchanged glances and lowered their heads, wishing they could just put a sign on the background board on their heads, indicating that the real person is not here and saw nothing. hear.

  Huang Gai didn't bother to say anything to Chen Wu, but Chen Wu's expression showed some disdain unabashedly.

  What he said just now seemed to belittle Sichuan and Shu on the surface, but in fact he was mocking Huang Gai.

  Look, Sichuan and Sichuan are so rubbish, you, Huang Gai, have suffered in front of such **** soldiers, does that mean...


No matter Chen Wu's qualifications or achievements, he couldn't compete with Huang Gai. Even if Huang Gai suffered a small defeat before, Chen Wu couldn't say anything on the bright side. Victory? Even Zhou Dudu had suffered losses and lost battles before. If Chen Wu said that he said that he was the general of the defeated army, and so on, if he himself was defeated, would all the excrement and urine that was thrown be turned over and stuck on his head?

Therefore, Chen Wu will indulge his subordinates to gossip, but he will not openly break with Huang Gai on the surface. As for insinuations, pointing and scolding Huai, etc., it is inevitable. ?

  If it is said that Dian Wei is the ranger general under Cao Cao, and Guan Yu is the ranger general under Liu Bei, then Chen Wu is the general who represents the ranger faction under Jiangdong Sun Quan, or has a ranger character.

  Huang Gai was in the same generation as Sun Jian, Chen Wu followed Sun Ce, and now he is slightly biased towards Sun Quan. However, Sun Quan's respect for Chen Wu was only on the surface, especially for Chen Wu's "Lujiang Shangjia", he was more or less jealous.

   "Lujiang Shangjia" is Chen Wu's direct private soldiers. This point is not a big problem. After all, Jiangdong generals can raise as many private soldiers as they can, but Chen Wu's "Lujiang Shangjia" are basically Lujiang people. Vigorous, decisive, and fearful of death, he naturally gained some fame in the Jiangdong Army, which made Sun Quan unable to move if he wanted to split his military power in the middle and late stages.

   This is very troublesome...

  Sun Ce attracted Chen Wu because he fell in love with those soldiers in Lujiang, but Sun Ce died in a car accident before he could do anything.

  Sun Quan wants to accept Sun Ce's debt, but how can it be so easy?

  Chen Wu understands Sun Quan's thoughts, so he has been vague all the time, and the benefits are still taken, but if he wants to hand over the military power, it is absolutely impossible. This time Chen Wu came, although it was said that he belonged to Huang Gai's command on the surface, but in fact Huang Gai could not pass Chen Wu to command those "Lujiang Shangjia".

  At the same time, most rangers look down on serious family members, family members look down on warriors, warriors look down on rangers...

   Then Jiangdong people look down on Nanyue people, and Nanyue people hate all Jiangdong people.

  Anyway, all levels in Jiangdong despise each other.

Human beings will spontaneously form circles, and the feature of reporting groups to keep warm in the ancient genes will make the characteristics of the circles more obvious. The so-called big bureaucrats can only attract small bureaucrats, and despise monsters can only attract despise monsters, Boxer Only by attracting boxers and other people with the same characteristics around you can we get along well with each other.

  Then who are Jiangdong attracting?

After Sun Ce, those who fled to Jiangdong, including after the Three Kingdoms, the Jin people went south, and then the Southern Song Dynasty, etc., those who fled south were those who sought refuge, those who were unwilling to face the invaders, and those who avoided various disasters …

It’s not that these people are bad. After all, it’s human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. It doesn’t mean that these people can’t escape. After all, we can’t ask everyone to be brave and dare to fight. A fixed thinking, and then think that those who resist are idiots, and those who are submissive are smart, there must be something wrong.

  Although Chen Wu smiled at everyone on the surface, not only did he look down on Huang Gai and others in his heart, but he also looked down on Sun Quan and Jiangdong's great cleverness. In Chen Wu's heart, he felt that Sun Ce was the one who was compatible with each other, what kind of hero he was, and it would be useless to defeat Jiangdong alone, so he laid down this foundation, but he didn't expect that it would be so long since Sun Ce's death, and Jiangdong had already lost his vigor. , and there is no arrogance, so how can it not make people feel bored?

  While Huang Gai and Chen Wu were thinking about each other, they suddenly poured kerosene on the top of Zigui city and ignited it. Immediately, the rushing cars and coupe cars that the Jiangdong Army finally made under the city were caught in a sea of ​​flames!

  『Sure enough, there is still fire oil! Huang Gai sneered twice, and then said to Chen Wu, "Most people in Zigui City will take the opportunity to hide and kill them after the fire is extinguished. Captain Chen can lurk on one side and attack them depending on the opportunity." 』

   There were screams under the city of Zigui, and amidst the screams, the Jiangdong generals on the building boat confronted each other.

  Chen Wu stared at Huang Gai.

  Huang Gai stared at Chen Wu.

  For a while, some flames seemed to rise up between the two of them...

  (end of this chapter)

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