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There is no system, no grandpa, no bulldozers, no philately, only a small employee, no wealth, no power, no power, step by step in the Three Kingdoms!

A hero is still a hero, a beauty is still a country, a conspiracy is still a plot, a king is still a domineering? Slowly walk all the way through the Three Kingdoms, you will find that Cao Cao did not offer swords, Liu Bei not only can cry, Sun Quan is balanced, let’s have a look at Lu Bu and Guan Yu’s martial arts, and take a look at the cuteness of Xiao Qiao…

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Short Title:TK
Alternate Title:诡三国
Author:Year of the Monkey
Weekly Rank:#330
Monthly Rank:#434
All Time Rank:#4128
Tags:Ancient China, Fan-fiction, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Modern Knowledge, Polite Protagonist, Politics, Schemes And Conspiracies, Soldiers, Strategic Battles, Transmigration,
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38 Comments on “Three Kingdoms
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  1. Hello senior. Can anyone tell me if I’m not really familiar with the three kingdom story can i still read this ? And also is the translation readable? Cheers

  2. till the latest ch mc seems to be slowly trying to fix and rebuild various economic cultural and political systems one example is empowering women and introducing various philosophical and cultural ideas from the Western and various other civilisations to eventually what seems like to build like a truly great dynasty so far at least

  3. Oh, and plus, rather than just making a really strong dynasty like other books, the mc actually tried to change the chinese civilization as a whole. And I like it. The author viewpoints on the Japanese and the other countries is not bad, but it's clear he really hates the Koreans. Calling them slurs.

  4. Wow, that's a new one. I've seen random slagging against the Japanese way more often than against the Koreans, I wonder why it's different in this one.

  5. A slight spoiler, but the Goguryeo really took the end of the short stivk in this one. But this spoiler is not really crucial to the story anyway.

  6. Bruh, it seems like author is a supporter of Guo JiaxXun Yu fan group. The interaction between them always seems normal at first, but then author will always put that small hints at the end. Not complaining tho.

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