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Those Years When I Was Cannon Fodder

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Leisurely on the fairy road, the sword points to longevity.

At first, Chu Yu thought that she had transmigrated into a typical ancient housefighting novel. And all she had to do was grow up and get married quickly, and then, it would be perfect if her husband died and no one cared about her. Who would have thought that when she walked out of the backyard, she found out, hoho, this is a xianxia with a genius female protagonist- her eldest sister. Her eldest sister, Chu Qiong, had the golden finger of an immortal mansion. Her second sister, Chu Fan, who was suspected of being transmigrated from the same world as her (Captain Chu?), had a golden finger as well.

And she, a cannon fodder, the little Chu Yu, having poor qualifications and a short lifespan, vowed that she will never give up and be ridiculed!

She will fight against fate! Live long!

Strive to live until the end of the world, and live longer than deities.

Fortunately, she got a book of exercises that can be automatically practiced.

Fortunately, she can sell goods across all dimensions and accumulate resources.

Fortunately, she has two lovely sisters who will never give up on her, and think that she is prodigal.

The road to self-cultivation is extremely cruel, and many amazing and talented people fall halfway, but the three sisters want to see the scenery at the peak of this immortal road.

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Short Title:TYWICF
Alternate Title:我做炮灰女配的那些年
Weekly Rank:#6817
Monthly Rank:#6236
All Time Rank:#6420
Tags:Age Progression, Ancient Times, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Friendship, Mob Protagonist, Pragmatic Protagonist, Proactive Protagonist, Siblings, Slow Growth at Start, Transmigration, Unique Cultivation Technique, Weak to Strong, World Travel,
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22 Comments on “Those Years When I Was Cannon Fodder
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  1. Great story! No romance for mc, career/cultivation focused women/girls. Family, friendship & business partnerships key focus. Blended & supportive Family. Weak to stronger~ Realist characters, morally ambiguous main characters. Ongoing read up untill chapter 816

  2. The novel is actually well written. It is just that I found this boring and their sisterhood is quite plastic. This is just my opinion. Feel free to differ.

  3. I dont see the emotional bound between the sisters. The eldest help mc because of profit (well because she think mc is genius or have a golden finger). And her second sister- it is just because they know each other in their past life but they dont seem to be very close in their past life. They are just going with the flow of things. They are only together because they share a common father.

  4. The FL's sister's boyfriend is not good. He starts hanging around the sister when she is 10, then pressures her when she is 14-15 to "love" him with his magic power, because she reminds him of his first love. He is arrogant, selfish, entitled, controlling, rude, obnoxious, petulant, pressures the sister to be with and obey him with magic, and the only good point he seems to have is that he is handsome. Now the FL has some foreknowledge of her sister's later 8 boyfriends, and according to the FL, this first boyfriend is the best of them all. ugh not looking forward to meeting the other 8.

  5. The FL's sister's first boyfriend is a selfish, obnoxious entitled paedophilic arsehole, yet according to the FL's foreknowledge, out of all her sister's 9 future boyfriends, he is the best of them. Really not looking forward to meeting the other 8 as the story develops.

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