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Those Years When I Was at the Pawnshop Appraiser

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Novel Summary

Chen Shaojun woke up and became an apprentice in the pawnshop of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Psychic appraisal, trace the root cause.

Treasures sent to the pawnshop, such as being shrouded in mist, can only discover their special attributes after being identified and make the best use of them, otherwise they will hurt others and themselves, and catastrophe.

Chen Shaojun discovered that he was able to obtain various rewards by identifying treasures.

Eyes of Deception, Abuse of Victory, Psychic Solution to Evil, Lunar Talisman, Expelling Ghosts, Nine Dragon Demon Tower, Six Tablets and Immortal Stones, Eternal Dao Fruit…

There have been Wanding boutique “Super Shinto Art”, “Achieving Ascension” is over, the character is guaranteed, and you can read it with confidence! !

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Short Title:TYWIWPA
Alternate Title:我在当铺鉴宝的那些年
Author:Fireworks of the year
Weekly Rank:#1041
Monthly Rank:#1017
All Time Rank:#2413
Tags:Appraisal, Buddhism, Cautious Protagonist, Cheat, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Daoism, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Secret Identity, Slave Protagonist, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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46 Comments on “Those Years When I Was at the Pawnshop Appraiser
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  1. If I become an MC after I gain the strength of 8 years of cultivation and almost reach the Innate realm, I will cancel the contract to Pawnshop Lin. And I will go to the tomb and appear as a treasure master and tao of jindan. I will make my own pawnshop. and make later sects or families my subordinates whose treasures have not been refined. And it is very easy to find subordinates. He has a lot of knowledge about anything but he makes books but he gives him an internship at Lin's pawnshop. However, the book is very valuable. because it can be the foundation of the pawnshop to answer many questions and avoid the risk of death. if he made his own pawnshop. There would be many appraisal masters and appraising apprentices would be willing to become his subordinates because he was a treasure master. Was this writer stupid he was bound by the title he created? Those Years When I Was at the Pawnshop Appraiser

  2. bruh,The appraisal thing was control by many force, why wasting your time building something from a scratch and have to make it big enough to competitive with many old well known shops, having many background ?? and beside that, is 8 years cultivation really strong ???... also if Mc reveal his power,what will happen ? mc is just a 16 years old Teen ,being sold as a slave,no master,but he is a Grandmaster in Appraising Thing,innate culvitator with a bunch of Myterious Techniques, which mean he either a Heaven born genius or he has some big secrets ,in many novel Some big sects,families will invite him to join ,guess what ?? if he Joins ,ppl will scold him A slave who only want to follow other, If he doesnt, we will have the usual novel : offend someone and Be chased , do you like that plot ???... Btw , forces building is Mostly Useless in many novels with System/Cheat/Op Mc since the forces arent able to keep up with Mc Realms, that also a Plot hole Pit where someone,some other Forces will surely come to look for trouble,,Mc will has to keep helping them again and again..... My friend if u act like u say then congratulation ,u act like most Xianxia Mc will do, Hope u live well then ....

  3. I mean he created a new identity. He has the skill to change faces, he turns into an old man. And to offend another shop against the background. Why are you afraid that even those who hold the auction. didn't have treasure experts in their pawnshop, they only had merit appraisers with great achievements. If he revealed that he was a treasure master, many groups would contact him to maintain good relations. Since he is a treasure master, all the forces definitely don't want to offend. Because they needed treasure masters to refine Taoist tools. And during his 8 years of cultivation it wasn't very strong. I mean he goes to the tomb and purifies some more he will become a jindan. And to live in the thick thighs of the lin family. Remember noble families will always place the core position for their own family above foreigners. No matter how hard you struggle, you will not enter the core circle of the Lin family. That's why I say it's better to make power or family. instead you made a lot of contributions but since you are an outsider of the lin family, you will not enter the core position of the family

  4. I guess he wont even cared about the Lin family power, he just need an identity to access to a stable flow of items and avoid some trouble . In the novel ,he will say that he has Appraisal Skill broke through after sometime so he can have higher grade items.... or maybe mc just dont want to....To be honest, Mc being a Boss or not doesnt matter , but if that make A bunch of Annoyed Plot and Chapters then i wont care if this Novel has 1 star. I just dont like that many novel like this Without Face-slap,shenhao thing,Young masters,stupid Characters has only 4 star, which the same as many Other Frustateing Novel recently...Maybe im selfish ???....

  5. Awards Hall No. 1 World chapter 281 I'm really sick of it. I stopped reading after chapter 214 I continued to skip then. I thought the mc would change to make his own pawnshop but no he's still at lin's pawnshop. And he's careful not to offend but he means to fight life and death to defend the mo pawnshop which is being attacked by cardinals and bandits. stupidest novel i have ever read

  6. Also as u say , Mc can disguise ,change face . Why does he affaird when he save the caravan😆😆 ??? Btw , the caravans dont only have Lin'pawshop, it has many other ppl to. And fighting life and death ??? lol,he has a lot of escape skills , he can just use it if he want to 😆😆

  7. Current in chapter 230: Mc is very good,cautious. Many ppl complain about his cautious,but i found it wrong 1st,his cautious is not coward, he will helps his friends if he can but know when to retreat and when to fight ( i mean will u ever risk your Secrets,life fir someone u just meet????) . 2nd, i dont find how Mc cautious affect his cultivation, it was like not even a years since he started and he is as strong as innate Lvl (3/5 big realms), to who complain about that : read less Face-slap Xianxia novels ,okay?? 3rd , Do u know that Moving other area the moment Mc lvl up is A way for Author to repeat many plot ??( ex: more chances,more stronger enemy,more girls,more Faceslap , bigger sects,kingdoms..etc..)..... Let ne summary the story : The plot is okay,mc Life is mostly smooth,not being chase by someone (because he is cautious),no girl So far....World building is unfolded step by step throught the Appraisal Items History so it wont be abrupted......The side characters are kinda good ,not too bland or too focus, not too stupid either....The Cheat is not bad and not too op : it can see the history of an item (mc also use that to investigate) and base on the items grade some Reward will be given randomly ; that also make Mc want to stay at the pawnshop till he strong enough.......I just dont like that Authors repeat many things like the Coin divination part, the Treasure histories sometime seem boring.... Overrall 4.5/5 ( im kinda loose this time), many new reader wont like it since they will like Hot Blood,Argnorant,One-Arm-hold-1-beauty,instant OP Mc (trust me, im used to be like that and damm that was arkward)...So if you tired of faceslap novel, u will like this one.

  8. In my opinion the mc's mana cultivation levels that are based on "years" of practice are complete bullsh*t. As it was said that the cultivation speed varies depending on the location, it means that 1 day of cultivation in a mana rich area can be 2-3 days of cultivation in a mana poor area.

  9. Maybe bcs Being a slave doesnt affect the story much ???? and The Years base Culvitate is just for Reference maybe ??? like Douluo Dalu .....

  10. Maybe, but there isn't much difference between the mc's "time" based cultivation and normal cultivation as they function basically the same. Every time the "time" cultivation reaches a certain threshold (exactly a year of cultivation in a mana "poor" environment) the mc's "understanding" of spells improves compared to normal cultivation where (hasn't been shown or said, so this is just a guess) the qi quality improves.

  11. Might have missed it, the author might also have changed it mid-way (they have done so before, an example being the money that the mc got on the bridge being forgotten), but it seems that the mc's mana does change qualitatively after his cultivation reaches the standard "time" of 1 year, 10 years, 100, years, 1000 years, and 10 000 years.

  12. I hate how the author mentions something but then forgets about it and later acts all surprised about it. For example (this is an illustration and not exactly what happens in the novel) the mc wants to get something and hears that a peerless something has appeared, but later the author acts like they forgot about it and the mc is about to to take a something that is of lower quality, and just as he was about to act that peerless something appears infront of the mc like the mc had never heard about it. This just feels like poor writing for the word count.

  13. The author also seems to be pulling special effects out of their butt. A gradually stronger magic technique was said to be pretty useless because it needs the target to be stationary for it to work but later it turns out that the technique has a locking effect after first touch.

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