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This Uchiha is Too Cautious

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Uchiha Kai has been cautious since he came to this world. He vowed that he must be cautious and go to the end.

But one day he received a mission – to cover the wave wind team to blow up the Kamabashi Bridge, Uchiha Kai knew that he was going to be unlucky…

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Short Title:TUTC
Alternate Title:这个宇智波过于谨慎
Author:Void Singer
Weekly Rank:#1486
Monthly Rank:#1351
All Time Rank:#3380
Tags:Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Naruto, Ninjas, Transmigation,
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19 Comments on “This Uchiha is Too Cautious
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  1. Aside from lots of inner monologues and conspiracy which making me dizzy because it was mtl it was good. The ship is with Uchiha mc and Hyuga Aya(oc) they start as both with cautious personality to survive at the start of 3rd Ninja War. The female lead is not a vase, she helps MC on researching Mangekyou and Hyuga bloodline (Tenseigan) with their equal cooperation to help her be free from caged bird.

  2. Too much shit Are you writing a fanfiction or philosophical brain notes this is fanfiction bro you can write to your hearts content but that doesn't mean like this even if you add 5-6 Naruto novels you don't get this many Word Count on so little screen time story. If you want many chapters write it in different novel this story has great potential and interesting story but ruined because of bullshit. Please consider so many readers happiness.

  3. Boring politics,everyone gets one chapter long introspection, theres basically 1% useful content in each chapter. Rehash everything, talk about sharingan? Well here are the details we talked abour in ch 1 3 5 ...last chapter. Remember them well coz well talk about them again if ee monologue about it in the next chapter.

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