Chapter 642 Origin Qi

   The reason why the immortal energy of the child of ten thousand tribulations has increased so fast, far surpassing the immortal body of the seven wounds of ten thousand calamities and the immortal soul of the sacred heart of ten thousand calamities, is naturally because the nourishment of the immortal energy of the ten thousand calamities child is more abundant and powerful.

  Because among the sixth-grade true immortals swallowed by Song Ankang, many of them are the true immortals of the five elements. The immortal energy in these true immortals of the five elements has passed through the great five-element calamity, and has obtained a huge transformation, and the nutrition is very considerable.

   But the number of Thunder True Immortals and Heart Demon True Immortals is very small. After all, such immortal servants are not enough for Song Ankang himself, so how can they easily swallow them.

   Thanks to the help of many Five Elements True Immortals, Song Ankang's Immortal Qi of Myriad Tribulations can obtain enough nutrients, and the speed of improvement can be said to be the fastest.

The improvement of    Immortal Physique followed closely. After all, Song Ankang occasionally devoured a Thunder True Immortal. The Immortal Physique of these Thunder True Immortals has been baptized by Tianlei, and the nutrients contained in them are amazing.

   As for the Inner Demon True Immortal, the number is too small and too small, and Song Ankang is reluctant to swallow it. He should wait for him to win more Inner Demon Immortal Servants in the future, and then consider the matter of swallowing Inner Demon True Immortal.

In addition to the improvement of strength, what makes Song Ankang most happy is the improvement of his comprehension. After devouring over a hundred rank six immortal servants, Song Ankang's comprehension has soared by about ten percent. more insights.

   The most important thing is to have more directions for future comprehension and integration, which is related to Song Ankang's long-term improvement and progress in the future.

   Comprehension is followed by the improvement of various skills. No, it should be the improvement of various experiences, combat experience and combat skills. From the memories of these sixth-grade true immortals, Song Ankang has gained a lot of memory and combat experience skills.

  These memories will play an extremely important role in Song Ankang's future travels in the world, or in dealing with different situations.

  Scholars don’t go out and know the world’s affairs. Maybe that’s what they say.

   Not to mention combat experience and combat skills, which are related to Song Ankang's life and death, which is not unimportant.

   In addition, among these combat experience and combat skills, there are many that can be used by Song Ankang. With only a slight adjustment with the help of super-high understanding, the combat experience and combat skills of many monsters and monsters can be used by Song Ankang, and the effect is quite impressive.

   This is also a huge gain, and even in Song Ankang's opinion, it is better than his gains in alchemy, alchemy, beast-fighting, talisman, etc.

   With the help of more than 100 rank six true immortals, Song Ankang's alchemy, alchemy, beast mastering and talisman skills have also broken through the category of rank 7 and promoted to the realm of rank 6.

Immortal alchemist, immortal artisan, immortal beast, immortal talisman... Of course, there are also immortal array masters who are close to the sixth rank. Taken together, they can be described as almighty immortal masters. Looking at the entire Profound Desolate Continent, I am afraid that none of them are so comprehensive. Sixth grade is really immortal.

   And Song Ankang's skills are not only these, there are many small skills, although not commonly used, but sometimes can play an extremely important role.

   Song Ankang was quite satisfied with the harvest brought by devouring the sixth-grade true immortal.

   The days were passed peacefully like this, and before you knew it, another few years had passed. After breaking through to the realm of the sixth-grade true fairy, it would take more time and energy to improve.

  Unfortunately, the people around the pillow are still not pregnant with Song Ankang's child. Although Song Ankang explained that his talent and aptitude are too powerful, it still makes many people in the pillow and the Tang family anxious.

   At this moment, not to mention being a bedside person, even many people in the Tang family have the idea of ​​finding some wives and concubines for Song Ankang, so that they can spread the net and plant more seeds, and the hope of success will be greater.

The reason why the ancestors of many seventh-rank gods of the human race have married thousands of wives and concubines actually has this reason. Even the seventh-rank gods are more difficult to conceive, not to mention the sixth-rank true immortal Song Ankang. That kind of sixth-grade true immortal.

   Song Ankang was also a little helpless about this, but he still refused. There are enough people on the pillow now, and if there are more, Song Ankang will not be able to take care of him.

   You can’t learn from other gods and ancestors, and treat the bedside person as a reproductive tool. Let’s turn the cards every night to accompany the bedside person. That would be too disrespectful to the bedside person.

   Song Ankang, who came from the earth, can't do this, so it's better to spend more time, Song Ankang doesn't believe that he can't let the person beside him get pregnant.

   On this day, feeling the two-pole golden bell that has reached its ultimate perfection, Song Ankang ran the Demon Sword again, stabbed his **** fiercely, and pierced the door of the two-pole golden bell.

   Today's two-pole golden bells have long been cultivated to the extreme by Song Ankang. The 20,000-layer golden bells are dazzling and can effectively resist the attacks of various immortal weapons. The defense is quite impressive.

   It's just that Song Ankang still doesn't give up, and wants to continue to improve through the feedback of side effects through the Fate-Defying Book to see if he can master the three-pole golden bell jar that can only be possessed by fifth-grade earth immortals in the realm of sixth-grade true immortals.

  Although I don't know if it will be successful, Song Ankang feels that there is still a lot of hope.

   After all, the Fate-defying Book of Heaven can forcibly expand even the limit, not to mention the three-pole golden bell, the possibility of success is very high.

   This is Song Ankang's Nth attempt. The previous attempts have not been successful, but the two-pole golden bell has been strengthening and has not stopped.

   As the hood door was broken, the two-pole golden bell hood quickly collapsed. Song Ankang concentratedly waited for the feedback of the side effects of the Destiny Book.

What surprised Song Ankang was that the time to accumulate strength seemed to be a little too long this time, far more than several times before, which made Song Ankang a little excited, could it be... could it be that this is the limit, so the two poles Is the golden bell about to transform?

   I don't know how long it took, but in Song Ankang's expectant gaze, the side effects of the Fate-Defying Book began to come back.

The feedback this time is very slow, thousands of times slower than before. Before, every time the Diode Golden Bell was broken and the door was restored, it was often very fast under the feedback of side effects, and it was easy to breathe. Several layers and dozens of layers of golden bells were restored, but this time was different.

   For a long time, no layer of golden bells appeared, only a faint colored smoke lingered around, and the golden bells could not be formed.

Feeling the colored smoke on the surface of his body, Song Ankang's eyes widened and he observed it carefully. It seemed that he could see the earth, water, wind and fire, everything in the world, and all kinds of life... This colorful smoke It seems to include all the colors and substances in the world, and possesses incredible power.

  Genesis Qi!

The word appeared in Song Ankang's mind for the first time, and the whole person shuddered slightly. If his guess is correct, this colorful smoke should be the magical energy source Qi that can be condensed and nurtured by the Earth Immortal. .

   (end of this chapter)