Chapter 641 Soaring forward

   Aggressive suspicions soared into the sky, and some people even thought that Song Ankang, the son-in-law of the Tang family, was controlled by a strange god.

   Song Ankang was also a little speechless about this. With his current real strength, let alone a seventh-rank strange god, even a sixth-rank ultimate inner demon is just a servant under his command.

Song Ankang, a rank seven monster, is no longer attractive, even an ordinary sixth-rank true immortal Song Ankang, but he did not expect to enslave a lower rank 7 monster because of disguise. Suspect.

   It seems that there is a wave of explanation, not because Song Ankang is afraid of these public opinions, but mainly to avoid causing suspicion and causing him trouble.

So after a little consideration, Song Ankang let Song's processing workshop spread the news, saying that the strange **** servant was a servant bought by Song's processing workshop through Baiguoshan's channel, for which he also paid Song's processing workshop for many years in the future. Profits, Baiguoshan also responded in a timely manner, proving this.

  It turned out to be bought!

   Everyone was in an uproar. I didn't expect that this Tang family's son-in-law was so powerful that he could actually buy a strange god-level guard from the outside world. Doesn't this mean that the Tang family's son-in-law can already be called a god-level existence.

   After all, according to the news from Baiguo Mountain, that strange **** is controlled by a special artifact, completely obeying Song Ankang, the son-in-law of the Tang family, and can do everything for Song Ankang.

   At the same time, Song Ankang also issued a law with god-level combat power, that is, those who hurt the people next to him would be slaughtered, and the Zhen family was an example.

   Although Song Ankang has not been promoted to the realm of gods, but he has god-level guards and combat power, so he can barely be regarded as the supreme god, and he is naturally qualified to formulate human race laws.

   After receiving this law, the court, after considering it for a while, added it to the law book of the court and became a new law.

  Song Ankang did this naturally to prevent similar things from happening again and hurt the people around the pillow.

   After thinking about it, Song Ankang arranged for several Thunder True Immortals to guard around the person beside the pillow. If they were in danger, these Thunder Immortal servants could immediately protect them.

This matter was solved in this way, but with the promulgation of the law and the approval of the imperial court, the reputation of Song Ankang, the son-in-law of the Tang family, soared again. The family also heard his name.

  Chongguan's angry son-in-law of the Tang family, Song Ankang, became a hero in the hearts of human women for a while. Countless human women were chanting about him and wished they could marry him immediately.

No, after this incident, no one will say that Song Ankang is the son-in-law of the Tang family anymore, because Song Ankang's current power and status are enough to be on an equal footing with the Tang family, and even the Tang family themselves dare not say that Song Ankang is the Tang family. The son-in-law of the family, let alone the outside world.

   Song Ankang didn't care about the disturbance from the outside world. With his current status and status, he didn't need to care about these little things.

After the funeral for Dong Xuecao, Song Ankang deliberately spent a period of time to accompany the people around the pillow. Although Dong Xue's death was an accident, most of the responsibility rested on him, but who can guarantee that this will not happen next time. Unexpectedly.

In particular, the people around the pillow have basically been promoted to the golden elixir of consummation, and then they should attack the realm of gods. This level is not bad at all, and even above the ground level, Song Ankang can't guarantee the pillow. When people hit this level, they can get through it safely.

For this reason, Song Ankang deliberately comprehends a self-help magic technique that failed to impact. Once he finds that it cannot be done, he can stop it immediately, and then perform this magic technique. In combination with the elixir and elixir prepared by Song Ankang, it is basically impossible to do so. If there is any danger, it can even hit again after a while.

   With Song Ankang's current comprehension, it is not difficult to comprehend such a magical technique, not to mention that he has the help of life-saving elixir and elixir.

After realizing   , Song Ankang urged the people around the pillow to learn and master this magic technique, until they were almost mastered, and then they returned to their previous life.

   Dongxue's family was properly arranged by him, and he would live a prosperous and wealthy life in this life. Song Ankang can be said to have done his best to Dongxue.

   There is only one small episode, that is, Dong Xue's family, in order to thank Song Ankang for his care, actually sent Dong Xue's sister Dong Han to the Tang family's mansion, hoping to take care of Song Ankang instead of her sister.

   Song Ankang didn't want to accept it at first, but seeing that Donghan was somewhat similar to Dongxue, and insisted that she wanted to stay, she asked her to follow Tang Yelan to learn something and make a living in the future.

   Donghan is only seventeen years old this year, and she is quite different from Dongxue, but she is quite clever and learns things very quickly. Tang Yelan likes her very much.

  Song Ankang's life was on the right track again, and he began to practice hard work.

   Having obtained so many Grade 6 Immortal Servants from the Five Elements Sword Tomb, now that they have stabilized, they should naturally devour them.

   With the help of the Nahai Sacred Heart Mantra after the transformation, Song Ankang devoured one after another of the sixth-grade true immortals to improve his spirit and understanding, and of course, he also obtained more memories and skills from them.

  Nahai Sacred Heart Mantra is amazing, but the side effects are also amazing. Fortunately, with the feedback from the Fate-Defying Book, Song Ankang was able to fully turn the side effects into a positive effect. Not only did it cause no harm, but it actually gained even greater benefits.

The spirit is soaring, the experience is soaring, the various skills are soaring, the combat experience and skills are soaring, the understanding is soaring... Although the consumption of the Sacred Heart of Nahai is amazing, the benefits it can bring to Song Ankang are also very great. Amazing and all-encompassing.

   According to the current speed, when Song Ankang devoured hundreds of rank six true immortals, he should be able to break through to the state of perfection, and then he can begin to transcend the calamity.

However, while improving rapidly, Song Ankang did not forget to polish the foundation of cultivation and adapt to the surge in strength, so as to avoid signs of instability, and if he couldn't control the surge in strength like an arm, Song Ankang would not be able to play this role. Some combat power even affects his combat power.

   Therefore, Song Ankang would spend a lot of time practicing various exercises and secret techniques during the period of devouring the sixth-grade true immortals, instead of blindly devouring the sixth-grade true immortals to improve wildly, which would inevitably leave hidden dangers.

  Although there is no assistance from the Immortal Pei Pill, Immortal Quenching Liquid and Immortal Soul Fruit, Song Ankang's cultivation progress has not declined at all, but it is faster than before, especially the immortal energy of the Wanjie boy.

   (end of this chapter)