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This...how did your kidneys still grow?

Looking at William, who was chasing him with a savage face behind him, guarding his waist and fighting against a tree, Marlos didn't have time to think about what happened to his kidneys, so he stumbled and ran for his life while covering his flaming waist, while desperately using a knife to repeat stab your other vitals.

But what made him feel extremely hopeless was that in addition to the fighter sequence, the reckless man in the back actually learned the [Glorious Secret Guard] on a horse! It has three special abilities to enhance the healing effect! The healing magic that led to a mere fourth-order level just made this **** guy use the seventh-order [Flesh Resurrection] terrifying effect.

No matter the throat, heart, or head, the moment a wound appears on any vital point, this **** will immediately treat it with all his strength, and it will take a long time to heal as before. Except for the lighter skin on the wound, it does not look like he has been injured at all. .

Immediately afterwards, something that made Marlos collapse even more happened. In addition to treating some relatively easy-to-treat injuries, if he encountered a troublesome injury that could not be cured in a short time, William could actually use the Warlock's [Damage Transfer] to temporarily heal the injury. Transfer the summoned object to him, and then continue to carry the Pope Tree and drive it up!

So how afraid of death are you, you bastard, that you learned so many life-saving abilities in one breath! With the effort to study life-saving skills, isn't it good for you to learn some serious powerful combat skills?

On the eve of the imminent victory, William opened his hand once again extremely rudely, and after abruptly snatched away the "victory ticket" in his palm, even with such a strong willpower as Malos, he felt that he was about to be unable to hold back. .

And when a white holy flame exploded in his body again, forcibly interrupting the half-prepared teleportation technique, Marlos hid a little slower, was shoved by William Kazuki on his back, and couldn't climb for a long time. stand up.

If he hadn't reacted quickly enough, he had stabbed twice in his calf in time, and knocked down William who jumped over, I'm afraid he would be greeted by a whole set of [Strong Man Locking Man], waiting for the rescued Pope to settle down. After regaining his sanity, he came to arrest him.

Don't ask how Marlos knew what would happen to him when he was held down. Ask him that he had been caught more than once, and the last time he even had his neck broken by some reckless man.

Marlos, who didn't want to experience the strongman's lock on the man again, had long been unable to maintain his demeanor as an undead emperor. Taking advantage of William's leg work, he rolled up and ran to the ground, and he was extremely regretful for digging a big hole for himself. At the same time, there was even a faint urge to cry.

This person is too difficult to deal with!

The reckless man in the back who was chasing him with the Pope Tree on his back, not only couldn't be beaten to death, he couldn't even shake it off. Smelly boots that can't be taken off under your feet! Sticky asphalt that can't be pulled out if you step in it! It is ten times more difficult than the stone-headed Apollo! Do not! A hundred times!

In order to solve this troublesome guy and prevent him from going to the **** of death to report his secrets, he not only set up traps with great pains, but even used inferior means that would not die hard.

As a result, not only did all the calculations fail once, but they were all blocked by him in various unreasonable ways, and even now he began to chase and kill him in reverse. Where did this kind of weirdness come from!

Can you stop now! Let me go, okay?


And because of this long and fierce battle, it seems that it is not only Malos who has "changed his outlook" on William.

I don’t know when, the Pope of Light, who could only be chased by William to kill Malos, has gradually recovered from the influence of the elf magic. Although he still has no ability to speak, his perception of the outside world has gradually become clear. Up, it's not much worse than observing with both eyes.

In fact, the kid that Kieran chose... It can't be said that he is completely useless.

Seeing William staggering and chasing the undead even though his face was sweating from pain, Pope Guangming could not wait to slap him to death, but he still had to admit that, at least in terms of will to fight, this The little white face who has been damned 10,000 times really doesn't have to be picked, um... and the waist seems to be pretty good, no wonder Kieran is fascinated by him...

No no no no! This has nothing to do with the waist or something!

What I mean is that even if this kid can bravely move forward half a step in the face of evil, it still cannot change the fact that he coaxes his daughter into bed, and finally wants to give up! Therefore, the punishment that should be given cannot be...

Excuse! This holy fire can be used!

After feeling the amazing purity of the holy flame on Malos, Melanie's grandfather's heart couldn't help but jump.

If I remember correctly, it has not been long since Eisner taught him to burn the holy fire? Has it been mastered to such an extent? Then not only is he talented, but he should be... devout to the Holy Light?

Considering that this **** little white face is not only talented, but even dug up the underground forces of the entire Holy Empire and made great contributions to the Holy See of Light, the old Pope's mind that he must be separated from his daughter actually began to shake. .

In fact...if you rule out the point of being too fussy...with his talent and achievements, he is completely worthy of Kieran.

In addition, after his death, not only the demons in the abyss will move, but there will even be people in the Holy See. If there is such a husband to support, Kieran's position as Pope should be able to sit more firmly, and the Holy See of Light will also can continue to be strong.

Besides, how many men do not bother?

When I was young, my mind was not very stable, but as I got older, I experienced a lot, and my thoughts on that kind of thing gradually faded. Now, isn't it also a highly respected generation of popes?

This arrogant boy is still young now, and some **** are understandable. When he went to Longdao to rob people, he was more waves than him, but in a few decades, the old Yingyingyanyan around him will be scattered. After leaving, it is estimated that he will gradually take care of himself like himself, and only Jilan, who has a long lifespan, can accompany him to the end.

And he can fight to the death in the face of evil. No matter how bad his character is, he should have a bottom line. In addition, Jilan is obviously fascinated by this kid. ...or just make do with it first?

The idea that was so outrageous that the old Pope himself felt crazy, as soon as it appeared, it grew like wild grass and quickly filled his mind.

Hmm... it looks like you can try it!

After all, his daughter has let him eat and wipe it clean~www.mtlnovel.com~ It seems that she will inevitably hook up in the future, and her own people are about to die, so she definitely can't stop him, and it is impossible to really get him. Die or castrate directly.

But I decided not to leave it alone. In case of a marriage or something, the Wright family's face for more than 2,000 years would be lost. Even depending on what the two of them meant, there might be a situation now, so... …

With the rustling of the branches and leaves colliding, an old father who was worried about his daughter's future was stunned. He decided that when he returned to normal, he had to get this **** back quickly.

"Ah sneeze!"

I don't know if it was because of the sweat in his nose when he charged, or because he was talking about it too much in his heart. William, who was trying his best to chase down Marlos, shuddered slightly, then sneezed heavily, and even pierced his lower back. The broken teeth behind the spider were crooked.

God bless!

Seeing that the candy-like guy behind him finally made a mistake, Marlos, who was driven to the ground, was so excited that he was about to burst into tears.

After delivering the most devout prayer in his life to the great goddess of destiny in the dark, he hurriedly tore open the crack in the space leading to the underworld, and rushed into it.

However, what everyone did not expect was that at the moment when Malos was about to escape into the underworld, a white and slender palm came out from the crack in the space and accurately grabbed his head.

"You...you...you are..."

Before the terrified Malos could finish speaking, his dark red nails, which seemed to be soaked in blood, tightened slightly, and then squeezed hard without hesitation.


"I hate thieves like you the most!" (To be continued)