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And just like William felt that the mouse had no way of pulling the turtle, facing this strange human being with a mystery, the first-generation intellectual pope who was full of wisdom and rich experience also felt a blue pain in his brain.

Malos was willing to swear to the God of Death and the God of Knowledge that in his 2,000,000 years of life, it was the first time he had met such a difficult guy.

Highly poisonous, cursed, petrified... I have tried all these things, and they have no effect on the opponent at all, and the Pope Tree in his hand is even more troublesome. Attacks can be undone with just one roll.

And this guy is still amazing. It is estimated that the ninth-order giants may not be as strong as him, and the sporadic spells that have been missed will not cause any damage even if they hit. It is estimated that he has worked hard for a long time. All the treatment was cured, and I was afraid that even the wound would not be left.

As for melee combat with the advantage of speed...

After looking up at William, who was holding the Pope Tree to cover the right and left, and looking down at his thin body, Marlos wisely gave up this crazy idea. After all, there are so many ways to die, there is really no need to choose. Such a frustrating one.

no! Can't wait any longer!

I really couldn't stand the feeling of trembling. Marlos, who was naked, gritted his teeth, raised his hand to touch behind him twice, took out a slender and sharp dagger, and then raised his hand and stabbed him heavily. on the heart.

Since I can't break through the defense of the Pope Tree... then I will consume you alive!


A slight crack sounded from in front of him. William, who was thinking about a solution, only felt a chill on his chest. The fabric in front of his heart cracked instantly, and the skin on his left chest sunk visibly, and a thin and thin line appeared. The white indentation of the man seemed to have been stabbed severely.

And at the tip of the knife mark, a ball of blood so small that it can only be described as a grain slowly seeped out, then quickly slipped and spread around, forming a strangely shaped flower in William's heart. Scarlet and peduncles.

[The artifact "Endless Thin Blade" launched the exclusive combat technique "Death of the Same Life" on you. The damage to the linked target will appear on your body at the same time, and the damage you receive will also appear on your body at the same time. on the opponent's body]

[Please note that due to the exclusive stunt of the artifact "Endless Thin Blade", "Until the Dead End", this connection will never end until you and one of the connection targets die.]


After waiting for the system prompt in his ear to end, William touched the pattern on his chest, and his face couldn't help but reveal a thick astonishment.

Ah this... are you serious?

Fortunately, although his strange ability is powerful, it does not seem to be immune to the combat skills of the divine weapon.

After seeing the blood-colored tie pattern on William's chest, Malos, who had pierced his heart with a knife, was relieved, and the smile of victory appeared on his face again.

"You're an interesting opponent, but in the end I won!"

After pulling out the dagger that pierced his heart, looking at William, who seemed to be looking for something, the real Pope Malos smiled and said loudly:

"Put down the Pope of Light in his hand, he is no longer able to protect you, what appears on your chest now is the tie pattern of the divine weapon [Endless Thin Blade], and all the damage I cause to myself will appear together. on you.

And I am an undead who has already died. Even if my body is broken, I will not die, but you are a human being of flesh and blood. As long as I start to hurt myself, no matter how strong your healing ability is, sooner or later, I will kill you completely. when. "

Marlos, who was already winning, took out the dagger and took off the nails of his left hand one by one without changing his face. After shaking off his twitching palm and replacing it with an intact novice, he smiled at the man who was sweating from the pain. William shouted:

"Come on human! Talk to me!"

"Tell me the true face of your strange ability, and swear that you will never reveal my secrets, and then take the initiative to jump into the Styx to wash away your memory, and I will give you a good time!

Otherwise, in the next month, I will slowly cut myself apart bit by bit in the most painful way! Let you experience what is called ten thousand blades... uh! "

After feeling the sharp pain in his waist, Malos frowned and said to William with a displeased expression:

"You pierced your own kidney? Although this is a fatal injury, if you plan to commit suicide directly, you will think too much. As a person who has mastered the essence of death, even death is a crime if I don't allow it. kind of... eh?"

Along with Marlos' groaning in surprise, a blazing white holy flame exploded from his waist, and following the path of the power of death, frantically licked the rest of his internal organs.

The holy flame that devours negative attribute energy?

So... he has discovered that the effect of [Endless Thin Blade] is two-way?

So, he took the initiative to pierce his own kidney, just to send this thing into my body?

After a few questions flashed through his mind like an electric shock, the true Pope Malos snorted coldly, and immediately summoned a large amount of death force to press on it, and when the white holy flame in his body did not reach scale, he completely extinguished it in one breath. .

"very good!"

"To think of a solution so quickly, and to dare to destroy your internal organs to win, it seems that you not only have excellent judgment, but also have an extremely strong heart."

After giving William a fair evaluation, Malos said with a cold but respectful expression:

"Don't worry, I've seen your beliefs, so I won't say anything to cheer you up. It's absolutely impossible for someone as determined as you to succumb to pain.

It's just that in this world, not everything can survive by faith, and death happens to be one of them. Even if you rely on your strong will and extraordinary wisdom to find a way to resist me, the result will still not change.

Although these holy flames that you have entrusted with your hopes are wonderful, they can devour a large amount of the power of death and interfere with the operation of the power in my body, but the number of these flames is still too rare, as long as you control the pressure of the power of death that exceeds its absorption limit Go up, it will be instantly extinguished...

Don't forget, you destroyed your own kidneys, so you managed to send these white holy flames, but as an undead, after extinguishing the holy flames, I can repair and replace my body at will, and you? How many kidneys do you have available for consumption? "


Looking at Malos with a proud face on the opposite side, William, who was sweating profusely, smacked his lips, then clenched the broken spider teeth in his hand, poured a large amount of burning holy fire into it, and burned the right kidney that had just grown back in the body again. ash.

Immediately afterwards, grimacing in pain, he stood upright tremblingly, picked up the rustling old man with one hand, and charged towards Malos, who exploded a white flame behind his waist.

Although your kidneys are not many, they are enough to deal with you!


Yesterday, he said that this (sub)book is over, why is it inexplicably passed that I have finished cutting chickens...

Uh... But in a sense, it seems... not all the rumors are wrong.../(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

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