[You have used the combat technique "Provocation and Abuse", you will be subject to a will check...]

In the familiar sound of the Unbounded People taking effect, Malos, whose chest was exposed in the distance, trembled, then raised his right arm and ran over uncontrollably.

What is this? Why doesn't my Anti-Anomaly feat take effect?

Relying on the protection he obtained as the Pope of the Church of Knowledge in his lifetime, after regaining his sobriety from the inexplicable anger that surged up, Maros, who was so startled, couldn't think about why he was in the space gap between William and himself. It will get out of control, and immediately try to release various magical techniques, ready to untie the shackles on himself.

However, unfortunately, [Provocation and Abuse] did not really control his body, but cooperated with the unbounded people who skipped the check, and achieved the effect of 100% forced mockery in disguise.

Therefore, in the face of the unique ability of the unbounded people, Malos' past experience really can't provide much help. Even if he tried the method of removing the abnormal state, he still couldn't get rid of the "control" in him. ability.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the "trap area" where he could die if he touched it, Malos, who couldn't find a way to "solve the problem", his face darkened slightly, and then his upper body slumped back, his whole body was like a mitotic cell, and William was shocked His eyes were split into two.

The appearances and expressions of the two Malos are almost identical, except that the one in the front has a rigid look, while the one in the back is clean and slack. Not only is he not holding a counterfeit book of wisdom in his hand, but he even has one. No coveralls.

After taking the Book of Wisdom from the clothed self, Ma Luos, who was completely naked, stood there, looking at the man in front of him who rushed into the trap area with anger, but was shattered by countless spatial cracks. He frowned and asked:

"The smell of filthy demons... Challenging and swearing? You've even taken up a fourth-tier tourney fighter?"


"No, that's not right!"

When William, who was being seen through, had a sudden shock, Malos immediately denied the judgment he had just made, and added with a dignified expression:

"It's not just the combat skills of the Tournament Fighter, if it's just provocation and abuse of that level of useless ability, although it can't be removed by divine arts and specialties, it is absolutely impossible for me to take effect!

Even if the filth demon comes by himself, it is impossible to provoke the anger in my heart instantly, so you must have other abilities, most of which are strange specialties or talents! Either it can greatly strengthen the effect of combat skills, or it can subtly weaken my will, otherwise it is absolutely impossible for me to be recruited! "



After listening to Marlos' judgment, although William's face remained calm, he couldn't help but feel a cold sweat in his heart.

As expected of the Pope of the Church of Knowledge, he only met once before, and the details of himself and Pope Ann were touched. Ghosts go in and out of the body, and their faces are blue-green by the fire of countless souls, and they don't even qualify as a marginal OB.

And although he succeeded in immunizing the deadly petrified eye with a trump card that Malos couldn't understand, he still suffered a loss in the wrestling, and was calculated to almost overturn the car. He snatched the old man in front of him, and then he was chased and killed by him, and he played GG in a burst of laughter.

So... what to do now?

Looking at Marlos, who was completely clean and skinny, William was in a rare dilemma.

[Provocation and abuse] It can no longer be used. When this ability is not exposed, it integrates many functions such as interrupt, ridicule, and anti-hidden. Naturally, it is a magical skill among magical skills, but if someone knows the details, It couldn't be easier not to be ridiculed.

Because the effect of this combat skill is placed in "language", although there is a check of the people of the unbounded, it seems that the other party has to hear it first. As long as the hearing is destroyed, it will be completely unaffected. This is also When Malos fled before, he didn't use the reason for provocation, abuse and ridicule.

At that time, he was almost killed by the trap set up by the Pope. Although his head seemed to be still functional, his body had already stopped completely after amputation from below the head. It's just not dead, and the people of the unbounded have no chance to work.

And now...

Looking at Marlos, who slowly climbed several magic lines on the side of his ear, William smacked his lips helplessly, knowing that most of him had completely closed his hearing, and changed to rely on the fire of his soul to perceive the world. Can leave with honor.

As for the sneak attack method of [Gill Twenty Meters] and [Vicious Pursuit], although I haven't tried it yet, I know after a little thought that Marlos is immune to most negative states, which of course also includes blindness, so use For the most part, it's still free...

After thinking about all his abilities that might work, and finding that there is basically no possibility of success, William had to set up the old man tree again, hesitating whether he should try his morals again.

Although judging from the previous performance of the old man's tree, UU reading www.uukanshu.com Melanie's grandfather is obviously out of anger, but if she opens her mouth and tells him that Melanie has a small mole on her right **** , the anger of the Pope of Light is estimated to have potential to be tapped.

It's just that even if the firepower of the old man's tree increases a bit, it is still difficult to hit the target in the face of Malos, who has mastered the ability to move in space.

And compared to the fact that my daughter was cheated by a scumbag, my daughter and granddaughter were both deceived by the same scumbag. The excitement level of this incident is a bit too stubborn. The old pope is so old, maybe I can't think about it for a while. Direct self-destruction on the spot is possible.

If he was so angry that he blew himself up on the spot, the terrifying AOE would probably kill Marlos, and he would probably be able to survive with the [must cast a good tire], but I'm afraid there will be no Royal Capital on the map...

What is he... hesitating?

For some reason, whenever William frowned and was about to open his mouth to speak, Malos would feel his heart throbbing, as if he had been clenched fiercely.

And the last time he had this strange feeling was when he was forced to step into Pope Ann's trap and was almost crushed by the broken space on the spot...

Looking at William, who was hesitant to move his lips again and again, but never made up his mind, relying on his understanding of the nature of death, Marlos, who felt a little crisis, tightened his body, and his heartbeat and breathing gradually increased.

Could it be... he is hiding something that can hurt me? (To be continued)

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