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[Choose 1: kneel down and ask for reconciliation, you will get the “Sunflower Collection”]!

[Choose 2: Kiss her, you will get the “Jade Girl Heart Sutra”]!

[Choose 3: Immediately turn your face, break up immediately, you will get the “Northern Underworld Magical Art”]!


The seal of time and space in different dimensions is broken, the creatures of different races invaded, the demons and beasts swept across the sky, the city fell, and the human race was in crisis!

[Choose 1: Awaken, hunt for time! Anti-kill alien creatures, kill no less than ten martial saint-level alien leaders, you will get “Supreme Bloodline: Desolate Holy Body”]!

[Option 2: Go with the flow and hold on to the waves! In the face of aliens, if you choose to survive, you will get the “Innate Fortune Pill”]!

[Choose 3: A small amount is not a gentleman, no drug is not a husband! In the face of the fierce alien race, capture the human race and sacrifice the alien race to survive, and you will get “Xianshu: Steal the Heaven and Change the Sun”]!

Chen Luo: “I choose one!”

Wake up, hunt time!

Through the world of Gaowu, Chen Luo started a new journey from the choice!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TOF
Alternate Title:这个选择太棒了
Author:fire in september
Weekly Rank:#4713
Monthly Rank:#2820
All Time Rank:#3044
Tags:Cheats, Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, System, System Administrator, Weak to Strong, Younger Sisters,
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39 Comments on “This Option is Fantastic
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  1. Hello, does anyone know such a novel? I would be grateful if it has the following conditions Animals attack the city or country. .fast growth.

  2. The moment many people other than MC have similar option cheat (vol. 4 ch.37) story turn shit. MC no longer unique, story turn into waste

  3. I regret wasting my time reading more than 400+ chapters. Story turn shit, directly read the last few chapters, only got a generic ending.

  4. MTLNovel can fix cap 158? The author himself confused the chapter, then he needs to update it. in case anyone has his raw for me to read this cap until then

  5. MC is scared of tribulation thunder when his body tempering can use the thunder to temper it and got stronger while transcending his tribulation

  6. Got trapped in a secret realm for a few days and when he got outside it's already a year shouldn't it be like reverse where he trained for few days and only a few hours outside

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