Yi Hang looked at his baby who was anxious to pick someone up early in the morning, but already had pantothenic acid in his heart. It turned out that Yi Jiamu's fever was coming. The first reaction was to rush to find the inhibitor. +++ Popular novels: www.sto123.cc

Originally according to the normal situation, Yi Jiamu's fever period should still take a few days before, but today Gu Yisheng took the lead, and the psychological effect caused a sudden outbreak.

When Yi Hang brought the inhibitor, Yi Jiamu was leaning on Gu Yesheng's arms, wrinkling his eyebrows.

Bursts of pheromones are already around.

Such an attractive atmosphere is undoubtedly a torment for Gu Yesheng.

But in the face of Yi Hang, he did not dare to mess up. He still controlled himself very tenaciously, and took the inhibitor with his hands and feet, and opened the package.

Yi Hang is also an alpha. Although he is not at ease, he has to quit the room.

With the injection of inhibitor, Yi Jiamu choked softly and shrank subconsciously into Gu Yesheng's arms.

Gu Yesheng patted his shoulder gently to appease him.

Indistinctly, you can see that Gu Yesheng's eyes were a little scarlet, and it was obviously restrained enough.

He sat there without saying a word, waiting for the inhibitor to work.

However, I never expected that the symptoms of Yi Jiamu's fever period did not alleviate with it, but on the contrary, it became more and more serious.

Gu Yesheng's lip angle lowered a bit.

He can probably guess that this will happen, a large part of the reason is probably due to the previous complete mark.

Most of the inhibitors on the market are prepared for single omegas, although some omegas are still used after being marked, but some will be due to their own physical reasons. The inhibitor produces an immune effect.

From the current situation, Yi Jiamu obviously belongs to the latter.

As an alpha, Yi Hang has never experienced a fever period, and suddenly encountered such a situation, suddenly anxiously do not know what to do.

Yi Wenshi finished his training book and returned to his room to rest. In such a noisy situation, he was inevitably alarmed.

After going downstairs, I couldn't help but glanced at Yi Hang with a scornful look: "Inhibitors fail, it is really troublesome for omega without a partner, but in the case of Mumu, there is not a ready-made pacifier here. ?"

Yi Hang froze for a moment before reacting: "Dad, wouldn't you mean..."

Yi Wenshi asked: "Why don't you let Xiao Gu go, do you want to bite yourself?"

"..." Yi Hang said aggrievedly.

How do you think that after just a week, this guy named Gu Yesheng completely coaxed the old man?

Yi Wenshi ignored the awkward attitude of Yi Hang's father, turned to Gu Yesheng, and put it simply: "It's yours."

Gu Yesheng's patience had already reached a critical point. At this time, he got the approval of his elders. He couldn't hold back anymore.

He couldn't even bear the two to leave. After gently turning Yi Jiamu in his arms, he reached out and squeezed gently at the position of the gland at his neck.

Yi Jiamu murmured lowly, leaning over and biting down.

Once the pheromone belonging to alpha was released, the sour taste of omega was completely shrouded in it.

Although Gu Yesheng still did not exercise more restraint in the end, such a picture fell in Yi Hang's eyes, still how to see how unbalanced.

He couldn't help but stretch his hand to cover his eyes, and he retreated with a terrified heart.

Although I knew sooner or later I still had to accept the fact that the cub was being arched, but the old father still felt incomparable.

Ah, I hope time can heal everything!


With Gu Yesheng's appeasement, Yi Jiamu passed the fever period smoothly.

After finishing the training, the two almost stuck together day and night, just like a conjoined baby.

The sun was still so soft that day, Yi Jiamu leaned against Gu Yesheng's arms lazily, and he passed the grape delivered to his mouth, and he couldn't remember how many times he asked: "So, Are you really able to control the object released by the ability now?"

Gu Yesheng: "Well, there is no need to worry about accidental injuries."

Yi Jiamu asked again: "So, the problem of anti-bite is also solved?"

"It should be. Grandpa said, as long as I can keep the firmness in my heart, these are not problems in themselves." Gu Yesheng's mouth (gougou) raised a few points, "Although this kind of thing cannot be achieved overnight. Yes, but I will work hard, and I must step up training when I go back."

Someone who has always been lazy and lazy offered to step up training, it was simply stellar playing west.

Yi Jiamu smiled a little and glanced at Gu Yesheng silently, correcting: "That's my grandpa."

Gu Yesheng smiled in a pointed way: "Your grandpa, isn't it my grandpa?"

Probably when the two were together, it was too sloppy. Yi Hang stood at the door for a while, and then coughed lowly: "How is the stuff going? How about going to catch the flight, still grinding here?" ."

Yi Jiamu hurriedly responded: "Come here!"

Although Yi Wenshi took Wu Qingji to the school after taking them home, the two were still students at the school and could not stay like this forever. It's almost time to recuperate, and it's time to go back to school.

What's more, there is another thing that needs to be dealt with.

Because Yi Wenshi had promised the power management department before, in order not to embarrass Yang Wenxing who came forward to guarantee, Gu Yesheng had to go back to Zulfaxing before returning to school.

Although he despised the person who reported the report, but since the government has been disturbed, the assessment of the degree of power damage still needs to be completed in cooperation.

This evaluation process mainly assesses the degree of control of the ability of the ability person. With the special guidance since these days, Yi Jiamu is not too worried about the result, but perhaps because the fever period has just passed, the control is not There are some sticky people in the place, always thinking to accompany Ye Sheng to take this trip.

Preparing to board the ship, Gu Yesheng noticed Yi Jiamu's vague expression of grievance, and couldn't help but smile a little, and gently rubbed a hand on his head: "Okay, the ticket for the light ship has been set, You should go back to school obediently. At the latest two days or so, when I return to school, I will take you to drink (nai Nai) tea."

Yi Jiamu looked at him hesitantly, and finally on the face of (milk Nai) tea, he still compromised: "Well, I'll wait for you."

Gu Yesheng waved at him, turned and walked towards the inspection port.

After a while, Yi Jiamu received a communication message from Gu Yesheng after successfully boarding the ship.

After a glance, he also walked to another boarding gate with his backpack.


Because of the long distance, it was already two days after Yi Jiamu arrived at Chongxing.

Just after coming out of the airport, after opening the communicator, I received several messages, all from Gu Yesheng.

Looking at the time, Gu Yesheng should have arrived at Zulfa as early as a day ago.

[Night God: Mumu, you should still be on the light ship, I just arrived at the power management department. 】

[Night God: The evaluation is over, the process is very smooth, there should be no major problems. 】

[Night God: I just ordered a ticket on Xingwang.com and will go back tomorrow morning. 】


Seeing Gu Yesheng whispering a bunch of people one after another, Yi Jiamu's mouth could not help (gougou) a few points.

After sending a newsletter to Dad and Grandpa that he was safe, he continued to turn down the newsletter, and finally, his eyes fell on the message at the bottom.

[Night God: There is something wrong here. I will tell you later when I return to the hotel. 】

The message time is one day ago.

However, after saying this, no other content has been posted.

Yi Jiamu stared at the news for a while, dialed Gu Yesheng's communication number, and he responded with a persistent busy tone.

Looking down at the time.

If Gu Yesheng did the flight yesterday morning, with a little delay, it may indeed be still on the light ship at this time.

Without thinking for a moment, he returned to the dormitory with a thorn.

After all, the previous events were too much trouble, and Sangbei also heard about the changes on Zulfa, and he was already in a hurry.

At this time, I finally eagerly expected Yi Jiamu to come back. Pulling him over was a detailed look: "Mumu, ah, ah, how come you have encountered such a terrible thing! Actually, you have been on leave for so long for no reason, okay? ? Didn’t you hurt!"

Yi Jiamu has long been accustomed to Sangbei's startled look, crying and appeasing his pure omega roommate.

Only then did he empty his hand and began to pack his luggage.

Although he was storing things, in fact, his eyes always glanced at the communicator from time to time.

It's a pity that the dim screen didn't light up, let alone the expected news from someone.

Yi Jiamu waited until the night absent-mindedly, and was unable to contact Gu Yesheng for a long time, and the bad hunch in his heart inevitably intensified.

When Sangbei came back after dinner, he saw Yi Jiamu still sitting in the same posture (chuang), opened his mouth and was about to say something, and suddenly saw Yi Jiamu's communicator suddenly shaking.

Yi Jiamu's eyes lit up slightly, and when he saw the source of the call, the whole expression suddenly became serious again: "Hey, Mr. Yang."

Yang Xingwen's voice came from the other side, and it seemed a bit noisy from the background sound: "Mumu, there is something, please don't worry before you hear it."

Yi Jiamu's heart faintly jumped, and his voice tensed slightly: "...you said."

Yang Xingwen also seems to be using his words carefully. After a brief silence, he stated as quietly as possible: "This is the case. The hotel in front contacted me and said that Gu Yesheng did not check out. I couldn’t get in touch and he investigated a little bit. , Only to find that he did not seem to board the scheduled flight on time. Now I have sent people to check it out, and also called up the nearby camera. From the situation in the picture, since the last day before the last afternoon, I will try again. I haven't been able to see him. Judging from the current situation, if there is no wrong guess..."

Yang Xingwen said here, and he exhaled slowly: "Gu Yesheng seems to be missing innocent."

The words flew across the ear word by word, and fell into Yi Jiamu's ears, but vaguely seemed so distant.

The hand holding the communicator shook slightly. As for what Yang Xingwen said later, it was no longer true.

At this moment, only Yi Jiamu's mind repeatedly appeared in that sentence.

Gu Yesheng is missing.

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