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This Male Was Forced To Support His Family [Zerg]

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Gu Yu, the shame of a famous Zerg male,
A lifelong dream is to be a rice worm that eats and waits to die.

He married Lu Chen, the youngest major general in the empire, at the age of twenty.
After five years of marriage, he realized his ideals and became the largest male of the Zerg.
The female is responsible for going to the battlefield to support the family, and he is responsible for lying at home, eating, playing, and doing nothing.

This kind of life is peaceful and beautiful, until one day…
His female prince returned from the battlefield, but was severely wounded and her legs were paralyzed, and she was forced to retire from the military.

In other words, the pillar of his family is unemployed!
The Male Conservation Association knocked on his door: “Dear male, we are deeply sorry for your female’s misfortune.”
“But for the sake of your happiness in the rest of your life, we suggest that you immediately marry a few rich and powerful female waiters to take care of yourself.”
“This big pile is a list of females who are rushing to sign up…”

Gu Yu glanced at his poor kitchen, and sighed deeply.
It seems…
He has to go out to work and take on the important task of supporting his family!

Then, the soft rice male worm accidentally entered the military headquarters.
Accidentally became the marshal of the empire,
By the way, it accidentally subverted the cognition of the worms and refreshed the history of the zerg.
All the females: The female who is jealous of the Marshal’s house and does nothing and lays at home and eats soft food every day!

.Main attack, 1V1, HE.
The story of a soft rice worm who supports his family and accidentally becomes a marshal of the empire. The progress is slow, and the daily flow of each other’s sweet essays.
The affected leg will definitely get better in the end.
.Shuangjie will not have children.

Content tags: farming text interstellar sweet text future overhead
Search keywords: Protagonist: Gu Yu, Lu Shen Supporting role: Others: Main attack, Zerg, Interstellar, Mecha
One sentence introduction: Soft Fan Chong accidentally became the marshal of the empire
Conception: responsibility and love. To

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Short Title:TMWFTSHF
Alternate Title:这只雄虫被迫养家[虫族]
Author:I am pregnant
Weekly Rank:#292
Monthly Rank:#1043
All Time Rank:#5759
Tags:Early Romance, Interestellar, Seme Protagonist, Zergs,
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