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This Is My Primitive Tribe

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Travel to the primitive world, open up wasteland and farm land, tame animals and fish, build houses…

Jiang Xuan wants to create a tribe of his own!

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Short Title:TMPT
Alternate Title:这是我的原始部落
Weekly Rank:#1135
Monthly Rank:#493
All Time Rank:#3837
Tags:Adventurers, Ancient Times, Character Development, Clan Building, Farming, God-human Relationship, Godly Powers, Hunters, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Leadership, Male Protagonist, Multiple POV, Slow Growth at Start, Transmigration, Tribal Society, Wars, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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44 Comments on “This Is My Primitive Tribe
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  1. Please fix repeat chapter and also I think some chapters seem to be missing because there is a "..." sign at the beginning of the chapter. Or is it that the author of this novel made it? Because I think the opening of the story in a novel chapter, doesn't need a "..." sign in the beginning of chapter. This novel have good story without system, and have an interesting story development starting with characters, tribes and storylines. Even without romance, it's still a good to read.

  2. I know it, every chapter who have "..." at the beginning is an incomplete and missing chapter. I've checked it on the original site 69shu.com (maybe) there are no missing chapters, and no "..." at the beginning of the chapter opening. @MTLNovel please fix the repeat, incomplete and missing chapter from chapter 90 until new chapter. No wonder I feel confused when reading chapters with unfinished storylines and plots that are skipped so quickly. 😅😓

  3. @mtlnovel can you please fix the chapters, there are some chapters with repetitive content. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.:)

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