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Irregular introduction:

This game is too real!

Why did the clothes of his teammates disappear?

What? Are you asking me if this game is serious?

Of course it’s serious!

Moving bricks, running errands, picking up trash, delivering couriers… The company can at most let you experience the hardships of 996, where you can experience the super double 007.

Is there a more realistic game than this?

Okay, no more nonsense, the great manager called me to move bricks.

That adult said, as long as we donate our liver, next month he will be able to change to a new set of power armor, and then he will take us to open a new map and pick up more rubbish in the vast wasteland!

Serious introduction:

Chu Guang, who had traveled to the wasteland world, discovered that he had unlocked the refuge system and was able to summon a creature named “player” from the world he had traveled before.

From that day on, the whole wasteland was not serious.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TGTR
Alternate Title:这游戏也太真实了
Author:Morningstar LL
Weekly Rank:#1966
Monthly Rank:#1050
All Time Rank:#3196
Tags:Army, Army Building, Artificial Intelligence, Comedic Undertone, Genetic Modifications, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Mutated Creatures, Mutations, Players, Post-apocalyptic, Scientists, Strong to Stronger, System Administrator, Technological Gap, Transported into Another World, Virtual Reality, Wars,
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46 Comments on “This Game is Too Real
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  1. First of all I like the Author determination despite being sick and he's putting some thought into this. Even so he f*cked up big time in this story. The beginning was quite good and it makes you rise in expectations. But nothing happens! The character's presence are thin. This story focuses more on Military Strategy and Business. The World-Building is messy but at least it makes sense! (I have to give him credit for that) But that's what ruins the story. A PLAYER novel shouldn't be like this, it should focus more on the Sand Sculptures and Technology/Powers. Which makes the world all over the place. As for Romance? It sucks! Heyla and xiaoQi are better but forgotten most of the time.. I'm currently caught up and it does get better. But I'm getting a lot of mixed signals here... (I'm not sure if the second main character is gay or not? Or did he just want to play a Trap player? but why does he keep staring at women clothing? But he has a 'girlfriend' so what's going on? I have no idea..) Honestly, he's a serious playboy, and has better romance then MC himself! Lol. It's confusing!!!

  2. What is PLAYER novel and who get to decide what's inside? The shortcomings you pointed out are actually my favs. I love the kingdom building-esque of it that involves military and trade. Sand-sculptures are good in minimal amount. And who need romance when MC can go solo? My personal preference. Don't mind me if you don't like it. Btw, Xiaoqi is a robot disguised as a trashcan. What romance does it has?

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