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"Chen Yu, I can't find it."

"If he ran away, it would be impossible to find him."

Tang City, underground of the hospital, in a certain house.

Three people are sitting and communicating.

"He is too slippery." Podo Yui sighed: "Even Yahuang Yi also lost his hand."

"..." On the side, Bahuang kept silent, lowered his head, and silently checked his ankle that had just been attached.

Chen Yu's sudden attack was indeed beyond his expectation.

So far, he still has doubts in his mind.

The two were exposed to the wood powder environment at the same time. Why did he become wood, but Chen Yu was "safe and sound"?

The opponent's strength level is obviously much lower than him...

'what is this. ’

"Chen Yu..."

"How many secrets are hidden in him..."


At this time, the door was pushed open.

With a cowboy hat in his left hand and a plastic pocket in his right hand, Jill walked staggeringly in front of Yahuang Yi, posing as a street slaughter, and looking up and down: "Huh? Huh! Isn't this Yahuang Yi?"

Bahuang Yi: "..."

"The legs are connected? Can you go?"

Bahuang Yi: "..."

"I haven't seen you for a few hours.

Bahuang Yi: "..."

"Here." Jill put on his hat, opened the plastic pocket, and handed it to Chen Yu: "Look at it, see what I brought you? Lao Ba favorite! Fresh shit!"

The old woman sitting in the main seat couldn't bear it and slapped the table angrily.


"Have you two done it? What do you mix with shit?! TMD."

"I didn't look at Chen Yu, I was willing to lose the gambling and eat the shit." Jill retorted, pointing at Yahuang Yi: "But he didn't look at it this time! He also has to be willing to surrender!"

"Sorry." Standing up, Bahuang Yi said with a blank expression: "This time, I didn't bet with you."

"What do you mean?" Jill was on fire, carrying a plastic bag and shouting: "Then I'll eat it for nothing?"

Bahuang Yi: "The government can reimburse you for food and accommodation on a business trip."

"What's so special about you... Um. Yi'er, I actually lied to you." Jill's tone returned to softness: "This is chocolate."

Bahuang Yi: "..."

Hata Yui covered her face: "..."

"Your stupidity is enough." The old woman looked ugly: "Throw this ghost away."




After a long silence, Jill suffocated his breath, gave Bahuang Yi a fierce look, and threw the plastic bag out of the house.


Scattered all over...

"The contact with Chen Yu in the past few days has already let me know that he is not a good stubborn." The old woman scanned the crowd: "The two escapes also proved that it is difficult for us to control him. Now, he ran away again, we It can't be caught."

Podo Yui nodded: "Agree."

Neither Jill nor Bahuang Yi spoke.

"So, that Chen Yu, we don't care about him."

"But I didn't bring Chen Yu back. The above will be blamed." Jill hesitated.

"There is no way to blame it." The old woman squinted: "You have the ability to get Chen Yu back?"


"That's nonsense. It's better to go back early." Picking up the teacup and taking a sip, the old woman looked at Bahuang Yi: "How are you? Can you act on the injury."

"Reluctantly." Yahuang Yi nodded: "It was received in time. The level of medical martial artists here is good."

"Then don't have to wait for tomorrow." Putting down the tea cup, standing up, the old woman waved her right arm: "Leave immediately tonight and return to the magic capital."


"Leave now."

With that, she took the lead out of the room and stepped on the soft plastic pocket.

The black and yellow **** stained her shoe upper.

Old woman: "..."

Jill: "!"


Five and a half hours later.

Deserted early morning.

A group of four people walked out of the transport plane and stood on the land of the magic capital.

"I still can't adapt to the environment in the south." Yuzu Bodo tightly tightened his clothes: "The winter is too cold, it is colder than the north."

"Bah." Next to him, Jill with a swollen nose and swollen nose spit out a mouthful of blood, contemptuously: "Warrior, it's still cold like this."

Hata Yui curled his lips: "Martial artist, can still be beaten like this."

"...You are a little 4th-level martial artist, you are floating."

Ignore the quarrel between the two. Bahuangyi took a step forward and looked at the airport in front of him carefully, frowning: "Something is wrong."

"You can see it too?" The old woman nodded and narrowed her eyes: "At this time, the airport should be very deserted. Why is it so lively now."

"It seems to be transferring people."

"Wait for a while and go back to school. I'll make a call." After that, she took out her mobile phone and dialed a series of numbers.

"Hello? It's me, I'm back. What about...what?!"

In a few simple conversations, the old woman's pupils were quake, and her voice was so sharp that she lost her voice.

Bahuang Yi's eyes narrowed slightly.

Jill and Podo Yui who were fighting on the side also closed their mouths and looked over seriously.


"...Okay, I see."

Hang up the communication.

The old woman took a deep breath, retracted her phone, and turned to look at the three of them.

"What happened?" Bahuangyi was mentally prepared.

"Beast tide, here comes."

"Beast tide?" Jill exclaimed: "Let the magic capital?!"


"'s not right." Podo Yui panicked: "We came back from the northwest. On the transport plane, we also... didn't see the shadow of the beast tide."

"It's not land." The old woman raised her hand and pointed to the beach: "It's from the sea."

"There will also be a tide of beasts in the sea?" Jill's scalp numb.

"It's about the animal tide, it's all rigorous. There is no need to doubt to waste time." Yahuang Yi looked directly at the old woman: "The most important thing now is to determine how long the animal tide will land."

"Three days."

"Three days..."

No solution…

This idea flashed in the three people's minds at the same time.

Since the emergence of the animal tide.

Humans have never won a game.

Including the all-out preparations for the capital city, it also ended in the destruction of the city.

What's more, there are only three days of preparation time left for the beast wave in the magic capital...

"Impossible to win." Jill said simply and neatly: "The odds of winning are zero."

"Moreover, the tide of beasts comes from the sea... We all set up defensive positions in advance, and they are all on land." Yui Podo bit her lip: "I don't want to say frustrating things...really, the odds of winning are zero."

The old woman bowed her head in silence.

Everyone knows.

Even if it takes a few years for the development of the magic capital, it is far from the original level of the capital.

There is only one road left for everyone-destruction.

And the demons are gone, and humanity is completely hopeless.


From the time the capital was destroyed, everything was over...

"Unless." Podo Yui looked at the rolling waves in the distance: "A miracle happened."

Bahuang Yi turned around and left without looking back: "There has never been a miracle in this world."

Watching the opponent's figure drifting away, Hata Yui hesitated and said, "Captain, what should I do now?"

"Report back to school. Then accept orders from superiors."

"Good." ×2

With Jill and Bodo Yui, the old woman went to school to complete the report as quickly as possible.

Then they left them behind and went to the conference room on the ground floor of the Civic Center alone.

Standing at the door, before pushing the door open, I heard noisy discussions inside.

From time to time, there are also a few words of national curse.


Slowly pushing open the heavy wooden door, the old woman tried to use the weakest footsteps to sneak into the crowd calmly, watching the dispute between several big men around the round table...


A warrior with a big waist slapped the table hard and roared: "Meet the narrow road, the brave wins! We are the official! Not the exiled army! Why should we flee? We have already escaped from the capital once, is it useful? Throwing away more than 10 million civilians from the capital, don’t Yet?"

"When we meet on a narrow road, at least we must be evenly matched." The warrior at the other end of the round table pushed the frame: "Are we and the alien beasts evenly matched? Not long ago, the capital was destroyed, leaving behind us. It is irrational to sacrifice all here. ."

"But without the magic capital, there is no foundation to build. Now in the world, which city has a population of over 10 million? Which city has the industrial facilities around the magic capital? Where are we so many warriors?"

"Do you also know the importance of warriors? At least there are warriors, we have hope."

"No." The bald old man who had been sitting upright shook his head: "There is no hope, human beings are not the opponents of alien beasts after all."

"Since there is no hope, we will simply retreat." The Spectacle Warrior spread his hands.

"Since there is no hope. It is better to use the existing fortifications of the Demon Capital to kill as many as you can!" The strong warrior gritted his teeth.

The many 8th-level martial artists onlookers were silent, and no one dared to stand in line.

This sudden wave of undersea beasts indeed gave mankind the heaviest blow. It completely crushed the idea of ​​human civilization's final attempt to comeback.

The meeting room fell into silence.

No one spoke again.

In fact, everyone understands that the dispute between the two parties is essentially meaningless.

Because the end result is death.

Only the former is more dignified to die. The latter can last a while...


I don’t know how long it took, the president of Beijing University, who was sitting in the first place, stood up, put his hands and ten fingers on the round table, his voice hoarse: "Everyone."

Hearing this, everyone shuddered and looked at the principal of Beijing University.

"As high-level human beings, you should all know that there are now a large number of strange animals appearing out of thin air all over the world. Almost every city hasn't left behind."

"According to speculation. It may not be long before a wave of beasts sweeping the world will be born, engulfing every gathering place of human civilization."

"In other words, human beings have really come to an end."

"Our generation may be the last civilization."

Everyone was silent.

The President of Beijing University sighed lightly, scanned the audience, and continued: "Tonight, I contacted the only 9th-level martial artist in Japan and the only level 9 warrior in the human martial arts world. She still chose to give up support."

When the words fell, everyone looked at each other.

Some are resentful, some are desolate, some are numb, and some are stupefied.

"She believes that the end of humanity is only extinction. This is part of the earth's history. No one can change it. So no matter whether she appears or not, the demon will perish. Just like the original capital..."



The sturdy warrior had a hideous expression and slapped the table fiercely: "Listen to that babbling nonsense! If she came to the capital and resisted the beast tide with Master Li Qinghai, the capital would never be destroyed!"

"The 9th-level martial artist of Japan, I heard that he understood the essence of time." The spectacle warrior explained in a deep voice: "In her eyes, the world has an extra time axis. So she can see all the pictures of the past and the future. Presumably... She has already seen the history of the final demise of mankind."

"Fart! She's so awesome, why doesn't it change history? She's so fucking, why don't you know I'm scolding her?"

"She knows." The principal of Beijing University said suddenly.

"Uh?" The strong warrior stiffened on the spot.

"This is the video she recorded for me two hours ago." The principal of Beijing University took out a display device and pressed the play button: "Initially, it was difficult for me to believe what she said. But now, I have to believe it. …"


The screen flickered for a moment, and a woman's face appeared in the video.

"History cannot be changed." The woman opened her white eyes, with a soft tone: "History is equal to time. It itself is part of the world. I can't change it, and no one can change it. Excuse me, the Tang Dynasty happened. Can you change it?"

"You mean, we live in the past?"

The brawny warrior opened his mouth in doubt.

But when the words fell, I realized that he was talking to the video two hours ago...

Then, in the next second, the hairs of everyone present exploded.

Because the woman in the video actually answered...

"No, we live in the present." The woman shook her head: "But no matter the past, the present, or the future, they are all history. Everything is fixed. We can't change the past, we can't control the present, and we can't adjust the future. We can't. Every person, including every plant, insect and thing on the earth, is history itself."

"That..." The spectacle warrior at the other end looked ugly: "In three days, we will stay in the capital to resist, or retreat."

"In three days, you will leave resistance." The woman replied.

"Then we will retreat!"

"You can't retreat. You will only leave resistance." The woman closed her eyes: "The most desperate thing in the world is to know your own destiny. It has long been doomed."


In the crowded conference room, UU read silently.

A few words from a woman have an unforgettable impact on everyone.

"May I ask." At the end of the crowd, the last old woman who came in raised her hand.


"What will the world look like after the demise of mankind." ×2

The old woman and the woman said these words in unison.

Everyone: "..."

People became more and more frightened.

"After the destruction of mankind..." The woman opened her pure white eyes, her godless gaze seemed to penetrate the long river of time: "Time has passed by 80,000 years. That is a new generation of civilization."

Everyone: "?"

"Unfortunately, the deforestation ended up turned into wood..."

Everyone: "???"

Old woman: "That...that..."

"As for one hundred thousand years ago." The woman interrupted her and closed her eyes again: "Oh, that's really a brilliant interstellar civilization, an artificial intelligence of an alien civilization that has fully developed the solar system. It's a pity, before that, Mankind has been perished for thousands of years..."

Everyone: "???"

When the words are over, the video ends.

The display turned black again.

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