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The slightly rusty car door was closed firmly.

Podo Yui stretched out tiredly, and pointed to the huge gate in front: "Here, Tang City."

"Just stay here for the night." The old woman said calmly: "Jill, you go to the local authorities and ask them to prepare a transport plane. Leave tomorrow morning."

"OK." Jill nodded.

"Yui, you go to arrange accommodation."


"As for you two..." The old woman turned her head and scanned Chen Yu and Bahuang Yi left and right: "Go wherever you want. But you must meet at the airport on time before eight o'clock tomorrow morning."


Bahuang changed his head and didn't look back, but simply responded, and led the shivering Chen Yu away.

Enter the city gate and walk into a hidden alley.

Bahuang Yi stopped and said, "Where is Bahuang Yao."

"Ah... she... she's in... I don't know the name of that place."

"Lead the way."

"Should we go to eat some food first? I think you are hungry too..."

"Lead the way." With cold eyes, Bahuang Yi interrupted briefly and concisely.


After swallowing, Chen Yu had to bite the bullet and take Bahuang Yi around in this huge Tang City.

First went to the National Mine Park.

Went to the shadow puppet theme park again.

South Lake, Swan Lake, Canal Chinatown, Everbright City are also patronized one by one.

Not even the familiar "Red Light Street" was left.


The two stopped at the steaming, foot bath, and spa center called "Li Tang Dijiang".

"Brother Yi, walk around, it's dark, I ask you to bubble your feet."

Bahuangyi grabbed Chen Yu's collar, his arms trembling slightly.

That is the performance of his efforts to suppress tyrannical emotions.

"Bahuang Yao, where is it?"

"..." Chen Yu bowed his head and was silent.

"Did something happen to her."

"... Brother Yi." He sighed deeply, and Chen Yu wiped his face painfully: "I won't hide it from you until now. I can't help it. Xiao Yao, he..."

"What's wrong with her." Bahuangyi's eyes narrowed, his body trembling more intensely.

"You... come with me." Chen Yu turned and walked in one direction: "This time, I won't go around you."

Clenching his fists, Bahuangyi immediately followed, chasing after Chen Yu.

One after another, the two went through three blocks to a private hospital.

On the big plaque of the hospital, the words "Tang City An Ding Mental Disease Treatment and Research Institute" were written.

"Xiao Yao, right here." Chen Yu looked serious.

"Do not talk nonsense."


Nodded, Chen Yu took Bahuang Yi into the hospital and said to the front desk staff: "I am Ma Li's friend. I have been here before."

"Oh! I recognize you, do you want to..."

"Just recognize it."

After all, Chen Yu ignored the staff's astonished expression and directly pressed the special elevator.


"We are here to meet a companion left behind before." Chen Yu said solemnly: "You can ask the dean, we have all made an appointment."

When the words were over, he and Bahuangyi entered the elevator and headed underground.


The staff hesitated for a while, but decided to pick up the phone and ask the dean...

Inside the elevator.

Chen Yu opened his backpack and said heavily, "Xiao Yao is in Room 3 below. When the capital was destroyed, Ma Li and I sent her. Ma Li was the supplier of this hospital..."

Before Chen Yu finished speaking, Bahuangyi interrupted in a low voice, "Bahuang Yao, are you injured?"

"Yes, I was seriously injured. The medical conditions in this hospital are very good, but it can barely maintain Xiao Yao's physiological functions."


Accompanied by a crisp sound.

The elevator doors opened.

Chen Yu stepped out first and took out a water bag from his bag.

"What is this?" Bahuang Yi frowned.

"The room card of Room 3 in the basement, I hid it inside."

With that said, Chen Yu casually patted the water bag as he walked.


The water bag burst.

Masses of black powder scattered out instantly.

"Sneak attack!"


Wood powder...

In an instant, less than 0.1 seconds.

The Bahuangyi posted behind Chen Yu turned into a wooden sculpture. Stiff in place, falling slowly.


Chen Yu quickly turned around to catch it to prevent Bahuangyi's body from being "smashed", and then he was greatly relieved.

"Finally, it's done..."

Different from Jill.

Bahuangyi is too difficult to deal with.

In order to reduce his vigilance, Chen Yu could only take him around the city for a long time, suggesting that his sister Bahuang Yao might have a problem.

Subsequently, step by step mobilization and manipulation of Bahuang Yi emotions made him completely change his attention from "watching" Chen Yu to "worrying" Bahuang Yao.

In the end, a sudden black wood powder turned into wood without any room for thought...

As for where the wood powder comes from...

Naturally, he collected it in a foreign land at that time.

There are three bags.

Now I use one bag, and there are two left...

"It's so nasty, my wave of operations."

Chen Yu smacked his lips contentedly.

When he came out of the northeast, he began to make arrangements for this routine.

Loop by loop.

Although it is a bit of a "superfluous move", as long as it can handle the eight wastes, no matter how cumbersome it is, it is worth it...

"Then now, you can slip away."

Rubbing his hands, Chen Yu held the wooden figure that Bahuang easily turned into and walked forward: "Return to the Demon Capital? I have to resurrect Xiao Yao with so many things. How can I go to the Demon Capital?"


He walked to the door of an office, reached out and tapped.

"Boom boom."


Inside the door, a voice familiar to Chen Yu came.

Chen Yu: "Don't do it for me."

"My hometown is far away!" The door was pushed abruptly, and a man in a white coat hugged Chen Yu and said excitedly: "Why wander? Just to find a place that is fair! Comrade, it's you!"

"Yes." Chen Yupi smiled.

The man immediately introduced Chen Yu into the house and locked the door: "What's the matter with the organization sending you to come to me this time? The director of the Public Security Bureau was also brought in by me! Now half of Tang City is our fair meeting. People."

Chen Yu: "...hehe, good job."

"It's all cultivated by the organization!" The man proudly patted his chest: "Next, I am going to contact the mayor of Tang City."

Chen Yu: "..."

After a moment of silence, Chen Yu's right hand was like electricity.


Knocked **** the back of the man's neck.


The man in the white coat was unprepared, his eyes rolled white, and he fainted and fell to the ground.

"Your level of business is a bit too much, brother."

Stretch his legs and move the man aside.

Chen Yu put Yahuang Yiping on the table, took out his cell phone, and quickly dialed Ma Li's number.


"Hello? Chen Yu?"

Communication is connected in one second.

"Yes, it's me."

"Chen Yu! Where the **** are you? Why did you think of contacting us?" Ma Li's grumpy roar came from the receiver.


Not waiting for Chen Yu to explain.

Chen Siwen's slightly crying voice sounded in the earpiece: "Xiaoyu, why have you disappeared for so long. I don't know how to explain it to mom."

"There was an accident in the foreign land, and it was delayed for a few days. Then I was taken away by Bahuangyi and the others, and they wanted to take me to the magic city to go to school. I have never found time to contact you. I will not gossip. Sister, please call Ma Li. I am very anxious."

"Hey, it's me." The voice was changed to Ma Li: "What's wrong with you?"

Chen Yu held the phone with his shoulder, and while looking for a suitable container, he asked: "People who have been wooded by wood powder need to be soaked in that kind of tree sap, right?"


"Also with water?"

"Yes, but the effect will be very slow."

"There is a person on my side who has been wooded and I have sap. How much water do I need to add to make him resurrect in half an hour."

"Wait a minute, I will ask my sister."


Chen Yu nodded, put down his phone, dragged a large potted plant in the office, pulled out the trunk, and dumped the soil.

Then plugged the water hole at the bottom with a plastic bag, and stuffed Bahuang Yi into it.

The left and right width is more than enough.

Just in terms of length, two feet stretched out...


Chen Yu frowned for a while, and bent forward hard.


Both feet were broken off and thrown beside the body.

"Yeah. This time I can fit it."

Bahuang Yi: "..."

The damage to the wood incarnation also means the damage to the normal body.

But the ankle breaks in a small amount, as long as you contact Jill afterwards, using this world's medical technology, it is easy to connect the foot.

"Don't blame me, it's all for the people..."


Clapping the smudge on his hands, he picked up the phone and asked, "Are you ready?"

"Forget it. Is it convenient for video?"

"no problem."

After hanging up the phone, Chen Yu opened the WeChat software and made a video connection with Ma Li.

"Who is this person?"

The video opened, and Ma Li was puzzled to observe.

The wooded human, although the details are clear.

But Bahuangyi was head down, so Ma Li didn't recognize it.

Chen Yu didn't explain the identity of Yahuang Yi, and raised the water bag containing the sap to the camera: "How much is it."

"Are there weighing tools nearby?"


"Then you first weigh the sack of juice in grams. Then add 300:1 clean water little by little to see the recovery, and then modify the ratio..."

five minutes later.

Under the guidance of the two sisters Ma Li and Ma Yan, Chen Yu adjusted the 340:1 mixed water to soak the Bahuang Yi Tuantuan.

Visible to the naked eye.

The opponent's originally woody body is slowly "softening".


With a sigh of relief, Chen Yu picked up the pen and paper on the table and wrote two lines of words.

(Brother Yi, I will slip away first.)

(Yao Bahuang is actually fine at all, don't worry.)

Fold the letter and place it next to the potted plant.

Chen Yu grabbed the man in a white coat who had fainted like mud, opened the door of the room, and turned and ran.

Going down the stairs to the first floor, he threw the man away.


Falling to the ground caused exclamations from everyone in the hall.

"Ma Li, now you find a way to contact the official of the magic capital anonymously. Then let the official of the magic capital contact Jill and tell him to come to this hospital to rescue people."

"Yes." Ma Li said: "Then where are you going?"

"I'll run away first." Chen Yu jumped onto the hospital wall and looked around, hesitating: "Well... you should go back to Qingcheng now. Go back in the safest way."

"What about you?" Chen Siwen interrupted anxiously in the receiver.

"I will naturally return to Qingcheng. Oh, by the way, how long will it take you to arrive in Qingcheng?"

"Up to four days."

"Yes. I'm only one day away from Qingcheng, and I'll go around here for three days first, just in time for us to arrive together."



"Be safe. Don't do it."

"Okay." Chen Yu nodded with a smile. Just as he was about to hang up his phone, he heard BB's shout again.

"My lord! Like CF, if you die, I will continue to sweep your grave."

Chen Yu: "...good, so sweet."

Hang up the video.

Turning his head, looking at the hospital behind him, Chen Yu felt particularly comfortable and leaped away...

About five minutes later.

With three bursts of vigorous flames.

The old woman, Jill, and Bodo Yui came together.

The three of them simply ignored the hospital leadership who had just arrived, slammed through the ground and jumped into the ground.



The three raised their legs and kicked.

Kick over one door after another.

Until he found the house where Bahuang Yi was located.

"At this!"

Hata Yui greeted, and the old woman and Jill rushed over in an instant.

Jill: "..."

Old woman: "..."

Seeing Bahuang Yi in the pool, Jill clenched his fists and trembled all over.

"Chen...Chen **** did a great job! Hahahahahaha..."

Jill laughed wildly and ran out of the room happily: "I'm going to find shit, I'm going to find shit..."

Old woman: "..."

Step forward.

She observed the recovery of Bahuangyi, her eyes narrowed slightly: "Chen Yu..."

"Chen Yu..."


same time.

Chen Yu scurryed in the crowd, confirming that he was completely submerged in the "flow of people".

He hurriedly left Tang City, and walked in a serpentine path to the foreign land of Bodhi Island.

It's still a strange land away from the so-called [Curse Strengthening].

Chen Yu decided to use these three days to destroy the foreign land of Bodhi Island.

It doesn't matter if Chengdu is successful.

It's good to be successful.

Unsuccessful, they continue to return to Qingcheng, join Ma Li and the others, and start the work of resurrecting the Bahuang Yao.

By the way, he can also hide in a different territory to avoid the "hunting and killing" of Yahuangyi and others.

Wear a mask.

Enter the alien hall.

Chen Yu observed from left and right, and found that the once lively and prosperous venue was already quite unstoppable.

The demise of the capital has caused the whole world to lose confidence in fighting the alien beasts.

"Living a day counts as a day" has become the consensus of everyone.

Without the need for progress, no matter how "hot" the foreign land has been, no one is chasing after it.


With an inexplicable sigh, Chen Yu strode to the front desk and said, "Beauty, buy a ticket."

"You don't need to buy a ticket, come in." The female staff member yawned tiredly.

"No more votes?"

"No one has come to ask for a The woman rolled her eyes.


Nodded, Chen Yu walked away...



Magic City, in the secret office.

The female assistant looked desperate, and handed out a document: "After the death fleet's radar detection... the scale of the beast tide this time is three times the size of the beast tide in Beijing."


The President of Beijing University reached out to take it, and the action was suddenly stagnant: "The tide of long will it take?"

"Three days."

"It's too late to evacuate."

"Yes." The female assistant bit her lip and allowed the **** smell to spread to her mouth: "Because this animal tide was in the sea, it could not be observed in advance. The principal..."

President of Beijing University: "..."

"If the Demon Capital also perishes..."


"what should we do……"

In the dark room, it was quiet for a long time.

The president of Beijing University stood up with difficulty, closed his eyes, and raised his head.


"Save us."

Under the flickering light.

In the shadows ignored by the light.

Neither of them noticed. In a small pot of withered vase, a new green sprout broke open at some unknown time...


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