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“The Heavenly Dragon Dao Sect is one of the eight supreme sects of the Jiu Yaoxing. This seat is even the Heavenly Dragon Dao Sect Daozi. You have offended this seat. As long as this seat gives an order, the sword fairy is like a cloud…”


Qin Linye hit Jiu Yaoxing across the air.

The power contained in fist strength penetrates the atmosphere, like a dense star with a diameter of tens of kilometers hitting the ground at a speed of more than 1,000 kilometers per second.

The earth melted and the star core shattered.

The waves swept by flames and magma continued to spread in all directions at supersonic speeds. The mountains, rivers, and forests on the surface of the earth’s crust were completely stripped off, and the dust and rocks thrown up by the impact flew directly into the atmosphere, and in the next moment…


The destructive force penetrated the stars, swept across the starry sky, and disappeared into the endless depths.

The planet shattered and exploded!


Like a firework shining in the sea of stars.

“What did you just say, where is the sword fairy under the cloud? I don’t seem to hear clearly.”

Qin Linye raised his fist and looked at the Daozi of Heavenly Dragon Dao Sect.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:TMSI
Alternate Title:剑仙三千万
Author:Riding the wind sword
Weekly Rank:#2571
Monthly Rank:#5479
All Time Rank:#5374
Tags:Cautious Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Cosmic Wars, Determined Protagonist, Famous Protagonist, Gods, Immortals, Modern, Multiple Realms, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Skill Creation, Slow Growth at Start, Sword Wielder, System, Weak to Strong,
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  1. гг опущеный лох и слабак неспособный культивировать: теги- быстрая культивация + сверхсильный гг ... кстати описание чушь, которая как обычно не имеет ничего общего с историей

  2. What low key mc. The first time he try to cultivate skill. He show off to internet? Shit. Why he want to cultivate those hard skills? There's plenty of basic skill he can learn. Don't he know foundation is the most important? He want to cultivate sword fairy, but what? He went to search for those hard sword skills. Tsk. Don't even have enough basic. Stupid waste.

  3. I understand that, but you know mc thinks about his safety, but what happen? He still search for those advanced skill that are not suitable for him. He only focus on attack and defense. But not even have any life saving skill. There's plenty of skills in library or forum. Because of that, each time he use those skill, he always injured or near death, then relied on adding attribute point to physique to recover. It's a waste of point. He said he want to cultivated immortal. But he don't even have any martial art that can absord those spiritual force. Then what he do? He only complaints. That's it. When he got resources from his friend, what he do? He think that it was a waste to use it on him. It better change it with money to buy beasts? Why don't he go to wilderness then? He waste a lot of time doing nothing except meditate for those skill he has only to get a small upgrade. He wants to get point. But, he don't even go search for it. Only when others provoked him, would he get point. He only test on 1 realm or higher than him each time he needs point, that's only his own speculation. Why don't he try to go out to kill those monster beast to try to test it? Each time he broadcast, He said martial art relies on life and death, then why don't he goes to wilderness? Why would he buy those beast that got chained when he fight with them? What the use?

  4. This guy can't read mtl novel at all. It is mentioned in ch 3, he need achievement to get attribute from his system that's why he choose Hard to learn skill. This novel is written by the same author of the unkillable swordman where the mc is well developed n the world is well defined. So don't trash it if u can't read mtl. Note: I blame mtl not ur ability to read, peace.

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