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There’s a Dragon Girl in the Desolate Sea

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There is a dragon girl in the desolate sea, feeding on love as food.

On the day that Wei’s iron cavalry stepped through the imperial city, blood ran like rivers.

The tyrant slaughtered the royal family along the way, but left behind just the frail and snow-skinned little queen.

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Short Title:TDIDS
Alternate Title:荒海有龙女
Weekly Rank:#3823
Monthly Rank:#4823
All Time Rank:#8606
Tags:Female Protagonist, World Hopping,
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8 Comments on “There’s a Dragon Girl in the Desolate Sea
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  1. As far as I could remember. The MC Linglong is a dragon and she is so bad and evil. At the beginning of the story she has a husband but then I found out that she killed her husband for live (i dont know, might be she will have a long life when she killed people who loves her, i forgot). And then the husband died and she looking for a new husband and then the second husband is died again, she killed him. Then she looking for the third. I felt sad for her but also confused. She is so wicked and evil and I havent met the ML yet until I read couple chapters, and I dont want to continue reading it. I dont know, maybe Im not gone far enough to understand the story.

  2. Linglong?? I don't know why I was reminded of my favorite story. There is also a character named Linglong who is a dragon. He eats love and travelling too. Maybe the author put it in the story of Qing Huan sen~. Ooh and also Qing Huan are from the story "Heroine’s Road to Becoming Scum" by the same author of this story. BTW I'm a big fan of Qing Huan sen~!!!! Recommended : Heroine’s Road to Becoming Scum♥️🤍

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