There is No Bottleneck In My Practice

Liang Sheng travels through another world, starting with a child with dull talent. Chizi is dull: sincere heart, perseverance, extremely slow cultivation speed, no bottleneck in the world. But what if there is no bottleneck in the world? Cultivation speed is extremely slow, it is.... Read more

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Chapter 159 Another teleportation formation, City Lord Zhenyuan is out! ? Chapter 158 All sentient beings are taught to die, and Liang Sheng plays the common people as chess (8k Chapter 157 Exquisite calculations, double cultivation with Yuanying Zhenjun, terrifying like

Chapter 156 Break through the late stage of the Nascent Soul, visualize the variation of the divine law, the appearance of the law Chapter 155 The mustard seed of the city lord's mansion, the spinal cord of heaven and earth breaks through again! Chapter 154 Chen Quan mad dog, is this courting death? (8k combined Chapter 153 The praying mantis catches the cicada, the oriole follows behind, and the Chen house is destroyed! ( Chapter 152 Great auspicious omen, visualization of magic (8k combined Chapter 151 Unexpected surprise in the middle stage of Yuanying, 41,000 years of life into immortality Chapter 150 The Nascent Soul is not dead yet! ? Soul Control Dafa, I Chapter 149 You're lonely, you're high above, then you're going to die Chapter 148 Refining Qi to transform into God, Immortal City Laishi can hold my fist

Chapter 147 Immortal city eyeliner, sect looting, a hundred years of retreat come true Chapter 146 Incomplete foundation? Look at the only refining gas in the world Chapter 145 The mascot of the Zongmen, breaking through the middle stage of Jindan, the spirit of the Nascent Soul

Chapter 144 The three refining methods of Huaying Dan broke through 30,000 taels Chapter 143 Is a little foundation building worth a spiritual weapon? The world changes, Chapter 142 Jindan is invincible, Nascent Soul Master, he has become Chapter 141 The fall of the demon saint, inventory harvest, breakthrough golden core (8k Chapter 140 Yuanying Zhenjun has all fallen, I am the savior (8k combined Chapter 139 Slaying the demon king in the body, stunning the sectarian alliance (8k combined Chapter 138 After cultivating immortals for six hundred years, after all, people pretend to be... no, people Chapter 137 Shortcut to practice, pseudo pill realm (8k combined Chapter 136 Breaking through 30,000 years of health preservation, self-sustaining good fortune and avoiding evil (8k

Chapter 135 A hundred years of war, late foundation establishment (8k combined Chapter 134 Refining Jin Yuandan, the whole army was wiped out (8k combined Chapter 133 The haze of the beast tide, I am invincible under the golden core (8k combined Chapter 132 The way of heaven is to make up for the deficiency when the excess is damaged, and the tide of beasts strikes ~ 143-144 ~ Chapter 130 Chapter 141-142 ~ 139-140 ~ Chapter 128 Chapter 137-138 Alchemy Lecturer, Jin Yuan Dan Fang ( ~ Chapter 127 Chapter 135-136 ~ 133-134 ~ 131-132 ~ Chapter 124 Chapter 129-130 Alchemy Boy, Danyang Waifeng (

~ Chapter 123 Chapter 127-128 The Puppet Project, Younger Yang Cheng, ~ Chapter 122 Chapter 125-126 Outer Sect Disciple, Danding Formation ( ~ 123-124 ~ 121-122 ~ 119-120 ~ 117-118 Chapter 117 Kidnapping Chen Sheng, Praying Mantis Catching Cicadas (Ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 116 Follow the trend, we have a plan! ? (seeking month Chapter 115 So what about the Pei family, how can they deceive me, Master Chen? ( Chapter 114 Zhu Jidan Auction, Please Chen Sheng out of the mountain (ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 113 The alchemists all come forward, how dare they bully me, Master Chen? (beg Chapter 112 The vest is famous, the sect regrets it (ask for a monthly ticket)

Chapter 111 Lingtian servant, alchemist Chen Sheng! (seeking a monthly ticket) Chapter 110 Returning to the world of cultivating immortals, why is it dark? (seeking monthly ticket Chapter 109 Finally become a foundation (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 108 Determining cause and effect, building a foundation and becoming a success (ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 107 Into the black market, exploring Danfang (ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 106 Lingtian Farmer, Zongmen Douqi (Ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 105 Let's go, let's go! (seeking a monthly ticket) Chapter 104 The True Solution of Formation (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 103 Black Market (ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 102 Big business (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 101 Make good friends, attack the talisman (add 5200, pay off the debt Chapter 100 Ten levels of energy training! ? (seeking a monthly ticket)

Chapter 99 Shouyuan rises again (additional 4400, please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass) Chapter 98 Miracle Chapter 97 Similar Flowers (seek subscription please monthly pass) Chapter 96 Storage bag (additional 4600, please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass) Chapter 95 Seventh level of Qi training (additional 4600, please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 94 Nailhead Seven Arrows (seeking subscription please monthly ticket) Chapter 93 Fellow Daoist, please stay! (Add more 4000, please subscribe Chapter 92 Grasp with both hands (additional 4400, please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass) Chapter 91 Qi Lian Dan (ask for subscription, ask for monthly ticket) Chapter 90 Wangxiantu (additional 4400, please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass) Chapter 89 Qi training second level (additional 4400, please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass) Chapter 88 Liang Sheng Zao Xiantian (ask for subscription, ask for monthly ticket)

Chapter 87 First level of Qi training (additional 4600, please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 86 Shangqing Xianjing (additional 5000, please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket) Chapter 85 Life is alive, safety first (ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass Chapter 84 Cultivation of Immortals is finally coming (seeking subscription, asking monthly ticket) Chapter 83 Testimonials Chapter 82 I am invincible under the cultivation of immortality (seeking to follow up) Chapter 81 Is bound to win (seeking follow-up) Chapter 80 collapse! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 79 Kyushu tripod (for follow-up) Chapter 78 Piff (seek to follow up) Chapter 77 Cultivation sect? (Seek to follow up) Chapter 76 Assassinate Emperor Kaiping (seeking further reading)

Chapter 75 Get married (seek to follow up) Chapter 74 Or innate? (Seek to follow up) Chapter 73 The Fall of Li Hong (seeking further reading) Chapter 72 Fishing in Troubled Waters (seeking to follow up) Chapter 71 The New Emperor Ascension to the Throne (seeking to follow up) Chapter 70 Shot (seek to follow up) Chapter 69 The Wusheng royal family! ? (Seek to follow up) Chapter 68 The Inanimate Leader (seeking further reading) Chapter 67 magic weapon? (Seek to follow up) Chapter 66 Human Hair Murder, Earth Turned Upside down (seeking to follow up) Chapter 65 Killing intent from the ground, dragons and snakes rise from the land (for further reading) Chapter 64 Mountains and rains are about to come and winds fill the building

Chapter 63 Here are ten more health-preserving exercises! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 62 Heavenly Prison (seeking follow-up) Chapter 61 Kyoto (for follow-up) Chapter 60 In the end become innate (for further reading) Chapter 59 Turmoil in Kyoto (read more) Chapter 58 Are there immortals in the world? (Seek to follow up) Chapter 57 The drama is over (for further reading) Chapter 56 Innate Grandmaster (seeking to follow up) Chapter 55 The opening of the big play (for further reading) Chapter 54 Barrier Breaking Pill! Chapter 53 return in vain Chapter 52 Half step genius!

Chapter 51 prince of peace Chapter 50 goodbye old friend Chapter 49 The end of the samurai Chapter 48 Assassinated Chapter 47 Kill the evil star! ? Chapter 46 Acquired Kunou Chapter 45 old friend, long time no see Chapter 44 feign death Chapter 43 chaos Chapter 42 i want to be a good person Chapter 41 bizarre Chapter 40 goodbye flower girl

Chapter 39 compromise Chapter 38 Inanimate Teaching Reappearance Chapter 37 Surrounding the Golden Mount Temple Chapter 36 nobleman Chapter 35 cause and effect Chapter 34 Do you have a day to be a backer? Chapter 33 Burning incense and worshiping Buddha Chapter 32 old friends meet Chapter 31 When should I "die"? Chapter 30 Century-old family? Home Nuer! Chapter 29 Ancestors fall Chapter 28 hands on

Chapter 27 court death! Chapter 26 Acquired Yae Chapter 25 chaos Chapter 24 Where there is an abnormality, there must be a demon Chapter 23 Lifeless religion Chapter 22 Monk at Jinshan Temple Chapter 21 early bliss, dead man Chapter 20 Remember, you can't be kind Chapter 19 Great Clan Festival, All Movie Kings Chapter 18 Acquired seventh level, high-grade martial arts Chapter 17 destruction Chapter 16 close the net

Chapter 15 Fudo Ming Wang Seal Chapter 14 Fudo Mingwang Tathagata Sutra Chapter 13 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Chapter 12 Kinzanji Temple Chapter 11 The sea is wide and the fish jumps, the conflict Chapter 10 Another five years, six times the day after tomorrow Chapter 9 Destroy Chapter 8 kill! Chapter 7 become a monk Chapter 6 A double nine Chapter 5 My vision is too shallow! Chapter 4 The correct way to open the child is dull

Chapter 3 Unexpected practice speed Chapter 2 Health-preserving exercises, Changchun Gong Chapter 1 It's just a waste of good birth!

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