Chapter 2 Health-preserving exercises, Changchun Gong

  Jinzhou City, Liang Family Ancestral Hall.

  At this moment, the courtyard is completely silent. No matter what, the current Liang Sheng is still the eldest son of the Liang family, so he cannot be easily humiliated.

  The person who spoke in a low voice just now may have realized that he said something wrong, so he stopped speaking again. Suddenly, the courtyard became quiet again.

  As for Liang Sheng himself, he didn't have any expression at the moment, but he didn't feel any anger. He only had a wry smile in his heart. After all, the other party didn't say anything wrong.

  I am a naive child with a dull cultivation talent, and my cultivation speed is extremely slow. I am just a waste in their mouths.

   And at this moment, there was a sudden creak.

  The gate of the ancestral hall opened slowly.

   Walking in the front is Liang Ping, the current head of the Liang family, Liang Ping, the biological father of Liang Sheng's predecessor.

  Liang Sheng has already made preparations, but he still feels a little uneasy. After all, the next step is to arrange his fate.

   "Sheng Er."

  Liang Sheng immediately went out to salute upon hearing the words, looked up at Liang Ping, and waited for his final arrangement for him.

  Behind Liang Ping, there were real power figures in the Liang family on the left and right, the elders in charge of the clan. At this time, they also had serious faces, and there was no clue at all from their expressions.

   At this moment, Liang Ping's voice sounded again, and Liang Sheng's heartbeat couldn't help but speed up. How he was arranged, the result will be announced immediately.

   "Today is when you come of age, from now on you will follow your second uncle and learn to be in charge of the family restaurant business."

  As soon as these words came out, the eyes of the younger generation of the Liang family lit up instantly, and then they quickly lowered their heads, the fire of desire in their eyes was blazing.

   Liang Sheng, the eldest son, was officially released from the succession rights of the patriarch, so any of them could hope to take that position.

   Their fists were clenched tightly before they knew it.

   "Sheng'er would like to listen to his father's arrangement."

  Liang Sheng didn't know why, but after hearing his exact arrangement, he was relieved. Perhaps this was already the best arrangement for him.

  Being in charge of the Liang family’s outer restaurant may not be very good for the Liang family’s son-in-law, but in Jinzhou City, he is still a master, and he has no worries about food and clothing throughout his life.

  Liang Ping saw Liang Sheng so calm, and couldn't help but take a deep look at Liang Sheng. He didn't expect his useless son to have such a heart, but it's a pity...

  As the head of the Liang family, I have given a lot of resources to my son in the early years, but he really has no talent for cultivation. Even if he is an ordinary person, I am afraid that he has not yet broken through the acquired second level.

  But this is good too, let him take charge of the Waimen restaurant, and it can be regarded as fulfilling the father-son friendship between himself and him.

   At this time, Liang Ping turned his head to his younger brother Liang Qiang, who is currently the head of the outer sect, and said: "Second brother, I will trouble you in the future."

   "Don't worry, the owner, I will take Sheng'er to take over the restaurant smoothly."

  Liang Ping nodded, didn't say anything else, and walked straight to the outside of the ancestral hall, followed by the elders in charge.

  When Liang Qiang left, he also specially greeted Liang Sheng, asking him to come to him when he was free, and he would hand over the affairs of the restaurant to him.

  When Liang Ping left with the stewards, the juniors in the courtyard breathed a sigh of relief, and each looked up at each other. At this time, they had already hidden their desires.

   "Brother, when you go to a restaurant to drink in the future, you have to take care of my brother and me!"

  This sentence seemed to open up a chatterbox. In an instant, all the younger generations in each room smiled at Liang Sheng.

   After all, a "brother" who has no competitive relationship with him, and his father is the current head of the family, not to mention a good relationship, at least there should be no conflicts.

  Of course, at this time, they all face each other with smiling faces, but how many of them are sincere?

  Liang Sheng also greeted this with a smile, with a very low posture, which made the Liang family children a little uncomfortable.

  Liang Sheng in the past was unreasonable. With such a style, it seems that the other party has really accepted the reality and let go of his obsession.

  If it were them, from the eldest son of the Liang family to a fringe figure, I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to be so calm, right?

   can be regarded as a character, but he has no talent for cultivation.

  Suddenly, the atmosphere in the courtyard became more and more friendly, and Liang Sheng even made a lot of promises. When he officially took over the restaurant, all the brothers would join in.

   That afternoon.

  Liang Sheng went to find Liang Qiang, and went to one of the most luxurious restaurants in Jinzhou City.

  Liang Qiang was also a little surprised at first, he didn't expect Liang Sheng to find him so soon, and the handover work in the afternoon also made him appreciate Liang Sheng a little more.

  Liang Sheng's method was also good. First, he met with the shopkeeper of the restaurant, and rewarded everyone in the restaurant.

  Under the great ups and downs, being able to adjust his status so quickly can be regarded as a character, but it's a pity that he doesn't have the talent for cultivation, so what can he do?

   Liang Qiang couldn't help thinking of himself again, and couldn't help but smile wryly. In fact, why isn't he like this? What right does he have to pity Liang Sheng here?

  Under the state of sympathy for each other, he has a little more warmth towards Liang Sheng, his nephew. In this family of martial arts with few people, warmth is very precious.

  Liang Sheng naturally also felt the change in Liang Qiang. Although he didn't know why, it was a good thing after all. How could he refuse?

  So the atmosphere between the uncle and nephew became more and more harmonious.



  Liang Sheng was sitting cross-legged on the futon at the moment, and opened his eyes after a while, with a helpless expression on his face.

   As expected of being stupid, the speed of practice is really horribly slow. After practicing the Golden Dragon Jue tonight and running the Great Circuit, it has almost no effect.

   Confirmed through the panel that the progress of this practice is almost zero, no matter how unwilling he is, he has no choice but to accept his fate.

  In this world, no matter what kind of kung fu is practiced, there is a corresponding number of circles in the corresponding state. In the past, it was because of impatience that he continued to run the circles at the limit, and then he went mad and died.

  Liang Sheng naturally also learned his lesson, he didn't dare to forcibly run Zhou Tian again, but this long night can't be wasted, so he simply started to practice the health-preserving exercise he just got, Changchun Gong.

  There are so many health-preserving exercises in this world, but they are not the mainstream. After all, this world respects martial arts strength.

  If a practitioner has no strength, how long will he live? What's more, health-preserving exercises also have limits, and it is not known how many years of life expectancy can be increased until the state of perfection.

  So health-preserving exercises are among the simplest and easy-to-practice exercises, but every level of breakthrough will encounter the bottleneck of exercises.

  If one spends a lot of time practicing health-preserving skills, the loss may not be worth the gain in this world of martial arts. After all, increasing one's own strength is the first priority.

  Who would choose the mediocre and unflattering health-preserving exercises at the beginning stage of martial arts practice?

   I am afraid that only the old monsters whose lifespan is approaching will practice health-preserving skills when the way forward in martial arts has been cut off.

   Can live a few more years, count a few years...

  (end of this chapter)

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