Chapter 155 Sumi mustard seed of the city lord's mansion, the spinal cord of heaven and earth breaks through again! (8k combined chapters ask for monthly tickets)

   Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  As soon as Qingfeng finished speaking, Chen Quan suddenly burst into tears regardless of the eyes around him, regardless of his image as Yuanying Zhenjun.

   "Thank you, You Envoy. You Envoy really understands righteousness. In fact, all this is the responsibility of the Audit Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. What does it have to do with You Envoy? It's a pity that my Chen family..."

  Speaking, Liang Sheng suddenly turned around and saluted Qingfeng, "Master Zuo, now my heart is ashamed, and I have no intention of being the captain of the cleaning department.

  Besides, what I did today did not take the overall situation into account at all.

  I just want to go back to the lower city to take care of my life, cultivate the last blood of my family into talents, and no longer be missed by the sentient beings. Forgive me for my incompetence, my subordinates are really scared..."


  At this moment, it was Huang Qiang and the others from the cleaning department. Hearing Liang Sheng's words, they couldn't help feeling sorry for them, which made them feel empathetic.

   "Chen Duwei was joking. Today's mistakes are all the fault of me, the Audit Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Why do you blame yourself so much?"

   It's just that Liang Sheng didn't finish his sentence, so he was interrupted by the right envoy Mingyue, and the left envoy Qingfeng looked at each other, still smiling, but he was very happy in his heart.

  Chen Quan said this beautifully today, which can be described as murderous.

   At this time, Captain Feng Xiang of the Inspection Department fell to the ground, but he didn't dare to look at Chen Quan, but his eyes were full of hatred. Of course, he had already fallen to the bottom. If he fights with Chen Quan now, he might not know whether he will win or lose.

  After hearing Mingyue interrupting Liang Sheng, Feng Xiang simply lay motionless on the ground and closed his eyes helplessly. Today he lost completely.

  Mingyue turned her head and said to Qingfeng with a smile, "It's really enviable that the Zuoshi has a loyal subordinate like Chen Quan."

  Qingfeng seemed unable to hear the sarcasm in the other party's words, but laughed and said: "Yes, I am blessed to have subordinates like Chen Quan.

  Chen Quan, don't blame yourself so much, you can rest assured to take over the family, I believe that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will definitely guarantee their safety from now on.

   Also, you said that you would resign from the post of deputy captain. After that, wouldn't I lose capable officers by my side? I'll just pretend I didn't hear this, don't mention it again. "

   As he spoke, he looked at Huang Qiang and the others again. With his status, he only knew Huang Qiang, and he was also the True Monarch Yuanying.

   "Huang Qiang, right? You haven't helped the captain up yet. Since the Chen family's mansion is temporarily destroyed, send your captain to my mansion first."


  At this moment, Huang Qiang and the others were pleasantly surprised, and then rushed to Chen Quan's side without any care, and helped him up.

  Chen Quangang wanted to speak, with an excited face, "Thank you..."

   But before he finished speaking, he passed out immediately, and everyone at the scene couldn't help sighing in their hearts, how shameless.

   Yuanying Zhenjun will be unconscious due to emotional fluctuations?

  Cheat ghosts!

  But Huang Qiang and the others looked panic-stricken and hurriedly helped Chen Quan up, making the scene chaotic.

  Seeing this situation, Qingfeng couldn't help but sigh in his heart. He didn't expect that Chen Quan would grow up more and more. How did he do such a wicked thing so naturally?

  Chen Quan, who passed out at this time, was in stark contrast to Feng Xiang, who was punished and fell to the ground.

  Qingfeng felt as if drinking a glass of ice water in the hot summer, feeling extremely refreshed, while Mingyue was smiling, but wanted to kill in her heart.

  Damn Chen Quan, why do you like killing people so much? But the more he acts like this, the more he can't die!

  Because if Chen Quan died, many people would subconsciously blame him on Mingyue.


  But Mingyue can't say anything, it seems that Chen Quan is trying to save his face, but in fact it's just Qingfeng's scheme against him.

  Because everything was an open and covert struggle with Qingfeng, at this time his face was full of smiles, as if he didn't care about today's situation.

"Fellow Daoist Qingfeng, since Captain Chen has passed out from a panic attack, you should take him back to have a good rest. As for the children of the Chen family he arranged for in the lower city, I will immediately send someone to bring them to the upper city safely. You don't have to worry about it." .”

   "Then I would like to thank Fellow Daoist Mingyue."

  Qingfeng expressed his gratitude, while Mingyue smiled and said that it was a trivial matter. The two of them seemed to have no grievances, but Mingyue knew that today he was short of Qingfeng.

  But who would have thought that Chen Quan would break the pot, in this sudden situation. It really makes people have no choice but to accept the move helplessly.

   It can only be said that Qingfeng has a mad dog under his command.

  Qingfeng accepted it as soon as he saw it, and his seat was lifted into the sky. Chen Quan was also surrounded by Huang Qiang and others, and went to Zuo Shi's mansion.

  Mingyue didn't say anything on the ground, and after seeing Qingfeng leave, she went straight into the sky, leaving only the House of Internal Affairs in silence.

   Until Feng Xiang stood up at this time, he asked the inspector to come over, "Come here, go to the lower city and bring the Chen family children back to the upper city. Don't let anything happen."


  Then it was the captain of the factory director who suddenly appeared. He and Feng Xiang exchanged glances, and then directly issued orders with a low voice.

   "Everyone immediately cooperates with the Audit Department to find out the addresses of the traitors of the All Beings Sect as soon as possible. Remember, once there is news, there will be no mercy."


  In an instant, the Ministry of Internal Affairs was filled with murderous intent.


   Zuo Shi's mansion.

  At this time, Liang Sheng no longer pretended to be unconscious, Qingfeng looked at him, and couldn't help smiling, "But you still blame me for not seeing you before?"

  Liang Sheng immediately shook his head.

   "If it wasn't for the negligence of the Audit Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, how could my Chen family be like this? And if it wasn't for the left envoy behind me, I'm afraid I would have died today. How can the Audit Department pay the price?"


  Qingfeng was very satisfied when he heard this, nodded and said, "Chen Quan, you are really loyal to me, if that's the case, I won't lose my people.

   I will give you a surprise in a few days, but whether you can grasp this opportunity is up to you. "

  As soon as Qingfeng said this, the auspicious omen in Liang Sheng's heart suddenly magnified.

I see!

  It seems that Qingfeng should have his chance, and he doesn't know what the other party's so-called opportunity is.

   "But these few days, you should stay with me first, as for your mansion, I will send someone to repair it.

  You still have children from your family to pick them up, so you don’t have to worry about them not having a place to live. As long as your mansion has not been built, they can all be sent to me. If something happens to my subordinates, I will be responsible to the end. "

  Speaking naturally, Zuoshi glanced at Huang Qiang and the others who dared not show their air, "Remember, as long as you are loyal, I, Qingfeng, will always be behind you."

  Huang Qiang and others immediately saluted to show their loyalty, all of them were extremely firm, and Qingfeng didn't say anything, but just told them to do things well.

   "Chen Quan will stay with me to recuperate for a few days. Huang Qiang, remember to replace him temporarily and handle the affairs of the cleaning department. Don't be caught by the Ministry of Internal Affairs."

   "Don't worry, Zuo Shi, if something happens, I will offer my head directly, and you won't lose face."

   "What do I want your head to do? I seem to be unreasonable. Go ahead and do your own thing."


  In the fairy city, no one would have thought that the final result would be like this. It can only be said that if a reckless man is playing tricks, people will be caught off guard.

  Many people already had an idea in their hearts at this moment, that is, they would never conflict with Chen Quan, a mad dog, unless it was absolutely necessary.

  It seems that facing the situation where all the children of the family are almost wiped out, the mad dog "Chen Quan" has no worries.

  Now this is the strongest mad dog of Qingfeng Left Envoy, whoever bites, even Mingyue Right Envoy has suffered a big loss, but he still cannot have any revenge.

   This was originally the most deadly situation. After all, who would dare to offend the right envoy unless he did not want to live, but now Chen Quan is extremely safe.

   At least within a hundred years, Chen Quan will definitely be safe and sound. As long as Chen Quan is dead, no matter what the truth is, Qingfeng Zuoshi will definitely not let go of this opportunity.

  The two envoys on the left and right have fought for thousands of years without any result, and they can bear it, so the impact of Chen Quan's incident will slowly emerge in the future.

  The atmosphere in Immortal City at this time is also a little turbulent, and it has the taste of being a warlord. All the forces have been cautious recently.

  The Ministry of Internal Affairs is attacking by the whole army this time. After all, Mingyue You has lost face. As his subordinates, how can life be easier for them?

  The only lucky thing is the sect of sentient beings who are hiding in secret. Fortunately, they have been silent before and stopped all activities.

  Because the Chen family's house was completely destroyed, no one left behind them, and they couldn't find any clues for a while.

  As for the blood of the Chen family in the lower city, they were also a little confused. They never expected that people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs would come to pick them up, which was unimaginable before.

  But there are people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs who have mission badges, and the other party is guarded by three Nascent Soul True Monarchs. In the end, they did not hesitate and followed them back to the Sky City obediently.

  After all, if the opponent wants to harm them, why use three Nascent Soul True Monarchs to act, even if the cultivation level of the Patriarch is the same.

  On the way back, they learned that the Chen family's mansion was destroyed, and they became the only remaining blood of the Chen family. For a while, they felt a little hard to accept.

   But when they arrived at Zuo Shi's mansion, they were even more frightened. You must know that this is Zuo Shi's private forbidden area, but now they have become residents in it.

   Could it be that the Patriarch's status in Zuo Shi's heart has been raised again?

  No one can answer this question, but they are temporarily living in Zuo Shi's mansion, and they can only practice honestly at the moment.

  The aura in Zuo Shi's mansion was so strong, and Zuo Shi even sent people the best spiritual food from time to time, which made them even more flattered.

   Among them, those with the highest cultivation level, but at the early stage of Golden Core, at this moment, with the supply of Zuoshi, of course they will not miss the opportunity to practice desperately to improve their own cultivation base.

  At this moment, they suddenly had a disrespectful idea in their hearts. From now on, they are the only people left in the Chen family. Will their resource treatment in the future be the current top-level configuration?

   Perhaps it was a tragedy for Chen Jiakai to be attacked by the Sect of All Beings, but it was a happy event for them?

  No one dares to reveal this kind of inner voice, but the joy is hidden in the bottom of my heart.

   Profound fortune!


   Zuo Shi's mansion.

  At this moment, Liang Sheng was sitting on the futon. At this moment, he didn't care about anything happening outside. He stayed in Zuo Shi's mansion obediently and didn't go anywhere.

   Even if the descendants of the Chen family returned from the lower city, he was not too enthusiastic, and then hid in the room alone, as if he hadn't recovered yet.

   At this time, he had already sensed it with his spiritual sense, but he didn't find any aura of surveillance.

  He shook his head at the time, but he was used to being cautious. With his self-confidence, who can do things under his watchful eye?

  However, Liang Sheng is not an ordinary person. Under the concealment of the attribute panel, no one can see through his details.

   It's just that Liang Sheng didn't dare to act recklessly at this time, especially since he still has a magic method of visualization in his hand, and he is still looking for opportunities to see when he can practice the magic method of visualization.

   It's just that he is still in Zuo Shi's mansion now, if he practices the visualization technique and makes any movement, he will be asking for trouble.

  So I still have a long time, so I am not in a hurry.

  As for letting Mingyue and Right Envoy lose face, he is not worried at all now, because whether it is the left envoy Qingfeng or the right envoy Mingyue, they both care about the so-called overall situation.

  Under the Yuan City Lord of Wanshou Township, the left and right make Qingfengmingyue each other's horns, and neither side can do anything to the other.

  The relationship between them can be better explained by secular power politics. Perhaps after too long a time, they have already become accustomed to intrigue.

   After all, no one can do anything to anyone, so this is the reason why he survived in the cracks today, so he is actually very safe now.

  Even if someone wants him to die, I am afraid that Zuo Shi Mingyue will be the first to jump out to protect him, and he is the one who does not want anything to happen to him.

  However, "Chen Quan" has no retreat now. He used to be Qingfeng's dog, so now he is Qingfeng's mad dog, and there is no retreat.

  However, he is Liang Sheng. After the limelight, what does the trouble caused by "Chen Quan" have to do with Liang Sheng?

  As for the children of the Chen family living in Zuo Shi's mansion, he was even less worried about it. Whether Qingfeng had the idea of ​​buying people's hearts or being a hostage, it didn't really matter to Liang Sheng.

  Children of the Chen family, it is better to die, and there is less cause and effect, making it easier for oneself to jump out of the cage of "Chen Quan".

  At this time, what Liang Sheng was looking forward to more was the surprise that Qingfeng said. You must know that the last time he felt such a strong sign of good luck was when Beast Ze broke through the middle stage of Nascent Soul.

  So what exactly does Zuoshi Qingfeng have in his hand that makes him feel this way? But Qingfeng said that this opportunity will take a few days, so he should be calm.

  Many times, especially surprises, there is no rush.


  Five days later.

  The Chen Family Mansion was completed.

   This is the speed of Xiancheng's full strength. At the original address of Chen's mansion, a complete house has appeared.

  It is even better than the previous Chen family mansion, because Zuo Shi Mingyue personally delivered a lot of top-quality materials during this period.

  This made the aura of the Chen family's mansion even higher than before, but Liang Sheng didn't live in it, so Qingfeng sent someone to bring the Chen family's children in.

  The concierge servants of the Chen family had already been arranged by Qingfeng, so Liang Sheng would naturally not refuse.

  After the children of the Chen family moved into the new mansion, Chen Quan ordered them to stop their feet, and no one was allowed to go out.

  The reason is very simple. Immortal City is still a bit chaotic at this time, and the Inspection Department and Factory Director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are still frantically searching for traces of the Sect of All Beings.

   This incident happened again because of Chen Quan, so the surviving children of the Chen family are not stupid, and they are all honestly staying in the new Chen residence at the moment.

   As for the outside of the Chen mansion, there is still a secret agent of Yuanying Zhenjun guarding at this time, because the safety of the Chen family mansion is not only the concern of the Chen family, but also the face of Mingyue.

   If there is another accident in the Chen family, then I really should say that the Audit Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is really a waste.

  At this moment, the people in the Department of Internal Affairs are also complaining, because many of them have received the task of guarding the family members of the Department of Internal Affairs and Cleaning.

  The Cleaning Department was very elated this time. Every time he went out to the Cleaning Department, he deliberately walked past the guards of the Factory Department.

   This made the people in the factory department very aggrieved, and they also hated the inspection department in their hearts, because if they weren't so useless before, how could they be in trouble now?

  They were also a little helpless. If the factory manager had received the news earlier to prevent the Chen family accident from happening, why would they be so angry?

  But under the arrangement of Mingyue, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is operating at full capacity, so the following Immortal City, it seems that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is making a lot of noise, but in fact it is extremely safe and stable.

   All Beings Sect didn't dare to take the lead at this time.

   And on this day, Liang Sheng finally got the surprise he had been thinking about. Qingfeng hadn't moved during this time, and he thought it would take a long time to see the so-called surprise.

  However, just when he calmed down, the surprise came so unexpectedly. Liang Sheng followed the steward of Zuo Shi's mansion to Zuo Shi Qingfeng, and saw the other party smiling.

   "Chen Quan, what I can help you this time is to win this opportunity, but how much you can get depends on your own ability."


  Liang Sheng heard this movement in his heart, and immediately felt a force lingering around his waist, but Liang Sheng resisted the urge to struggle and let this force entangle him.

   Immediately afterwards, he was lifted into the air by Qingfeng, the left envoy, and went directly to the City Lord's Mansion, which made Liang Sheng secretly nervous.

  Could it be that the city lord Zhenyuan has left the customs?

   But when he landed on the ground, Jiang found that the Right Envoy of Mingyue had already been waiting in front of the City Lord's Mansion.


  The moment she saw Liang Sheng, Mingyue instantly understood what was going on, and at this moment he couldn't help but sigh.

   "Fellow Daoist Qingfeng, before I wondered why Chen Quan would be willing to do such a crazy thing for you, but now it seems that this is the case. In this respect, I am indeed not as good as you."

  Qingfeng smiled when he heard this, "Fellow Daoist Mingyue is thinking too much, we will come here every hundred years, and we already know the effect.

  I want to go further now, but it is almost as difficult as reaching the sky. In this case, it is better to give him a chance.

  Furthermore, there are no outsiders here. From what he has done before, we can see his loyalty, and he is worthy of my treatment. "

  Mingyue couldn't help but nodded slightly when she heard this, because what Qingfeng said was also reasonable. In fact, he himself didn't know that it was almost impossible for him to make a breakthrough by relying on this once-in-a-hundred-year opportunity.

   It's not that he doesn't want to accept this fact, it's just that at his current state, there is no better way, so it's better to try again.

  Qingfeng is so decisive, willing to exchange for the loyalty of his subordinates, after all, he is not as good as Qingfeng in this regard.

   "Maybe you're right..."

   It's just that Mingyue didn't admit defeat on her lips. In fact, winning or losing for a while doesn't mean anything to them.

  As long as the two of them have the same level of cultivation, the winner will not be completely determined. Liang Sheng can also guess a thing or two from their conversation at this moment.

  Although she doesn't know what this opportunity is, Mingyue has obviously accepted the fact that she made him lose face last time.

   It can only be said that they are worthy of being left and right ambassadors. After all, they have their own background, and the road to practice is very long. This is just a small splash on their road of practice.

   At this moment, the gate of the City Lord's Mansion opened, and the steward of the City Lord's Mansion appeared. He was a little surprised to see three people in front of him.

   "Old Xu..."

  Qingfengmingyue saluted immediately to say hello, and Liang Sheng quickly bowed to salute, but he sighed in his heart that he deserved to be the city lord's mansion, because the old Xu in front of him was as good as the left and right envoys.

  At this time, Mr. Xu looked at Qingfeng and thought for a while, before he said, "Are you really going to let him go in for you this time?"

  Qingfeng nodded, "That's right, I know my own situation, and going in this time is just laying some foundations, and it's not of much use.

  Since this kid is loyal to me, let him give it a try. If he can seize the opportunity, then I have another expert under my command, who can do things for me better. Why not do it? "

   "Okay, since you have already made a decision, although the city lord has not yet left the customs, it is no problem for you to give up the spot to your subordinates.

  Then I will take him and the right envoy in now. As for you, you can go back now. After all, you don’t know how long you will have to wait. "

   Qingfeng Zuoshi did not feel that the steward Xu Lao's tone was blunt, because the fact is true, since the place has given up its quota, it is indeed not suitable to stay here.

  He thought about it at this time, and still told him, "Chen Quan, don't think too much about it. It's your luck to get a chance, and it's normal to get nothing. Anyway, don't have any psychological burden."

   "Left makes..."

  Liang Sheng pretended to be a little nervous, but was interrupted by Mr. Xu, the city supervisor, "Okay, you guys come with me now."

   After finishing speaking, Mr. Xu walked away, and Mingyue followed immediately. Liang Sheng glanced at Zuoshi Qingfeng, and quickly followed after the latter nodded.

   Immediately afterwards, the gate of the City Lord's Mansion was closed, and before Qingfeng left, he suddenly had a thought, wondering if Chen Quanneng could seize this opportunity and improve his cultivation further?

  In this way, the Ministry of Internal Affairs lost Feng Xiang, who was in the late Nascent Soul stage, and he had an extra Chen Quan, who was in the late Nascent Soul stage, which can be described as a huge profit.

  The result seems to be good?


  In the City Lord's Mansion.

  Old Xu was leading the way, but Liang Sheng didn't dare to lift his head at this time, he seemed a little nervous, he didn't dare to look at the surrounding scenery, and didn't know the layout of the City Lord's Mansion.

  At this time, Mingyue's voice suddenly sounded, "You are so timid, why were you so reckless before, and dared to embarrass me?"

  Liang Sheng was taken aback when he heard the words, but without hesitation, he replied directly: "The Zuo envoy is absurd, before it was just that each was his own master and did his best."

  Mingyue thought that the other party would pretend to be loyal and hypocritical, and also thought that she might ask her to forgive, but she didn't expect the other party to answer so sincerely.

  For some reason, Mingyue suddenly lost a bit of killing intent, and he naturally had this feeling before, after all, he was not born so powerful.

  Strength is the confidence to do things. Any behavior is based on strength. Thinking of this, he suddenly reminded Liang Sheng.

   "Then this time, you must not disappoint the expectations of Qingfeng Zuoshi. I hope you can get something, and you won't return in vain."

   Immediately afterwards, he stopped talking, Liang Sheng opened his mouth, said nothing, followed behind Mr. Xu, and continued to move forward.

   Not long after, they stopped in front of a small rock in a backyard. Liang Sheng was a little surprised, but the next moment, he couldn't help but widen his eyes.

  You got smaller?

   Not right.

   It wasn't that he became smaller, but that there was a high mountain in the City Lord's Mansion. Liang Sheng had never thought about this situation, and he couldn't see it at all before.

   "Every time I come here, I am shocked. The supernatural powers of the city lord, Sumi Kazuko, are really amazing."

   Mustard seeds?

  Supernatural powers?

   Could it be that the city lord's method of visualization, with supernatural powers, is mustard seed?

  However, Liang Sheng could get very few clues at this time, so he couldn't judge the current situation. At this moment, Elder Xu had already pointed to the entrance of the cave in front and said, "Okay, you can go in.

  By the way, I can tell you a piece of good news. There seems to be a lot of spinal cords in the world this year, far exceeding previous years. As for how much you can get, it depends on your own fortune. "

  Spinal cord of heaven and earth?

  It is another new term. Chen Quan had no relevant information in his memory before, and Liang Sheng looked bewildered at this moment.

what is happening?

  However, at this moment, with the ability to seek good fortune and avoid evil, Liang Sheng still has four big characters in his heart——

   Good luck!

  Then Liang Sheng saw that the right envoy of Mingyue stepped into it without any hesitation, and Liang Sheng naturally did not have any hesitation. At this moment, he was still faintly excited.

  What exactly is the spinal cord of heaven and earth, and why does it make me such a good omen? The next moment, Liang Sheng felt dizzy.

   When he came back to his senses, he found that he was already in a vast space, but the surroundings were gray, and he had to search carefully to see the environment clearly.


  At this time, a slightly puzzled voice sounded beside him, but it was Mingyue, the right envoy, who looked at him strangely.

   "I didn't expect you to wake up so soon. Is there anything special about your consciousness?"

  Liang Sheng's heart tightened when he heard the words, but fortunately Liang Sheng had an idea and didn't answer. Instead, he shook his head after a while, as if he had just woken up.

   At this moment, he was still looking at Mingyue Youshi with a puzzled expression on his face. Mingyue saw that the other party had only reacted now, and couldn't help smiling in his heart. It seemed that he was wrong just now.

   But this is a normal situation. I didn't expect Chen Quan to maintain his normal appearance when he was unconscious. It seems that his psychological quality is really strong.

   At this time, he no longer cared about Liang Sheng, and then jumped into the lake in front of him, where the faint green seemed to be full of vitality.

  In fact, no one knew that Liang Sheng was terrified at this time, like a huge wave, because he had actually seen the situation before him.

   That was the oasis that suddenly appeared in front of him when he was in Beast Lake. The lake water was exactly the same as the one in front of him.

  So it was the so-called spinal cord of heaven and earth that Xu Lao said that he was allowed to absorb the energy that broke through the middle stage of Nascent Soul?

  However, the situation is different at this time. There are obvious traces of magical powers here. It seems that someone has created such a magical place with great magic power.

  Everything was under the suppression of mana, Liang Sheng put away the horror in his heart, and then plunged into the lake without any hesitation.

  Since this is the energy that allowed me to break through before, there is no reason to hesitate, it really is a good sign.

  The next moment, Liang Sheng felt that something was wrong. Previously in Beast Lake, a majestic force entered his body on his own initiative, but at this moment the lake was motionless.

  He can still see Qingfeng Youshi, going upstream. Liang Sheng originally followed, but at this moment, a flash of inspiration flashed in his mind.

  Before in Beast Lake, I was subconsciously operating the Hunyuan Xuangong, so why not give it a try?

  Thinking of this, Liang Sheng didn't hesitate at all. The next moment, as Liang Sheng operated the exercises in his body, the Immortal Sutra of Dust Dust and Evil was immediately converted into Hunyuan Xuangong.

   Immediately afterwards, a majestic force poured into Liang Sheng's body, but this time Liang Sheng did not dare to absorb the power for cultivation, but tried to store the power of the spinal cord of heaven and earth in the upper, middle and lower dantians.

  Because he still didn't want to cause any disturbance. After all, this is the City Lord's Mansion, and when he made this decision, he didn't have any ominous omens in his mind.

   Immediately afterwards, Liang Sheng was overjoyed, and saw that the majestic vitality was really obediently stored in the upper, middle and lower dantians.

   However, there was still no change in the outside world, which made Liang Sheng more relieved. He didn't expect that the magic method created here would actually help him.

   This was originally a magical means to suppress the collection of the so-called heaven and earth spinal cord, but it also allowed Liang Sheng to absorb the heaven and earth spinal cord without causing any movement.

  In that case, what are you waiting for?

  I saw Liang Sheng's body instantly turned into a gluttonous beast, crazily absorbing the spinal cord of heaven and earth in the lake water. If someone could look inside Liang Sheng's body at this moment, he could find that his upper, middle and lower dantians were full of greenery.

   Soon his lower dantian was full, don't underestimate it as a small lower dantian, I'm afraid this power is already comparable to half of the power absorbed by Beast Lake before.

   And Liang Sheng is still absorbing at this moment, and soon the middle dantian is also full, even more than the lower dantian.

  Liang Sheng saw that there was still no movement from the outside world, so he was completely relieved and continued to absorb, and soon his upper dantian was half full.

  But at this moment, Liang Sheng's heart moved, and then a mysterious force appeared. Liang Sheng didn't have any resistance at this time, and in an instant, he changed the internal exercises into the Lichenduer Xianjing.

  The next moment, Liang Sheng arrived outside the previous cave and returned to the city lord's mansion. Old Xu looked at him a little strangely.

   "Old Xu."

  Liang Sheng felt a little apprehensive at the sight of him, and couldn't help but speak, while Xu Lao waved his hand, "Okay, since you don't have enough luck, there's nothing you can do, you go back first."

   Immediately afterwards, Liang Sheng felt his body being entangled by a force. Liang Sheng acted as if he couldn't resist, and the next moment he was outside the city lord's mansion.


   Zuo Shi's mansion.

  Qingfeng suddenly opened his eyes, with a look of disbelief, Chen Quan's physical attributes are not in line with the spinal cord of heaven and earth?

   Otherwise, why was he thrown out so quickly? Xu Laozai had sent him a message just now. Although it was unbelievable, he was outside the city lord's mansion the next moment.

  Qingfeng looked at Liang Sheng with a pity on his face, but his tone did not blame him, "Chen Quan, it seems that you are still not lucky enough after all."

   Immediately afterwards, perhaps because she was too disappointed in her heart, or because she was afraid that Chen Quan would not be able to think about it, Qingfeng still opened her mouth to explain.

   It turns out that every hundred years or so, as envoys of the Longevity City, they have the opportunity to enter the Longevity Secret Land once.

  There are collected all the spinal cords of heaven and earth within the scope of Longevity City, including the wasteland, and the spinal cords of heaven and earth are equivalent to the deeper power after the condensation of spiritual energy.

  Just want to absorb the spinal cord of heaven and earth, at least need the cultivation base of Jindan state, otherwise without the strength as a backing, I am afraid that it will be blown up by the violent force.

  However, if the monk's physical attributes do not match and cannot absorb the spinal cord of heaven and earth, he will be ejected secretly.

   This kind of situation has almost never happened, but now "Chen Quan" has become the first monk to be thrown out like this.

  Liang Sheng naturally looked disappointed, but Qingfeng patted him, "No need to be like this, even if it's me, I only catch a few strands of the spinal cord every time, so I said it's useless to my practice.

  I thought that this time, your body could go through the baptism of the heaven and earth spinal cord, which would make your practice more smooth, but unfortunately...

  Since you don’t have such a blessing, just let him go, don’t think too much, after all, practice is a blessing, so there is nothing you can do about it. "

   After finishing speaking, Liang Sheng was personally sent back to the new Chen family mansion by Qingfeng. Now that the Chen family mansion was completed, "Chen Quan" naturally had no reason to continue living in Zuo Shi's mansion.

  Before, it was because of the opportunity to send "Chen Quan" to the City Lord's Mansion to absorb the spinal cord of heaven and earth, so he stayed for a while longer, but now there is no need to do so.

  Qingfeng actually sighed in his heart. It's a pity that this good dog can't take on greater responsibilities. A higher status requires considerable strength to match.

   After Qingfeng left, Liang Sheng retreated immediately.

  Because this time, he knew that he was going to break through again!

  (end of this chapter)