Chapter 154 Chen Quan Mad Dog, is this courting death? (8k combined chapters ask for monthly tickets)

   Fairy City.

  Chen's house.

   To be precise, it is the ruins of the Chen family.

  Huang Qiang and the three knelt on the ground, Liang Sheng looked at the ruins in front of him in silence, and then saw him suddenly soaring into the sky and heading for the City Lord's Mansion.


  But Liang Sheng didn't pay any attention to this, and still headed firmly towards the City Lord's Mansion. Huang Qiang on the ground couldn't help but slap himself.

   "I'm sorry Captain!"

  At this moment, Huang Qiang was afraid that Liang Sheng would be overwhelmed. If he bumped into the Zuo Shi...he didn't dare to think about it anymore. After thinking about it, he still didn't have the courage to follow behind Liang Sheng.

  He dare not go, because behind him is the whole Huang family...

  However, Huang Qiang didn't expect that it wasn't Liang Sheng who took the initiative to find Zuo Shi Qingfeng, but that he was summoned immediately after Liang Sheng entered Sky City.

   It's just that Liang Sheng was a little unsure in his heart. He was relieved to see that the Chen family was completely destroyed. He seemed to be free, so he went to the left to make the mansion go.

   I lost another shackle, so happy!


  Zuoshi Qingfeng Mansion.

   "Zuo Shi, Chen Quan is here."

   "Not seen."


  The steward was stunned for a moment, didn't you ask him to come here on purpose? Why is Chen Quan here, and you are old and gone?

At this time, Zuo Shi Qingfeng said leisurely, "Tell him, if you have any grievances, you should go to the Sect of All Beings to trouble you. As the deputy captain of the cleaning department, you usually don't work hard to investigate the traces of these remnants of the rebellion. Now that something is wrong, come to me." Does crying help?

  By the way, remember to tell him directly that he never held back from dealing with the remnants of the Sect of All Beings. What the other party did was a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, and he, Chen Quan, was not wronged this time! "

   After finishing speaking, Qingfeng took a sip of tea calmly, glanced at the bewildered steward who was still going down the hall, and frowned, "Why don't you go soon?"

   "Ah... yes!"

   Outside the gate of the mansion, Liang Sheng was neither sad nor happy at the moment, but everyone dared not look him in the eyes. No matter what Chen Quan's status was, he was the Yuanying Zhenjun, noble and extraordinary.

They all have guesses in their hearts, maybe the next Immortal City will be in chaos for a while, Chen Quan is a man who must pay every penny, and if such an extermination happened today, I am afraid that he came here this time to ask the left envoy to ask him to take action. I'm afraid it will be a big kill when I come down.

  But the rebellion of the All Beings Sect, why is it so blind? No one should mess with this penny-pinching Deputy Captain Chen...

  But when the steward from Zuoshi's mansion came out, everyone was taken aback. Even though the steward was puzzled, he still repeated Qingfeng's words.


  Someone heard this and couldn't help but gasp. Didn't Qingfeng Zuoshi love Chen Quan? Why did the Chen family just undergo a big change today, why did they have such an attitude?

  Liang Sheng blushed at first, then calmed down, glanced at Qingfeng Mansion, turned around and left without saying anything.


  Why did Chen Quan change his temper at this time?

  If it was in the past, he would have fallen to the ground crying and complained, and then won the help of the left envoy, and the fairy city would be bloody.

  Chen Quan is Zuo Shi's dog, but now both Zuo Shi Qingfeng's attitude and Chen Quan's performance are different from what they expected.

   Did they break up? impossible,

  When the people around saw this situation, they never expected such a result.

   On the way back, Liang Sheng's eyes flickered. If he hadn't seen too many conspiracies in the secular world, he might still be kept in the dark now.

  Why is this fairy city full of hearts?

   Don't think that Qingfeng doesn't seem to have said anything, and he is a little unreasonable. In fact, he has said nothing, but it is extremely cryptic.

   Or he doesn't mind whether "Chen Quan" can understand him at all, because he knows Chen Quan's character.

  When the Chen family is almost wiped out, this is a mad dog, and a mad dog will also have its value.

  The Sect of All Beings is nothing in the eyes of Qingfeng Mingyue, but just a clown, they care more about both parties.

   At this moment, Liang Sheng's expression moved slightly, and he thought that it was true, and he was indeed a knife.

  At this moment, he had diffused his consciousness into Zuo Shi's mansion silently just now, and even Zuo Shi Qingfeng hadn't discovered his method.

  Now that the situation has been confirmed, Liang Sheng weighed the pros and cons, but decided to follow Zuo Shiqingfeng's script first, because with the ability to seek good luck and avoid evil, this choice is a good omen.

  Liang Sheng himself didn't expect this to be the result. If that's the case, he might as well make a bigger fuss.

  Actually, Zuo Shi Qingfeng didn’t see him on purpose, just to make him lose his mind. Coupled with what the steward said, with the character of "Chen Quan", he would immediately go to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to trouble him.

  The left envoy is in charge of foreign affairs, and the cleaning department under him is responsible for the security of foreign affairs. However, most of the time, the source of news for the cleaning department is actually the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  Why did you say that the relationship between the cleaning department and the factory department is not good? That's because they want to fight for merit, and the director of the factory belongs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are close to the water and the first to win.

   It's a pity that under the deterrence of Qingfeng, the Audit Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not dare to conceal information, so in many cases, relying on the rich experience of the cleaning department, the factory department is not the opponent of the cleaning department.

   But still gross.

   At this time, Liang Sheng's heart moved, and he completely annihilated the spiritual consciousness left in Qingfeng Mansion. Since he has this kind of thought, he might as well be more thorough next time.

   After all, what Qingfeng said to himself just now, if he does meritorious deeds this time, it will be beneficial in the future.

  Because of this sentence, it is a good omen for Liang Sheng to seek good luck and avoid bad luck, but he really wants to go by himself, but he still has to think about how far he can go.

  There will be absolutely nothing wrong with me, because the left envoy Qingfeng will never watch him have an accident, otherwise, wouldn’t it be a head lower than the right envoy Mingyue?

   In this way, if Liang Sheng handles this operation well, he may not only get the benefits of Zuo Shi Qingfeng, but even get Xiaoyao.

  Thinking of this, Liang Sheng didn't hesitate any more, turned around before the Qingfeng Mansion, and then headed towards the House of Internal Affairs.

  Huang Qiang and the others were still waiting outside the Chen family's house at this time, and some of his subordinates rushed to report, "My lord, the Zuo envoy did not meet the captain, but the captain has gone to the House of Internal Affairs."

   "The Ministry of Internal Affairs?"

"not good…"

   "Brothers, come with me!"

This time, Huang Qiang didn't hesitate. He had an idea now, but he just couldn't figure it out clearly, but he understood Zuoshi Qingfeng's behavior style. Their deputy captain went to the House of Internal Affairs to make trouble, and their subordinates had to follow, otherwise will suffer.

  Why was Chen Quan so favored by the left envoy before? That is when Zuoshi said to go east, he would never go west.

  But the Zuo envoy obviously didn't see the captain, why did the captain go to the House of Internal Affairs at this time?

  At this moment, not only Huang Qiang was surprised, but also many people in Immortal City. They thought that Chen Quan would pursue and retaliate against the remnants of the All Beings Sect when he came back from the lower city. Why does it seem that he is going to attack the Ministry of Internal Affairs suddenly at this time?

   Isn't this looking for death?


  A dark corner of Xiancheng.

  This place is a stronghold of the All Beings Sect. At this time, an ordinary old man looked in the direction of the ruins of "Chen Quan" mansion, his eyes were a little red.

   "Children, you are all good, your death will definitely not be meaningless, you are for the dawn of all living beings, so go with peace of mind."

  Everyone who went to participate in the Chen family operation this time, including the two Nascent Soul True Monarchs, all died. At this time, the old man has ordered all his subordinates to stop all activities no matter what the situation is recently.

   But at this moment, he raised his head in doubt and looked in the direction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He was also a little puzzled. This was not like Chen Quan's behavior style at all.

  Of course, there were also people in Immortal City who were outside the chess game at this time, seeing the whole situation clearly, and they couldn't help but sigh.

  Unable to become Huashen is a **** after all, at the mercy of others.

   However, Chen Quan should not be offended!

   Unexpectedly, in the case of the family's demise, no matter whether he is calm or desperate, this is actually the right choice at the first time.

   It can only be said that if his cultivation level improves further, or if he performs perfectly this time, I am afraid that the captain of the cleaning department will have to be replaced.

   But, does he really dare to risk it? In other words, how much can he achieve in Qingfeng's eyes this time?

  At this moment, all the interested people in Xiancheng focused their attention on Chen Quanquan, and the left envoy Qingfeng naturally heard the report from his subordinates.

  After that, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but slightly turned up. Yes, he was still his dog after all, and he didn't exceed his expectations, but he didn't know if he had guessed his thoughts.

  If you guess your intentions, then your "loyal dog" will also grow up. In fact, it is not enough to be sincere, and you have to figure out what you want.

  If Chen Quan really understood his meaning so quickly, then it seems that he was a bit overqualified by letting him go to the wasteland to waste more than ten years.

  However, there is still some gap in Chen Quanxiu's base after all. If he satisfies himself this time, it is better to give him a chance. I don't know if he can catch it.

  However, Qingfeng has already made a decision in his heart. Even if Chen Quan can't seize the opportunity and improve his realm this time, he will still use it again.

   After all, how can such a loyal dog that is completely considerate of its owner be discarded? Of course, whether he can or is worth spending a lot of money to cultivate depends on his next performance.


   Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  Liang Sheng was not fast at the moment, approaching the Ministry of Internal Affairs step by step, but his eyes were extremely firm. The porter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs immediately stopped in front of him when he saw this.

   "Chen Duwei, I don't know what you have to deal with? I can report it for you now."

  The left envoy is in charge of external affairs. As the deputy captain of the cleaning department, Liang Sheng still needs a mission badge when he enters the House of Internal Affairs, just like when Chen Quan teleported to the wasteland, he also got the approval of Qingfeng and got the mission badge of the House of Internal Affairs.

  But this time, Chen Quan didn't look at the other party at all, and said in a muffled voice, "Get out of the way!"

  This Chen Quan is so courageous.

  But the concierge didn't say anything, he still bowed his knees, and there was no "tiger's body shaking", after all, the other party was Yuanying Zhenjun, and he was not an existence that he could offend.

  Liang Sheng was completely in an acting state at this time, displaying his arrogance and domineering to the fullest. He looked at the other party coldly, then bumped into each other, and continued to go to the House of Internal Affairs.

   "This Chen Quan is really looking for death!"

  Seeing that Chen Quan stepped into the door without any hesitation, the concierge immediately issued a signal, and in an instant, the siren of the Ministry of Internal Affairs rang loudly.

"what happened?"

   "Go out and have a look."

   The agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs didn't know what happened, so they quickly sent people out to find out what was going on?

  When the spiritual consciousness of the caring people in Xiancheng sensed this situation, they couldn't help but feel a little bit astonished, leaving only one thought in their minds.

  Is Chen Quan so brave?

   Soon "Chen Quan" was surrounded by people, but Chen Quan didn't even look at them and spoke directly.

   "Call out Captain Feng Xiang of the Inspection Department. I came here just to ask him a few words."

   "Chen Duwei, you have a mission badge, you must know that anyone who trespasses in the House of Internal Affairs, no matter who it is, dies!"

  At this moment, everyone looked at Chen Quan with a little resentment. This is the rule after the right envoy Mingyue took charge of the internal affairs. Are the left envoys so ignorant of the rules?

   Originally, there were factional disputes between the left and right envoys, but no matter what they did, they would not touch each other's bottom line.

  But this time Chen Quan broke the tradition, but the people in the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not dare to kill directly at this time.

  Unless they get a clear order from the Right Envoy Mingyue, they all have to weigh it. What if this is what Qingfeng Left Envoy meant?

  After all, in front of Qingfeng, the left envoy, they are all little guys, so it is best not to have conflicts. If there is a big trouble, it is better to wait for the right envoy to solve it.

  And their thinking now is actually very simple, if there is no Zuo Shiqingfeng's instigation, how could Chen Quan dare to be so arrogant?

   "I'll say it again, let Feng Xiang come to see me."

  The tone was still arrogant, but the people in the Ministry of Internal Affairs were more afraid to do anything, seeing what "Chen Quan" said became more arrogant.

   "Where's the inspector's dog! Why hasn't he come out yet? Isn't it claimed to monitor the entire city of Immortal City, so there won't be any mistakes?"


   Is this Xingshi's questioning?

  The situation that happened to the Chen family has already been spread throughout the city. I didn't expect that Chen Quan came here for this matter.

  According to the other party's temper, bullying the weak and fearing the strong, shouldn't you go to the sentient beings to teach trouble at this time?

  How did you target the Audit Division?


  At this moment, the quick-witted person quickly realized the trouble, and immediately turned around and rushed back to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and found the captain of the inspection department, Feng Xiang!

   However, the eyes of the remaining person who remained motionless were a little playful. This person seems to be just clever, and this kind of vortex can be mixed by your little Jindan real person?

  Thinking of this, these people couldn't help but take a step back secretly. If there is a conflict later, it's better for them to stay away from danger.


  Ministry of Internal Affairs, Inspection Department.

   "What? Chen Quan actually came to trouble the Audit Department?"

  Feng Xiang had been paying attention to the movement in the front yard before, but he was also considering whether he should go out or not.

  But when he saw the subordinate who was reporting the situation in the front yard, his heart was filled with gloom, and he couldn't help it.

  How could I have such a stupid subordinate?

   Really think you are smart by yourself?

  If you don’t come to report, I can pretend that I don’t know anything. Now that you rushed in to tell me about it, what other options do I have?

  After solving this matter today, the guy in front of him seems to be more suitable to go to the city to investigate information. After all, he is so smart, so if he doesn't do more work, how can he be sorry for his ingenuity?

   Capable people always need a chance to show off... Feng Xiang patted the other person on the shoulder superficially, with a kind face.

   "Okay, fortunately you notified in time, so you didn't make a big mistake. I'll go out now to check the situation, and I'll promote you later."

   "Thank you, Captain, for your appreciation!"

  The person who rushed in to report couldn't help being excited when he heard this, and he deserved to come to report the first time, the captain regarded himself as a confidant.


   House of Internal Affairs, front yard.

  At this moment, Chen Quan was already impatient.

   "Isn't Feng Xiang coming out yet? Then, are you going to get out of the way? Do you want to force me to do it?"

  The internal affairs monks surrounded in front of Chen Quan were still unmoved when they heard these words. It was impossible for them to do anything, but it was impossible for them to get out of the way.

   Otherwise, the right envoy will let them know what punishment is. At this moment, Feng Xiang's voice came out, and they immediately breathed a sigh of relief, then turned around and moved out of the way, which has nothing to do with them.

   "Chen Duwei, what exactly do you mean?"

  Chen Quan stared at Feng Xiang closely, but in an instant, he changed from a state of rage to calm again, and his voice did not fluctuate.

   "Feng Xiang, you didn't notice any signs of rebellion before? Or, how did I, Chen Quan, offend you?

   Otherwise, why would you stand by and watch me, Chen Jiaerlang, become a victim of the revenge of the cult of sentient beings? "

  Feng Xiang's expression turned ugly when he heard this. Do you think he is avenging his own personal revenge? You can't carry this blame yourself.

  So Feng Xiang is also a bachelor at this time, and immediately admits his mistake. After all, a man can bend and stretch, so what if he loses a little face in the face of a long time?

   Living safely is the primary goal, what if I can go further?

   "Captain Chen Quan, I am also deeply sorry for this matter. I did not find out the rebellious actions of the All Beings Sect. It was indeed my negligence of duty.

  I will definitely explain to you in the future. I will find out who is responsible for the spies in charge of the Chen Duwei family area to find out the situation. Once there is a result, I will come to the door and apologize. "

  When Chen Quan heard this, he suddenly laughed like a lunatic.

   "Feng Xiang, you still think of me as a fool, do you really think that you can delay the time, and then turn the big thing into a small thing?

  I can tell you clearly that I don’t want to be messed with by you now, and you should give me an explanation now, otherwise I, Chen Quan, will be with you—

   Never die! "


  Feng Xiang was a little startled and angry when he heard the words at the moment. Now that he was in a dilemma, if he admitted his mistake, wouldn't he slap the right envoy in the face?

  But he didn't admit his mistake, seeing Chen Quan's crazy appearance, I'm afraid he will suffer as well.

  Damn it!

   Before that, the subordinate who reported the news was going to be released, but now the other party has been sentenced to death, which is really blind.

  Through running wildly in his mind, Feng Xiang finally made the final decision, which is to resist, because now it is not the problem of their inspectorate, but the face of the right envoy Mingyue.

   "Chen Duwei, how cunning are the remnants of the sentient beings, if my inspector can control every action of the opponent, why haven't we eliminated him yet?

  The Chen family suffered such a heavy blow this time, and I am also very helpless, but this is not the reason for you to come to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and act wildly on my inspectorate.

  Your mood fluctuates too much today, as long as you rein in the precipice now, I am willing to let the past go.

  If not, do you really think that I have no inspector? "

  As soon as these words came out, Feng Xiang's words shook like thunder, and the horror of the Nascent Soul Late Stage was fully revealed at this time.

  The expressions of the surrounding cultivators changed even more. They looked at Feng Xiang with a look of horror. This is the power of the Nascent Soul True Monarch.

   But although Chen Quan's face was pale at the moment, he stood opposite Feng Xiang, almost completely accepting Feng Xiang's oppression.

  But he slowly puffed out his chest, with a hint of madness at the corner of his mouth.

   "I, Chen Quannai, is the deputy captain of the Cleaning Department. I know that all sentient beings see me as a thorn in my side, but why have I never compromised?

  Feng Duwei, do you still remember the guarantee that your audit department made to me and other foreign affairs personnel in front of the left and right envoys?

  Then why was none of your inspectors present when my Chen family was destroyed? What about spy protection?

   Or in other words, your inspectors are actually obsessed with yin and yin, and you treat the words of the bright moon as a fart?

  Mingyue Right Envoy said that the Cleaning Department under the Left Envoy’s command should perform foreign affairs, because the Ministry of Internal Affairs will absolutely guarantee that we will have no worries in the rear.

  But now that my Chen family is almost destroyed, it was due to the actions of the two Nascent Soul True Monarchs. Such a big omission, could it be that what Ming Yue Youshi said before was farting? "

"Say it!"

  For the last three words, Chen Quan suddenly amplified his voice, and Feng Xiang's pupils couldn't help shrinking. At this moment, he took a deep look at Chen Quan, but his heart sank directly.

  The vicious Chen Quan.

   This is definitely not the plan of the other party alone. He is very clear about the virtues of Chen Quan. This kind of change from passivity to initiative must be guided by an expert behind the scenes.

   Unexpectedly, "Chen Quan" did not come here for the destruction of the Chen family, but used this as an excuse to attack the right.

   Can't go on like this, otherwise, no matter what the result is, he will lose the face of the right envoy, and he dare not think about what will happen to him then.

   "Chen Duwei, I can explain this matter, but it is a confidential matter, you can come to my audit department, can I explain it to you in detail?"



  Feng Xiang didn't expect that Chen Quan would be so forthright, but it would be great if it could be resolved in private.

  But as soon as he smiled, he saw Chen Quan's breath suddenly surged, and then his shirt burst directly.

   "Feng Duwei, before talking privately, why don't you take a look at the scars on my body?"

  At this moment, there were dense wounds all over Chen's body. Originally, Zhenjun Yuanying was already physically intact, and even if there were wounds, they would heal.

  However, Chen Quan kept it. Previously, Chen Quan only did this to claim credit in front of Zuo Shi Qingfeng, but he was unexpectedly used by Liang Shengli.

  I saw "Chen Quan" with a calm voice, pointing to the wounds on his body and said: "Do you know why I keep them? Because this is the commemoration left by me fighting the remnants of the Sect of All Beings.

  I am loyal to Longevity City, and the world can learn from it. Since you want to elaborate, let's elaborate on it one by one.

  Thirteen hundred years ago, on the outskirts of Xiancheng, the Sect of All Beings held a large curse formation, and the cleaning department and I arrived at the first time. Where was your inspection department at that time?

  At that time, I was blocked by the elders of the Sect of All Beings. If I hadn't been lucky, this knife could have pierced my dantian and pointed at Yuanying.

  Looking at the burn scars here again, it was nine hundred years ago that your inspection department made a mistake in the information, which caused our brothers in the cleaning department to fall into the trap of the Sect of All Beings.

  If it weren't for our good luck, I would have died long ago with the support of other brothers in my cleaning department.

   And here, five hundred years ago..."

  At this moment, Huang Qiang had arrived with his men, and their eyes gradually turned red when they heard what "Chen Quan" said.

  Although Huang Qiang was not under "Chen Quan" before, they had participated in many battles. Unknowingly, they were also fighting against each other.

  Liang Sheng's voice continued, "I and the Zhongsheng Sect are already life and death enemies, why didn't your inspection department send people to guard around my Chen residence?

  Didn’t the right envoy say that we are ministers of meritorious deeds when we go abroad? Will the Ministry of Internal Affairs guarantee the safety of our rear?

   And the result of the destruction of my Chen family is what you call protecting safety? You want to tell me more? Is it the same as three hundred years ago, using the right to save face as an excuse to let us drop everything? "

  Feng Xiang's complexion turned black completely. This Chen Quan really went all out, and he wanted to tell everything that happened three hundred years ago?

  Although he thought that "Chen Quan" was Zuoshi's dog before, the other party would also consider the way out. Now that he is so straightforward, is he looking for death?

  Wait, there are no more than ten descendants of the Chen family, so what else is he thinking about? Seeing that Chen Quan was still talking now, Feng Xiang finally couldn't bear it anymore.

   I can't let the other party continue talking. Just now, the other party was not planning to settle with me privately. It was obviously delaying time and trying to make things big.

  If what happened three hundred years ago is exposed, the envoy will never let him go!

  At this moment, only Chen Quan's voice was left in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the faces of the others were also ugly. "Chen Quan" directly put the contradiction on the table, and they couldn't imagine how ugly the right envoy's face would be at this time.


   Zuo Shi's mansion.

   At this time, the corners of Qingfeng's mouth turned up. He didn't expect Chen Quan to do this. Is this really a disaster at home that aroused "Chen Quan"'s blood?

  Although Chen Quan was his own dog in the past, he still didn't dare to be too presumptuous in front of Mingyue. Today, Qingfeng just wanted to take the opportunity to trouble Mingyue, but he didn't expect Chen Quan to directly flip the table.

  Before he was still hesitating whether he wanted a real reward, but now, he instantly decided to give this opportunity to Chen Quan afterwards.

  He wants everyone to understand that being his Qingfeng dog, you can practice without any worries!

   "Come on, follow me to the House of Internal Affairs!"

  The steward outside the door was taken aback when he heard the words, and soon he came back to his senses and prepared the left envoy to sit in the Luan. After Qingfeng sat on it, he went directly to the House of Internal Affairs.


   Ministry of Internal Affairs.


   At this time, Feng Xiang no longer considered the consequences of beheading Chen Quan. At this point, there is nothing else to say.

  , since the other party has broken the pot, and now I am the only one here, I will naturally bear the blame, but the first priority now is to minimize the loss.

  The only way is for Chen Quan to die!

   After all, for a dead person, no matter what he said, it doesn't matter anymore. As long as he is still alive, the right envoy will really lose face.

  Feeling Feng Xiang's murderous intent, the expressions of the people around him changed, and Yuan Ying shot at the later stage, it was impossible for Chen Quan to survive.

  But Chen Quan faced it calmly at this moment, without even a trace of defensive action. At this moment, under Liang Sheng's ability to seek good fortune and avoid evil, there are still only four characters.

  A good omen.

  Same as Beast Ze back then, what kind of opportunity is this? You must know that the trip to the Beast Lake allowed him to break through the middle stage of the Nascent Soul, allowing him to enter the Immortal City without any worries.

   Is it true that I am suitable for the intrigue environment of Xiancheng? The same was true in Jinzhou City back then, which gave him a chance to rise.

  But it is precisely because of this that the "Chen Quan" he plays is so crazy. If not, how could Liang Sheng do this?

  And his spiritual consciousness at this time has long been silent, covering the fairy city and spreading thousands of miles around the House of Internal Affairs as the center.

  The breeze has come!

  Since this is the case, what are you afraid of! ?

   Seeing Chen Quan being so arrogant, Feng Xiang felt ruthless, Chen Quan would die if he continued with this move, and he would definitely have difficulties.

   But at least he saved the face of the right envoy, and he must know his painstaking efforts. As long as he made a move, he would immediately go to the right envoy's mansion to plead guilty.

   Then even if the right envoy punishes him, his life will not be in danger, and the instigator of all this is "Chen Quan" in front of him.

   During the move, Feng Xiang was extremely angry. Since you, Chen Quan, wanted to die, why did you drag me along?

  You and I are actually pawns, but why did you find me?

  The next moment, as if the stars were shattered, the power of Feng Xiang's explosion shocked everyone. They couldn't help but escape from this place, not wanting to be swept away by the aftermath.

  Huang Qiang and the others did not escape, and they actually wanted to stand with "Chen Quan" in their hearts. At this time, they were all members of the cleaning department.

   Fortunately, Huang Qiang remained rational and stopped people. If they moved forward, they would be courting death, and it would have no effect.

  But Chen Quan just stared at Feng Xiang closely, and didn't make any movements. Could it be that Chen Quan really came to seek death? Many thoughtful people couldn't help but come up with this idea under the investigation of their spiritual sense.

   Now no one knows what Chen Quan is thinking, but he is actually alive. There is still hope for the Chen family to rebuild. If he dies, there is really no hope at all.

  The next moment, a sudden change occurred.

  I saw an ordinary aura appearing, but Feng Xiang's devastating attack was directly annihilated under this aura.

   And Feng Xiang himself was also under pressure, without any possibility of making a move.

  Left shot! ?

  Feng Xiang was horrified, and then he saw Zuo Shiqingfeng's seat, which appeared between him and Chen Quan in an instant.

   But Zuo Shi Qingfeng didn't even look at Feng Xiang, but looked at the empty place in front of the left, and the next moment he heard Qingfeng's voice from the right.


  I saw the right envoy Mingyue also appearing, and he even had a smile on his face, and it was impossible to see his specific inner thoughts.

   "Mingyue Youshi, my subordinate is a muscle, today he was also stimulated, and he didn't do things properly.

  The Ministry of Internal Affairs is busy with internal affairs, and there must be mistakes. How can I blame you for this?

  Besides, the remnants of the sentient beings sect that night were rushed to support by my cleaning department in time, and let their souls fly away, which can be regarded as revenge for my ignorant subordinate.

   What happened today was his fault, and he turned his anger on the inspector. The inspector has always been prudent, and he is not a waste. "

When Mingyue heard this, she quickly smiled and shook her hands, "This matter is indeed the negligence of my Ministry of Internal Affairs. Not only did I not send people to guard the safety of the homes of the foreign staff of our City Lord's Mansion, but I also didn't know anything about the actions of the remnants of the All Beings Sect. It is indeed negligence. "

   As soon as the words fell, Feng Xiang knelt down directly at this moment, his face full of pain, but it was Mingyue who shot decisively and directly suppressed Feng Xiang.

   "Since this is a tragedy caused by Feng Duwei's lack of leadership, then he has to pay the price for it.

  Come here, investigate who is responsible for the security of Captain Chen Quan's home, find them out, and then bring them to the punishment stand, kill the whole family, and give Captain Chen an explanation. "

   As soon as Mingyue finished speaking, Feng Xiang's seven orifices bled suddenly, and then he sat on the ground slumped, with a look of despair on his face.

   Nascent Soul middle stage!

  It turned out that Mingyue interrupted Feng Xiang's Dao foundation just now when he made a move, which directly caused his realm to fall. After that, it is almost impossible for him to return to the late Nascent Soul.

   "Is Chen Duwei satisfied with this? Don't worry, there will be follow-up punishments. Today is just to punish the culprits. As for the Sect of All Beings, they will not be able to leave."

   "Inspection Division, Director of the Factory, pass on an order from the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to immediately investigate all the remnants of the sect of sentient beings in the upper and lower cities of Xiancheng, and make an apology to Captain Chen!

  You all heard me clearly, even if you go to the city, I don’t care what methods you use, you will turn it upside down for me, and don’t let any exposed sentient beings repay their crimes and get away with it. "


  At this moment, everyone looked at Chen Quan, full of sympathy.

   This time, Chen Quan, a mad dog, completely offended Siyoushi!

  (end of this chapter)

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