Chapter 153 Praying mantis stalks cicada, the oriole follows, Chen's house is destroyed! (8k combined chapters ask for monthly tickets)

   Fairy City.


  At this moment, in the private room, there were three people talking in low voices, and their expressions were still a little nervous, but from the voices of their conversation, it could be heard that they were a little excited.

   "Are you sure the message is correct?"

   "There is absolutely nothing wrong, but there is nothing wrong with you doubting it, after all, who would have thought that there would be a Huashen power living in seclusion in the lower city, and no one would know about it until Sihua?

  God can only bless us and all living beings, but if we want to find the magic technique of visualization hidden in the cave, it will take some time.

  That's why I ventured back here. According to the order of the elder in the church, he hopes that you can launch the plan in advance.

  This time, the plan is destined to be sacrificed, but it is also to prevent those high and corrupt people from looking down to the lower city and hindering our search for the magic of visualization.

  By the way, you guys remember to check the situation of Chen Quan, the cleaning department. A year ago, he suddenly sent his children to the lower city for no reason, and the place was not far from the cave of the unknown senior.

This situation is really too strange, so you guys had better be able to find out what happened in it. In case there is really something wrong with Chen Quan's move, then the previous planned location will be changed accordingly, and it will be directly at Chen Quan's cave. launch. "

what's the situation?

  Hearing the conversation of the mysterious figure in the box at this moment, Chen Quan couldn't help being a little confused at this moment.

   Pot from the sky! ?

   Is this a good omen or a bad omen?

   I didn't expect that I didn't provoke anyone, but someone wanted to mess with me, but after thinking about it carefully, this time the other party's action plan really has something to do with me.

   After all, it was a divine method of visualization. I had randomly selected a place to release the members of the Chen family. Anyone who saw this situation would doubt my intentions.

  But Liang Sheng thought about it, this is actually a good thing!

   After all, they want to do something in Chenjiadong Mansion, that is to do something with the children of Chen Quan's family, this movement will definitely cause a lot of trouble.

   If there is no big commotion, how can they go to the lower city to explore the cave of the so-called nameless senior Huashen?

  But for me, how can there be such a good thing? Because of Chen Quan's people, what does it matter to me, Liang Sheng?

  So in the blink of an eye, Liang Sheng almost made up his next plan, paying attention to the movements in the box all the time.

   After a while, Liang Sheng got up suddenly, Huang Qiang and others couldn't help looking up at him, Liang Sheng shook his hand, his face flushed.

   "Don't worry about me, I'll go out for a drink, and I won't return tonight if I'm not drunk."

  Huang Qiang and the others wanted to go out with them, but were stopped by Liang Sheng, and then Liang Sheng staggered out of the Shanhai Tower. He hadn't taken a few steps when he went out, his eyes flashed, and there was no trace of drunkenness?

And it's not only Liang Sheng himself, in fact, the people in the cleaning department in Shanhai Tower, except for a few children in the Foundation Establishment Realm who were not strong enough and became drunk after being hit by Daoguxuan's fairy wine, the rest of them were absolutely drunk. It's a fake.

   After all, they are all old foxes, how can they show their true drunk state, what if they say something wrong?

  Thinking about Huang Qiang before, he just said a few inappropriate words in secret, and then he was caught in the pigtails. I don’t know how he survived before.

  Anyway, people like them have a long lifespan. They have seen too many tragedies without concealment over the years. How could they be stupid?

  Liang Sheng didn't care so much at this time, he staggered and lowered his head, drunk, just at this moment the box opened, and the three of them were about to leave.

   Then without a sound, three imperceptible breaths stained them, and they didn't even notice it.

   At this time, Liang Sheng had already turned his back. The three of them thought they were ordinary guests and didn't care. Sometimes they were still full of thoughts, thinking about what to do next.

   In this way, they ignored the crisis around them. Liang Sheng lowered his head at this time, but smiled slightly.

  The spiritual consciousness under his refining qi and transforming gods, and the tracking method under the mutation of the soul control method, I am afraid that even if he has the power of transforming gods, if he does not check specially, he may not find it.

  Liang Sheng was willing to pretend to be "Chen Quan" and enter the Immortal City at the beginning, one reason was to settle the karma between himself and Jin Quanxiu and others.

  The second is because of one's own strength, coupled with the choice of seeking good fortune and avoiding evil, which can guarantee one's own safety.

  After all, at that time, his means and strength had already given him the power to protect himself, and who would have thought that the trip to Beast Lake would make his strength go further without any worries.

  At this time, even if Liang Sheng is facing the great power in the early stage of transformation, it is still unclear whether the two sides will live or die. This is his confidence.

  So it couldn't be easier to deal with the three rebels from the Nascent Soul Realm just now. When the three left Daoguxuan in a hurry, they didn't realize that they were being targeted by Liang Sheng.

  At this time, feeling the breath of the three distant senses, Liang Sheng raised his head to glance at the distance, and then naturally returned to Shanhailou.

   Next, it depends on what these people do, and when the right time comes, he will naturally make a move.

   That night, Liang Sheng was very drunk!


  Chen Mansion.

After inviting his subordinates to have a feast at Daoguxuan, now Liang Sheng has returned to Chen's house and is sitting in his patriarch's cave. Daoguxuan and his party today cost him more than one hundred middle-grade spirit stones, which can be called a big deal .

  However, Liang Sheng didn't care about this, not to mention the countless spirit stones in his hand, but to say that the unintentional harvest tonight already made him very happy.

  Visiting the magical method, Liang Sheng actually knew this magical method from the memory of "Chen Quan", but he never thought of getting it in a short time.

  One is because even in the Immortal City, the visualization of the divine technique is extremely precious, and the second is because he does not know whether the visualization of the divine technique has any effect on him.

  Why is it so precious to contemplate divine techniques? Because contemplating divine techniques condenses the sea of ​​consciousness, which has a certain effect on breaking through and resolving the bottleneck in the realm of monks.

  The bottleneck of cultivation is the biggest obstacle on the road to cultivating immortals, but Liang Sheng himself does not have this kind of trouble.

  However, in addition to its effect on the bottleneck, the visualization method has another effect, that is, it may also contain special means, which is also what Liang Sheng is interested in.

  Supernatural powers!

   This is when the powers above the realm of transforming gods create the magic of visualization, they will use themselves to coincide with the way of heaven, and naturally form a unique method.

  Because this method is instantaneous and invisible, and its strength is extremely powerful, it is called supernatural power. As the saying goes, skills are easy to get, but supernatural powers are rare.

  So Liang Sheng is naturally interested in contemplating the divine method, but who would have thought that his way of punishing the Chen family would make the All Beings Sect scruples, so if he wanted to test the Chen family, he might even do it.

  How could such a good thing happen in the world! ?

   This is not because Liang Sheng has lost his mind, but because this situation is indeed a good thing for him, after all, he is not the real Chen Quan.

  So the more Chen's family members die, the less karma he has to bear "Chen Quan". In short, the safer he is.

  For example, today's incident was actually caused by the fact that there are too many Chen family members, so it was unintentionally caused by cause and effect. It would be great if I was alone and free.

   What happened today is indeed a sign of great auspiciousness, so Liang Sheng has no intention of arresting the three of them on the spot.

  Most of the tasks of Qingfeng, the left envoy of Xiancheng, the cleaning department, actually included cleaning up all sentient beings and rebels.

   Ordinary people might be surprised. After all, who would have thought that in the fairy city, there is a cult that overthrows the ruling class like the secular world?

  But the fact is that when classes are solidified, 99% of all interests in the world will become the income of those inherent classes. No matter what the world is, there will always be people who want to overthrow this system.

   It's just that in the current world, the strength of the immortal cultivators is fundamental. These sentient beings teach rebellion, and they are street rats.

   After all, cultivating immortals is a resource for fighting. How can they shake the ruling class of Xiancheng under such circumstances?

  Generally, waiting for the fate of the rebels is almost just a ruthless suppression by the fairy city, but no matter how many people are killed and how long it takes, the sect of all beings is like a mouse, it can't be killed, it can be said to be a steady stream.

  Because there are always people who want to fight for their own rights, as long as they cultivate to a certain level, open their horizons, and feel that the world should not be so unfair, then some people will resist.

  Liang Sheng actually appreciates this situation, but he will definitely not sympathize with it. This is just their own choice.

  Some people are great, but Liang Sheng just wants to be alone. Liang Sheng is in the cave at the moment, feeling the aura that he has set up from afar.

  He could vaguely feel that two of them had begun to recruit people, and the number of cultivators notified was quite a lot!

   But the more people on the other side, the better!

   In this way, the Chen family will definitely be impacted. The more Chen family members die, the more comfortable and safe they will be.

   "Come on!"

   Not long after, the servants of the Chen family began to obey the orders of the Patriarch, and sent letters to inform the children of the Chen family who were away to go home. As for the children of the Chen family who were already in the Chen residence, they were instructed not to go out for the next few days.

  The reason "Patriarch" didn't say much, the servants just said that it was the Patriarch's order, and some gossip said that Chen Quan felt that the children in the family were a little slack recently, so he was going to make them work harder.

  In order to make them more diligent, Chen Quan deliberately spread the meeting to increase the share of pills on top of the monthly share of each child.

   Using this benefit to allow them to practice at home, since there are so many benefits, although it is not clear why the Patriarch is so anxious about their progress in cultivation, no one will refuse.

   After all, who doesn't want to improve their cultivation?

   Within a few days, the entire Chen family entered a state of seclusion. It didn't take long for this matter to be known to some people in Xiancheng, but many people didn't care about it.

  Some people even praised Chen Quan for his long-sightedness, "It seems that Chen Quan has a long-sighted vision, and he is not a short-sighted person.

  He actually started to work hard so early on to make his family members work hard. The so-called people who have no foresight must have near-term worries. Chen Quan, as the deputy captain of the cleaning department, does have something. "

  Many people couldn't help but sigh in their hearts. After all, not everyone is willing to pay real money for resources, but pay attention to the long-term flow of water.

  Cultivation is not something to be rushed after all. It can only be said that Chen Quan has big ambitions to improve the family's strength.

  As for Liang Sheng himself, he still goes to the cleaning department every day, and then goes back to his mansion on time, or goes to restaurants in various places in Xiancheng to taste Xianqiongyu syrup and fairy delicacies.

  Huang Qiang once asked Liang Sheng in private if he had received any news. After all, Chen Quan was the one who protected the calf. There were fewer children of the Chen family in Immortal City these days, and there were fewer disputes.

  Liang Sheng smiled and said, "You, you just think too much, I just feel that my children are slack, how can you slack on the road of cultivation?"

  Huang Qiang also thought it made sense when he heard this. Their family has just experienced a storm, and even Chen Quan is so careful at the moment, how can he relax?

  So Huang Qiang also began to urge his family members to retreat and practice. Fortunately, Xiancheng is so big, they are actually only a small part of it, so what they do is inconspicuous.

   At most, some people would laugh and talk after dinner, and the time would pass slowly in peace, and it would take half a month in a blink of an eye.

  Liang Sheng waited a little anxiously, why hasn't the Sect of All Beings started to act? If no action is taken, some of the Chen family's children will start to prepare to leave the customs.

   Fortunately, Liang Sheng didn't have to wait too long. Finally, when the day came when the Sect of All Beings started to take action, Liang Sheng brought Huang Qiang over on that day.

   "Huang Qiang, these few days I have to go down to the city to see if those little **** of my family have made any progress. If they do well in cultivating spiritual fields, I'm going to transfer them back."

  The fact that Chen Quan punished his disciples to open up wasteland in the lower city had already been spread in Xiancheng, and many people knew about it.

  If it weren't for being so strict, I am afraid that this time he asked the children in the family to retreat and practice, and the effect would not be so good.

   This is deterrence, let the children of the Chen family know that the Patriarch is serious this time, Huang Qiang couldn't help being taken aback when he heard this.

  Liang Sheng said again at this time: "You don't have to worry about any problems. I have already reported to the captain, and I went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to get the badge for going out. Everything has been arranged."

  After hearing this, Huang Qiang confirmed that there were no omissions, and immediately patted his chest and agreed, "You can go anyway, Captain, I was just afraid that you would be caught by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  In the past few months, they have been like mad dogs, making troubles for us, and they don't know when the leftists will let us fight back. "

   "Huang Qiang!"

  Liang Sheng suddenly raised his voice, Huang Qiang quickly shut up, he also felt that what he said just now was a bit mean, what if the Ministry of Internal Affairs heard it?

  But Huang Qiang is not to blame. He doesn't know why after such a long time, he has become more and more trusting in Chen Quan, and sometimes he just speaks out loud.

  Seeing that Huang Qiang realized his mistake, Liang Sheng didn't criticize him, "Anyway, the above has the above considerations, you just need to do your duty well, and all this will be left to you."

  After Liang Sheng finished telling Huang Qiang, he was content with the underground world and went to the lower city where his children were exiled.

  Since this period of time, Huang Qiang and others have trusted him more and more. In fact, he secretly manipulated the soul control method, which has already reached the most perfect state under Liang Sheng's lack of bottleneck talent.

  Combined with the powerful spiritual power of his ancient immortal cultivation at this time, Huang Qiang and others have actually been influenced by the soul control Dafa without knowing it.

  As for why Liang Sheng descended to the lower realm at this time, it was naturally because the disciple of the All Beings Sect who was looking for the magic method of visualization had already descended to the lower realm.

The other party may be going to attack the Chen family recently. Of course, he must not be there at the first time. I let the Chen family retreat. Without myself, the fighting power must be insufficient at the first time. disappointment.

  It is best to wait until I come back, the family has suffered a heavy loss, making "Chen Quan" disheartened, and stop asking too much about the secular world.

  Of course, the specific situation will wait until the final result to make adjustments. His current thoughts are all on the visualization of divine methods.


down town.

  The area of ​​the lower city is vast. Compared with the wilderness, it can be said to be nothing. The lower city is like thousands of wilderness piled up, and there is no end to it.

  The situation in the lower city is more secular, but it is a combination of forces, not only monks, but also a few mortals.

  Ordinary people are the lowest-level existences who can't even gather the resources of Qi training realm, and are even inferior to servants.

  If the monks in the Lower City achieve the Foundation Establishment Realm, many of them will choose to leave the Lower City and go to the Sky City to fight.

  But the people who reached the Immortal City were desperate in the end, because if they didn't have good fortune, they might not be able to break through to the next level when their lifespan was about to expire.

  In the end, they can only go back to the lower city and spread their branches and leaves, hoping that someone from their descendants can break through the shackles and gain a foothold in the fairy city.

  At this moment, Liang Sheng is like an ordinary monk. The monks walking on the country roads and among the fields are still working hard to tend the spiritual fields. They should all be tenant monks of the Chen family.

   Not long after, he stopped in front of a huge building complex, looked at the inscriptions of the "Chen Family Village", and couldn't help but sigh that the "Chen Family" is in the lower city, and it already exists like a local emperor.

   At this time, there were already many people waiting in front of Chenjiazhuang. When they saw Liang Sheng, their eyes lit up immediately.

   "Master, you are here."

  Chen wanted to take the lead in saluting Liang Sheng, with an extremely respectful attitude. He didn't want to stay in the city anymore.

  But since they were sent to the lower city by the Patriarch, they have not received new orders, and gradually began to compromise and accept their current fate.

  However, their patriarch is "protecting the calf" after all. After all, how could he give up on them?

  So after getting Liang Shenghui to come to the city, they kept sending people to guard the entrance of the villa, just to welcome Liang Sheng's arrival as soon as possible.

  Liang Sheng looked at Chen Xiang in front of him, but he didn't show any expression. He just said lightly, "Let's go in and talk about it."

  Afterwards, it was torture for Chen Xiang and the descendants of the Chen family, because no matter what good news they said, the "patriarch" remained expressionless.

  It seems that their idea of ​​returning to Sky City is temporarily impossible to realize. Seeing this, they can only retreat angrily, leaving Liang Sheng alone in the best room in the villa.

  But they didn't know that Liang Sheng's attention was not on them at the moment, and Liang Sheng didn't expect that the nameless Huashen cave was so close to here?

   It's no wonder that the people of the All Beings Sect doubt whether they know something, but apart from sighing, Liang Sheng didn't act now.

  The situation at this moment is obvious. The action of the All Beings Teaching to explore the treasure is not going well. After all, it is a cave that once transformed into a god. How can it be opened so easily?

  However, the strength of the Sect of All Beings is indeed good. This time their leader turned out to be the true king of the late Yuanying stage. It seems that they are determined to win the magic of visualization.

  Liang Sheng has no intention of making a move. He has already made preparations for the oriole to follow, as long as he can get the final visualization method.

  Liang Sheng remained motionless at this time, quietly watching the people from the All Beings Sect busy in front of the Wuming Huashen Cave, but he did not expect that after three days, the other party did not make any progress.

   Just when Liang Sheng was a little impatient and was considering whether he should make a secret move, the people of the All Beings Sect cheered softly, and the Huashen Cave was finally opened.

  Liang Sheng couldn't help but feel refreshed when he saw this. He was going to run out of patience if he waited any longer, and his ability to seek good fortune and avoid evil was still four words.

   Good luck!


   At the same time, outside the Chen family's house in Xiancheng, there was finally movement at this time.

  At this moment, not far from the Chen residence, a group of people were hiding in a courtyard with serious expressions. The two leaders were the two Nascent Soul cultivators in the box of Daoguxuan.

  They had been hiding here five days ago. After they deliberately concealed all their breath, no one found them.

  At this time, they were still waiting for the final order. At this moment, one of the leaders, Yuanying Zhenjun, uploaded a jade slip to shake.

  When he took out the communication jade slip and looked at it, he couldn't help but feel happy.

   "It's done, Mr. Huang and the others have successfully opened the Wuming Huashen Cave, and now we are notified that it is time to act."

  Hearing this sentence, everyone's face was a little excited. After waiting for so long, it was finally time to sacrifice.

  When they got here, they never thought about successfully evacuating!

   "Brothers and sisters, tonight is the time for us to dedicate ourselves to the bright future of monks in the world.

   Regardless of the success or failure of this operation, if we are caught by the **** of the City Lord's Mansion, we must remember the oath we made at the beginning. "

   "Don't worry, your lord, we are already ready to dedicate ourselves, and we will never miss a major event. The future will definitely be beautiful."

"well said!"

  At this moment, everyone's emotions are a little excited. Everything they do today is to attack the decaying fairy city. Their sacrifices are all for the future to no longer be such a solidified class pattern.

   After a while, when they all calmed down, under the command of the two leading Nascent Souls, everyone began to brew their strongest spells.

  They are going to make a big commotion this time, attracting all the attention of Xiancheng, because they don't know if there will be a commotion in the action of taking the magic of visualization in the lower city.

  But according to the records they got, the birth of the visualization magic in the cave will cause a special forbidden atmosphere to float, and they don't want to be discovered by the fairy city.

   "Elder, I hope your actions go well!"

  After silently blessing in their hearts, they stopped hesitating, burst out of breath in an instant, and all the attacking spells in their hands directly hit the Chen family's courtyard!


  Unexpectedly, the spells headed by the two Nascent Soul True Monarchs smashed into the Chen family's courtyard with a devastating attack.

  At this time, most of the Chen family's children were still in seclusion, so they didn't have time to react, and they were enveloped by this terrifying attack.

  The servant monks of the Chen family, whose highest level of cultivation is no more than the Jindan Daoist realm, were unable to react to the sudden attack of the two Nascent Soul Sect Masters.

If "Patriarch Chen Quan" was there, with his mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivation, he would have reacted immediately in the face of an attack. Simply not enough to watch.

  However, Chen Quan happened to be away at this time.

  In an instant, the Chen family's house was completely destroyed under the attack of doomsday and turned into ruins.

  At this time, except for one or two elders in the Nascent Soul Realm of the Chen family, who reacted and protected a small area of ​​the Chen family's courtyard, the rest of the place had completely disappeared.

   They looked at the sentient beings who shot, their eyes were bloodshot.

   "Damn it!"

   And at the moment when the disciples of Zhongshengjiao launched an attack, all the attention of Xiancheng was immediately attracted.

  Cleaning Division.

  Huang Qiang and the others were still on duty at this time. At this time, they sensed a strong fighting atmosphere, and couldn't help looking in the direction of the Chen family with a look of horror.

   "Not good, something happened in the captain's house."


   Talking about the time, Huang Qiang and others rushed to the Chen family's courtyard immediately, while the monks led by other members of the Cleaning Department were a bit slower, and then followed.

  As for the city lord's mansion, it was the first time to feel what happened, and the face of Qingfeng Mingyue immediately turned black.

   "The remnants of all beings are so courageous!"

  This behavior completely ignores them, it is simply a provocation to the City Lord's Mansion, how dare they do this?

  In an instant, a terrifying coercion directly covered the range of hundreds of miles around the Chen family in the city lord's mansion.

   However, Qingfeng Mingyue, the left and right envoys, did not make a move at this time. They are exuding momentum now, just to prevent these living beings from escaping and enclosing them in the Chen family's courtyard.

  After all, if they need to act in person in Xiancheng, then the subordinate agencies of the inner and outer government do not need to exist.

   At this time, other people in Xiancheng also realized what was going on. Under the induction of spiritual consciousness, many people couldn't help but marvel.

  Sentient beings taught me how to be brave. How many years has this happened? After all, the All Beings religion emphasizes unity and mutual love, and they don't like sacrifices among them the most.

  What did Chen Quan do to cause such decisive revenge from them? Even Qingfengmingyue is a little confused at the moment.

  But the people from the Cleaning Department had already rushed to the area of ​​Chen's house, and even on the way, they met the factory director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  The Cleaning Department and the Factory Department actually have the same responsibilities, but one is under the jurisdiction of Qingfeng Foreign Affairs, and the other is under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  In normal times, they would argue with each other when they met, but now that something happened in Chen's house, Huang Qiang and others were not in the mood at all.

  At this time, the surviving Nascent Soul strongman of the Chen family glared at the people of the All Beings Sect, and looked at the ruins of the Chen Family, feeling blood dripping from their hearts.

  They took action to intercept the opponent's retreat immediately, because they knew that in the fairy city, they would definitely have support.

  As for the two Nascent Soul True Monarchs who took the lead of the Sect of All Beings, they didn't care about anything after they took action, they just wanted to break out of the encirclement.

  But the two Yuanying Zhenjuns of the Chen family tried their best to intercept them, and they couldn't leave for a while. At this moment, the people from the cleaning department and the factory department finally arrived together.

   "Brothers, it seems that we can't go. Since we are doomed to die, then we will put on the backs!"

  The Yuanying monk of the Chen family who was wrestling with them heard this, but before he could understand what was going on, he saw the other party sneering and approached closely, and then a shocking sound appeared.


  Not to mention that Yuanying of the Chen family didn't have time at all, even the cleaning department and the factory department had a few people rushing too fast, and they were killed together.


   All the followers of the Sect of All Beings are all lunatics!

   Immediately afterwards, it was like a chain reaction, and it was like the sound of firecrackers. All the remnants of the sentient beings found the person who died together and blew themselves up.

   There are very few people who can survive.

  Looking at the unrecognizable ruins of the Chen family, Huang Qiang couldn't help but feel weak at this moment, how should he explain to the captain?

down town.

   Just as the disciples of the All Beings attacked the Chen Mansion, the Wuming Cave Mansion in the lower city finally opened. Liang Sheng couldn't help smiling when he saw the Wusheng Cultists who were still trying to figure out how to enter the cave.

  There was no danger in this cave at all, and the auspicious omen in Liang Sheng's heart became more and more obvious, but he was not in a hurry, but waited for those people to enter the cave, and then cautiously followed behind.

   Not to mention that his strength is far superior to the opponent, but to say that as long as there is an attribute panel, the opponent will not be able to find them.

   "Elder, it is indeed as recorded. There are many panaceas here, which are well preserved."

   "There are still spirit stones here."

   "Wow, there is actually a high-grade spiritual weapon, which is well preserved."

  The people of All Beings Sect were extremely surprised. This was exactly the same as the record on the scroll, but the elder's eyes were fixed on the scroll with aura above it.

  Visualize the divine method!

  However, he was not impulsive, but asked his subordinates to take away other resources, and then cautiously approached.

   There are means of protection, but fortunately, as long as you are careful, there shouldn't be too much noise. Besides, the action above the fairy city has already started, and no one in the lower city will care.

  Thinking of this, he no longer hesitated, according to the method recorded in the dossier, formed seals in his hands, matched with a specific technique, and reached out to approach the scroll.

   At this moment, a sudden burst of breath erupted from the visualization scroll, and then his consciousness was suddenly frozen, and he temporarily lost consciousness.

  But not only the method left on the scroll of the visualization magic method, but Liang Sheng also made a move, and he took the opportunity to superimpose the method under the soul control method.

  Liang Sheng was not impulsive at this time. After confirming that the consciousness of the elders of the All Beings Sect was temporarily frozen, he looked at the scroll of visualization.

   At this time, the prohibition on the scroll completely disappears. It can be said that the timing is just right, and then Liang Sheng reached out and took off the scroll without any hesitation.

  Then Liang Sheng didn't hesitate at all, imagining that the magical scroll had been undone, and in his heart, it was still a sign of good luck and avoiding evil, so how could he back down?

  Following Liang Sheng's powerful divine thoughts instantly included the scroll of visualization of the divine method, in his sea of ​​divine consciousness, there was only a sense of agility, which turned into a visualization of the divine method.

   View of the Chidi Thousand Miles Drought!

  Liang Sheng opened his eyes in a short breath, and sighed in his heart that it is indeed a divine method of visualization, but he has not studied it carefully after rubbing the imaginary method.

  In the future, there will be more time to leave the scene first, and Liang Sheng will disappear immediately after a thought.

  Following Liang Sheng's departure, the consciousness of the Elder of All Beings Teacher returned the next moment, but he didn't know that he had been manipulated for a few breaths. He just looked at the scroll that lifted the restriction, and was inexplicably surprised.

   It's done!

  At this moment, without any hesitation, he directly put the scroll into the storage ring, and when he returned to the cave, the others saw him nodding, confirming that he had obtained the visualization magic, and their eyes flashed with joy.


   Immediately afterwards, these people took action, and according to the destruction hand formula recorded in the previous file, they personally cast spells to bury the cave, and then a few people disappeared in an instant.

   And Liang Sheng also appeared from the dark at this time, with a smile on his face, who would know that he had obtained the magic of visualization?

   I just don't know how the situation in Xiancheng is now?

  The next moment, the communication jade slip vibrated.

  Huang Qiang's message has arrived!

  (end of this chapter)