Chapter 152 Omen of great auspiciousness, visualization of magic (8k combined chapters ask for a monthly ticket)

   Fairy City.

  Time flies, a year has passed in a blink of an eye, but for Xiancheng, nothing has changed.

  On the Sky City, the monks are still working hard to cultivate and climb up as much as possible. This is for better medicine and stronger opportunities. After all, everyone wants to go further.

Guxuan, the east of Xiancheng City, has the best ethereal tea, which can make oneself ethereal, cleanse one's own foundation, and improve the state of the whole person. In this state, drinking ethereal tea over time may have a significant effect on breaking through the bottleneck .

   It’s just that there are not many people who can afford such a luxury for a cup of ethereal tea and one hundred low-grade spirit stones, that is, one middle-grade spirit stone.

   There is also Fengleitang's bodhi formation, which can make people concentrate. When combined with the spirit gathering formation, the cultivation effect is excellent. It is said that the strongest combination effect can be as good as five days in one day.

But this is still facing the same problem. It costs a lot to rent the Bodhi formation for one day. The most basic formation requires 30 low-grade spirit stones to start, but if you want to achieve the five-day effect, you need to spend more. How many people can afford such a price?

  What is the difference between this fairy city and the secular world?

   There is no difference, it's just that most of the immortal cities are long-lived and powerful immortal cultivators, but this situation is more suitable for practitioners with high realms.

  The stronger the strength, the greater the benefits. All living beings are sinking, and strive to strive for a chance.

  At this moment, Liang Sheng is sitting in the Daogu Pavilion, tasting the Kongling tea, leisurely. It has been a year since he entered the Immortal City, but he is not at all uncomfortable, even more at ease than the Huangyu Sect.

   There are actually factions here, and of course there are battles, but the difference from ordinary people is that their own strength is the final say.

  In the Immortal City, any conspiracy is icing on the cake, not a decisive factor. It's like two people who are left and right. They are more like fighting spirit, because no one can do anything to the other.

  If they really want to decide the outcome, unless one party breaks through the realm first, and then crushes the opponent strongly.

   Otherwise, they can only trip up each other and make each other unhappy. After all, the city lord of Xiancheng, Zhen Yuan, doesn't care about common matters and almost lets them decide.

  However, neither Qingfeng nor Mingyue will act recklessly, because they have no rebellious heart in front of the powerful strength of City Lord Yuan of Wanshou Xiancheng Town.

   This is the most different place from the world, only the strength is supreme.

  In addition to the city lord's mansion, which suppresses the immortal city, there are also various cultivating families attached to it, and of course there are also sporadic sect gangs.

   After all, monks will think differently when they become stronger. As long as you have the ability, they can do whatever they want.

   But this situation is of course good news for Liang Sheng. At least he is in the middle stage of Nascent Soul and has the background of Qingfeng Zuoshi. As long as there are no accidents, his life can be very comfortable.

So it's not bad to go to Xiancheng, at least compared to the barren land, under such a strong aura, Liang Sheng's cultivation speed has increased several times, not to mention there are gods such as Kongling tea, but it is just a waste of aura. It's just a stone.

   He has a lot of this stuff, he even dared to say that even in Immortal City, there is no Nascent Soul True Monarch who is richer than him!

   And for more than a year, Liang Sheng has also used his superb methods to unknowingly deal with all the thorns in the Chen family.

  Some of the thorns were sent to the vast and boundless "lower city" under the fairy city. These are still not so troublesome thorns.

  The reason is very simple, it is to let them open up wasteland and make contributions to the family. As those who have vested interests in staying in the family to enjoy the "benefits", naturally they will not object.

  As for those arrogant and domineering thorns who are really easy to cause trouble, Liang Sheng's solution is also very simple, that is, let them disappear immediately?

   It is normal for monks to perish, but the Chen family was very unfortunate. During this year, several family members went into a rage, and either their meridians were severed, or they ran away on the spot. Anyway, they all died in the end.

  Hey, these are all elites of my Chen family, but it’s a pity that they left too early, so what can Liang Sheng do, he can only lament that the fortune is not enough.

  Who would have thought that this was Liang Sheng's tricks. With his methods, even a great power in the transformation of gods might be mistaken for a moment.

   But no matter what, after more than a year, Liang Sheng, as the head of the Chen family, has not lived a very comfortable life.

  The most satisfying thing in the Immortal City is that there is a Bodhisattva sharing the nun, but Liang Sheng has not had a chance to check the specific situation yet.

  The existence of Longevity Immortal City has not been known for several epochs. In such a long time, there will always be female cultivators who want to take a shortcut.

  The situation is also very simple. Before cultivating immortals, men and women are equal. It is extremely difficult for a female cultivator to work hard to make talismans or other auxiliary means to obtain three middle-grade spirit stones a month.

  However, to become a bodhisattva and share female cultivators, it is possible to earn three middle-grade spirit stones in one night. The gap is so large that it is unimaginable.

  So there are always female cultivators who want to work hard to climb up. If so, there will always be people who accept this kind of path to immortality.

   After all, why should others equal her decades of hard work in one year? In front of Xiuxian, who can say who is noble?

   Besides, it’s not that Immortal City doesn’t have dual-cultivation skills. Which one of them will become a bodhisattva and share female cultivators without dual-cultivation skills?

   Otherwise, how could those male cultivators just have desires and enjoy it so much? Because this is also a kind of practice, just another kind of consumption.

  This world is so absurd. The class in Xiancheng is more stable and blatant than the secular ones. Only once you are a high-ranking family can you be "free".

  For example, Chen Quan's "Chen family", the children in their family are already much better than ordinary casual cultivators, far beyond.

  Of course, ordinary people born in the Sky City are also very lucky, because they are already much luckier than the people in the "lower city" under the Immortal City.

   Immortal cultivators in the "lower city" need at least the foundation building stage to enter the immortal city, but the probability of success is less than one in ten thousand.

  Liang Sheng saw Chen Quan's "memory" before, and he couldn't help feeling that the operation of Xiancheng was indeed stable.

  Because under this system, how many ordinary people can jump over the dragon's gate? To break the shackles of fate?

   Difficult and difficult!

  Everyone seems to have been labeled, and they are doomed to have different fates from birth, so what can they do?

  Liang Sheng certainly didn't have any idea of ​​changing the structure of the Immortal City at this time. He just wanted to practice quietly until he had the immortality-protecting method.

  He himself has never been a good person, just an ordinary person with a bottom line, and his own safety always comes first.

  Liang Sheng also asked himself, if he was not Chen Quan's opponent at that time, would he have made a move for Jin Quanxiu?

  Maybe it will...

   At this time, after drinking a cup of ethereal tea, he felt that his spirit was much ethereal. After a while, he opened his eyes, full of comfort after ethereal.

   Good tea!

  The fruit wine back then is not worth mentioning in front of Kongling tea!

  Liang Sheng immediately got up and left Daoguxuan with this feeling of ecstasy.

   "Master Chen, please go."

  I saw the buddy of the foundation building in the teahouse, sending Liang Sheng away with a flattering face, Liang Sheng didn't say anything, and walked towards Chen's mansion in a leisurely manner.

  This year, Qingfeng didn't give any instructions, and Chen Quan was still working as the deputy captain of the "cleaning department", leisurely.

  In fact, this is the normal state of the Immortal City. After all, in the Immortal City where the ranks are solidified, under the longevity of the monks, even if there are caring people, how can there be such a big storm?

  After all, if someone with a heart is really disobedient, punch down, the wind will be calm, and the smoke will disappear. Strength is the real right to speak in the fairy city.

  The same is true for the work of the cleaning department, but it has been six hundred years since the last time the cleaning department mopped up a blind monk organization.

  Peaceful Fairy City!


  Chen's house.

  Patriarch Dongfu.

  At this time, following Liang Sheng's thoughts, there was an invisible talisman in the midair, and with the last stroke of Liang Sheng's spiritual power, he saw a golden light flashing in the midair talisman.

   Then I saw a movement of the surrounding air, as if Liang Sheng had already prepared a trap, within a few meters, there was a sudden commotion.

  Based on Liang Sheng's means, the embarrassing means he personally arranged, even if the news is equivalent to the early stage of Yuan Ying, it cannot be spread at this time.


  In an instant, the line of the talisman in mid-air broke instantly, and then a huge force was felt pouring out.

  Even monks who have been cultivated in the early stage of Nascent Soul may choose to temporarily avoid such powerful means.

   "The fairy art in this fairy city is really miraculous, just like this magical air talisman art, it is completely impossible to exist in the barren land."

  In the past, when Liang Sheng made talismans, he had to prepare cinnabar talisman paper, etc., but in the fairy city, this was actually a method only used by low-level monks.

  As long as they are monks above the Golden Core Realm, they have already started to practice the method of air talismans, not only because of the convenience, but also saves cultivation resources.

  As for formations and other auxiliary means, there are also alternative methods that are similar to talismans, but although they don't need things such as formation flags and formation eyes, they need huge mana as support.

  So in terms of formation, even monks in the Nascent Soul Realm should arrange it in kind, so that the formation can be stable and long-lasting.

   After all, this is not like a talisman, which is a one-time consumable, but anyway, the magic of Xiancheng is indeed amazing.

  Although Liang Sheng's realm has not changed much this year, he has several more offensive methods in his hands.

   Greatly increased strength!

  As for other methods in the Immortal City, such as alchemy and tool refining, although they are exquisite and subtle, I don’t know if it is because of the rich resources of Immortal Cultivation in the Immortal City, the methods of the Immortal City are far inferior to those in the Wasteland.

  After all, the resources for cultivating immortals in the wilderness are scarce, and each sect specializes in arts. After tens of thousands of years of accumulation, it is not impossible for them to make achievements in a certain aspect.

   Even in some details, the wasteland is not much better than the fairy city, and even better.

   Among the Huangyu sects, apart from the destruction of the main peak of the Huatian Sect, which resulted in the failure of the top-level weapon refining method, Liang Sheng was able to catch all the other top-level skills.

  Liang Sheng entered the Immortal City this year, and while practicing, he is also gradually proficient in various other methods of cultivating immortals.

  Whether it is alchemy talismans or magic formations, Liang Sheng almost has a complete training plan.

  I have broken through 41,000 lifespan, and this is only my temporary lifespan. In this case, there is no crisis for him in the Immortal City, and he naturally needs to practice other auxiliary means to pass the time while practicing exercises.

  As for the alms-giving Bodhisattva in the Immortal City mentioned earlier sharing female cultivators, Liang Sheng actually has no intention of provoking them for the time being.

  He has only been in Xiancheng for a year now. Although he has the memory of Chen Quan, Chen Quan is extremely harsh on this and has never provoked this "land of fireworks".

  Since he didn't understand the situation clearly, how could Liang Sheng mess around? Just like when he just crossed this world, he also waited for a while in Jinzhou City before he started listening to the music.

   At this moment, there was movement outside the cave. Liang Sheng quickly erased all traces of the talisman experiment, and soon a humble voice sounded.

   "Patriarch, Huang Zhenjun is here to visit."

   It was the voice of a servant of the Chen family, and it was transmitted into Liang Sheng's cave through a specific method of sound transmission.

  Liang Sheng's mind was moved immediately, it seemed that his plan was successful, and he had one more person who could be used.

   "Let Huang Zhenjun wait in the living room, I will come right away."

  Huang Zhenjun, whose real name is Huang Qiang, who was cultivated in the early stage of Nascent Soul, also worked under the Qingfeng Zuo Envoy. He is a team leader of the cleaning department and is not under the command of "Chen Quan".

  But he and Chen Quan are also considered to be in the same vein. Although the relationship is not close, there are contacts, especially this year, the relationship is better, and the reason is that Liang Sheng deliberately did it.

   "Friend Huang Daoist!"

   "Chen Duwei!"

  A Taoist friend and a captain, the status of the two can be seen from the address. When they meet, they greet each other first, and then sit on the futon.

  At this moment, they had already brewed tea in front of them, and there was a little bit of steam boiling, "Friend Huang Daoist is coming tonight, but there is already news?"

  Huang Qiang nodded fiercely, with a look of excitement.

   "That's right, this time I would like to thank you Daoist Chen for your guidance. This time, I did find an unknown monk's cave in a wild place in the lower city this time, so I am here today to thank you."

  Huang Qiang was really grateful at this time. Although the Huang family lost two Jindan real people when they explored the unnamed cave this time, the result was worth it.

   "Ten Infant Transformation Pills!"

   This is the biggest discovery in the nameless cave. As for the other treasures in the cave, they have already lost their spirituality and are not worth mentioning.

  However, Chen Quan was willing to hand over the news of this unnamed cave to himself, so he could only say that the other party was really helping the Huang family.

   "You are too polite, Daoyou Huang, you also know that I just came back from the wasteland of the second brand, so it is inconvenient to do it myself, after all, I have to avoid suspicion.

  Furthermore, I'm afraid that the Zuo Envoy will intervene in the matter of the wasteland again, so I don't want to leave the fairy city.

  As for you being so grateful, you still slapped me in the face. What is the relationship between you and me? That is because we belong to the same branch of the cleaning department and are under the command of the left envoy.

  Furthermore, I heard that it was because of me that you were caught by the Ministry of Internal Affairs who belonged to the right emissary last time, so that now your salary has been deducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but you have never complained.

  I know that you have suffered a lot, and I understand that you are doing it for the left and making up for my mistakes, so that's why.

  Since I am safe and sound, I, the Chen family, dare not stand up for you, but I, Chen Quan, am a real villain, and I really don’t want the Chen family to be involved, but if I can help you, I, Chen Quan, will definitely help. "

  Hearing this, Huang Qiang was even more moved. After all, there are not many such honest words. There are mostly heartless people in the world.

  So when he heard these words at this moment, Huang Qiang didn't say anything, and directly drank tea instead of wine, and then his eyes lit up.

   "Ethereal tea?"

  Liang Sheng nodded, "You also know that I have done a good job in the task of the wasteland of the second brand, and I have gained a little, otherwise you will not be missed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

   This time, Qingfeng Zuoshi has given you a lot of rewards, so I ordered some ethereal tea leaves directly at Daoguxuan, and you can take some with you when you leave later. "

   "You Daoist Chen is magnificent!"

  At this moment, Huang Qiang felt that the world had misunderstood Chen Quan too much. Although Chen Duwei acted like a villain, he was flattering to his superiors and arrogant to his subordinates.

  But he is indeed a real villain, and he is also a man of temperament. He doesn't know how to behave differently on the outside, but to be different on the inside. It doesn't look like other people are smiling tigers. They usually call themselves brothers, but now they are all watching their own jokes.

  It seems that in the future, I will apply to become Chen Duwei's subordinate. In this way, even if I take the blame, I will be compensated.

  He and Chen Quan are in the early stage of Nascent Soul, and in the middle stage of Nascent Soul. If there is a difference of one step, the treatment is very different.

  A year ago, he took Chen Quan back to Xiancheng, and then he was caught by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, because he didn't dare to talk nonsense, so that not only the salary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was cut, but also a lot of resources were fined.

  Even the property of the Huang family in the lower city was affected. Fortunately, this time because of Liang Sheng's information, he gained a lot in the lower city, which can be regarded as making up for some losses.

  Ten Huaying Pills have actually solved Huang Qiang's urgent need, at least there is no shortage of Huaying Pills in the family for nearly a hundred years.

  Under the relaxation, Huang Qiang and Chen Quan chatted more and more speculatively, and before they knew it, the topic involved the B-brand Huangyu.

  Huang Qiang works in the Cleaning Department, and will be responsible for investigating the movement of some wastelands. After all, the Lord Zhenyuan has asked questions before, and Qingfeng dare not neglect.

  Maybe the city lord doesn't care now, but as a foreign envoy, Qingfeng must be fully prepared.

   "Chen Duwei, you don't know, since you left the B-brand Huangyu in the year, something big has happened in the B-brand Huangyu.

  According to the report of the eyeliner Danding Sect, the Huatian Sect, the most powerful sect back then, has been exterminated, and the Huangyu of the second name is now a six-sect structure.

  I can only say that seeing his tall building rising, seeing his building collapse, if my Huang family falls, I am afraid that my Huang family will have the same result.

   Fortunately, Chen Duwei, you helped me solve the urgent need this time, and the Huang family is willing to advance and retreat with the Chen family..."

  Before finishing the word Tui, Huang Qiang was interrupted by Liang Sheng, "You are really joking, we are all under the Zuo Envoy, and we all obey the Zuo Envoy's orders, how can there be a crisis of decline?

  If we can't break through, we will just die in the end. Mr. Zuo Shi is wise and wise, so where did our family come from? "

  Huang Qiang broke into a cold sweat when he heard this moment, and he almost got into a big disaster again. He didn't keep his mouth shut before, and was caught by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  After chatting for a while, Huang Qiang took his leave and left. Liang Sheng looked at his retreating back, closed his eyes and meditated.

   Didn't expect the situation in the wasteland to become so bad. The previously powerful Hua Tianzong was wiped out?

   I don’t know how the disciples of the Zhou family are, but with their bloodline abilities and the presence of dark veins, they should be fine.

   But it’s funny to say that the Danding Sect is the only sect that has Yuanying Zhenjun, but they are still as immovable as a mountain. On the contrary, other sects beat the dog in the water and directly wiped out Huatianzong.

   It can only be said that the changes in the world are amazing, and only when you have a long life can you sit calmly and watch the clouds roll and the clouds relax.

  At this moment, Liang Sheng really didn't regret coming to Xiancheng, as if he had found the leisure of the secular dynasty of Dayan in the past.

  Although his cultivation has not improved much in the past year, his sea of ​​consciousness has also grown a bit, although it is impossible to see it unless you look carefully.

   Danding faction is fine.

  The so-called unnamed cave that Huang Qiang explored before was actually forged by Liang Sheng, just to show favor to him, and then let the flow take its course to find out about the situation in the deserted area of ​​the B-brand.

  Huang Qiang is a team leader of the cleaning department, responsible for contacting a part of the wasteland under the fairy city, and it just so happens that the wasteland of the B brand is within the scope of his supervision.

  What is helping each other from the same lineage? In fact, monks from the same lineage in Xiancheng have a solidified class, but they are still valuable, so they have friendship.

  Liang Sheng received Chen Quan's memories, and he also knew that the forces in the Immortal City were intricate and complicated. He originally thought that he would have to struggle to survive in the cracks, but he didn't expect it to be far simpler than the world.

   After all, the situation in Immortal City is indeed somewhat complicated under a long period of time, but when time is cut, or even a hundred years is divided into dimensions, Immortal City can be described as extremely calm.

  Because the monks of the ruling class are high above, in the face of absolute strength, where is there so much trouble?

   It's like Huang Qiang was punished, but he didn't have a capital crime. As long as he doesn't die, even if the Huang family declines, there is still a chance to rise again in about two thousand years.

   If after two thousand years, there is no new Nascent Soul True Monarch in the Huang family, then the Huang family deserves its decline, no one is to blame.

  I just sold a good one. As for Huang Qiang's excited words before, Liang Sheng didn't believe a word.

  If you make a mistake, and it is a big mistake, I am afraid that the other party will not be so kind, and you will already have a conscience if you don't step on it.

   There is also friendship between the Xiuxian families in the Immortal City, but there are not many feelings. However, knowing that the Danding Sect is all right, Liang Sheng is also relieved. This result is already good and cannot be better.

  Since this is the case, I should practice hard and grow up slowly. People in the wasteland will lose their cultivation base when they go to the fairy city, and the bottleneck of cultivation will be infinitely enlarged, but Liang Sheng has none.

  He is still the same as before, as long as there is enough time, he can break through smoothly without any problems.


  Cleaning Division.

  Liang Sheng pretended to deal with official business casually, and was about to leave, but Huang Qiang walked in with a smile on his face at this time.

  Half a month ago, Huang Qiang successfully took advantage of his relationship and paid a huge price to bribe the Chief of the Operations Research Department of Zuoshi Qingfeng's residence, and successfully became Liang Sheng's subordinate.

   "Captain, Cuiwei Pavilion heard today that there is a female cultivator who is a disciple of True Monarch Hehuan, and her cultivation is no less than that of the Bodhi Formation. Shall we go and see the situation?"

  Liang Sheng shook his head when he heard this move in his heart. The more he investigated, the more he found that the place of Giving Bodhisattva was not simple.

  For example, the Cuiwei Pavilion mentioned by Huang Qiang just now has not found out who the owner is.

  So for the sake of safety, Liang Sheng can only control his desires. After all, under the premise of safety, he will have plenty of time in the future.

  Huang Qiang saw this, but his mind was running quickly, and then he changed his voice directly, "But it's really not interesting to be with female cultivators all day long.

  The subordinates also heard that Dao Guxuan has released a new tea, the effect is no less than that of ethereal tea, but the effect can be seen in the body, may the captain try it? "

  Hearing this, Liang Sheng nodded with a smile, "Call the brothers under your command to go with me, today I will treat you."


   "Needless to say, such a mother-in-law is not like me, so go and call someone."

  Hearing this, Huang Qiang couldn't help but become more and more determined. As long as Chen Quan is not in danger of death, he should firmly support it.

   It is rumored in the world that the captain is flattering to his superiors, but arrogant and domineering to his subordinates. This is true, but the captain still protects the calf.

   For them as the subordinates of "Chen Quan", this is a good thing. After all, who doesn't want their boss to be a reliable person?

  A boss who only blames others is unpopular.


   Not long after, cheers came from next door, especially the monks in the Foundation Establishment Realm were even more pleasantly surprised. After all, how many times can they go to Daoguxuan in a year?

   What a shame!

  Liang Sheng thought about it, since it was a treat, he simply called all three teams under him, after all, he has been "protecting the calf"!

  Thinking of this, Liang Sheng had a thought, and then two burly monks walked in, extremely respectful.

   "Subordinate Chen Xiao (Yang Quan), has met Captain Du."

   "Call your brothers and go to Daoguxuan together. I will treat you today."


   "Captain Xie Du."

  The two left immediately happily. They were both old people, but they were not as polite as Huang Qiang. Afterwards, a mighty group of people followed Liang Sheng and went straight to Daoguxuan.

   It was only halfway there, but Liang Sheng was a little strange. Why did he suddenly feel that there was a good omen?

   Could something happy happen?

  But this is a fairy city, where did the surprise come from?

  Liang Sheng couldn't figure it out, so he simply didn't think too much about it. Anyway, it was a sign of good luck, and he would naturally understand what was going on when the time came.

   All the way to Daoguxuan, at this moment the shopkeeper of Daoguxuan has personally greeted him outside the door. Although he looks calm on the surface, he still looks a little nervous.

   The shopkeeper who can make Jindan's late stage cultivation so nervous is naturally because of the large group of people behind Liang Sheng.

   This is the cleaning department, one of the organizations that specializes in helping the city lord's mansion deal with turmoil and dirt, and it is a sharp sword under Zuo Shiqingfeng's hands.

   What's more, the leader is Chen Quan, who is known as the loyal dog of the left envoy. How can he not be nervous? Chen Quan, the loyal dog of Zuo Shi, has a bad reputation.

   Did I accidentally offend the other party before? But no matter how he thought about it, the shopkeeper couldn't figure out what was wrong, so he could only bite the bullet and step forward.

   "Master Chen, this is."

   "Bring my brother to dinner, you probably don't have any guests?"

   "What are you talking about, how can you have no place when you come, Fengzi, why don't you lead the way?"

  The young fellow who built the foundation hurried forward, bowing his knees and leading the way. Liang Sheng nodded in satisfaction at this time, but he still left a word when he left.

   "I heard that you have released a new tea, the effect is very good, remember to make a few pots, my brothers are all thirsty."


  The shopkeeper smiled immediately when he heard this, and his heart was no longer uneasy, as long as the other party really came to eat.

  Although the owner behind Dao Guxuan is a late Nascent Soul cultivator, they still hope not to offend the cleaning department as much as possible.

   After all, the cleaning department is a sharp weapon in the hands of the left envoys. If they offend them, there will be no good fruit to eat. Otherwise, people will come to make trouble every day, how can the business be done?

  Of course, the organizations under the city lord's mansion will not bully merchants with a background like Daoguxuan at will. In the face of lack of absolute strength, most of them still carry the bridal sedan chair together.

   After all, no one is a fool, they are all human beings. The former shopkeeper was a little nervous because of the reputation of "Chen Quan" and brought so many people.

   Fortunately, it was just a false alarm. Dao Guxuan prepared one of the largest VIP buildings for Liang Sheng and his group—Shanhai Tower.

   Daoguxuan occupies an unknown amount of land. After all, this is a fairy city. How can it support such a large venue without some energy?

  This is also the reason why Liang Sheng was clearly curious about what it would be like to give to a Bodhisattva, but he never did it.

  If he didn't find out their details, he felt a little uneasy. Since there are faint and invisible results under the pursuit of good fortune and avoiding evil, he naturally dare not mess around.

   While the boy was leading the way, Liang Sheng glanced at the small box next door out of the corner of his eye. There was no change on the surface, but his heart tightened.

  The auspicious omen, where does it come from?

  What's going on here?

  However, Liang Sheng's face remained unchanged, part of his consciousness was placed in this small box, and then he led his men to Shanhai Tower with a calm expression.

  He didn't get flustered because of the auspicious omen, he couldn't eat hot tofu in a hurry, let's see what happened for now.

  When they entered the Shanhai Tower, they sat down in turn according to their respective positions, and soon, the new Jiuzhuan Lingcha from Daoguxuan was brewed and served on the table.

   And Liang Sheng is also extremely bold, and the next order is the monster essence of the whole body above the three realms and the top-quality spiritual grass ingredients, and the back chef who got the news is also preparing in a hurry.

  At this moment, everyone couldn't help sighing in their hearts, Captain Chen, you are really grand!

  Although Chen Duwei has a bad reputation, as his brother, he is doing very well, especially Huang Qiang's subordinates are even happier now.

  The captain's decision was indeed correct, otherwise, with their cultivation base and salary, they would be a bit reluctant to drink tea at Daoguxuan.

  Following Liang Sheng raised his glass first and took a sip of Jiuzhuan Lingcha, the others couldn't wait to raise their glasses, and instantly felt a sense of lightness, from between the lips and teeth, directly from the lips and teeth, spreading to the whole body.

  The lower the cultivation level of the people in the room, the more moving and quiet they are at this moment, and faint green smoke is emitted from the pores of their bodies.

  Not to mention washing the tendons and cutting the marrow, but also strengthening the body. Fortunately, the three of Huang Qiang are Yuanying Zhenjun, and they woke up in an instant, and they were amazed by the effect.

   "This Nine Turns Spirit Tea is really the best. Thank you, Captain, for allowing me to taste such a good tea."

  Huang Qiang's voice had a hint of spiritual power, and soon the Foundation Establishment team members were also awakened, and quickly praised Chen Quan.

  Liang Sheng didn't care about this, and waved his hand, "Why are you talking so much nonsense, drink tea quickly? It won't have such a good effect when it cools down. These are real spirit stones."

  As soon as these words came out, there was instant laughter and laughter. Liang Sheng immediately drank a cup, and the others were not polite. In an instant, the fragrance of tea overflowed.

  After they almost digested the Nine Turns Spirit Tea, Liang Sheng let Daoguxuan serve food and wine.

  These dishes are great tonics.

   For a while, the atmosphere was harmonious amidst the mingling of wine and chips, and Liang Sheng didn't take the initiative to use his strength to get rid of the alcohol.

   "If you don't get drunk tonight, you won't go home."

   Others naturally followed suit. As for why Liang Sheng did this, the reason was very simple.

  Visualize the divine method!

  It turns out that today's auspicious omen is actually a magical visualization method that can only be produced by the great power of the transformation of the gods!

  And not all of them are willing to make them, unless they are at the end of their lives, they may give up everything and use their own spiritual consciousness to condense and visualize the divine method.

   But it is not guaranteed to be successful, only the powerful method of divine sense can condense the success, but Liang Sheng did not expect that there would be such an opportunity today.

  I, Liang Sheng, are truly blessed!

   Thanks for the reward of 500 points from Dark Night and Stars, and 100 points from the naughty Sonic boss, pen refills!

   By the way, please ask for a monthly ticket, and I want to collect 1000 tickets, brothers, thank you!



  (end of this chapter)

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