Chapter 151 Unexpected surprise Nascent Soul mid-term, 41,000 years of life into the Immortal City (8k monthly ticket required)


  Land of the Far East.

  Aragu Temple.

  Liang Sheng looked at Jin Quanxiu who was unconscious in front of him, thought for a while, and without much hesitation, he brought him to the previous battlefield outside the Tiangang Sect.

  Before this, Liang Sheng specially sent a message back to Xiancheng. At this time, I have to say that the method of cultivating immortals in Xiancheng is powerful, and even the means of communication are countless times stronger.

  Of course, to use these methods, there are also requirements for cultivation. After all, sending a message across the wasteland to return to the fairy city requires at least a cultivation in the Nascent Soul Realm.

   Not long after, Liang Sheng received a reply from Xiancheng Qingfeng, which only had five words—

   "Yes, continue to investigate."

   It's done!

  So I still have ten years to make arrangements!

  Liang Sheng finally had the heart to check the contents of Chen Quan's storage ring.

  Before time was running out, how could he care so much about what was in the storage ring?

  But now, he is "Chen Quan", the matter has been properly handled, and he is in the mood to see what he has gained while relaxing.

  Although he has Chen Quan's memory, he may be a little vague about the things that the other party has collected for thousands of years.

  Since this is the case, Liang Sheng can only reluctantly sort it out.

  First, there was a long sword with a spiritual weapon. Liang Sheng didn't pay attention to it. He had as many as twelve spiritual weapons, so it was nothing unusual.

   Needless to say, the jade slips of the Lichen Duer Immortal Scripture, I have also successfully cultivated, and then I saw hundreds of top-quality talismans, and the power of each talisman is no less than that of Yuanying Daoist.

  Well, this talisman is not bad.

   There are also a lot of top-grade materials for cultivating immortals, such as top-grade weapon refining materials. According to Chen Quan's memory, he should be trying to improve his spiritual weapon to a higher level.

   There are also 13,000 high-grade spirit stones and 50,000 medium-grade spirit stones. As for various other things, such as spirit pills, they are all valuable things anyway.

  However, Liang Sheng was not too surprised after taking inventory. It seems that Chen Quan is actually the wealth of an ordinary Nascent Soul Middle Stage True Monarch. Even Liang Sheng himself is much richer than him.

  I shouldn't have expected too much. Liang Sheng was a bit dull. Chen Quan's background wealth was comparable to that of a sect in Huangyu, but Liang Sheng was not paying attention at this moment.

   Forget it, let’s start to deal with the follow-up work of the wasteland.

  Liang Sheng had a thought, and disappeared in an instant. When he was outside the Tiangang Sect, Jin Quanxiu woke up after a while. After a while, he was fully awake.

  But the moment he saw Liang Sheng, he blurted out two words.

   "The Immortal Envoy."

   But as soon as he finished speaking, his expression changed again. Where was the senior from his sect that he saw before he fell into a coma?

   "Jin Quanxiu, you're lucky, if it wasn't for that senior from your sect, you would be dead right now.

  However, in view of the two years spent by your sect senior assisting me in investigating the wasteland, you can count your merits and demerits as equals, and the matter will be cancelled.

  The matter of your apprentice Yang Cheng, so far, maybe you will regret it, but you should be glad that I let you go this time.

  But if you don’t know what to do and then mess around, even if you have seniors from the sect to help you, believe me, there is no need for your Danding faction to exist. "

   "Two years!?"


   Seeing the arrogant and indifferent words of "Chen Quan", Jin Quanxiu felt very sad, and there was no saying that his disciple Yang Cheng was really dead.

  However, Jin Quanxiu's courage has been completely exhausted this time, just like a person who committed suicide. After he rescued him, he never had the courage to commit suicide a second time.

  Most people will choose to continue to live, because he will always have more fetters. Now that Jin Quanxiu has sought justice for his apprentice "Yang Cheng", now he has to consider for the Danding faction.

   Furthermore, I was in a coma for two years! ?

   Jin Quanxiu was deeply saddened, and nodded silently. He did not speak after that, remained silent, and "Chen Quan" remained indifferent.

   "Since you have thought it through clearly, you can go back to the sect now, and I don't need your cooperation anymore."

  Jin Quanxiu didn't speak. At this moment, his back was a little bent, and finally he said goodbye to "Chen Quan" with a hoarse voice.

   "The poor Taoist will not bother the fairy envoy, and the poor Taoist will leave."

   After finishing speaking, Jin Quanxiu soared into the air and disappeared into the distance after a while. Only then did Liang Sheng recover his expression, which was also helpless at this time.

  Master, today the karma between you and me as a teacher and student has been broken, and I will no longer be your student from now on.

  But the next moment, Liang Sheng cheered up and looked at the Tiangang Sect not far away. At this time, the Tiangang Sect had already closed the full state of the mountain protection formation, and only turned on some functions as usual.

   After all, there have been no accidents in the past two years, and the matter of Hua Tianzong has not been concluded yet, and some people even say that it is a punishment from God.

  After all, if it wasn't for the punishment of heaven, how could Yulongzi, as the Yuanying Zhenjun, not even make a sound before his death?

   This is Yuanying Zhenjun!

  Even other sects still felt a little bit of joy in their hearts after their investigations failed.

   Immortal cultivators believe in fate and cause and effect the most, but the way of cultivation is against the sky. It's like a joke when you say it.

   At this time, Liang Sheng didn't think too much about it anymore. Now he has only ten years left, so he naturally has to seize the time to investigate the secrets of the wasteland.

  Liang Sheng, who has accepted all of Chen Quan's memories, actually knows more about Huangyu, but this also makes him want to explore the hidden secrets even more.

  Thinking of this, Liang Sheng didn't hesitate, concealed his aura, and sneaked into the Tiangang Sect. At this time, the highest cultivation level of the Tiangang Sect was only the Jindan Daoist, who could find him?

   I don't blame Liang Sheng for being so anxious, it's just because Chen Quan has a problem with his "personality".

  It is impossible for him to change his personality when he goes back this time. He can only find all the secrets in the wilderness as much as possible, so as to complement Chen Quan's memory and add chips to himself.

  In fact, Liang Sheng was a little lucky. If Chen Quan had an upright and unyielding character, it would be really terrible, and he is actually fine now.

   After all, with Chen Quan's cultivation base, he is only servile to the monks above the late Nascent Soul stage, and arrogant and domineering to the monks below the middle Nascent Soul stage. Of course, he can accept it.

   After all, I am invincible under the transformation of a god, and I will run for my life by turning a **** into an enemy!

  After that, within a month, Liang Sheng visited all the other two sects and six sects, except for the Huatian Sect and the Danding Sect.

   The reason why he didn’t go to the Danding faction was because he had already searched the Buddhist scripture pavilion on Danyang Peak, while Hua Tianzong was under Chen Quan’s attack before, and the suzerain peak was turned into scorched earth. Where did the Buddhist scripture pavilion come from?

   What a crime!

  At this time, apart from Hua Tianzong's top-notch weapon refining method, which could not be found, Liang Sheng had already obtained the top-level methods of other sects.

  Although the law of the fairy city is vast and boundless, the Huangyu sect has developed for so many years and has its own characteristics. It is not a supplementary method to extract the essence and discard the dross.

   After all, there is no bottleneck in self-cultivation, what if there is a miraculous effect?

  It’s like the nail-headed seven-arrow technique. Many monks have never practiced this kind of weak technique. After all, this is not killing the enemy, it is obviously suicide.

  But in Liang Sheng's hands, it is a rare means of attack. Thinking of this, Liang Sheng shook his head. Since he has the most essential thing in the Huangyu sect, it is naturally a full set of "acting".

   Beast Ze.

  I lied and would go to Beast Lake to investigate the situation. If I didn't go, how could I deceive Qingfeng and others?

   Soon Liang Sheng came to the site of Shangqingzong, which became the base camp of monster beasts in the past, so the hunting ground in the back mountain of Shangqingshan, after the end of the beast tide, has been jointly sealed by two sects and six sects.

  But it can block others, how can it block Liang Sheng?

  Liang Sheng has long been invincible in the wasteland, he is really reluctant to leave here, under the guarantee of safety, who wants to take risks?

  But because of my karma with the Danding faction, this finally led to the current result.

  Thinking of this, Liang Sheng no longer thought about it, and went directly to the hunting ground in the back mountain, and found the blocked passage of Beast Lake after a while.

  He didn't perceive any danger at the moment, so he opened the passage directly into the Beast Ze, and the scene changed in the next moment.

  Liang Sheng had already come to Beast Marsh through the tunnel, looking at the gray sky, Liang Sheng felt a sense of oppression instantly.

   As expected of Beast Lake, here is really barren mountains and bad waters. The concentration of spiritual energy is actually similar to that of the barren land, but it is mixed with miasma. If you want to practice, you even have to filter it again.

  In this environment, cultivation is more effective with less effort.

  Liang Sheng just glanced at it briefly at this time, and then blocked the passage he came from, made a mark, and then chose a direction to continue forward.

  The scenery he saw along the way were all gray and white. Liang Sheng never thought that Beast Lake was in such a bad state.

  He thought that Beast Lake was full of monsters, but he was wrong. He didn't encounter many monsters at all within hundreds of miles.

  Liang Sheng restrained his doubts at this time, and continued to move forward. After walking for an unknown number of ways, Liang Sheng gradually had a ridiculous idea.

   This beast swamp looks much bigger than the barren land, and every other large area, the scenery will change, just like the beast swamp is made up of pieces.

  Liang Sheng felt more and more doubts, because even Chen Quan didn't have much information about Beast Lake in his memory, he only knew that it was a low-level place.

  In the wilderness, since the three sects and six sects, they have strictly guarded against the beasts, and the two sides are enemies of life and death.

  Besides the beast tide war, the three sects and six sects only occasionally put in monsters as places for their disciples to practice.

  However, Liang Sheng never imagined that this would be the case in the Beast Lake. No wonder the monsters would launch a wave of beasts and invade the wasteland, all for survival.

  Liang Sheng sighed at the thought of this, and then continued on his way. The sporadic monsters on the side of the road did not interest him at all.

  After more than a month passed, Liang Sheng couldn't help being shocked.

   Demon King!

  Below him there was a tribe of monsters, the number of monsters was no less than 100,000. Liang Sheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. After so long, he finally saw a decent group of monsters.

  This is the beast marsh I imagined, where monsters gather and are extremely vicious. Liang Sheng hides his breath at this moment, and the monsters don't have any perception at all. Liang Sheng pretends to experiment with the desolation stele.

   emits a faint green light.

  After Liang Sheng investigated silently, he felt that this was just an ordinary herd of monsters, and there was nothing special about it, so he couldn't get any useful clues, so Liang Sheng went directly to the next place.


One year later.

  Liang Sheng encountered hundreds of groups of monsters, large and small, on the way, and only then can he fully confirm that the beast marsh is vast.

  Although the Beast Marsh is vast and the animals are rare, the number of monsters is indeed very large because of the large base of the site.

However, the number of demon kings is relatively small, so it is no wonder that beast hordes in the wasteland do not occur frequently, unless there is a combination of demon saints, or the top demon kings must have great abilities. area.

  Liang Sheng also discovered another secret of Beast Lake. In fact, Beast Lake is not only connected to the wilderness where the three sects and six sects are located, but also connected to other wildernesses.

  However, Liang Sheng didn't delve into it further. He had about nine years left, so he didn't have time to delve into it for the time being.

  Besides, he already has a general understanding of the situation of the Beast Lake. The Beast Lake is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, connected to the wilderness, but the passage is blocked by practitioners.

   Only when the power of the monsters gather reaches a certain level, can they break through the blockade and invade the wilderness.

   But in this case, it will take at least several thousand years, because the growth cycle of monsters is too long.

  After more than a year of investigation, Liang Sheng finally had a general understanding of the composition of Beast Lake, and he even had an absurd idea.

  If it weren't for the gray sky and the harsh environment, the situation in Beast Marsh would be almost the same as in the wasteland.

  It is like splicing together the terrains of the barren lands. After Liang Sheng had nothing to gain, he was ready to return to the barren lands of the three sects and six factions, and it was almost time to meet.

  But he didn't know at this time that there was an oasis somewhere in Beast Marsh, who was not far away.

  A demon king staggered here, looking excited.

   "After two hundred years, I finally found the Holy Land, blessed by the Holy Ancestor!"

  The demon king suddenly covered his face and wept, and then he was overjoyed and threw himself directly into the oasis lake.

  The originally clear lake water suddenly shone with green light as he jumped in, full of vitality. After a quarter of an hour, he was thrown from the water surface by a strange force.

  He had an unwilling expression on his face, but he still bowed his head and knelt down, and then resolutely left, and the moment he turned around, the oasis disappeared.

  The demon king seemed to have expected this, and when he turned his head to see this situation, he was not too surprised, but felt the power in his body, and his heart was surging.

   Two thousand years!

   As long as you wait another two thousand years, you can break through the Demon Saint Realm!

  When the time comes, I will definitely take my Yaozu Erlang back to take back a wasteland territory. As long as I can take down the human race wasteland before the support of the Longevity Immortal City, they will not be able to make a move.

  After all, even though the Holy Ancestor cooperated with the human race and made the oath of heaven, even though there were text traps in it, the Holy Ancestor fell.

  However, the most basic regulations are still there. As long as you can plan properly, there will be no problem in successfully occupying the wasteland before Xiancheng reacts.

  The previous plan was almost successful, but I didn't know what happened midway, which led to the failure, but I have learned a lesson, and this will never happen.


  Liang Sheng is preparing to return to the wasteland at this moment. He doesn't know that there is a demon king who is sharpening his sword and planning the wasteland.

  Now he feels that there is nothing to investigate in Beast Ze, and all the situations are almost the same. If it is not for the natural confrontation between the two races of humans and monsters, he would have to sympathize with the poor survival of monsters.

   But at this moment, an oasis suddenly appeared in front of him.


   Not an illusion, not a mirage.

   There is actually a place of water in this marsh of beasts. Liang Sheng immediately explored it cautiously, but he only had auspicious omens in his heart while seeking good luck and avoiding evil.

  And I have never had such a strong premonition of good luck. It seems that I have got the greatest chance since I have the ability to seek good luck and avoid evil.

  Liang Sheng didn't know what was going on at all, but he didn't doubt his feeling of seeking good fortune and avoiding evil.

  So he didn't hesitate right away, walked forward cautiously, and slowly entered the oasis water, and when he entered it, the lake instantly turned green, full of vitality.

  Liang Sheng only felt a majestic vitality rushing directly into his body. Liang Shengfu was so spiritual that he sat cross-legged directly, allowing himself to sink to the bottom of the lake, and then practiced!

   Hunyuan Xuangong!

  Health-preserving exercises!

  He practiced 21 kinds of exercises in his body at the same time, and there is a clear distinction between the meridians of the exercises.

   And he is like a giant gluttonous beast, the green aura of the entire water lake is also crazily swallowed by him directly into his body.

  After all, Liang Sheng has already entered the realm of refining Qi and transforming into a god. His physical soul at this time is like a black hole, crazily absorbing the power of the oasis.

   This is looting!

  If the demon king had seen this situation before, he might have cried without tears. The oasis that their demon clan worked so hard to find was plundered by a human race.

   This is the robber!

  But Liang Sheng didn't have time to think about anything at this time, he felt a majestic force of vitality continuously entering his body!

  He instinctively runs the exercises greedily to absorb, and the Hunyuan Xuangong, which is in the realm of refining qi and transforming gods, runs at the limit speed.

  Health-preserving exercises are to frantically plunder the vitality of the oasis. He doesn't know that the oasis outside, the original green scenery, has slowly decayed and turned gray and white.

   In less than a quarter of an hour, Oasis fled in a hurry like a little girl who was raped with a look of panic.

  After 10,000 years, the oasis did not appear in the wasteland, making the monsters think that the ancestors abandoned them.

  The oasis was evacuated, but Liang Sheng was still immersed in his cultivation at this moment. The vitality in his body was many times more terrifying than that of taking Huaying Pill before.

   In the blink of an eye, it was nine years.

  Liang Sheng probably didn't expect his plan to go wrong, and he practiced in the Beast Lake for nine years. At this moment, Liang Sheng finally woke up.

His eyes were shining brightly, but there was an invincible power in his eyes, and then he heard a long howl, which resounded for hundreds of miles around Beast Lake, and the rare monsters among them were frightened and limp. land.

  His body swelled suddenly, and then shrunk sharply, but he didn't feel any discomfort, only feeling the majestic power in his body.

  Boundless mana!

  Liang Sheng actually had this illusion of invincibility, and his sea of ​​spiritual consciousness was opened up again, doubling in size.

  The current self can easily take care of ten pre-breakthrough self, but Liang Sheng didn't care about these, he only had three words in his mind - great opportunity!

   I am really blessed!

   I didn’t expect that in order to better conceal myself, I successfully entered the fairy city without showing any flaws, and came to the Beast Lake to investigate, but I had such an adventure.

  At this moment, Liang Sheng couldn't wait to look at his data panel, because after nine years, his realm has broken through again!

   Not only a breakthrough in the realm, but also a breakthrough in the health-preserving exercises. This is simply unbelievable.

   After all, he has inherited the talent of being stupid and dull, so how could he break through again in a short time?

   But it is!

  Name: Liang Sheng

  Age: 1052

  Talent: Naive and dull (extreme)

Cultivation methods: Hunyuan Xuangong (fourth floor), Lichenduan Xianjing (sixteenth floor), twenty health-preserving exercises (twenty-third floor), nail-headed seven arrows (curse) (PS : Since then, the Shangqing Xianjing and Chunyang Danjing will not appear and will be omitted.)

   Realm: Refining Qi and Transforming God (Middle Nascent Soul Stage)

  Shouyuan: 41274

  Forty-one thousand lives, just ask who else! ?

   This sentence inexplicably appeared in Liang Sheng's mind. He had never been so confident and proud, and he had never imagined that in just ten years, he would be able to break through the middle stage of Nascent Soul.

  What the **** was that oasis before? Why is it so effective? Today's encounter can be said to be the most bizarre adventure in Liang Sheng's many years of cultivating immortals.

   You must know that this is achieved by Chizi's dull talent, and if it is someone else, I am afraid that there will be greater benefits.

Of course, it may be another result if someone else is replaced. After all, he has no bottleneck in cultivation. If it is someone else, he may only store this majestic power in his body, digest it slowly, and then loosen his own bottleneck. Breakthrough.

  In Liang Sheng's career of more than a thousand years, he has actually seen too many amazingly talented people, and in the end, many people died of depression under the bottleneck.

  Liang Sheng turned his head to look towards the center of Beast Lake. He had the urge to continue searching for the oasis, but reality did not allow him to do so.

  Because the ten-year period has come, he must "return" to the fairy city.

  Fortunately, I just managed to break through the awakening within nine years, otherwise, if it is delayed for another year, Xiancheng doesn't know what will happen.

  Thinking of this, Liang Sheng no longer hesitated, resisted the impulse in his heart, and went to the marked passage he had made before.

  Land of the Far East.

  Desolate ancient temple.

  Liang Sheng looked at the teleportation array in front of him, feeling a little inexplicable. He turned his head and glanced at the wasteland again, feeling a little sad about parting.

  I am 1052 years old.

  I have stayed in the wilderness for nearly 800 years, but I never thought that now, it is time to say goodbye.

  If I had obtained the ancient immortal cultivation method in the secular world, maybe I could live in the secular world without any worries.

   This also shows that as long as you are in contact with the outside world, you will definitely have cause and effect. Fortunately, the current self also has a little bit of self-protection power, so I can talk about it for comfort.

  As for the monks in the realm of transforming gods, according to Chen Quan's memory, there are very few in the fairy city.

  The bottleneck above the Nascent Soul Realm is extremely difficult to break through. Otherwise, how could the "he" in the mid-Yuanying Stage be entrusted by Zuoshi Qingfeng to find the truth in the wasteland?

   After calming down his mood, Liang Sheng lit up the teleportation array according to the method of the teleportation array, using middle-grade spirit stones as the foundation.

   Fairy City.

Castle in the Sky.

  After Liang Sheng appeared in the teleportation formation, he immediately handed over his badge for going out, and then immediately turned left to make Qingfeng Palace go.

  As Mingyue was in charge of internal affairs, she naturally knew about this at the first time, immediately put down the affairs in hand, and paid close attention to the movements of Qingfeng.

  If Qingfeng enters the City Lord's Mansion urgently tonight, it means that Chen Quan has found the source of Huang's breath, which is also a great achievement, so how can he be absent?

   After all, Qingfeng has a lot of tricks, and he is not with the city lord. If the city lord is deceived by him and promised some great benefits, what should he do?

   Fortunately, not long after Chen Quan entered the cave of Qingfeng House that night, Chen Quan left, and Qingfeng did not pay a visit to the city lord that night, so Mingyue breathed a sigh of relief.

   It seems that there is nothing wrong with the B-brand barren land, this is just a farce, but this incident also reminded myself.

  Although he is in charge of the internal affairs, Qingfeng cannot completely control the external affairs. If something major happens and he knows nothing about it, wouldn't he be punished by the city lord?

   At this time, he had already found out Qingfeng's routines in various wastelands. It turned out that he just supported a certain sect and became their eyeliner.

  Since this is the case, things have become very simple, and what I have to do is just to follow the gourd.

  So in the past ten years, Mingyue has not done nothing. Anyway, in the barren area under the jurisdiction of Longevity Immortal City, he has also placed eyeliner in all likelihood.

   You Qingfeng did it, but I can't do it?

  Thinking of this, Mingyue slowly closed her eyes. Anyway, she would never show weakness. He wanted to prove that he was the most capable assistant of the city lord.

   Liang Sheng had no idea what Mingyue was thinking at this moment. After reporting to Qingfeng at this moment, he handed over the Zhenhuang stele.

  Qingfeng was not surprised by this at all. In fact, he didn't really believe that there would be a barren atmosphere in the wasteland of the B-brand at the beginning.

   What era is this?

   I don’t know how many epochs have passed since the ancient era of cultivating immortals, and this barrenness has been completely cleared away.

  If the city lord hadn't said that there was a suspected aura of desolation, he would not have sent someone to investigate. According to his past habits, dealing with this kind of thing is actually a very simple method.

  As long as there is a suspected famine, there is no need to investigate, just directly carry out indiscriminate attacks, and a mass extinction will be fine.

  There are tens of thousands of barren areas under the fairy city, and this one is not bad. However, this time the barren area is not important, the important thing is to give an explanation to the city lord.

  Since this is an oolong incident this time, it is not urgent. At this moment, the city lord has retreated again, and I will only disturb the city lord if I am stupid.

   As for Chen Quan's mission to complete the wasteland this time, Qingfeng sent him away with nothing more than a verbal promise.

  At this time, Qingfeng thought of Chen Quan, and the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. He was indeed a loyal dog, smart and sensible, so he didn't need to worry too much.

  So for so many years, in fact, many people below said that Chen Quan was out and domineering, but he didn't care at all.

  As long as it’s not a matter of principle, you have to protect your own dog. Otherwise, if you don’t even care about your own dog, how can you tame other people to be your own dog?

   You must know that under the city lord, there are envoys.

  He is not under one person, but above ten thousand people, because there is another person who can sit on an equal footing with him.

  Chen Quan was walking in the Immortal City at the moment, full of traffic and noise. This place was very much like a secular city, except that the road was wide and the vendors on both sides were monks.

  The scene in Chen Quanli's memory gradually merged with the scene in front of him. Here, there is no difference between ordinary monks and mortals.

  Da Yin hides in the city, as long as he doesn't mess around, he can grow safely, but many people see Liang Sheng and take the initiative to avoid him!

  The classes here can be said to be quite distinct. Low-level monks have no human rights at all in front of high-level monks.

  Liang Sheng had no expression on his face, as if he was walking between secular cities. Not long after, he stopped in front of a large mansion.

  Chen Mansion!

  The Immortal City is very much like a secular city, the City Lord's Mansion is like a secular imperial palace, and the Dongfu of these Yuanying Zhenjun is a high gate compound.

   Among their big monk families, there are also servant contracts that sign the oath of heaven. After all, their servants have much stronger conditions than ordinary casual cultivators.

  At this moment, the guards in front of the gate are all monks in the foundation-building realm.

  But at this moment, the Chen family actually let the cultivator who established the foundation be the gatekeeper, and when they saw Liang Sheng, their expressions immediately changed, showing surprise.

   "Master, are you back?"

  Chen Quan nodded, did not speak, but went straight into the mansion.

  With the opening of the gate, there is another world. The flowing water in the courtyard is full of mountains and mountains, winding to the west, and you can see fairy trees everywhere, tall and straight and verdant, with intertwined roots, like a dragon.

  Although Chen Quan had already seen this scene in his memory, Liang Sheng was still shocked when he saw it with his own eyes.

This is the house that a powerful immortal cultivator should have. Maybe it is to show his status, or it may be for his own practice. After all, Liang Sheng feels the strong aura in the air at this time, which is stronger than outside the house. double?

  Where is this house, it is obviously a paradise disguised as a house, at this moment, the servants have already started to inform everyone in the mansion.

  The owner of the house is back.

   Soon, the servants were lined up on both sides, bowing in salute, while the gates of the caves in the house opened one by one, and it was Chen Quan's people.




  All kinds of titles, one after another!

  Liang Sheng discovered that there was actually a monk in the early stage of Nascent Soul, more than thirty Jindan monks, and several hundred Foundation Establishment monks.

  As for the descendants of the Qi training realm, there are simply too many to count. This is also because they are descendants of the Chen family, otherwise they would not be eligible to enter the Sky City.

  The rules of Immortal City are very simple. In Immortal City Sky City, ordinary monks must be above the Foundation Establishment Stage to enter.

   This is the Xiuxian family!

  Looking at the crowded family children, Liang Sheng felt a little headache, not to mention that there were many Yingyingyanyans mixed in.

   After all, such a big cultivating family naturally needs Taoist couples to reproduce. Fortunately, only the children of the family who feel that their immortal path has been broken will consider spreading out.

  So Chen Quan is still at the stage of being brave and diligent at the moment, and he doesn't have a Taoist companion. Otherwise, he would have to think about how to get rid of the Taoist companion silently.

   Although it is too cold-blooded to do this, safety first.

  Liang Sheng just nodded slightly at this time, still maintaining a cold expression, and the others didn't care.

  The head of the family has such a temperament, why is it strange?

  The next thing is naturally a welcome banquet for "Chen Quan". After all, as soon as "Chen Quan" comes back, the backbone of the family will come back.

   You must know that in the past ten years, they have lived a bit aggrieved. After all, their Chen family has had the temper of "Chen Quan" and is arrogant and domineering.

   But fortunately, they also have a clue in their hearts. Since Chen Quan is not here, if they are still like before, they may be beaten with sap, and no one will be able to find them.

  But now that the Patriarch is back, what are they afraid of? They can return to their previous state and be at ease.

   After all, the Patriarch of his own family is Zuo Shiqingfeng's confidant. After he comes back, who would dare not give himself some face?

  At this moment, the dudes in the family had already figured out how to get back the face they had lost over the past ten years, but they didn't see Liang Sheng's out of the corner of his eye, looking at everyone.

   Those disciples who love to make trouble don't know that their Patriarch has already made up his mind to find a reason to quietly deal with them.

   It is best not to leave anyone who causes trouble. In the Immortal City, Liang Sheng only wants to grow quietly now, after all, safety comes first.

  Since you guys like to make troubles, then keep your mouth shut forever and don't appear in the fairy city and cause trouble.

  Thinking about Liang Sheng's actions for so many years, he has almost always acted cautiously, but cause and effect are still involved, so that he is now in the fairy city.

  So these dandies, although they know how to bully the soft and fear the strong, but if they offend such as a good-for-nothing boy who has been divorced, or a **** with an unfair family, wouldn't he become a victim?

  "Chen Quan" still has nearly two thousand years of lifespan, so he naturally hopes that he can spend these two thousand years in peace.

  In the fairy city, be careful and don't hesitate when it's time to act!

   For example, kill these troublesome juniors!

  (end of this chapter)

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