Chapter 150 The Nascent Soul is not dead yet in the middle stage! ? Soul Control Dafa, I am Huang! (8k combined chapters ask for monthly tickets)

  Dan Ding faction.

   Danyang Peak.

  Jin Quanxiu came to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the first time, seeing the life tablet representing "Yang Cheng" completely shattered, his heart was full of disbelief.

   You must know that Cheng'er was with the envoy of Xiancheng, how could he die? unless…

  Thinking of this, he couldn't help picking up his jade slip, which was Chen Quan's message. After thinking about it, Jin Quanxiu immediately got up and left the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

   Arriving at the Suzerain Hall, Jin Quanxiu rang the bell of the Suzerain Hall at the first time, and then the bell rang six times, and the entire Danding Sect, as long as they were not in retreat, looked at Danyang Peak.

   Not long after, all Jindan Daoists who had not retreated arrived and gathered in the suzerain hall, with anxious expressions on their faces.

   "Suzerain, what happened?"

  The Danding faction has been established for so many years, and it is actually rare that the bell rings six times. However, Jin Quanxiu did not answer and explain immediately at this time, but directly assigned tasks.

   "Today I will leave the Zongmen. You must open the second mountain protection formation and garrison the Zongmen with all your strength. As long as there is no news from me, the mountain will remain closed.

  Or if something unexpected happened to me, only a new Nascent Soul suzerain can succeed the sect, otherwise no one can succeed the suzerain.

I have already sealed the inner room of the suzerain hall, Xiang Chen, you will stay outside the inner room after today, if my life card is broken, or if there is an accident of extinction, you must enter it as soon as possible, otherwise , no one is allowed to step into it. "


  Everyone was shocked when they heard Jin Quanxiu's words. After all, even when the beast tide happened, such a situation didn't happen. Why is it happening now?

  Xiang Chen and Shen Wuque didn't know what happened at this time, but Jin Quanxiu didn't say a word to them at this time, and went straight into the sky and flew out of the mountain gate.

  The next moment, the Danding sect's second mountain guard formation was opened directly. At this time, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs seemed to remember something, and hurriedly summoned the disciples who had reported to the suzerain hall before.

   "What? Yang Cheng's life card is broken?"

  Xiang Chen and Shen Wuque were completely dumbfounded when they heard the news. How could the junior brother die suddenly?

   Didn't he obey the master's order and go to other sects to deliver pills? Why did he die suddenly? Did something happen to the sectarian alliance?

  There is also Master's abnormal behavior today, all of which show that these two things must be involved.

  But at this time, they can only be anxious. The second mountain protection array has been opened, and they can't get out now.

  Little brother, what happened to you before? The other Jindan Daoists were also at a loss in their hearts, and there was only one thought left.

   That is to obey Jin Quanxiu's orders. With the suzerain's behavior for so many years, he will never mess up, so following his orders will never make a mistake.

   At this moment, a disciple from Zhiketang suddenly stumbled over with a panicked expression.

   "First seat, today's letter from Huatianzong, the suzerain Yulongzi and some Huatianzong Jin elders all fell, and the suzerain peak also completely collapsed and turned into scorched earth."


   This news made everyone explode again. They looked at the direction where Jin Quanxiu was leaving at the same time. No wonder the suzerain was so anxious. It seems that the sky in the wasteland has indeed changed.

  But, what happened in the wilderness? Why did the accident happen suddenly without any warning?

  But they didn't know that, in fact, Jin Quanxiu didn't know the news about Hua Tianzong, but the result was the same.

  Sovereign, you must come back safely. At this time, everyone on the Danyang Peak of the Danding Sect is worried and terrified.

  Hua Tianzong.

  In the scorched earth of the Zongzhu Peak, a figure suddenly appeared, and then it was teleported instantly, without anyone noticing, it completely disappeared in Huatianzong.

   This person is none other than Liang Sheng. Fortunately, he still has the clothes of the Danding School in his storage ring, otherwise he might have to run away naked at this moment.

  But after Liang Sheng left, his complexion was not good. After all, he was a direct disciple of the suzerain, so why did he suddenly become a casual cultivator again?

  If it weren't for the threat of Xiancheng, Chen Quan would have been beaten to death by himself. I don't know if my master and senior brother would be sad when they heard the news of "Yang Cheng"'s death?

  Hey, after all, bad luck!

  It seems that seeking good fortune and avoiding evil is only a guess based on one's true strength. Otherwise, according to the identity of "Yang Cheng", I am afraid that following Chen Quan before would have been a sign of great evil.

   At this moment, Liang Sheng was stunned again, because he just thought of Jin Quanxiu's master and apprentice just now, and he felt a sense of uneasiness in his heart.

  Master is in danger?

  The dangerous direction came from the direction of Tiangangzong, Liang Sheng couldn't help but suddenly raised his head, and then he almost didn't hesitate, and immediately went to Tiangangzong.

  Master, you must not have any accidents.

  Facing the master who has cared for me for hundreds of years, I can't be too ruthless after all...


  In mid-air, there was a strong wind. At this moment, someone was looking into the Tiangang Sect, and it was the Immortal City who came to envoy Yuanying Zhenjun Chen Quan.

   At this time, the Tiangang Sect was full of light, and their mountain protection formation had been fully activated. Seeing this situation, Chen Quan immediately guessed the reason.

   It should be that Hua Tianzong's news has passed, but he is not worried at all. If it wasn't for the sake of not scaring the snake, he might have already taken a violent action.

  But a violent attack will cause a big commotion, which will arouse the vigilance of other sects, so that people who are afraid of hiding will be afraid.

  That's why he summoned Jin Quanxiu to come over and let him take himself into the Tiangang Sect without a sound, so that the personnel of the Tiangang Sect can be safely tested.

  In the future, if there is an accident, he will suppress the top and bottom of the Tiangang Sect. After all, the other party does not even have a Yuanying Zhenjun, and it is too easy to control them.

  Afterwards, he planned to take Jin Quanxiu to the next sect, and cycle in turn. In short, he just didn't want to have an accident, let the interested people get the news and leave early, wasting time.

  At this time, Chen Quan was actually impatient. He wanted to get rid of the Zongmen first, and then follow the situation in the wasteland to investigate the places where the casual cultivators were.

  After all, only people above the Foundation Establishment Realm can carry the aura of Huang, so the probability of Huang in casual cultivation is almost impossible.

   At this moment, a stream of light in the sky came towards Chen Quan quickly, but Chen Quan didn't move, and soon the stream of light came in front of him.

   It was Jin Quanxiu.

   "Emissary, what happened?"

   "It's nothing, it's just that some accidents happened. Next, you will visit the Tiangang Sect in the name of the Danding Sect, and after we enter the mountain gate, I will naturally take action. You don't need anything."

   After finishing speaking, he was about to fly to the gate of Tiangang Sect, but at this moment, he found Jin Quanxiu standing beside him without moving.

  He couldn't help frowning, but thinking of the other party's sensible behavior before, he was still willing to give the other party a chance.

  So Chen Quan frowned: "Fellow Daoist Jin, what's wrong? Don't hurry up?"

  But Jin Quanxiu still didn't move, this time he didn't bow his head to listen, but fixed his eyes on Chen Quan.

   "Emissary, where did my disciple Yang Cheng die? But what trouble did he encounter? I wonder if the envoy can tell me what happened?"

  Chen Quan really didn't expect that Jin Quanxiu dared to question himself at this time. Because of the shame and anger of Hua Tianzong, for some reason, he finally had a place to vent.

   "Jin Quanxiu!"

   "Did I give you face? I am an envoy from the Immortal City, and you are just dogs from my Immortal City. How dare you question me?

  Your apprentice died in an accident while I was investigating Hua Tianzong. What is there to ask?

  Furthermore, it is his honor that he can die for my fairy city. Even the death of the Huatianzong patriarch Yulongzi is not worth mentioning, so what is he worth? "

   "What? Fellow Daoist Yulongzi also fell?"

  Jin Quanxiu only knew what happened to Hua Tianzong at this time. Could it be that there was something taboo in Hua Tianzong that caused such an accident?


  If Hua Tianzong really had a problem, how could his disciple Yang Cheng die? Chen Quan can handle Hua Tianzong by himself.

  This shows that there must be something hidden in it. Thinking of this, he looked up at Chen Quan again, but this time his voice was much lower.

   "Immortal envoy, I just want to know how Cheng'er died. After all, there must be a reason for his death. No matter how you say it, he is a Jindan real person. How could he die for no reason?"

  When Chen Quan heard this, he laughed angrily. Jin Quanxiu's words made him very upset.

   It's like you are a billionaire, but a beggar is asking you if you took a dollar from me. This is humiliating yourself!

   At this time, Chen Quan's eyes flashed murderous intent, "Jin Quanxiu, don't you think that I must need your assistance for this trip to the wasteland, so you can do whatever you want?"

  Jin Quanxiu was neither humble nor overbearing, quietly watching Chen Quan, his little disciple died, how could he not investigate clearly?

   Once she died and he was powerless, he swore that he would never let anyone around him die for no reason again. This is where his Dao heart lies.

  Seeing Jin Quanxiu's reaction, Chen Quan became more and more furious, but he was just a slave in a small wasteland, how dare he look at himself with such eyes?

  Chen Quan thought of the other party's groveling behavior before, in contrast, he felt more and more unbearable, and immediately smiled ferociously.

   "Jin Quanxiu, don't you want to know how your disciple died? It's very simple, I was in a bad mood, and died directly under my indiscriminate attack."

   "Also, you don't really think that I need your help, so you can be confident, right? Don't use your desolate means to speculate on the supreme law of Xiancheng.

  Let’s talk about your cultivation skills in the wilderness. My fairy city gave you alms. If it wasn’t for collecting your merits and popularity, you wouldn’t be worthy of cultivating immortal skills.

   A bunch of low-level bloodlines who stopped at the Nascent Soul Realm and couldn't see the Dao, so they can't see their own position, it's really ridiculous.

  Today I will let you know what a supreme spell my Immortal City Soul Control Dafa is. Do you think that if you don’t want to cooperate with me, I can’t manipulate you to do things for me? "

  Speaking of this, in the blink of an eye, Chen Quan had already arrived at Jin Quanxiu's side, and Jin Quanxiu couldn't react at all.

  But in a hurry, a ray of light shot straight into the sky!

  The spirit weapon explodes.

  It turned out that Jin Quanxiu was extremely decisive, and he had already prepared a spiritual weapon in his hand, which showed that this time he had already come with the intention of death.

  However, Chen Quan, as a mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivation base, reacted so quickly. I saw the stellar energy all over his body burst out instantly, and the whole person retreated a kilometer in an instant.

   It's not that he can't withstand this kind of attack, but how can he take the risk of being injured here with such a rich body?

  But the more Jin Quanxiu resisted, the more annoyed he became. These people from the wilderness are the dogs of my fairy city. How dare they treat their masters like this?

  The next moment, he saw a fairy sword appearing in his hand.

   is also a spiritual weapon!

  Chen Quan didn't want to waste any more time, because the movement on his side had already caused commotion on the Tiangang Sect's side. Although they were not in the Nascent Soul realm, the entire Tiangang Sect still felt the movement here.

  Damn it!

  It seems that today I have to do a violent test, even if it makes the wasteland turbulent. This is naturally to cover up my incompetence.

  He didn't expect his trip to be so unsatisfactory. He had already made up his mind, and it seemed that he would stay in the wasteland for a little longer.

  Because the longer he stays in the wilderness, the more thoroughly he can clean up the traces he left behind.

  Besides, I was just investigating the aura of drought. I accidentally felt an abnormal aura in Beast Lake. Under my duty, I entered Beast Lake to investigate for ten years. This shouldn't be too much, right?

  Although Zuoshi Qingfeng said that he would get results in a short time, in front of great monks like them, ten years is actually nothing more than a blink of an eye.

  Thinking of this, Chen Quan's eyes turned hard, and he finally stopped holding back his hands completely. In an instant, he rushed in front of Jin Quanxiu.

  Jin Quanxiu also looked desperate at the moment.

   In front of Nascent Soul Middle Stage, he had no power to resist at all, and the next moment Chen Quan's cold voice rang in his ears.

"Don't worry, after I control the soul, I will search your memory. Since you care so much about your disciples, you can rest assured that everything you care about will go with you and leave nothing behind." .”

  Jin Quanxiu's face changed drastically when he heard the words, but he was helpless. As the Yuanying Zhenjun, he was like an infant in front of Chen Quanquan, and he had no ability to resist at all.

  He can only hope now that the Danding faction's mountain guard formation can last longer, and then Hou Chen'er sees his life card broken, enters the inner room of the suzerain hall, and then informs Xiancheng according to his instructions.

  If Chen Quan's behavior is the meaning of Xiancheng, then everything is meaningless and there is no loss. Anyway, it is death.

   But if it wasn't what Xiancheng meant, at least Chen Quan should pay the price, but at this moment, Chen Quan's smile suddenly froze in front of him.

   "Is the Nascent Soul strong in the middle stage?"

  Suddenly such a short sentence sounded behind Chen Quan. Chen Quan was surprised and ignored Jin Quanxiu, and moved away in an instant.

  But the next moment he found a fist getting bigger and bigger in front of his eyes.

who! ?

  Jin Quanxiu was still waiting to die with his eyes closed at this time, when he heard the words of a third person, he opened his eyes quickly, only to see a monk in Danding school costume punching Chen Quan in the face.


  Who is this?

   Could it be the senior of my Danding faction?

  At this time, Liang Sheng has recovered his appearance in the secular world, his aura has completely changed, and under the Hunyuan Xuangong, the power of his strikes has reached the maximum.

  At this time, Chen Quan's waist was burning hot, and it was the stele for suppressing desertion on his waist, shining with a faint yellow light.


   "It turns out that there is really a barren aura, who are you?"

  Chen Quan was shocked at first, and then overjoyed. Now that the aura of barrenness appeared, it showed that there was no need for the existence of the second name barren land.

  He had already thought about the next situation. After he withstood the opponent's attack, he immediately sent a message to Zuo Shi Qingfeng.

   At that time, no one will be able to live in this wasteland, but his idea is very good, but he overestimated his own strength.

  At this moment, Liang Sheng's aura is only around the early stage of Nascent Soul, but his strength is comparable to the existence of Huashen.

   It can only be said that Chen Quan does not know how terrifying Liang Sheng's strength is under the ancient martial arts.

  The next moment, the wind of the punch had arrived, and Chen Quan immediately wanted to raise his hand to block, but he was surprised to find that he couldn't even move.

   Immediately afterwards, there was a berserk force that directly invaded his body, which could be described as devastating, occupying his entire body in an instant.

  So he, who was walking in the sky, fell straight down like a cannonball, and there was a strong wind in the midair.

  Chen Quan, who has long been used to the protection of the body with stellar energy, seems to have returned to the feeling of flying in the air under the leadership of the master when he first practiced, and was blown by the strong wind.

   But what was even worse was his current physical condition, because at this moment the mysterious man had already grabbed the back of his neck with one hand.

  The opponent's power continuously invaded his body from his left hand, making him imposing Nascent Soul Middle Stage True Monarch, like a cripple, unable to move.

  He had no chance to mobilize the mana communication in his body at all, so he could only watch the other party and look down at himself indifferently.

   Under the terror of life and death, he wanted to beg for mercy, but found that besides his consciousness, even his own consciousness was dead.

   Is this Huang?

  The other party can even suppress his own consciousness?

   This is what Liang Sheng tried after his Nascent Soul became a **** and merged with his body. At that time, he discovered that his own power could not only suppress mana, but even spiritual consciousness.

   Liang Sheng couldn't kill the killer because the current Chen Quan couldn't die, and the reason was that there must be a way to know his life and death in the fairy city.

  So Liang Sheng's original idea was to imprison the other party for as long as possible, and then think of a way to see if he can solve this matter.

  But now Liang Sheng actually has a better way, and this way was proposed by Chen Quan himself.

   Soul Control Dafa.

  It can also search souls.

  After hearing Chen Quan's threat to Jin Quansheng just now, he almost had a perfect plan in the blink of his mind.

  However, whether it will be successful or not depends on whether the next plan goes smoothly. At this time, suppressing and controlling Chen Quan is actually the first step of the plan.

  Chen Quan's whole body was cold at this time, but after he landed and found himself alive, he couldn't help but have a glimmer of hope of surviving.

   Sure enough, the other party was still afraid of the fairy city behind him, and he was looking at Liang Sheng with desire to survive.

   At this time, he is naturally willing to give in temporarily, after all, everything is to ensure his own life first.

  But Liang Sheng didn't care about him at all, but directly took off his storage ring from his finger arbitrarily.

  Chen Quan couldn't help but suddenly opened his eyes wide.

  His finger was broken off.

  Liang Sheng observed Chen Quan's storage ring for the first time, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

   At this time, Jin Quanxiu in the sky had recovered his ability to move, and after reacting, he immediately approached Liang Sheng urgently.

   Which senior from the sect is this? Why has it never appeared before? As for the other party who can subdue Chen Quan so easily, it must be a great monk in the late Yuanying period.

I didn't expect that there would be such amazing and brilliant people in the wasteland. It's a pity that this is the wasteland. possible.

  When he landed and saw that Chen Quan was not dead, Jin Quanxiu couldn't help but see a flash of disappointment in his eyes.

   But he can also understand, after all, Chen Quan is from Immortal City, how could senior kill him so easily?

  However, it is a great fortune to be able to teach the other party a lesson and not dare to mess around. The other party has admitted to killing Cheng'er, which is also Chen Quan's own intention.

  So as long as Chen Quan survives, I think Xiancheng will not blame them. In this case, as long as there are seniors around, even if Chen Quan is resentful, he will not dare to come to the wasteland to make trouble again.

   It's just a pity for Cheng'er, he still wanted Chen Quan to die, but he found that he couldn't do it.


  Liang Sheng didn't have time to talk to Jin Quanxiu at this time, and Jin Quanxiu couldn't move even when his spiritual thoughts moved, and he fell into a coma in an instant, without any consciousness.

  Liang Sheng had to do this, Jin Quanxiu could not let Jin Quanxiu know about his next plan, it would be good for him and the Danding faction.

  Next, Liang Sheng took Chen Quan's storage ring and rummaged carefully. After a while, Liang Sheng relaxed.

found it.

  His plan went one step forward smoothly. If he didn't find this thing, he would have to torture Chen Quan himself, and he didn't know if other changes would happen.

  The next moment, he saw a jade slip appearing in Liang Sheng's hands. When Chen Quan saw this, he felt anxious, but he couldn't even move his pupils.

   Soul Control Dafa!

   After a while, Liang Sheng opened his eyes, sighing, he didn't expect such a subtle method to exist in the world.

   No wonder Chen Quan said before that he could control Jin Quanxiu and let him act according to his own wishes.

   But since this is the case, if he was above Hua Tianzong at that time, if he controlled everyone in Hua Tianzong, why should he worry about things leaking?

   It can only be said that he didn't pay much attention to the wasteland. He only felt that the dog had bitten the master. Under the anger in his heart, he just wanted to settle it directly.

  Liang Sheng thought for a while and grabbed Chen Quan by the back of the neck with his left hand, grabbed the unconscious Jin Quanxiu with his right hand, and flew away.

   After a long time, the real Jindan Daoist from the Tiangang Sect sneaked over. Although there was no damage here, the shocking atmosphere before still made him panic.

   What the **** is going on here?

   Could it be that there is another big change in the wasteland?

  Land of the Far East.

  Desolate ancient temple.

  If Jin Quanxiu was awake at this moment, he would definitely think that Liang Sheng was the senior of his sect, otherwise how could the other party know this place?

  But he can't speak even when he is unconscious, but his condition is better than Chen Quan's now, Liang Sheng has no physical contact to control him.

   But Chen Quan was in a panic all the time at the moment, he wished he was in a coma like Jin Quanxiu now.

  Because the other party is practicing soul control.

  The only thing that comforts him at this time is that the soul control method is an extremely difficult method to get started. Only by looking at the fit of one's own attributes and innate talent can one succeed in cultivation.

  Even if it was Chen Quan himself, it took him nearly a hundred years to get started successfully, and then within a year to achieve great success.


  Soul Control Dafa is the kind of spell that is difficult to learn and easy to master. It requires a lot of talent. If you learn it, you can learn it.

  He could only pray that the other party didn't have the same attributes as the Soul Control Dafa, and he couldn't learn it at all, but Liang Sheng didn't think so much in his mind at this time.

  My innate talent is really slow to practice, but I am never afraid of not being able to get started, and you must know that as his realm improves, practicing the previous spells with a high cultivation base can be said to be twice the result with half the effort.

  But it is still in the introductory stage, so after all, it is still slow to practice, and time passes day by day like this.

  Chen Sheng and Jin Quanxiu have been unable to move for more than a month. If they were not the Yuanying Zhenjun, they would have needed to replenish their energy.

  However, after seeing that Liang Sheng hadn't made any progress for a month, Chen Quan was completely relieved. One month was the time point for Soul Control Dafa to test whether he could practice.

  Since this is the case, I am afraid that I don't have to worry about being searched and controlled by the other party, but seeing that the other party has not given up, Chen Quan is a little perverted.

   It's useless even if you practice for another year!

   Two months later.

  Chen Quan was suddenly terrified, completely unbelievable in his heart, looking at Liang Sheng, he had only one thought, how could this be possible?

  Liang Sheng was overjoyed at the moment, because he had finally introduced the soul control method.

   After getting started with the Soul Control Dafa, it also shocked Liang Sheng greatly, secretly lamenting that it is indeed the magic of the Immortal City, and that the Immortal City has such miraculous supernatural powers.

   Fortunately, there was no such technique in Huangyu before, otherwise many of his plans would not work, and his life might even be in danger.

  However, if Chen Quan hadn't spoken out such miraculous spells before, I'm afraid Liang Sheng would not have decided on the current plan.

  His current plan is actually very simple, that is, to prevent Chen Quanquan from dying, first search the soul to control all his memories, and then see if he can pretend to be the other party.

  The most critical part of this plan is whether you can control the soul.

   In this way, he returned to Xiancheng as Chen Quan, so what happened in the wasteland would not be exposed.

   In this way, Xiancheng will naturally not attack Huangyu. Liang Sheng has already experimented before that he can transform into anyone, but the breath will be different.

  The ancient kung fu is like this, but Liang Sheng is different, because under Chizi's talent, there is no bottleneck in the world. As long as he keeps practicing, he can always produce exactly the same aura.

   So after combining so many conditions, he made the current plan, because there is no one in the world who can achieve such perfection except him.

   Next, Liang Sheng is naturally prepared to master the soul control method, at least to reach the realm of Xiaocheng.

  Otherwise, he is also afraid of accidents. After all, he wanted to absorb other people's memories, but what happened next was beyond his expectation. In just three days, the mastery of soul control has been achieved.

   Immediately afterwards, Liang Sheng looked at Chen Quan, who was holding the back of his neck tightly with his left hand. They had maintained this posture for more than two months.

  Chen Quan was so confused at this moment that he didn't know how to describe it, but now that his consciousness was frozen, what could he do?

next moment.

  Liang Sheng instantly activated the soul-controlling technique—soul search.

   Then Liang Sheng's face flushed suddenly. After all, this is the memory of a Nascent Soul True Monarch. How huge is the amount of information?

Fortunately, Liang Sheng's sea of ​​spiritual consciousness is huge. At the stage of refining qi and transforming into a **** under the ancient kung fu, he is almost a Nascent Soul with his body and spirit united. How many times stronger?

  But if this is not the case, how can he dare to be confident that he can escape successfully even in front of the great power in the early stage of transformation?

   After half a day, Liang Sheng slowly came back to his senses. At this time, Chen Quan had already lost his eyesight, and was still immersed in the soul-controlling method of soul-searching and backlash.

  Liang Sheng breathed a sigh of relief. He was holding Chen Quan's stele of desolation, and with a movement of mana in his hand, the stele of desolation turned yellow slightly.

  Wait until the mana in Liang Sheng's body turned into the Chunyang Danjing and Shangqing Xianjing, the stele of Zhenhuang showed green light again.

   Is this the breath of barrenness?

   Could it be the practitioners of ancient exercises?

  I am the Huang the other party is looking for! ?

   It's a pity that Chen Quan doesn't know the specific situation, but only knows that if there is a barren aura in the barren area, the next step for Xiancheng is to destroy the entire barren area.

  The popularity of meritorious virtues is not worth mentioning in front of the aura of barrenness.

  Liang Sheng also knew a piece of good news at this moment, he still has at least ten years to arrange his next plan.

  For Xiancheng, ten years is not too long for Xiancheng. Liang Sheng also understands this. After all, ten years is not worth mentioning to the owner of Xiancheng.

   Zuo envoy Qingfeng sent Chen Quan to investigate, and probably wouldn't think ten years is too long. At this time, Chen Quan finally recovered from the soul search, and looked at Liang Sheng full of resentment.

  But Liang Sheng didn't care about him at all at the moment. Why should he care about a dying person? It's just that the other party can't die now.

   Immediately afterwards, Liang Sheng picked up his cultivation method from Chen Quan's storage ring, the Immortal Sutra of Lichen Duering.

  Liang Sheng didn't hesitate, and sat down to practice directly. At this time, under the realm of refining Qi and transforming God, it is not too easy for him to practice the Immortal Sutra of Duchen Duhe.

One year later.

After practicing the Lichenduer Immortal Sutra with all his strength, Liang Sheng, who no longer practiced any other exercises, soon succeeded in cultivating to the fifteenth floor, reaching the early stage of Nascent Soul, but his breath strength was almost the same as that of Chen Quan .

  Although Chen Quan is on the sixteenth level of the Lichen Due Immortal Sutra, compared with Liang Sheng, who was under Naihe's immortal cultivation in ancient times, his magic power at the fifteenth level is even greater and thicker than that at the sixteenth level.

  Chen Quan didn't know the changes in Liang Sheng's body at all at this time. Jin Quanxiu was still in a coma, but the next moment, although Chen Quan couldn't move, his heart was full of panic.

  Because Liang Sheng has now changed into Chen Quan's appearance, even his aura is somewhat similar to Chen Quan's.

  What does the other party want to do?

  As time went by, Chen Quan became more and more frightened. He had only one thought at the moment, no wonder the aura of Huang appeared, and Xiancheng would choose to destroy Huangyu directly.

   This is really scary.

  How can someone in this world have the same breath as another person? Fortunately, it can't be exactly the same, but it is enough to deceive people who are not familiar with it

   But a year later, Chen Quan was completely desperate, while the corners of Liang Sheng's mouth turned up slightly, feeling certain in his heart.

   It's done!

  Because of Chizi's dull talent, he just made his breath exactly the same as Chen Quan's.

   Of course, this process is also a little bit of correction. To put it simply, it is just a matter of practice makes perfect.

   At this point, Liang Sheng's plan can finally be fully started. Of course, he still has to do an experiment now, just in case.

   Liang Sheng took out two life cards, one life card directly draws Chen Quan's breath, and the other draws his current breath.

  Finally, he put the two fate cards together, and after comparing them, Liang Sheng immediately laughed, they were perfect and exactly the same.

   Complete success!

   Now that he has all of Chen Quan's memories, plus his aura and appearance are all the same, he is the fairy city to envoy Chen Quan.

   Before the desperate Chen Quan could react, he felt the explosive force from Liang Sheng's left hand, and Chen Quan lost all breath and fell silently.

  But the two life cards in Liang Sheng's hand were still intact.

  Who knew that Chen Quan in Xiancheng was dead! ?

  (end of this chapter)