Chapter 149 You are lonely and arrogant, you are high above the others, then go to hell! ? (9k for subscription)

   Fairy City.

   After Mingyue left, Qingfeng took out the Jade Slip of Communication, and a middle-aged man with the cultivation base of a true emperor in the mid-Yuanying period appeared after a while.

   "Subordinate Chen Quan, I have seen Zuo Envoy."

  Qingfeng nodded slightly and nodded, "Chen Quan, this is the Monument of Desolation, you take it to the Desolate Land of B-brand, there seems to be a desolate atmosphere there.

  I don’t need to say more about this situation. You must be careful when you go to investigate, and don’t make any omissions. Otherwise, if the city lord is not satisfied, you don’t have to come back.

  As for you, if you really find the aura of desolation, don’t act rashly, report the specific situation first, and then how to act, follow my follow-up orders. "


  Chen Quan didn't hesitate after hearing the words. After taking over the Zhenhuang stele, he directly exited the Zuoshi mansion.

   After that, I went to the City Lord's House of Internal Affairs, took the mission badge, adjusted to determine the location of the wasteland of the B-brand, and then directly entered the teleportation array.

  Under the Immortal City, under the House of Internal Affairs, there are naturally teleportation arrays within the jurisdiction of the Immortal City, and even the various barren areas that the Immortal City does not care about are also connected by teleportation arrays.

  Although the environment in the wasteland is harsh and the Immortal City does not like it, it can generate merit and popularity to worship the Immortal City, so it has its own value.

  Besides, there are still some particularities in the wasteland, so it doesn’t matter if there is no accident, and Immortal City will take care of it as soon as there is an accident.

  The right envoy Mingyue is in charge of internal affairs. After Chen Quan received the task badge from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and sent it to the wasteland of B-brand, he got the news immediately.

   "Have you made a mark on the mission belt?"

  Mingyue spoke casually, and a man underneath nodded and bowed, showing flattery, without a trace of the majesty of Yuanying Zhenjun.

   "Rest assured, everything is in order."

   "Well, report to me immediately if there is any situation."

   After finishing speaking, Mingyue stopped looking at Zhenjun Nascent Soul below, and the other party was also very interested, and quietly retreated slowly.



  Land of the Far East.

  Jin Quanxiu took Liang Sheng for a walk among the mountains and forests. Liang Sheng was silent at this moment, but he sighed in his heart that the blood of the Zhou family was really powerful.

  Because of the route handed down by the Danding Sect, it can be said that it almost perfectly bypassed the hidden place where the Zhou family lived in seclusion.

  Although the location and destination of the teleportation array that Liang Sheng went to before, Jin Quanxiu was traveling in the same direction, but he couldn't find the existence of the Zhou family disciple's dark vein at all.

  Before Jin Quanxiu left, he was still admonishing Liang Sheng. Although he took Liang Sheng with him, he could only keep it in his stomach and no one could tell.

  Liang Sheng naturally would not refuse to agree at this moment. He was willing to come here with Jin Quanxiu this time, in fact, because he judged that the coming of the fairy city had something to do with him under the ability of seeking good fortune and avoiding evil.

  The so-called knowing yourself and knowing the enemy, you can win a hundred battles, otherwise he would not wade into this muddy water. If it really has nothing to do with him, he only needs to stay in the wasteland to develop slowly, why should he pay attention to the fairy city?

  In the face of a long time, no matter what kind of fairy city and wasteland he is, he will not go to the vicissitudes of life, just passing by.

   Not long after, the wild temple that Liang Sheng had seen before appeared directly in front of Jin Quanxiu, master and apprentice.

   At this time, Liang Sheng actually still had a doubt in his heart, that is, what is the means of connection between Xiancheng and Danding faction?

  Since a teleportation array is set up between Xiancheng and Huangyu, it means that the distance between Huangyu and Xiancheng is very far. I am afraid that general communication methods cannot be used universally.

  But he didn't ask Jin Quanxiu. If he was too keen on asking about Xiancheng, it wouldn't fit his current personality.

  Take your time, don't rush.

  Under the ability to seek good luck and avoid evil, I was sure that there would be no danger this time. Not long after, Jin Quanxiu and Liang Sheng came to the temple and saw the underground teleportation array.

  Liang Sheng pretended to be very curious and looked at the murals around the temple. Jin Quanxiu didn't pay attention at this time, but let Liang Sheng take a look.

  He is really optimistic about Liang Sheng's future now. Since he has told Liang Sheng about the relationship between Danding Sect and Xiancheng, the results of his little apprentice will be nothing more than two.

   One is that either he can successfully break through the Nascent Soul Realm and take over as the suzerain of his Danding Sect, and he will also be responsible for the connection with Xiancheng from then on.

   In this way, it is irrelevant for him to know the secret of Xiancheng in advance.

  The second situation is that Liang Sheng failed to break through, and had to stay in the Danding faction until his death, because he needed to keep this secret and had no other choice.

Jin Quanxiu can accept the results of these two situations. After all, he himself is the Nascent Soul True Monarch. If his little apprentice can't break through the Nascent Soul Realm, with the Golden Core Realm's longevity, I'm afraid I will personally send him the last life. Procedure.

  Jin Quanxiu closed his eyes and rested his mind to wait quietly. Today is the day when the envoy from the Immortal City will arrive, but his heart is not as calm as it appears on the surface.

  Three Sects and Six Sects have established themselves in the wasteland for so many years, except for the case of the beast tide asking for support, Xiancheng has never taken the initiative to come to people.

   It was a coincidence that the last time people came from Xiancheng, the Danding faction took the initiative to contact Xiancheng, and invited two Jindan Keqing elders to arrange a large formation to protect the mountain.

   This time is actually the first time that Immortal City has come here on its own initiative. In the past few hundred years, since the catastrophe of the beast horde, the situation in the wasteland has been a bit wrong.

  Combined with the incident in Xiancheng, Jin Quanxiu would of course feel a little uneasy in his heart, and now he only hopes that this is not bad news.

   At this moment, Liang Sheng seemed to have finished reading the content of the mural. His expression seemed a little puzzled, but Jin Quanxiu didn't want to answer it at this time.

  Because when it is time for him to know, he will naturally know. If he cannot meet the requirement of knowing, then of course it is better not to know.

   At this moment, the teleportation array in front of them shone slightly, and the two of them straightened their faces immediately, and their eyes were fixed on the movement of the teleportation array at this time.

  The next moment, I saw an immortal Chen Quan appearing in the teleportation array, and Jin Quanxiu was shocked immediately.

   Nascent Soul middle stage monk!

  In the history of the three sects and six sects in the wasteland, there are very few monks in the mid-Yuanying period.

  It's a pity that I am a person from the barren land, and I don't have the chance to see the magnificence of the fairy city in this life, but it is a pity in life.

  Jin Quanxiu was surprised, but Liang Sheng was overjoyed. He felt very simple and direct about the visitor at the moment.

  I can kill the opponent with one punch!

   That is to say, my own safety is not hindered, and this messenger from the Immortal City is not my opponent at all!

  In the early stage of Yuanying, who practiced immortal cultivation in ancient times, he had already made himself invincible in the Yuanying realm.

  The previous foresight may not be wrong. I, who is equivalent to the early stage of Nascent Soul, may really be able to escape under the hands of the strong Huashen.

  The Nascent Soul cultivator in the teleportation formation was Chen Quan, who saw Jin Quanxiu and Liang Sheng as soon as he opened his eyes.

  However, after he just glanced at Liang Sheng, he stopped paying attention. It was just a mere golden pill in the wilderness.

  His attention was all on Jin Quanxiu, the other party was Yuanying Zhenjun, barely qualified to talk to him.

   "Are you Dandingjin Quanxiu?"

  Jin Quanxiu hurriedly bowed and saluted, "To the envoy, Pindao is the current master of the Danding Sect, Jin Quanxiu. This is my disciple Yang Cheng, who specially accompanied me to welcome the envoy."

  Jin Quanxiu still wanted to recommend his disciple, but Chen Quan didn't care about Liang Sheng at all, but frowned.

   This barren land was indeed a place detested by the law of heaven, and a sense of depression that he had never felt in the fairy city lingered in Chen Quanxin.

  However, he can only force himself to suppress the discomfort in his heart. He comes with a task, and he must complete it as perfectly as possible.

  Thinking of this, Chen Quan focused on this mission, and asked, "Does anyone else in your sect know that I went to the wasteland?"

  Jin Quanxiu shook his head hastily, "Don't worry the envoy, the poor Taoist knows well, how dare you expose the envoy's visit to the barren land this time?"

  Hearing this, Chen Quancai was a little satisfied. If the Danding sect didn't know about his arrival, then it's even less likely for other sects to know.

  The fact is indeed the case. For so many years, the Danding faction has never revealed its relationship with Huangyu. Naturally, Jin Quanxiu will not publicize the news of the arrival of the fairy city envoy with great fanfare.

   "Very good, I have a mission this time, you need to be by my side at any time to obey orders, the time is uncertain, do you need time to arrange the internal affairs of the sect?"

   "Follow the envoy's order, I have already prepared, and there is no need for special preparation, as long as the envoy is useful, just order."

  Hearing this, Chen Quan looked at Jin Quanxiu with a calmer look. It seemed that the other party was a knowledgeable person. As for Liang Sheng next to him, he still didn't care.

   "Okay, then I need to secretly investigate the situation of the Huangyu sect. At this time, Huatianzong still has a Yuanying Zhenjun?"

  Jin Quanxiu nodded immediately, and Chen Quan couldn't help but feel more relaxed. In this way, I'm afraid his trip to investigate the wasteland will go smoothly.

  Thinking of this, he took out the stele of desolation, looked at Jin Quanxiu and said, "Fellow Daoist Jin, can you inject a breath into this stele?"

  When Chen Quan said this, he stared at Jin Quanxiu closely. Without any hesitation, Jin Quanxiu put his hand directly on the Zhenhuang Monument.

  As Jin Quanxiu's mana was injected into it, the Monument of Desolation of Desolation began to shine with a faint green light, and Chen Quan couldn't help but nodded secretly when he saw this.

   Then he asked Jin Quanxiu to take back his hand, but he didn't say much. The Anti-Desolation Monument can detect whether the monk carries the aura of desolation. The green light just now proved that Jin Quanxiu has no problem.

  Liang Sheng stood aside at this time, but his heart tightened. He immediately understood that the thing in front of him might be something related to him that he had perceived before.

   At this time, Chen Quan's eyes also looked over, Jin Quanxiu immediately reacted, and quickly called Liang Sheng over.

   "Cheng'er, come over and try."


  When Chen Quan heard this sentence, he glanced at Jin Quanxiu with admiration. This kind of reaction ability should save him some trouble in the future.

   It seems that I don’t have to be too tired for the next trip. After all, having an assistant with insight will save a lot of trouble.

  In a good mood, Chen Quan seemed to be afraid of scaring Liang Sheng, so he took the initiative to restrain the coercion on his body, and even expressed relief. After all, Jin Quanxiu is so knowledgeable, so he naturally had to give some face.

   "Yang Cheng, right? Don't worry, it's just a test to see if the mana in your body is contaminated with something unclean. It's just a formality."

  Hearing this, Liang Sheng's heart moved. Before he lifted his feet and started to start, the movement of the exercises in his body had been completely converted into the Chunyang Danjing.

  After he put his hand on the Zhenhuang stele and input the mana from the operation of the Chunyang Danjing, a faint green light also flashed on the stele.

  Liang Sheng couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief, the bet was right!

   Fortunately, he can change the exercises at will, and he is now more and more sure that the one Immortal City is looking for is himself.

   But why?

  Liang Sheng couldn't figure it out.

  On the other side, Chen Quan saw the green light of the Zhenhuang Monument shining, and immediately took back the Zhenhuang Monument. After that, he ignored Liang Sheng and started discussing the current situation in the deserted area with Jin Quanxiu.

   After a while, Chen Quan had a general idea in his mind. After discussing some details, they got up and left the Temple of the Wasteland.

   The first stop Chen Quan arrived at was the Danding faction.

   After all, the Danding faction is the eyeliner of Xiancheng in the wasteland. Only by eliminating the suspicion of the Danding faction can the next task be carried out better.

   On the way back to the Danding Sect, Chen Quan also asked in detail about the situation before and after the beast tide.

  When he heard that there was only one demon saint in the beast tide at that time, but seven Yuanying Zhenjun were buried with him, the first thought in Chen Quan's mind was disdain.

  It really is a monk in the wasteland, and the seven pairs of one will die together. It is really mud that cannot support the wall.

  Especially when he knew that there were only two Nascent Soul True Monarchs in the entire wasteland, including Jin Quanxiu, he couldn't help curling his lips, feeling more and more disdainful.

  How could there be a barren breath in such a declining barren land?

  Perhaps in this situation, I still need to investigate the beast tide. After all, the method of the demon saint is obviously unusual.

  Of course, this is just my own guess, not necessarily the truth. After all, there have been beast hordes in the fairy city asking for help in the wilderness of the B-brand in history.

  At that time, a demon saint was also born among the monsters, which had nothing to do with Huang.

  Dan Ding faction.

  Chen Quan quietly entered the Danyang Peak without attracting the attention of others. With the cooperation of Jin Quanxiu, Chen Quan hid in the dark, watching all the foundation-building disciples of the Danding Sect, verifying his aura one by one.

   After the results of the inspection showed no problems, Chen Quan took the stele of desolation and followed Jin Quanxiu to the place where the retreat disciples were.

  Chen Quan was also cautious in doing this, not letting go of any suspicious person. As for the qi training disciples, why didn't they investigate?

  The answer is naturally not worthy.

   Without building a foundation, how could it have the aura of barrenness?

   After eliminating the suspicions of the entire Danding faction, Chen Quan immediately turned his attention to other sects.

  However, the situation of other sects is different from that of the Danding faction. After all, the Danding faction is the eyeliner of Xiancheng, with the cooperation of Jin Quanxiu, so he also saves face and investigates in the most peaceful way.

   It's just a desolate sect. Chen Quan just wants to complete the task as soon as possible. Although he is still secretly investigating, he doesn't have to worry too much.

  His plan was to enter the sect's mountain guard formation before it could be carried out, but after Jin Quanxiu heard Chen Quan's plan, he smiled wryly in his heart.

   In this way, I am afraid that I will offend other sects.

  But Chen Quan is actually right to think so. After all, he is a high-ranking emissary of the fairy city, the true king of the middle stage of the Nascent Soul, so why would he care about other desolate sects?

  Jin Quanxiu couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Of course he didn't want to offend Xiancheng, but if he agreed to Chen Quan's request, the Danding faction might be suspected of misconduct by other sects. After that, the neutral situation of the Danding faction would no longer exist.

   Just when Jin Quanxiu was in a dilemma, when he saw Liang Sheng in the corner, his eyes suddenly lit up. The situation of his little disciple was different.

  If I let myself, a little disciple, go to other sects to "connect with each other", I'm afraid the other party will laugh from ear to ear.

  After all, they wanted Liang Sheng to go to their sect as a guest before, but they couldn't wish for it. If Liang Sheng goes...

  Thinking of this, he couldn't help but his eyes lit up, and he immediately expressed his thoughts. He also said that if other sects really had problems, as the suzerain of the Danding sect, he set off for no reason, and he might scare the snake.

  After listening to Jin Quanxiu's reasons, Chen Quan immediately felt that the other party was right, and at the same time gave Liang Sheng a surprised look.

  This little Jindan real person has such luck, which can increase the success rate of others when they break through?

  Actually, among the immortal cultivators in Xiancheng, there is indeed a saying of "luck", but in the history of Xiancheng, such people generally have their luck verified by themselves.

  I have almost never heard of this kind of situation of helping others. I just don't know if what happened to "Yang Cheng" is a coincidence or really such luck?

   But no matter what the situation is, it doesn't really matter. After all, this is a person from the wasteland. No matter how lucky he is, he dare not be contaminated.

   "Okay, since that's the case, let your disciple go with me."

  Chen Quan also knew Jin Quanxiu's embarrassment at this time. In fact, as long as he could complete the task, he was willing to give Jin Quanxiu some convenience.

   After all, I have been getting along with each other for the past few days, and the actions of the other party have made me very worry-free, so I finalized all the plans next.

  As for Liang Sheng, he had no right to refute at all, and then he followed Chen Quan and arrived at the first stop—Hua Tianzong a day later.

  At this time, Chen Quan had already disguised himself as an ordinary Jindan real person. With his cultivation in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul, others would not be able to see it.

  Hua Tianzong suddenly received a message from Jin Quanxiu yesterday that "Yang Cheng" would send the elixir share required by each sect.

  But they didn't expect Liang Sheng to come so quickly. Apart from being surprised, Hua Tianzong was also a little surprised.

  As for Chen Quan beside Liang Sheng, no one cared at all.

   Everyone looked at Liang Sheng and sighed in their hearts. They didn't expect "Yang Cheng" to become a Jindan real person in just a hundred years.

  If he is a disciple of his own sect, how wonderful it would be.

  Liang Sheng followed the plan discussed with Chen Quan before, after entering Hua Tianzong, he gave away the pill, and then temporarily stayed in Hua Tianzong's cave that night.

   It's just that Chen Quan didn't expect that "Yang Cheng" was really welcomed by Hua Tianzong, and even Jindan Daoist came to visit from time to time.

  If Liang Sheng hadn't used the excuse that he was a little tired, I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to think about peace.

   After nightfall, Liang Sheng watched Chen Quan take out the stele to cast a spell, and then Liang Sheng felt a wave appear, quickly covering the entire Huatianzong.

  At this time, Liang Sheng's internal exercises had already been transformed into the Chunyang Danjing, but his spiritual consciousness was so keen that he felt a gravitational force after a movement in his heart.

   It's just that the gravitational force bypassed him, and all the Huatianzong Foundation Establishment disciples were shrouded in this wave. This automatic identification method is really amazing.

  Liang Sheng couldn't help but secretly sighed in his heart. It seemed that Chen Quan had indeed taken care of the Danding faction before. After all, when he was in the Danding faction, Chen Quan was just investigating one-on-one mana.

  Now he is covering a large area and does not know if there will be any side effects.

  At this time, the entire Huatianzong disciples who were above the Foundation Establishment level had no perception, nothing at all. Only Yulongzi, the Yuanying Zhenjun, felt a little abnormal.

  But he himself didn't feel any discomfort, and he only felt it instantly, so it was like an illusion. After Yulongzi searched and found nothing, he could only be suspicious, but he didn't think otherwise.

  He is the Nascent Soul True Monarch, the peak cultivator in the wilderness, who can hide it from him?

  Chen Quan was in the cave at this time, with an expression of indifference to what he had done before. He didn't know that Liang Sheng had already sensed the fluctuation of his spell.

  After he saw the green light from the Zhenhuang Monument, he immediately confirmed that there was no problem in Hua Tianzong.

  But at this moment, there were several painful wailings from Hua Tianzong, and Liang Sheng couldn't help turning his head to look at Chen Quan.

  The other party still had no expression on his face. After thinking about it, Liang Sheng still walked out of the cave, and Chen Quan didn't care.

   At this time, they saw the sky above Hua Tianzong, and the streamer was flickering. Just at this moment, a Jindan real person passed by their temporary cave, and Liang Sheng asked what happened.

   However, the other party's expression was not good at this time, and his words were somewhat vague. Liang Sheng immediately knew that the other party did not want to say more, so he stopped asking.

  The other party also told him to stay in the cave tonight and not to come out for the time being. Liang Sheng didn't say much about this, and immediately returned to the cave.

  In fact, he also had some guesses in his mind, but when he returned to the cave, Chen Quan didn't explain, but said that they would bid farewell to Hua Tianzong tomorrow and go to the next sect.


  Liang Sheng immediately guessed that the movement must be related to the stele in Chen Quan's hand, but the other party didn't want to say more, so Liang Sheng naturally kept silent.

  He could even perceive from Chen Quan's eyes that the other party didn't pay attention to the monks in the wasteland at all. This might be the superior attitude of the monks in Xiancheng.

  The next day, Liang Sheng was about to leave. He asked Chen Quan if he would stay in the cave and set off together after he said goodbye, but Chen Quan shook his head and refused.

   Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to go back and forth like this?

  He actually understood Liang Sheng's thoughts, he was worried that if he went out, the suzerain of Huatianzong would see his flaws.

  But how is this possible! ?

  Chen Quan was even a little upset in his heart, how did the monks in the wasteland know that my fairy city has magical methods? Even the method of cultivating immortals of the Huangyu sect was taught by Xiancheng.

  If he didn't feel that Jin Quanxiu was a good person, he would not agree to the current action plan, because it was a waste of time.

  As Jin Quanxiu's disciple, this "Yang Cheng" still needs to improve his eyesight. Fortunately, he has a lot of adults, so he doesn't care about it like this kid.

  Liang Sheng didn't say any more when he saw this, anyway, he had already reminded the other party that no matter what happens next, it has nothing to do with him.

  When Liang Sheng arrived at the main hall of Huatianzong, he said goodbye and left, saying that he would go to other sects to deliver pills. If it had been before, Huatianzong would definitely keep Liang Sheng, but now they are not in the mood anymore.

   Only then did Liang Sheng know what happened last night. It turned out that there were a few Jindan real people who had retreated.

  At this time, no one in Hua Tianzong would suspect that Liang Sheng and the two of them could make Yulongzi, the Yuanying Zhenjun, unable to perceive the situation. How could it be a means that Jindan Daoist can use?

   Seeing this situation, Chen Quan was filled with disdain. He would never think that these monks in the wasteland could detect his tricks.

  Thinking of this, he glanced at Liang Sheng.

  Frog at the bottom of the well, this is the best method in my fairy city!

  However, Chen Quanlou made a calculation.

  At this moment, I saw a Jindan Daoist descending from the sky with a sad face. It turned out that there was a Jindan Daoist who went mad last night, and today he died completely.

  Yulongzi also looked sad when he heard the words, and immediately stopped being polite to Liang Sheng, and prepared to send Liang Sheng and the other away.

   But at this moment, Jindan Daoist who just came over saw Chen Quan beside Liang Sheng, and his face suddenly changed.

   Immediately afterwards, Yu Longzi heard the secret sound transmission of the Jindan real person, and looked at Chen Quan with a look of surprise.

  Liang Sheng also recognized the Jindan real person at this time.

  Disciple of the Zhou family.

   Seeing this situation, Liang Sheng immediately guessed what was going on, and then saw that Chen Quan hadn't reacted yet, and Yu Longzi suddenly looked at him.

   "This fellow Taoist, why don't you stay with Hua Tianzong for a few more days?"

   Immediately after Yulongzi, the Jindan real person next to Yulongzi immediately surrounded Liang Sheng and the two. It can be said that the situation suddenly changed in an instant.

  At this time, Yulongzi looked at Liang Sheng, "Young friend Yang Cheng, I offended you."

   As soon as the voice fell, several Jindan real people shot at the same time, subdued Liang Sheng, and then quickly pulled Liang Sheng away from Chen Quan.

  When Chen Quan saw this situation, he didn't know that there was an accident, but he didn't show any panic, but there was some irritation in his eyes.

  He didn't look at Yulongzi, but at Jindan Daoist who was of the Zhou family blood before, and said expressionlessly, "How did you realize that I have a problem?"

  At this time, Chen Quan didn't quibble. He didn't disdain the people in the wasteland at all, so why should he put down his body and do meaningless things?

   But he still couldn't believe it. With his means, how could these old hats in the wasteland be aware of it?

   But the fact is so absurd, it seems that his plan will also be forced to change, I am afraid that after the left envoy Qingfeng finds out about this, he may think that he is lacking in ability.

   After all, such flaws can occur in dealing with people in the wasteland. It's not because of incapacity, but what else?

  So Chen Quan's first thought was that this matter must not be leaked, and none of the people present at this moment can live.

   Then after they are dealt with, he will quickly investigate the situation of other sects. As for whether the wasteland is chaotic or not, what does it have to do with Chen Quan?

  The most important thing at this moment is not to let others know about his embarrassing situation. Anyway, as long as he can investigate Huang's situation and find out the results.

   Seeing that the other party was so arrogant, Yu Longzi couldn't help but stare angrily. How dare this member of the Danding sect behave like this?

  In an instant, Yu Longzi tapped his fingertips, and a terrifying aura enveloped Chen's body instantly.

  But then, Yu Longzi's face changed drastically, and he was terrified. The next moment, a terrifying force rose rapidly.

  All Jindan real people present immediately knelt down under the pressure of momentum. As for Liang Sheng, how could he kneel?

   But he couldn't expose himself, so he simply pretended that he couldn't hold back his momentum, and he fell down and passed out.

  Only Yu Longzi has the ability to stay awake when he is frightened, he can still make a sound at this time, which is full of shock.

   "Yuanying Middle Stage!"

  You must know that under the modern practice method, a gap in the realm is a huge difference, and there is no possibility.

  If the suzerain of Shangqing Sect was in the middle stage of Nascent Soul, even Hua Tianzong was a dual Nascent Soul with the help of spiritual weapons, and I am afraid that he would not dare to completely tear himself apart with Shang Qingzong.

  However, Chen Quan didn't pay attention to Yu Longzi at this time, but looked at the Jindan real person of the Zhou family's blood, and the mana in his hand moved, and the opponent automatically fell into his hands.


  At this time, the Jindan real person of the Zhou family blood was full of regrets, why did he name the other party just now?

   It can only be said that he was deceived by the disguise of the real Jindan real person, otherwise how dare he jump out at this time?

   "Senior, I just felt a bad omen from the senior, and today only you and Daoist Yang Cheng are in my Hua Tianzong, so I want the suzerain to keep you and find out the matter."

"It's that simple?"

  Chen Quan couldn't help being dumbfounded, that is to say, it was because of the other party's intuition that he caused the current situation?

  Damn it!

  Is Hua Tianzong so casual?

  What do you believe?

  How did he know the status of the disciples of the Zhou family in Hua Tianzong? That is the authority established by accurate prophecy time after time!

  Chen Quan couldn't accept this situation at all, because it was simply an insult, and he was exposed for this reason?

  If Qingfeng Zuoshi knows that he is incompetent, he will not be able to take off his hat at all. Thinking of this, Chen Quan's eyes flashed fiercely.

  Yu Longzi's expression changed drastically when he saw this, and he was about to speak, "Senior..."

  But Chen Quan didn't care about it at the moment, and it was an insult to miss these bumpkin monks in the wasteland.

   Only by killing them all, no one will know about this matter, so Chen Quan immediately made up his mind not to hold back.

  In an instant, under the bright sun, meteors fell from the sky, and the stars were shining, the sun in the sky was eclipsed at this moment.

Oh shit!

   These two words are Liang Sheng's complaints in secret. Is he now considered an innocent disaster? But he was still motionless at this time.

  It is impossible for him to attack Chen Quan for the life and death of Yu Longzi and others. He is not concerned about Chen Quan, but the fairy city behind Chen Quan.

  If the other party dies in the wasteland, I am afraid that Xiancheng will never let it go, and the wasteland will definitely become a mess.

  I am indeed invincible in the Nascent Soul Realm, but there are obviously existences above the Transformation God Realm in the Immortal City. Without guarantee of safety, I am afraid that I can only "die".

  The plan cannot keep up with the changes after all.

   Originally, I wanted to use Yang Cheng's identity to retire in the wilderness with peace of mind. After all, the Danding faction is the eyeliner of Xiancheng.

   That is to say, the actions of Immortal City against the Wasteland will be notified to the Danding faction, so it can also be said that the Danding faction can know the actions of Immortal City against the wasteland.

   Just like now, when Chen Quan came to the wasteland as an envoy from the Immortal City, the Danding faction would know about it immediately.

   In this way, when "Yang Cheng" becomes the leader of the Danding faction, his safety will be completely guaranteed for at least a few thousand years.

  I am invincible in the wilderness, and can control the information of the fairy city at any time, so how can I be in danger?

  Even Liang Sheng has made a puppet plan, because it is not difficult to make a golden core puppet. After all, under no bottleneck, as long as the materials are enough, he will always succeed in making an invincible golden core without flaws.

   In this way, he can even pass it on from generation to generation, and become the eternal suzerain of the Danding Sect, so that he can practice without any worries.

  That's why Liang Sheng obeyed Jin Quanxiu's arrangement because he saw the biggest benefit from it.

   It's a pity that the plan was completely ruined at this moment. He never thought that "Yang Cheng" would die like this!

  However, until now, he had avoided evil and had no bad omens. After all, Chen Quan's attack had no effect on him at all.

   You can only blame the other party for being too arrogant. If you listen to yourself and stay in the cave, and wait for yourself to say goodbye to Hua Tianzong, how can there be an accident?

   As for how to make "Yang Cheng" die, the method is also very simple, after all, "Yang Cheng" has a fate card in Danyang Peak's Internal Affairs Office.

  The principle of making the life card is very simple, it is to sense the life soul breath of the monk, as long as the monk is still alive in this world, his life soul breath will exist.

  No one can hide his life-soul aura, except for Liang Sheng, who is a coward. After all, the existence of the attribute panel allows him to perfectly hide "Yang Cheng"'s life-soul aura.

  As soon as "Yang Cheng"'s life soul aura disappears, the life card far away in Danyang Peak Internal Affairs Office of the Danding faction will be instantly shattered.

  Liang Sheng could only lament his bad luck at this time, and at this time, Chen Quan's attack had completely fallen.

   Under the pressure of Chen Quan's breath, these Jindan real people have long lost their ability to move, and in an instant, together with the main peak of Huatian Sect, they directly became a piece of scorched earth.

  As for Yulongzi, Chen Quan had already pierced through his body at this moment, and the Nascent Soul in his body was shattered, and he died directly.

   In the early stage of Yuanying, in front of the middle stage of Yuanying, Chen Quan had no combat power at all. Chen Quan took another look at the results of his actions, and then the whole mountain collapsed instantly in a flash of his mind.

  Hua Tianzong was already on the verge of flying dogs at this time, and they were completely at a loss as they looked at the doomsday scene of the main peak with a look of horror on their faces.

  Is this the end of the natural disaster?

  At this time, they didn't dare to approach the main peak of Huatian Sect. Now it can be said that whoever relies on the past will die, because Chen Quan's means at this time are still exerting force.

  As for Chen Quan himself, he has already rushed to other sects, and he also summoned Jin Quanxiu to join him.

   Quick fix.


  Dan Ding faction.

   Danyang Peak.

  The disciple of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was a little sleepy at this time, but the sudden sound of the shattering of the life card made him lose all sleepiness.

   After he saw clearly whose fate card it was, he immediately turned pale and hurried to the Suzerain Hall, feeling terrified in his heart.

  Jin Quanxiu just received a summons from Chen Quan at this time, and he was still wondering what happened, but he saw a disciple from the Ministry of Internal Affairs stumbling in, with a crying face.

   "Sovereign, it's not good, Master Yang Cheng's fate card is broken!"

  The next moment, Jin Quanxiu's face turned pale!

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  (end of this chapter)