Chapter 1 is just a waste of good birth!


  Da Yan Dynasty.

  Jinzhou City, Liang's backyard.

   It was already a quiet night at this time, but there was a dead air in a room, which made it look even more gloomy.

   A little moonlight pouring down from the window shone in the room, but there was a pale young man on the ground, with his eyes closed tightly, falling into a coma.

   After an unknown amount of time, the young man finally opened his eyes, with a surprised expression on his face, followed by a sharp pain in his mind.

Depend on!

  Liang Sheng was in severe pain, and instinctively wanted to wail, but found that he couldn't even make a sound.

   Immediately afterwards, a large wave of strange memories flooded into his mind, and it took him a while to recover.

  What the hell?

  He actually time-traveled, or did he have the same name and surname as the soul wearer? Do you want to be so uncreative? No wonder I can't get angry!

  It turned out that Liang Shengben was an author of online novels in Bluestar World. After spending more than a dozen eunuchs on the street for three consecutive years, he finally understood a truth under the guidance of his seniors.

  Updating online articles is king, and millions become gods.

  So in the middle of the night one day, Liang Sheng died suddenly after 30,000 consecutive days, and then traveled across this world, becoming the eldest son of the head of the Liang family of the Jinzhou City martial arts family in this world.

  Based on the memory in his mind, he also knows that this world is a world of high martial arts, warriors can fly over eaves and walk over walls, and hitting mountains and breaking rocks is a piece of cake.

   Not to mention that there are still legends in this world, warriors who break through the shackles can cultivate immortals, pick stars with their hands, and cut galaxies with their swords. Although this legend has no way of verification, and it has never been seen before.

   But this is a world of high martial arts similar to the ancient Blue Star Huaxia, but it is already a certain fact.

  The Liang family is the top martial arts family in Jinzhou City. It has been established in Jinzhou for hundreds of years and has not fallen. The Liang family's children can be said to be the best in Jinzhou City.

Liang Sheng had already absorbed all the memories of the original body at this time, and for a while there was only excitement. After all, he also had experience in this matter. Although he had no experience, the story he wrote about crossing the street and crossing other worlds, which one is not enlightenment, becoming an ancestor, and being free and unrestrained comfortable?

  Although the last memory of the original body is not very good, he is not worried at the moment. After all, which starting point will not have a golden finger if you cross the street and cross another world?

   Sure enough, after he fully controlled his body and was able to move, after several experiments based on experience, he immediately discovered his golden finger.

   Own the properties panel.

  Name: Liang Sheng

  Age: 18

  Talent: Naive and dull (extreme)

  Cultivation method: Golden Dragon Jue (second floor)

   Realm: Martial Artist Acquired Second Level (70%)

   And under the talent, there is a line of small words explaining—

  Chizi is dull: Adhering to the heart of sincerity, practicing perseverance, although the speed of cultivation is extremely slow, there is no bottleneck in the world.

  But what if there is no bottleneck in the world? After all, the cultivation speed is extremely slow, that is simply a garbage talent, how can this panel be called the best talent?

  Why did the original body go crazy and let himself occupy the dove's nest? As the eldest son of the head of the Liang family, he spent countless resources, but his cultivation was still at the second level of the day after tomorrow. How could he not be in a hurry?

  Martial arts family, the strength is the respect!

   Not to mention the rumors that because of his lack of virtue, the whole family considered letting him take charge of the outer restaurant and become a merchant. How could he be willing?

   And I am not much better now, I seem to have a golden finger, but I am a child with a dull talent, destined to practice very slowly, what is the difference from the previous one?

  Liang Sheng was a little resigned at this time, looking at the attribute panel for a long time to study, and finally couldn't help feeling a little desperate.

   Didn’t it mean that all panels have plus signs?

  Why does my golden finger seem to be just a panel without any functions?

  This **** golden finger is useless, let alone the hot chicken talent that is stupid and stupid can be called the best talent, it looks like a three-nothing product at first glance!

   It took a long time for Liang Sheng to calm down. Since there is no hope of practicing in this life, it is better to enjoy this life.

  After all, I am also the eldest son of the Liang family. Since I have been assigned to be in charge of the Liang family's business, as long as I don't do anything wrong, I will definitely be happier than in my previous life.

   Fortunately, in the previous eighteen years, the original body was unable to practice martial arts. Although he was the eldest son, he was extremely low-key and did not have much cause and effect.

   Just when Liang Sheng had almost figured out how to take his own way in the future, there was a beeping sound outside the courtyard, and it was already late at night.

  Liang Sheng washed up in a hurry, and then he was about to lie down on the bed and sleep. The sudden death in his previous life was a lesson. Now that he decided to be an idle and wealthy family in this life, he must have a good body.

  After all, I have no hope of practicing since then, I am afraid that I can only have nothing to do today, go to the fence to listen to music, and do things hastily, day after day.

  Lying on the bed, Liang Sheng smiled bitterly, then closed his eyes.

  With such ambitions, I may be the most useless time traveler in history, and I am ashamed of my colleagues!

   Fortunately, martial arts are prosperous in this world, and I am not talented enough, but I should be able to enjoy it for a few more years if I practice some health-preserving exercises, right?

  The next morning, Liang Sheng got up early, ready to take a stroll around Jinzhou City.

  Although he inherited the original body's memory, he was not used to not taking a look at it himself. It's a pity that he was stopped before he could go out.

   "Young Master, the Patriarch asked you to meet him in the past."

  Liang Sheng was taken aback for a moment, but he came back to his senses in an instant, nodded slightly, and didn't say a word, and the servant didn't take it seriously, after all, his eldest master's temper has always been like this.

  Liang Sheng followed the servant, but he began to guess in his heart what the head of the Liang family wanted him for. On weekdays, the father of the previous head of the Liang family seldom saw each other after he had no hope of martial arts.

   At this time, the servant led Liang Sheng past the martial arts arena. At this moment, the teacher of the Liang family was leading the birth son of the Liang family to practice, and no one noticed them.

   After a while, Liang Sheng realized that something was wrong, because they passed by the main house of the Liang family right now.

   Then turning a corner, Liang Sheng looked at the tall buildings in front of him, and immediately tensed up.

   Liang Family Ancestral Hall!

  Liang Sheng realized in an instant, it seemed that the news that he became the steward of the outer restaurant was not groundless, so what if he was the eldest son, after all, he had no strength!

   At this time, the gate of the ancestral hall was closed, but there were already many people in the courtyard, and they were the younger generations of the Liang family.

  When they saw Liang Sheng, they all had strange expressions, and some even couldn't help laughing out loud.

  The eldest son of the Liang family?

  It's just a waste of good birth.

  And from today onwards, the eldest son became the steward of the outer restaurant, and he was no longer the same as them.

  Liang Sheng also sensed that something was wrong in the atmosphere in the yard at this moment, but he still remained expressionless, standing in the corner silently, closing his eyes and resting his mind.

   His behavior, I don’t know if it made the Liang family’s children who wanted to see his jokes a little upset, I don’t know who suddenly whispered:

   "Eldest son? It's just a waste born too early!"

   I don’t want to say too much, it’s all hypocrisy.

   Brothers, I'm back!

   This time, write the book seriously, and leave everything else to God.



  (end of this chapter)