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There is No Bottleneck In My Practice

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Liang Sheng travels through another world, starting with a child with dull talent.

Chizi is dull: sincere heart, perseverance, extremely slow cultivation speed, no bottleneck in the world.

But what if there is no bottleneck in the world?

Cultivation speed is extremely slow, it is rubbish.

But when he practiced the Changchun Kungfu, which was only at the ninth level, and broke through to the tenth level and extended his life for another 20 years, he suddenly realized.

It turns out that this is the true world where there is no bottleneck in any method, and any method can break through the limit and continue to practice.

That being the case, one health-preserving exercise is not enough, so I will practice ten!

If ten is not enough, then twenty!

All in all, I want to live forever!

PS: There are already high-definition novels with over 10 million words, “The World Doesn’t Know How Strong I Am” and “The Ferryman in the Yellow Spring”.

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Short Title:TNBIMP
Alternate Title:长生:我修炼没有瓶颈
Author:old chicken eats mushrooms
Weekly Rank:#25
Monthly Rank:#54
All Time Rank:#5578
Tags:Acting, Alchemy, Ancient Times, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Artifact Crafting, Blacksmith, Cautious Protagonist, Family Business, Friendship, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hiding True Identity, Immortals, Kingdoms, Low-key Protagonist, Loyal Subordinates, Martial arts, Multiple Identities, Secretive Protagonist, Slow Growth at Start, System, Time Skip, Weak Protagonist,
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28 Comments on “There is No Bottleneck In My Practice
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  1. Warrior acquired 1-10 levels correspond to early techniques such that each chapter of technique is equal to 1 level of acq warrior so chapter 10 is warrior acquired level 10, chapter 11 means becoming innate level but mc broke innate level twice till I think ch 13 but there was no qualitative change so he searched for immortal fate. The novel is quite fast after it picks pace at start and doesn't dwell on useless things. i felt novel was great

  2. 5 Chapters in, I still had no idea how high MC cultivation level are. Jinlong Jue 4th floor, what is that? Changchun Gong 10th floor, what is that? Are these two significant? Then Warrior Acquired 5th level, I think this is the main tool to help determine what level MC are at, right? That Liya or something, the one that took over MC's position, he was 6th level perfect, so he is still higher level than MC right? I'm not sure because this novel added Changchun and Jinlong into the mix, I don't know the significant of it, so I can't really sure what level MC is really at. So confusing really. If translated that Jinlong and Changchun part for better understanding, this may help. But as the way things are, I would say cultivation system in this novel is very confusing, too complicated. Oh well, I will try on about 10 chapters or so, if I still don't get it, then I have to find other works. Make no sense reading something you won't understand, not having fun if not understanding the novel enough.

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